Don’t Buy Jabra’s 75T Headphones Until You Read This

jabra 75t vs 85t

Don’t Buy Jabra’s 75T Headphones Until You Read This

Jabra has been in the headphones and earphones market for some years. The company has built a reputation focusing on comfort, durability, and futuristic designs. Jabra 75T headphones are a testament to the company’s commitment to producing high-quality audio and devices. It’s an upgrade from the company’s Elite Active 65t Truly Wireless. Both models have similar designs, but the 75T is a smaller, more comfortable device.

Jabra 75T headphones have active noise canceling (ANC). It also has a smaller case, which provides up to three additional charges. While the Elite 75T might be better than its predecessor, how does it fare independently? Please keep reading to learn whether these headphones are worth it.

Overview of the Jabra 75T headphones

Best Battery Life
Jabra Elite 75t – True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case
  • HearThrough Technology for superior sound quality
  • Long battery life -up to 24 hours
  • Compact charging case
  • IP55 dust and water resistance
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10/03/2023 06:39 am GMT

A pair of headphones can be judged based on neutral sound and how well it works for a specific purpose, whether wired gaming, making phone calls, commuting, office use, and wireless gaming.

In this regard, the Jabra 75T headphones perform best in office use. They’re comfortable enough for extended wear and won’t fatigue your ears throughout the day. While they need an additional charge before the day ends, the case should have enough juice to power them. Since they have active noise canceling, they’ll keep ambient office noises at bay.

On the flip side, these headphones perform dismally in wireless gaming. They are Bluetooth-only and incompatible with PlayStation consoles and Xbox. You can connect them to a PC with Bluetooth functionally. But the high latency makes them unsuitable for gaming.

Now, it’s time for unboxing. The box contains:

  • Jabra Elite 75T headphones
  • Three ear tips
  • Charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Instruction manuals

Check out the headphone’s features below.

Features Jabra 75T Headphones
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Fit TypeIn-ear 
Noise Cancellation Yes 
Microphone 4-microphones 
DurabilityRainproof (IP55)
Speakers 6mm
Colors Black, Gold Beige, Titanium Black 
Battery Life 5.5hrs/27 hrs 
Music EqualizerYes 
Voice Assistant EnabledYes 
Weight9.5 ounces 
Dimensions 0.86 x 0.76 x 0.64 inches
Batteries 3 Lithium Ion batteries (included)

Style and Comfort

The Jabra Elite 75T headphones feature an in-ear design with a closed-back enclosure. They are truly wireless with a dynamic transducer. Each earbud has a flat, rounder outer surface that doesn’t stick too far out of your ear.

Since they don’t put much pressure on your ear, the Jabra headphones do not cause discomfort. They weigh around 0.02 lbs, so you shouldn’t even feel them in your ear unless you wear them for a long time. These headphones come with ear tips of three different sizes. You can easily find the right fit for your ears.

Worth mentioning is these headphones have a deep fit in your ear canal. You might feel they are plunging into your ear if you’re not a fan.

Other than that, the headphones are pretty breathable. You can wear them during your daily job or in the gym without worrying about excessive sweating.

Build Quality

Jabra 75T headphones have a solid build that can survive a few falls and drops. If you’re a bit clumsy or often drop your headphones whenever you open your bag, you can sigh with relief. Water and dust shouldn’t bother you, as these headphones have an IP55 rating.

Another area where these headphones shone is stability. The Jabra 75T truly wireless headphones do well in that department but are not comparable to higher-end headphones with stability fins or ear hooks.


The Jabra 75T headphones have the following controls:

  • Call control
  • Music control
  • Microphone control (muting and unmuting)
  • Noise-canceling control
  • Talk-through
  • Voice Assistant

They do not have channel mixing, which is one of the reasons you won’t like using them for wireless gaming. As for ease of usability, all these controls are easy to access and use. You might get confused with the controls at first, but once you get the hang of them, they should be easy to navigate.

The HearThrough feature has a voice prompt, which lets you hear surrounding ambient sounds without turning off the in-headphone audio. If you don’t want to use the controls on the headphones, you can use the companion app on your phone.

Headphone Case

The Jabra Elite headphones have a hard case, which is 6.4cm long, 2.5cm wide, and 3.8cm tall. Compared to the 65t headphones, the case is much smaller and fits easily into your pockets.

Since the case has a flat bottom, you can keep it upright on a table. It’s easy to open the case with one hand, making it perfect for daily commutes.

Despite the one-hand opening mechanism, the case closes securely. So it will not open up accidentally in your pocket or bag.

The buds also stick to each other with magnets, reducing the risk of losing them.

