Duolingo Max Review (2023): How Much is It? Is It Any Good?

Duolingo Max: How much is it? Is it any good?

Duolingo Max Review (2023): How Much is It? Is It Any Good?

If you already subscribe to Duolingo, you should know that there’s been a recent addition to the subscription tiers: Duolingo Max.

Duolingo Max is supposedly even better than Super Duolingo, but how are they different?

In this article, we’ll explore the premium features designed to enhance your learning experience and assess whether it’s a worthy upgrade.

Super Duolingo vs. Duolingo Max: A Comparison

Duolingo Max includes all the advanced features available in Super Duolingo, such as unlimited hearts, mistakes review, Legendary Level Challenges, and an ad-free experience.

However, it also leverages artificial intelligence to bring you two brand-new learning features: Explain My Answer and Roleplay.

Let’s explore these features in further detail.

Explain My Answer

Although the app provides the right answer, Explain My Answer offers AI-generated explanations, giving users a deeper understanding of why it’s correct.

These simple explanations can be helpful if you repeatedly make the same mistake and need more clarification about the underlying concepts or rules. Even when you’ve provided a correct answer, it’s possible that you were simply guessing, and these explanations can help solidify your understanding.


The Roleplay feature enables users to hone their real-world conversation skills by chatting with in-app characters. Powered by GPT-4, AI responds to users and guides them through different scenarios.

For example, you can chat about future vacation plans or have a conversation about basketball. Once the conversation ends, users receive AI-powered feedback which assesses the sophistication of users’ responses. Users also receive tips to improve their future dialogues.

Foreign Language Lessons
Unlimited Lessons
Personalized Lessons
Legendary Level Challenges
Ad-Free Experience
Explain My Answer
Duolingo Max was launched in March 2023, introducing upgrades to the world’s most popular language-learning app.

What to Know Before Upgrading to Duolingo Max

Before downloading Duolingo Max, below are the key points for you to consider.


While the features offer significant value, it’s important to note that Duolingo Max has limited device and country availability, and it’s exclusively applicable to Spanish and French courses.

If you want to upgrade to Duolingo Max, you must be located in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States, and have an iOS device.

If you meet these criteria, you’ll be able to access the premium features included with Duolingo Max.

Personal Goals

In order to justify the subscription costs, you should be dedicated to learning the basics of either French or Spanish.

Although Duolingo has plans to extend Max to other languages, it’s still in the testing process. If you’re planning to study another language, Duolingo Max will not provide you with additional value.

Alternative Learning Methods

Even though Duolingo is the most popular language-learning app worldwide, its style and approach still may not be the best fit for you. In such cases, you might discover that Babbel or Rosetta Stone better suit your individual preferences.

Furthermore, if you are willing to invest time and money in learning a foreign language, remember that language-learning apps are just one of several available options. You might also consider private tutoring or even enrolling in language classes at a local community college.

Duolingo Max Review: How Much Is It? Is It Any Good?
Whether or not you have plans to travel to Spanish-speaking regions, learning Spanish is especially valuable, given that it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.


Using Duolingo Max: What It’s Like

Duolingo is the most popular language-learning app worldwide, providing an effective pathway for language learners to rapidly enhance their language skills.

Subscribers to Duolingo Max are afforded the opportunity to engage in interactive conversations with AI chatbots. These chatbots are specifically designed to simulate real-world conversations, enabling users to practice their language skills in authentic scenarios.

Additionally, Duolingo Max goes the extra mile by providing detailed explanations for your answers. These AI-generated explanations offer insights into grammar, vocabulary, and language usage, helping users grasp the subtleties of the language.

As a result, users gain proficiency and confidence in communicating. This could be helpful during various scenarios, from simply saying “hello” or “thank you” in a foreign country to asking the location of a nearby restroom.

Duolingo Max Review: How Much Is It? Is It Any Good?
Many people fear traveling due to language barriers, but Duolingo Max can give you the confidence you need to book that flight!


How Much is the Duolingo Max Subscription?

Duolingo Max offers two pricing plans: the Family Plan and the Individual Plan. Let’s break down both.

Family Plan

The Family Plan permits the primary account holder to share their subscription with as many as five other users. These users do not have to be related or live in the same area.

It costs $239.99 per year and requires a 12-month subscription. Once the subscription period ends, it will auto-renew unless the primary account holder cancels it.

Individual Plan

In contrast, the Individual Plan is available as a monthly subscription and a yearly subscription.

It’s priced at $29.99 per month, but annual subscribers benefit from a significant discount, paying only $239.99 per year.

Is Duolingo Max Worth Paying For?

We think Duolingo’s newest subscription tier is a worthy upgrade for eligible users who are dedicated to learning either French or Spanish.

While Duolingo’s other premium option, Super, doesn’t offer lesson enhancements, Max delivers a more in-depth learning experience that justifies the additional expense.

The Roleplay feature is especially valuable, as it mimics a one-on-one human tutor at a fraction of the cost. By leveraging advanced AI technology, subscribers can quickly improve their language skills.

However, one potential drawback of using AI technology is that it’s possible to receive an incorrect AI response. While this is likely to be rare, it could potentially hinder your language learning progress if incorrect information is accepted as fact.

The additional features improve your learning outcomes.Although you’ll gain a solid understanding of the basics of the language, you can’t achieve fluency.
It provides exceptional value by mimicking a human tutor.AI responses aren’t always dependable.

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Duolingo Max Review (2023): How Much is It? Is It Any Good? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How do I upgrade to Duolingo Max?

You will need to start from your iOS device’s home screen — do not open the app yet.

From the home screen, tap Settings. At the top of the Settings Page, tap your Apple ID banner. Then, click Subscriptions. Select Duolingo, and then select See All Plans.

From here, you can select any of the available plans for Duolingo Max.

Who is eligible for Duolingo Max?

Only iOS users who are located in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States are eligible for Dulingo Max.

Can I achieve fluency on Duolingo Max?

No. While the app is a valuable tool for building essential language skills, achieving fluency will require additional practice and immersion in real-life language contexts.

How much time should I dedicate to using a language learning app each day?

Each of Duolingo’s lessons is designed to be completed within a few minutes.

Although research suggests that 1 to 2 hours per day is ideal for quickly learning a new language, this may not be feasible for you.

Even a few minutes of practice each day will help you improve your language skills.

Can I use Duolingo offline?

Duolingo gives all users, regardless of their subscription tier, the ability to access content offline. There’s no need to download anything beforehand. Simply open the app and use it as you normally would.

While you’ll be able to access about an hour’s worth of lessons, you may eventually run out of lessons and need to join a Wi-Fi network again.

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