Elon Clearly Outlines The Biggest Risk To Humanity Today

The Biggest Risk To Humanity

Elon Clearly Outlines The Biggest Risk To Humanity Today

Key Points:

  • Elon Musk believes that underpopulation instead of overpopulation – will be a devastating problem for humanity in the future.
  • Underpopulation will ensure the demise of economies that depend on a continuous replacement of young employees, ideas and military personnel.
  • The United States is facing population stagnation and eventual decline. This is due to two things: reduced immigration and a crashing birth rate.

Elon Musk is known for some of his crazy ideas (and also his massive car company), but what he’s said recently may surprise you! Thinking of all the problems of the world is terrifying, but he may have just added a problem that everybody else thinks is a good thing, to the top of the list. During an interview on the Full Send Podcast, Elon clearly outlines the biggest risk to humanity today. Do you agree with him? Let’s find out.

The Biggest Risk To Humanity
If the population collapses, like Elon fears will happen, the elderly will not get adequate care.

Elon Musk Thinks That Population Collapse Is A Serious Threat To Humanity

When we think of the global population, most people feel that overpopulation is a problem, not underpopulation! For years we have thought that the rapidly expanding boom of humans will cause problems like widespread famine and irreversible climate change, but Elon seems to be telling a different story.

What’s the cause of this population collapse? A “super low birth rate,” as he describes it. After his quick reply, one of the hosts asks a question that many listeners were probably thinking as well, “Don’t we have an overpopulation problem?” Musk then explains how the messaging on the dangers of overpopulation seems to be a holdover from the 70s when a massive baby boom was thought of as the new normal. Then Elon drops a pretty big statement, “The US birthrate has been below replacement since 1971 or 1972.” Continuing in the same thread, he then explains that old beliefs about China only allowing for one child is no longer true and instead continue to prop up the false idea of overpopulation problems.

What Happens When A Population Collapses?

If Musk is right, then a population collapse seems to be imminent. What happens during a population collapse? Well, it’s pretty bad news.

Generally speaking, population decline results in a crisis of end-of-life care for the elderly since there are more of them than there are young people. Additionally, funding for long-term care programs slows as there are fewer workers in relation to retirees.

Aside from elder care, military strength is reduced, innovation slows to a halt as young people with ideas are in fewer numbers, a loss of culture, and mass economic problems. If an economy is in permanent decline due to a reduction in size, the effects of lifelong recessions become severe. Essentially, economic systems are built to grow, and underpopulation happens when a nation has declined too much to support the system it operates on.

humanoid robot

Robots may be important to future civilization after a massive population decline.

Is What Elon Musk Believes About Population Decline True?

Well, yes, sort of. It is true that the United States is facing population stagnation and eventual decline. This is due to two things: reduced immigration and a crashing birth rate. After 2010, the annual percentage increase in the population fell off a cliff, starting around 0.75% a year to the current 0.1% a year.

This is a long-term problem, to be sure. The global population is estimated to peak at around 9.7 billion in the mid-2060s and then fall to 8.8 billion by 2100. Although this decline will likely happen, we don’t really know what will occur after that. The world could hold stable or decline, ushering in the need for new automation and new economic systems that support this new way of life. Essentially, we don’t really know what the far future holds.

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