Dreamhost Vs Siteground Hosting – Which is best for your website?

Dreamhost vs Siteground

Dreamhost Vs Siteground Hosting – Which is best for your website?

Dreamhost Vs Siteground Hosting: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • Dreamhost doesn’t provide a call-in telephone number; therefore, all phone support services are offered as call-backs.
  • Dreamhost data centers are only located in the USA, while Siteground hosting has data centers in the USA, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and Singapore.
  • Dreamhost offers free SSL/TLS certificates, while Siteground offers free Email, SSL, CDN, and backup and restore services.
  • Dreamhost focuses on ease of use and budget-friendly deals, while Siteground is a premium option for businesses with a bunch of functionalities and require speed-boosting tech.
  • Dreamhost offers a 97-day money-back guarantee, while Siteground hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Trying to choose between Dreamhost vs Siteground for your website? Both hosting providers have a lot in common and are officially recommended by WordPress.org. However, it’s crucial to deeply understand their plans, security, support, reliability, and speed to find a perfect home for your website.

If you are considering launching a new website or changing the host of your existing site, by the end of this Dreamhost vs Siteground comparison, you will know which one of the two will be the best choice for your site.

Dreamhost Vs Siteground Hosting: Side by Side Comparison

FoundedApril 10, 1996March 22, 2004
Price fromFrom $2.59/monthFrom $2.99/month
Money-back guarantee97 days30 days
SecuritySSL certificates, domain privacy protection, daily backup, Web Application FirewallFree SSL certificates, AI anti-bot protection, 2-factor-authentication, DDoS protection, daily/weekly backup, and a Security plugin
Website migrationFree website migration plugin, paid options for website migrationFree automated WordPress migration or paid professional site transfer
SupportLive chat (5:30 AM – 9:30 PM PT), knowledge base, 24/7 ticketing system, paid phone supportemail, phone, and 24/7 live chat
Server locationsUnited StatesUnited States, UK, Germany, Singapore, Australia, and the Netherlands
Dreamhost vs Siteground
Siteground is one of the top web hosting companies, ranking very well for up-time and speed.

Siteground vs Dreamhost Overview

Dreamhost has been around since 1996, making them one of the most well-established web hosts in operation today. They have been a successful hosting company winning the trust of over 400,000 customers globally. Dreamhost offers WordPress and Web Hosting Services in different categories, including VPS Hosting, WP Website Builder, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

They also offer Dreamhost Pro Services, which provides experienced web experts to help in web design, SEO Marketing, Branding, Social Media Marketing, and Custom Web Development. Therefore, you can rest assured your personal or business website is well designed to attract visitors.

Although Siteground has been in business since 2004, they have built a great reputation — especially among WordPress users — thanks to its professional support, fast servers, and useful features. The company offers various hosting services, including shared hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise solutions, email hosting, and domain registration.

Also, you can develop your website on different platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce.  Siteground claims to host over 2,800,000 domains making it one of the best hosting sites globally. You will also enjoy other special offers such as Free Email, SSL, CDN, and daily backups.

Dreamhost Vs Siteground Hosting: What’s the Difference?


Both Dreamhost and Siteground hosting offer advanced security features to protect your website from threats such as brute-force attacks, data leaks, and compromised login. However, they employ different strategies to ensure they become the best hosting services while ensuring their clients’ websites are safe.

One of the ways Dreamhost ensures your website and its servers are safe is through its team of security engineers, named Night Labs, who are active 24/7 to ensure the ultimate protection.

It has also created advanced security features such as the Malware Remover, helping the security engineers discover and fix malware quickly, and Let’s Encrypt, which offers a free SSL/TLS certificate to ensure only authorized users access your website. Other essential features include Free Domain Privacy, HTTP/2, mod-security, and Lua-resty-waf.

Similar to Dreamhost, Siteground hosting also provides mod-security, which is installed on all its servers for HTTP traffic monitoring, logging, and real-time analysis to protect your website from common threats. It has also ensured all its servers use the latest PHP 7 version to utilize the PHP Security that protects your site against common attacks such as cross-site requests, forgery, SQL injections, and data tampering.

Far from using the latest PHP 7 version, it employs the suEXEC feature, which protects your website from threats such as unauthorized user root access while using the Apache HTTP Server. Other security measures Siteground uses to protect your website include a web application firewall (WAF) and providing hassle-free auto-updates for WordPress core versions and plugins. 

Backup and Restore

Dreamhost vs Siteground

Dreamhost is an officially recommended WordPress hosting provider.

A reliable backup and restoration plan is the safest way to ensure you don’t start your website from scratch in case of a disaster. Dreamhost has provided a user-friendly interface to enable you to manually backup your data and restore them quickly without needing plugins.

