EcoFlow DELTA 2 Review: Is This Power Station Worth It?

ecoflow delta 2

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Review: Is This Power Station Worth It?

Key Points

  • The DELTA 2 comes in two models: the base model with a 1,024Wh battery and the DELTA 2 Max with double the battery power at 2,048Wh.
  • The DELTA 2 has features like an LCD display, app management, and built-in cooling fans for efficient operation.
  • The DELTA 2 charges rapidly, with options for charging through an AC outlet or with solar panels.
  • The DELTA 2 is suitable for off-grid camping and provides power during emergencies, but it may not be suitable for powering larger appliances or relying solely on solar charging.

Portable power stations are becoming very popular, and EcoFlow’s DELTA 2 is among the most talked about. The surge in popularity is because many people are passing on noisy gas-powered generators for silent battery backups. While power stations deliver much less power, it is a practical solution for people without room to store a generator.

The DELTA 2 is very portable; you can easily carry it with its two handles. Besides providing emergency power, portable power stations are great for camping off the grid. The combination of AC and USB connections makes the DELTA 2 a versatile power supply, but how does it hold up to the competition? Keep reading for our full review.

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EcoFlow DELTA 2: Overview

There is a lot to know about the DELTA 2, including details about a new version that EcoFlow recently released. Additionally, the device uses some pretty groundbreaking technology to deliver maximum power with state-of-the-art batteries. Best of all, it costs significantly less than many comparably sized power stations.

Release Date and Price

The EcoFlow DELTA 2 came out in September 2022. The company heavily marketed the power station as an alternative to gas-powered generators. But this wasn’t EcoFlow’s first device, as the DELTA 2 is a successor to the original DELTA portable power station.

The DELTA 2 launched at $999, which remains its MSRP today. At first glance, the price is pretty high for what is essentially a large battery. However, you must consider that the battery is much larger than other power stations at 1,024Wh. EcoFlow also has larger models, like the DELTA Pro, which can store up to 25Kwh.

3600Wh LFP Battery
EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station
  • X-Boost technology
  • Faster than any other 3000-watt solar generator
  • 3600Wh/ 75Ah capacity
  • 5 outlets
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/28/2023 06:37 am GMT

Different Models

Besides the DELTA 2, EcoFlow still makes the original DELTA power station, which is a little bulkier and lacks some important features. For instance, the original DELTA does not support add-on battery units. Back to the DELTA 2: There are two different options to choose from.

The first option is the base model DELTA 2, which contains a 1,024Wh battery and costs $999. The other is the DELTA 2 Max, which came out in May 2023. It has double the battery power at 2,048Wh at an MSRP of $1,899. The DELTA 2 Max is a standalone power station, just like the regular DELTA 2.

2048Wh Solar-Powered Generator
EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max
  • Noise level: 30 dB
  • AC output: 2400W (surge 4800W)
  • 15 outlets
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/28/2023 06:47 am GMT


The EcoFlow DELTA 2 has a number of features that make it easy to use. First is the LCD display on the front, which allows users to quickly check how much battery power is left. EcoFlow also has an app to manage the DELTA 2’s power and usage.

On top of the unit is a convenient storage compartment with a lid for holding your cables and connectors. Because the DELTA 2 delivers so much power, there has to be a way to keep the batteries and circuitry cool.

It does this with fans on the side, so you never have to deal with any type of thermal overload. Speaking of circuitry, the controls allow it to operate as an emergency power supply (with a 30-millisecond delay), so you can keep working even when the power is out.


Size15.7 X 8.3 X 11 Inches
Weight27 Pounds
AC Outlets6 (2 Grounded 20-Amp)
DC Outlets3
USB Connections6 (4 USB-A, 2 USB-C)
Watt Hours1,024Wh
Charge Time<1 Hour to 80% (AC), 3-6 Hours to 80% (Solar)

EcoFlow DELTA 2: Review

EcoFlow has positioned itself as a major competitor on the portable power station market. At a time when cheaper offerings are flooding the market, EcoFlow is leading the way with larger storage options and better technology. The DELTA 2 continues that innovation with numerous features that you won’t find on other power stations.   

Design and Dimensions

Style isn’t the most important factor in a portable power station. However, some factors affect how easy it is to use. For instance, the two handles make the unit very easy to carry with both hands. This is good, considering the unit weighs about 27lbs. While moving around the house may not seem too bad, making it to a campsite may be difficult.

Our Pick
EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station
  • 1024 Watt-hours
  • Built to last 6x longer
  • Recharges in 3 hours (solar charging)
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/28/2023 06:17 am GMT

Equally important is the size of the DELTA 2, which measures 15.7 X 8.3 X 11 inches. To put that in perspective, it is significantly smaller than a mid-tower PC case, or roughly the size of a home theater subwoofer. That means it is a little bulky to carry around but still small enough to easily store in your home.

Battery Life

The battery life of the EcoFlow DELTA 2 is surprisingly good, considering its compact size. More importantly, the DELTA 2 outperforms the competition, like Anker’s SOLIX F1200, which is actually more expensive. The DELTA 2’s LiFePO4 battery stores a whopping 1,024wh and delivers 1,800W to its six AC outlets.

If you have a large device with a motor, the DELTA 2 supports 2,200 peak watts. To better understand what these numbers equate to, let’s look at some average runtimes with various devices. You can charge a cell phone approximately 89 times or a laptop 16 times. The DELTA 2 can also power a TV or refrigerator for about eight hours.


