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Echo Buds vs. Jabra Elite 75t: 4 Must-Know Facts

  • The Echo Buds and Jabra Elite 75t have a bass-biased EQ out of the box.
  • The Elite 75t earbuds are more comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • You get 7.5 hours of use time with the Elite 75t earbuds and only 5 hours of use before recharging with the Echo Buds.
  • Both earbuds offer Active Noise Cancelling.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of wireless earbuds, Echo Buds from Amazon and the Jabra Elite 75t are two top options. Jabra has been making headphones for a long time and recently got very into the wireless earbud game. Amazon is a relatively new competitor in this market. Echo Buds vs. Jabra Elite 75tm, which earbuds is the best? In this article, we out both sets of earbuds head-to-head. Let’s see how the newcomer stacks up against a veteran headphone manufacturer.

Echo Buds vs. Jabra Elite 75t: Side By Side Comparison

SpecsEcho BudsJabra Elite 75t
Bud Battery Life6.5 Hours7.5 Hours
Case Battery Life 19.5 Hours20.5 Hours
Wireless ChargingYesNo
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Active Noise CancellingYesYes

Echo Buds vs. Jabra Elite 75t: What’s The Difference?

Design and Comfort

Both the Echo Buds and Elite 75t have a stemless design. The Echo Buds are one of the smallest pairs we have tested. So, those with smaller ears, will gravitate towards Echo Buds as they’re a slightly better fit than the larger Elite 75t. The Elite 75t does not have a completely round design. Instead, there is a small point towards the front of the bud that holds the earbuds in our ears better than the Echo buds.

We found the Elite 75t to overall be more comfortable than the Echo Buds. While both are small and lightweight, the Echo Buds tend to go in your ear canal more, creating more of a suction feeling in your ear. Depending on your taste, this could be good or bad, but we prefer the lesser suction feeling. In addition, both of the earbuds come with 3 various sized tips to fit your sized ears better.

Jabra Elite 75t – True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case, Titanium Black – Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds with a Comfortable, Secure Fit, Long Battery Life, Great Sound
  • WIRELESS EARBUDS – Jabra Elite 75t is engineered to fit; Making and taking calls is always a great experience, wherever you are, thanks to enhanced 4-microphone call technology which filters out...
  • COMPACT COMFORT – Designed and tested for a secure fit, the Jabra Elite 75t features a new smaller design that provides an ideal fit for every type of ear while the ergonomic shape makes them...
  • NO AUDIO DROPOUTS – With Jabra 4th generation true wireless connection, your music and calls will be stable, with no wires to get in the way;With these Bluetooth earbuds, you can enjoy conversations...
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION: With these noise cancelling earbuds, you can filter out the world and focus on your music; Use the Sound plus app to activate ANC the first time you use it and enable...
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE – With Jabra Elite 75t wireless Bluetooth earbuds, you get up to 24 hours of battery time (ANC on) with the pocket-friendly charging case, the Elite 75t earphones let you take...
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Sound Quality

The sound usually comes down to personal preference at this level. By no means do either of these earbuds sound bad. The main difference between the two earbuds is the Echo Buds’ bass bias straight out of the box. Not everyone is a massive fan of a bass-boosted sound, but we found an EQ mix in the Alexa app to equal it.

On the other hand, the Jabra Elite 75t are bass biased to the point its overpowering. Despite their small size, the low-end can be a little hard to rein in with an EQ app, but the sound is still excellent. The sound is rich and warm. You do lose some clarity towards the high end of the range, though. However, there is a good chance that you won’t notice the high-end loss when listening to songs on Spotify.

Battery Life

The Jabra Elite range has always had absolutely fantastic battery life, and the 75t is no exception. With 7.5 hours listening time on a single charge, these earbuds allow you to enjoy your music all day. Plus, the case gets you 28 hours of total run time.

The Echo Buds, however, are lacking in this category. You get 5 hours of use before recharging these buds in the case. And the case gets you 25 hours of total use time. For such a small earbud, this battery life is still impressive. However, you cannot beat Jabra’s numbers when it comes to battery life.

Echo Buds on a wooden surface
Lighter and smaller, the Echo Buds are Amazon’s second stab at wireless earphones.

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Echo Buds vs. Jabra Elite 75t: Which One is Better? Which One Should You Use?

After going through all the specs and testing out these two earbuds, pointing out the winner wasn’t an easy decision. We have to go with the Jabra Elite 75t earbuds as our winner. The battery life, comfortability, and pretty good sound quality make them hard to pass up, even though the price is a bit higher.

That being said, if you are fully invested in the Amazon ecosystem, the integration of Alexa with the Echo Buds might be better option. But unless you plan to use Alexa all the time, we believe you will have a better experience with the Elite 75t.

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Echo Buds vs. Jabra Elite 75t: Full Comparison and Winner FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Do Jabra Elite 75t fall out when running?

The Jabra Elite 75t typically have a good enough hold to not fall out when running, but it varies person to person.

Can Jabra Elite 75t be used as hearing aid?

We would not reccomend this. Although they do have a sound pass through mode, this mode does not amplify the sound just lets it through.

What happens if you lose your Jabra?

If you lose one of your Jabra earbuds, you used to be able to buy just one from their website, but now they no longer offer that. Instead you can buy a replacement pair at a cheaper price.

Can you use just left Jabra?

If you like to just have one earbud in, unfortunaley you cannot just use the left earbud with Jabra devices. For this kind of listening you will need to use the right earbud.

How long do Jabra Elite 75t last?

You can get up to 5.5 hours on a single charge with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) on, with a total charge of up to 24 hours with the charging case.

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