Another security measure developed by Dreamhost is the use of On-Demand Backups that allows you to create a clone of your original site, keeping it safe from common attacks. Additionally, Dreamhost employs Automated Daily Backups to ensure data is stored whenever your site is active.

On the other hand, Siteground Hosting offers backups for the whole website, or you can choose the essential data to be stored. You can restore up to backup copies for the past 30 days when using the Shared hosting plan and 7 days if you are on Cloud hosting plan.

Siteground hosting provides free backup and restoration to all clients, including those on StartUp plans. Furthermore, it has developed the GrowBig feature enabling you to create backup copies of the work you plan to upload to your website. Therefore, you won’t be forced to develop a new piece if your website fails because it’s possible to retrieve your previous work.


Both hosting companies provide 24/7 in-house support, but the duration of their response is what matters. Dreamhost offers various ways of finding a solution quickly without calling the support team. Firstly, they provide a section where you can select the challenges you are facing, such as bales, billing, and tech support, enabling them to act fast.

Secondly, Dreamhost has a discussion forum where you can check how other users solved similar problems; hence you won’t have to call the support team.

It has also provided a System Status where you can check if all the systems are operational or are under maintenance, and you can contact the Tech Team via Email or Live Chat. Unfortunately, Dreamhost doesn’t have a call-in telephone number; all phone support issues are handled as callbacks at a cost, and it’s limited to USA and Canada numbers.

Siteground, on the other hand, provides free phone support to its customers, where clients are directed to categorize their problems before being provided with a phone number and an access code. They also provide self-support with automated solutions, Pinned help on every page, and an extensive Knowledge base where you can find solutions to your problem quickly.


Pricing is essential before you decide on the best hosting service to use and the type of hosting plan to use. Overall, Dreamhost is the more budget-friendly option when it comes to Dreamhost vs Siteground pricing comparison. Plus, it keeps things simple with just two shared hosting plans. They include:

  • Shared Starter: From $2.95 a month for one website and 50 GB of storage.
  • Shared Unlimited: From $4.95 a month for unlimited websites and unlimited storage.

On the other hand, Siteground offers three shared hosting plans for you to choose from:

  • StartUp: From $6.99 a month for one website and 10 GB of storage.
  • GrowBig: From $9.99 a month for unlimited websites and 20 GB of storage.
  • GoGeek: From $14.99 a month for unlimited websites and 40 GB of storage.

Money Back Guarantee

Both hosting plans have a money-back guarantee, but they have different policies. For Dreamhost, not all payments are refunded when you cancel your hosting plan.

However, it offers between 5 to 7 days for credit card refunds which might take up to 30 days if the refund request is through a manual check. Also, it has a 97-day money-back guarantee for refundable account credits. 

On the other hand, Siteground hosting money-back guarantee doesn’t cover Paid Support or Third Party Services. However, it offers a 30-day refund for all shared hosting plans and a 14-day money-back guarantee for cloud hosting plans.

dreamhost vs hostgator

dreamhost vs hostgator

Dreamhost Vs Siteground Hosting: Which One Should You Choose?

Siteground’s customer support, security, speed, and extra features are among the best we have seen across all web hosting services.

Meanwhile, Dreamhost’s reliability and affordability are hard to beat. In general, Siteground is the winner when it comes to offering the outright best hosting product. They ensure faster load speed for your website, and they also have a better reputation when it comes to customer support.

However, the complicating factor when it comes to Siteground hosting is the cost. In fact, Siteground is up to three times more expensive than Dreamhost depending on your plan. That being said, the true winner of this Siteground vs Dreamhost comparison will likely come down to your needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dreamhost a good website host?

Overall, Dreamhost is an excellent service to choose for your web hosting. There are several plans to choose from that offer numerous features. The fact that it is priced so well for those interested in month-to-month plans is a massive win in our book.

Is Siteground good for beginners?

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, Siteground makes a great web host choice for beginners. Not only do they offer a customized beginner-friendly dashboard, but also provide excellent support and an easy onboarding process.

Which is better Dreamhost or Siteground?

Siteground hosting takes the lead in being more reliable compared to Dreamhost. Despite being more expensive than Dreamhost, it has higher loading speeds because of its advanced features such as NGINX server technology for quick server response and SuperCacher for easy access to data.

Which is the best for WordPress hosting, Dreamhost, or Siteground?

Dreamhost and Siteground have the best hosting services to help you develop your site fast on WordPress. However, Siteground Hosting is the winner with fast speed loads and significant features such as Managed WordPress, WordPress Migrator, and WordPress Starter, providing the best WordPress hosting services.

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