EA is Introducing a New PC App to Replace Origin: What Will the New App Look Like?

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EA is Introducing a New PC App to Replace Origin: What Will the New App Look Like?

Electronic Arts (EA) is introducing a new app to replace Origin, which failed to strike the right chords with gamers. EA recognized it was not the most optimized game launcher. But even without the best reputation, millions of people use Origin daily to play some of their favorite games.

EA is building the “EA app”, a launcher that hopes to perfectly fit the next generation of games. It’s expected the app would be more streamlined, faster, and more reliable than Origin. Let’s dive into the new app.

The EA app

homepage of EA App
EA app, which is out of beta testing phase, is officially replacing the Origin game launcher.

Although we do not explicitly hate Origin, we would be lying if we said we are excited about a new EA app that promises to be more reliable and streamlined. EA is focusing on three main selling points. Those are Built to Connect, Designed for Speed and Discovery at your fingertips.

Built to Connect

One of Origin’s drawback was the pain of adding friends on the service. The EA app aims to fix this problem by letting you import your friends list from other gaming services, like Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. No matter what platform your friends are gaming on, you will be able to see when they are on and join in with them.

Designed for Speed

EA wants to leave the image of slow downloading speeds and clunky update processes in the past with this new app. The EA app will offer automatic game downloads and run updates in the background. Games will be a few clicks away, and you jump into a game quickly.

Discovery at your fingertips

A good number of gamers bought gamers via Steam even though they knew they would have to use Origin to launch them. Buying games on Origin has always been a real hassle. The EA app’s refreshed store page allows you to easily search for games and purchase them quickly. While EA will probably have the newest and biggest hits on the front page, they also said they would make a significant effort to promote indie games.

What Does This Mean For Origin?

logo of origim launcher

Released in 2011, Origin was a game distribution platform for buying and playing video games.

Even though The EA app seems to spell doom for Origin, we can’t write it off yet. If you are a Mac user, you will not have access to the EA app for some time. EA has not released a schedule for the Mac OS version of The EA app too. Since most users are on PC, we do not think you should hold your breath for it.

For those Windows users still on Origin, you probably have seen the invites to switch over to The EA app. Some people are worried they could lose all their game data and start building their library from scratch. That’s not the case. All your games and content, even previously installed games, will move over automatically to The EA app. These include local and cloud saves in games. As a result, you won’t have to start games that you’ve put countless hours into a afresh.

Our Thoughts on The EA app

We strongly recommend downloading the EA app if you play any EA games on your PC. Though relatively new, it is way better than Origin. In our opinion, using The EA app is a giant step in the right direction for EA. Unfortunately, we have not used it enough to give you an in-depth review but be sure to keep your eye out for it.

Go ahead and download The EA app today on EA’s website and make that switch from Origin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the EA app and Origin?

The EA app is EA’s latest PC platform, designed with player feedback to be foundational for the future of EA PC gaming. Origin is the legacy client and will soon be replaced by the EA app.

Will the EA app replace Origin?

Yes, the EA app will replace Origin as the primary platform for downloading and launching PC games.

Will I have to re-download my Origin games on the EA app?

No. The games you’ve downloaded through Origin should be ready to launch through the EA app. However, if you find any of your games are missing, you can reach out to EA support, and they will help you resolve the issue.

I use Origin on my Mac. What do I need to do?

Nothing at all. Origin for Mac is still the place to access and play your games. Unfortunately, EA has not released a schedule for when they will make the EA app available on Mac OS.

What will happen to my friends list?

Your friends list on Origin will automatically import into The EA app. So you don’t have to try and remember all those Gamertags.

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