The EcoFlow DELTA 2 really stands out thanks to its rapid charging options. EcoFlow boasts that the DELTA 2 charges faster than any other portable power station. That is a pretty bold claim, but it is amazing just how fast it charges. It takes less than one hour to go from 0% to 80% and less than an hour and a half to fully charge with an AC outlet.

But a major benefit of the EcoFlow DELTA 2 is that you have more than one option to charge it. The fastest is with a standard AC outlet in your home. However, you can also purchase a solar panel to charge off-grid.

This is a great option for camping or even recharging the unit during a power outage. Solar can be very unpredictable, so the exact charging speed can vary greatly.

However, EcoFlow claims that you can charge the DELTA 2 in as little as three hours with solar. To achieve this speed you will need to use their 400W solar panel or two 220W solar panels. Both options can get pretty expensive, but the EcoFlow brand panels are portable and designed to provide efficient charging to the DELTA 2.

Ports and Connectivity

The EcoFlow DELTA 2’s most notable features come from its connectivity. The USB ports are the first thing you will notice on the front of the DELTA 2. There are a total of six ports: two USB-A, two USB-A 3.0, and two USB-C.

Our Pick
EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station
  • 1024 Watt-hours
  • Built to last 6x longer
  • Recharges in 3 hours (solar charging)
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/28/2023 06:17 am GMT

With so many tech devices relying on USB charging, it is nice to have so many ports, so you don’t have to worry about splitters. Moving around to the back, you will find six AC electrical outlets. Four of the outlets are standard two-prong 120V sockets.

Additionally, there are two grounded electrical outlets that also have a horizontal slot for 20-amp appliances. Below the AC connections are a 12V DC car charger and two DC 5521 output ports.


Even though the EcoFlow DELTA 2 holds a lot of power, it also supports the connection of additional battery packs for even longer use. The DELTA 2 Extra Battery Pack is the most popular option, which looks just like the DELTA 2 but without any outlets. The main benefit of this popular add-on is that it costs less than buying a second DELTA 2.

This extra battery uses a special cable to connect to the side port on the main DELTA 2. Taking a closer look at the extra battery, it does have its own LCD display to provide power information. The DELTA 2 Extra Battery also contains the same 1,024Wh battery, so you can increase your total capacity to 2,048Wh.

EcoFlow DELTA 2: Pros and Cons 


  • Can charge with either solar or AC power
  • 15 output ports
  • Expandable with an EcoFlow Battery Pack


  • It does get heavy when carried over long distances
  • Costs more than a gas-powered generator
  • The batteries will eventually wear out

EcoFlow DELTA 2: Is It a Buy?

Buy it if…

…You go camping off the grid.

The EcoFlow DELTA 2 really shines for off-grid camping where there is no access to electricity. In this scenario, you wouldn’t be trying to power an entire camper, just a few essentials like a camera or a phone. Despite being a little heavy, you can easily carry it around, and its optional solar panel lets you stay charged during extended outings.

…You want power during an emergency, but a gas generator isn’t practical.

There are several good examples where a generator isn’t practical. For instance, they are difficult to start, and you have to have room to store one outside. Even though the DELTA 2 cannot completely replace a generator, it provides enough power to run basic devices like a TV. You can also use it for other activities where a small amount of power is needed, such as parties and tailgating.

Don’t Buy it if…

…You need large amounts of power.

The EcoFlow DELTA 2 is great for basic power needs, like charging phones or running a small appliance. However, it cannot power larger appliances like air conditioners. Similarly, you won’t be able to run some appliances on it for very long before it needs charging. If you want enough electricity to power your entire home, it is better to stick with a gas-powered generator.  

…You are concerned about sunlight.

If you plan to recharge the DELTA 2 with just sunlight, you may want to reconsider, depending on the environment in which you plan to use it. Some regions get more sunlight than others, and the time of year can also play a large factor. Similarly, using the power station in the woods is difficult because trees block sunlight. Instead, you may be better off with a gas-powered generator.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Review: Is This Power Station Worth It? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you power an entire house with a portable power station?

No, it is impossible to power an entire house off a portable power station because it doesn’t store enough electricity. If your home is equipped, you can connect the DELTA 2 to a generator power inlet. However, you will have to limit how much power you use as household appliances will quickly deplete the DELTA 2’s battery.

Are there any limitations to charging the EcoFlow Delta 2 with solar panels?

Yes, you are severely limited by the amount of sunlight that a given area gets because the panels will generate less electricity. For instance, you would not be able to use solar charging in a wooded area where the sun is obstructed by trees.

Can you replace the batteries in the EcoFlow Delta 2?

No, the DELTA 2 is a sealed power supply that is not designed to be opened by the user. Fortunately, the batteries are designed to last a long time, and EcoFlow backs their portable power stations with a five-year warranty.

Is it safe to use the EcoFlow DELTA 2 in a home or apartment?

Yes, unlike a gas-powered generator, you can use the EcoFlow DELTA 2 in a home or other confined space. The unit does need adequate ventilation to prevent overheating, but you don’t have to worry about it emitting any toxic fumes.

Can you use the EcoFlow DELTA 2 as a UPS battery backup?

It is possible to use the EcoFlow DELTA 2 as a battery backup since it will automatically begin delivering power once household electricity goes out. However, it turns on too slowly for most desktops to effectively serve as a UPS battery backup.

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