Duracell vs. Energizer: Which Battery Is Better?

Duracell vs Energizer compared.

Duracell vs. Energizer: Which Battery Is Better?

From video game controllers to TV remotes, and smoke alarms to flashlights, many of our most-used electronic devices still rely on good old-fashioned battery power. Not everything can plug into a wall charger like our cell phones or our laptops. For this reason, Duracell and Energizer remain significant competitors in the battery and consumer goods industry. But which of these two popular battery brands is the best of the best between Duracell vs. Energizer? Let’s take a look at some of their most important specs (as well as their pros and cons) to determine an overall winner.

Duracell vs. Energizer: Side-by-Side Comparison

Rechargeable OptionsYesYes
Popular TypeCoppertopMax
High-Performance TypeQuantum
Ultimate Lithium
Long-Lasting TypeCoppertop
Specialty TypesHearing Aid
Button Cells
Specialty Lithium
Button Cells

Duracell vs. Energizer: Key Differences

Now that we have a better idea of how Duracell and Energizer compare on a basic level, we should take some time to dive a little deeper into their key differences. The side-by-side comparison is proof enough that these two battery brands have their fair share of distinctions, but it’s just as helpful to understand what these distinctions mean for the actual quality of Duracell vs. Energizer. Let’s examine the key differences between the two below.

Battery Power

We buy batteries to power our devices, so it definitely seems worth it to talk about power levels between these two brands. By and large, both Duracell and Energizer batteries have similar milliampere-hour (mAh) ratings. But, Duracell’s tends to come out ahead of Energizer’s by a thin margin almost every time. For example, Duracell’s AA and AAA batteries have a higher mAh than Energizer’s. We’ll call Duracell’s batteries the more powerful ones, no matter if it’s only slightly.

Products Offered

Then there’s the difference in products offered between Duracell vs. Energizer. Both Duracell and Energizer run the gamut in terms of battery sizes. But, they go about their product lines very differently. Duracell’s two main varieties are Coppertop, Plus, Quantum, Optimum, and Ultra. Alternatively, Energizer has Max, Ultimate Lithium, and EcoAdvanced as its main product lines. This shows us that Duracell has a much broader line of products than Energizer.

Best Performance
Duracell Optimum AA Batteries
$22.69 ($1.26 / Count)
  • Contain 4X of Duracell’s patented POWER BOOST Ingredients vs Coppertop AA
  • Come in a resealable package for quick, easy access and storage
  • Every Duracell product is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship
  • Durcell's best performing AA alkaline battery
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Shelf Life

Both Duracell and Energizer batteries have a reliable shelf life. Neither brand will let you down when it comes to retaining a charge for several years (so long as they’re stored properly, of course.) Duracell uses its own special technology to minimize self-discharge, as does Energizer. That said, Energizer Max brand batteries have some of the longest shelf life around — up to a decade in the right conditions.

Battery Chemistry

Duracell and Energizer batteries both use the same (or similar) types of chemistry. You’ll find alkaline, lithium, and zinc inside both brand’s cells. Likewise, brands offer similar options for rechargeable batteries. But, while the ingredients overlap, the real distinction lies in the specific formulations and technologies used within each. For instance, Duracell leans into the reliability of the Coppertop, while Energizer puts greater emphasis on lithium. Let’s call it a draw.

Lasts Long
Energizer AA Batteries
$21.88 ($0.68 / Count)
  • 32-pack of Energizer Alkaline Power AA Batteries, Double A Alkaline Batteries
  • Provide long-lasting power for your everyday devices
  • Hold power for up to 10 years in storage
  • Made to last, not to leak
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Market Share

Next is market share, which is a great way to see which company is performing better in a particular industry or sphere at any given time. Since the companies first originated, Duracell and Energizer have traded off the top spot in the market countless times. Today, both sit near the top of the heap. Each shares a little less than 30% of the market share. In recent years, Duracell has enjoyed a higher market share than Energizer. (The tables could turn at any point, though.)

Duracell vs. Energizer: Environmental Impact

duracell battery
Neither Duracell nor Energizer cells are biodegradable. These toxic chemicals hurt the environment.

When talking about batteries — even brands as prominent as Duracell and Energizer — it’s worth talking about environmental impact. How are these two companies handling any potential harm to the environment from discarded and dead cells? Turns out, both companies have taken steps to address these sustainability concerns. 

Duracell offers a line of rechargeable options (such as rechargeable NiMH batteries) to better encourage environmental friendliness as well as reduce the demand for single-use batteries. Duracell also participates in recycling programs, which is just as great of a contribution to global sustainability efforts.

Similarly, Energizer has made significant strides in the rechargeable battery space with a rechargeable line of its own. With any luck, this will minimize the number of disposable batteries entering landfills. Energizer also has recycling initiatives, giving consumers yet another convenient way to do some environmentally responsible battery disposal.

Energizer vs Amazon Basics
Energizer’s branding and mascot are much more memorable than Duracell’s


Duracell vs. Energizer: Pros and Cons

Pros of DuracellCons of Duracell
Great shelf lifeMore expensive than Energizer
Larger market shareAs leak-prone as Energizer
RecyclableLess recognizable than Energizer
Solid performance in low temperaturesOwned by a large conglomerate
Pros of EnergizerCons of Energizer
Long-lasting when in useSmaller market share
More affordable than DuracellLess durable than Duracell
More battery power than DuracellKnown to leak after running empty
Greater brand recognitionLess environmentally friendly

Duracell vs. Energizer: Which One Is Better?

The Duracell vs. Energizer debate often boils down to personal preference. Both battery brands have their respective advantages and disadvantages, making it hard to say with certainty which battery is better. That said, we can focus on what we do know from the comparison above and draw a conclusion from there.

With its greater brand recognition and its lower prices on average, Energizer comes out ahead of Duracell in two very important ways. Their batteries also tend to have more power than Duracell’s, giving them another competitive edge. Combine this with its longer reign, it’s fair to say Energizer is the superior battery supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of batteries does Duracell make?

Duracell puts most of its energy (no pun intended) into alkaline batteries. However, the company also has a line of lithium batteries as well as rechargeable and silver oxide batteries.

What kind of batteries does Energizer make?

Energy offers alkaline, lithium, rechargeable, and silver oxide batteries. In its early days, the company put its primary focus on zinc–carbon batteries. It shifted to alkaline in the late 1950s.

Is Duracell cheaper than Energizer?

The price per battery really depends on what kind of battery you’re looking for. However, Energizer does tend to offer its most popular batteries — such as its AA — at a lower price than Duracell.

Why can't all batteries be rechargeable?

Rechargeable batteries aren’t always practical for all product types. For instance, single-use disposable products do not need rechargeable batteries. What’s more, rechargeable batteries cost more and are often heavier than alkaline batteries.

What battery company is the biggest?

CATL is the biggest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, whereas Duracell holds the market share on alkaline batteries.

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