Element Universal Remote Codes and TV Programming Guide

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Element Universal Remote Codes and TV Programming Guide

Key Points

  • Universal remote codes for Element TVs are unique to each model of TV and remote.
  • Codes can be 3, 4, or 5 digits long.
  • There are different methods for programming your remote, including manually entering codes or using an automatic code search function.

Who doesn’t love the convenience of a universal remote? These gadgets are a great, affordable option for replacing a lost remote and can help make your living space more organized. However, you’ll need to program your remote first before it works with your TV set. In this article, we’re going to give you the universal remote codes you need for your Element TV and some tips for setting it up.

Universal Remote Codes for Element TVs

A lot is going on in this section because there’s a huge amount of potential codes. This is because each code is unique to a model of TV and remote. The best way to figure out which code you need is to determine what code length your remote uses (for tips, see the next section), and then check the corresponding table.

3-Digit Codes

Remote3-Digit Codes
GE020, 081
Spectrum004, 031, 110, 268, 363, 387, 459, 494, 526, 587, 705, 622, 690

4-Digit Codes

Remote4-Digit Codes
One For All0885, 0706, 1687, 3559, 4635, 2434, 2049, 4740, 4910, 1687, 1756, 2183, 2964, 3183, 1886, 2256, 4660, 4217, 4398, 5173, 4398, 2256
GE0020, 1173, 1651, 1025, 0081, 5421, 2401, 2891, 1091, 1741, 5341, 5352, 5361, 5313, 5411, 5471, 5483, 4111, 5831, 5841, 6021, 6171,  5139, 5353
Philips1741, 1204, 1718, 1918, 2401, 2891, 5421, 1091, 5361, 1651, 5471, 5831, 5841, 4111, 5411, 5341, 6171, 6021, 1104, 0709
RCA0885, 1687, 1886, 2183, 2434, 2049, 3559, 3907, 4398, 2964, 1756, 0706, 3183, 4217, 2256 
Spectrum0281, 0571, 0706, 0885, 1065, 1687, 1756, 2183, 2256, 2360, 2511, 3559, 2434, 2964, 2049, 4401, 1524, 1864, 2746, 1098, 1228, 2801
Magnavox0073, 0001, 0088

5-Digit Codes

Remote5-Digit Codes
One For All43321, 45533, 44354, 44651, 36432, 12183, 12434, 11756, 10885, 12049
Comcast12183, 13559, 11756, 12964, 11687, 10885, 11864, 11523, 12434, 12049, 11993, 10156,  10706, 11886, 10178, 14398, 13907, 12260
DirecTV10178, 10818, 11756, 12964, 12360, 13559, 10706, 11687, 10885, 12434, 12183, 12049, 11886  
Philips10862, 10916, 11147, 11764, 13558, 14972, 13656, 14254, 14156, 17415, 18924
RCA11756, 13559, 13907, 11687, 10885, 12434, 12964, 14398, 12183, 13183, 12049, 14217, 11886, 12256  
Spectrum10885, 11687, 12183, 12256, 12746, 13559, 11756, 12434, 12049, 12964, 13907, 14660, 11886, 12360, 14398, 11524, 11864 

Programming Your Element TV: Step-By-Step Guide

Once you know which codes your remote might use, it’s time to program your remote with the guide below.

Step 1: Manually Turn On TV

First off, turn on your TV at the power switch.

Step 2: Press the Setup Button

The right button on your remote may have a few different names. For example:

  • “Code Search” on Magnavox and RCA remotes
  • “Magic” on One For All remotes
  • “Setup” on GE and Philips remotes

You’ll want to press this until your remote’s LED turns on. Some remotes will have a “Mode” or “Device” button instead, which you can press until “TV” is lit up. Others will simply have a “TV” button that you need to press.

RC901 Universal remote
Your remote may have a “Mode” button that can be used to select TV.

©Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0 – License

Step 3: Enter Code

If your remote has a device button, then keep this held down while you enter your first code. If the LED turns off, perhaps after blinking a few times, then the code is correct. This may also cause your TV to switch off as well. But if the code isn’t valid, then the LED will flash a few more times and then stay illuminated. If this happens, try another code.

Different Ways to Program Your Remote

Some remote brands have apps that you can use to program your remote. For example, One For All. If your remote doesn’t have an associated app, it might have an automatic code search function instead (e.g., GE remotes). You can try this method to see if it works.

Step 1: Go to Setup

As with the first method, press the setup key or the device key until “TV” is lit.

If your remote has this functionality, you’ll know by pressing and releasing the power button. If the remote’s LED blinks 10 times, then it can search for codes automatically. The remote sends one code with each blink. If the correct code is found, the TV will turn off. Otherwise, it will stay on, and you can send another series of codes.

Step 3: Save the Code

If you’ve found a code that works, turn on your TV again manually. Then, press the volume-up button. Each press of this button will send one code from the series. Be sure to wait for a few seconds between each press. Once the correct code in the list has been isolated, press the device, setup, or TV button to save it.

Step 4: Make Sure the Remote Works

As a last step, it’s wise to test out your remote to make sure every input works as it should. If not, then you can repeat the steps to try some more codes.

Troubleshooting Guide

If you can’t find a code that works, all is not lost. There may be a few issues that are getting in the way of your remote working correctly. You can find solutions below.

  • Incorrect button: Make sure that you’re pressing the right setup button and holding it down if it’s a multi-device button. The remote LED should light up.
  • Damaged components: This one isn’t as likely, but there could be an issue with your remote or TV. If you can’t operate your TV manually or the remote doesn’t seem to be lighting up whatever you press, this could be the issue.
  • HDMI conflict: Sometimes, devices can interfere with your remote. This is especially true if you have several devices connected to your TV via HDMI. To resolve this issue, turn off “HDMI CEC” in your TV settings menu.
  • Batteries: This could be an easy fix. Remotes are packaged with low-quality or almost dead batteries more often than you might think. Try replacing the batteries and see if that helps.
  • Signal issues: You need to point your remote directly at the TV until it receives the input. This can take a couple of seconds, and if you move around before the input has registered, your TV won’t respond properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do universal remotes work?

Universal remotes work with a wider range of signals than a typical remote, meaning they can communicate with more than one device. By programming them correctly, they can be used in place of your original remote, which can save you money if you’ve lost the original. They can also help minimize the number of remotes you need in order to control your devices.

How do I know what codes I need for my remote?

To start, figure out which code length your remote is compatible with. Then, find your remote brand in the associated table to find the codes. Alternatively, you can check your brand’s website to see if they have codes listed there.

The code doesn't work, what next?

The best thing to do is try other potential codes that are designed for your brand of remote. Other than this, it’s smart to see if your remote needs new batteries, make sure you’re setting it up correctly, and that there are no devices interfering with it.

What is HDMI interference and how do I prevent it?

If many devices are connected via HDMI, they’re giving and receiving instructions to each other. These can conflict with the instructions coming from your remote, so it’s best to turn off “HDMI CEC” on your TV to avoid unexpected problems.

Can I use my remote without manually entering a code?

Yes, if your remote has auto code search, you can try this instead. Alternatively, you can download an app, if there is one for your remote’s brand. This can make the process simpler.

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