Once you charge the case entirely, it will give you three additional charges. You don’t need a micro-USB to charge it since it uses USB-C instead. That’s a major plus point if you ask us.

Connectivity Options

The Jabra 75T has Bluetooth 5.0, which is the industry standard. But it only supports the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codec. While this shouldn’t be a problem for iOS users, it can be an issue on Android phones since AAC doesn’t play well.

We’ve got a fix if you have an Android device and are interested in the Jabra Elite 75T. Go to your phone’s developer options. Change the AAC codec to SBC for better sound and connectivity.

The connectivity is top-notch, as the headphones continuously connect to your device. Even if there’s a glitch in the audio, it will resolve itself instantly without any intervention from your side.

You can connect these headphones to two devices at once. Switching between devices is seamless, allowing you to use the headphones with your phone and PC simultaneously.

Sound Quality

Now, it’s time for the juicy stuff.

The Jabra Elite 75T headphones have a decent V-shaped sound with a bass of 4.21 dB. You’ll surely enjoy the rumble and thump of the bass. The mid-range has a decent presence and is not too overpowering.

However, you can download Jabra’s mobile app if it is too overwhelming. Adjust the EQ from the Jabra Sound+ app per your preferences.

Besides the EQ customization, the headphones also have excellent frequency responses. You need to create an airtight seal when putting the headphones in your ears. Once you accomplish that, the treble and bass response will always be consistent.

Speaking of bass, the mid and low bass is overemphasized to give the sound an excited punch, not the high-pass. While this isn’t very noticeable, the instruments in songs may lack fullness. However, the vocals will be true to life and will sound clear and crisp.

A slight downside is the soundstage, which is just as bad as most other in-ear headphones. Since the in-ear design does not incorporate the ear’s pinna (outer ear), which is responsible for the speaker-like soundstage sound, the Jabra Elite headphones lack this aspect.

On the bright side, Jabra 75T headphones has no audio leakage issues. You can wear them while traveling or in the gym, and even crank up your music to the highest settings without worrying you’ll disturb anyone around you.

Noise Cancelation

Jabra 75T’s noise cancellation isn’t the best, but it’s decent. It’s only a tad bit better than the passive noise isolation ability of the 65t headphones. You can hear bass-range noises, like plane engines and buses, even when you turn noise cancellation on. But the headphones do an excellent job keeping surrounding chatter out of your ears.


The mic on the Jabra 75T is mediocre. While your voice will be audible on calls, it will sound unnatural and thin. The mic’s noise handling performance is also average. Even if you take calls in a less noisy room, the mic won’t easily separate your voice from the background. But if you work from home or have a segregated office, the other person should be able to hear you clearly without distortion.


The Jabra headphones have a continuous battery life of 6.8 hours. Coupled with the three charges in the case, the battery life goes up to around 27 hours. The charge time is 1.3 hours.

You cannot listen to the audio while the headphones are charging. If you want the charging to last longer, go to the Jabra Sound+ app and set the auto-off timer. It will turn off the headset after a specific time to preserve battery life.

Companion App

Jabra’s Sound+ app is the companion app for these headphones. It is iOS and Android compatible but cannot be downloaded on Windows or macOS.

The app is pretty solid with plenty of features, such as:

  • 5-band graphic EQ to switch between TalkThrough and ANC (or switching both modes off)
  • Battery data checking
  • Location-based trigger settings that you can use to change the headphones settings for home and work
  • Auto-off timer to preserve battery
  • Remap headphone controls per your preferences

Jabra 75T Headphones: Final Verdict

The Jabra 75T headphones fit the bill for a decent pair of wireless headphones. We like its sleek design, breathable wear, battery life, USB-C charging, and IP55 rating. Plus, we’re happy about the smaller case, unlike 65ts, which makes portability a breeze. The HearThrough feature is an added plus.

While the sound quality isn’t the best for gaming, it’s good enough for office and fitness use. We would have liked to see an aptX Bluetooth codec, which is present in similarly priced headphones.

Don’t Buy Jabra’s 75T Headphones Until You Read This FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are Jabra 75T headphones discontinued?

In 2021, Jabra discontinued the Elite 75T and 65t, although the 85t remained a part of the company’s product family. Jabra did this to give its wireless headphones range a makeover.

Are the Jabra 75T headphones suitable for use at the gym?

You can use the Jabra 75T headphones at the gym without worrying about them getting sweating or falling out of the ear. The snug fit ensures the headphones stay in your ear, while the IP55 rating makes them water-resistant and sweatproof.

Do the Jabra 75T headphones have noise cancellation?

The Jabra 75T headphones have active noise cancellation, but it’s not as good as many other headphones in the same price range. While the ANC cuts lower noises, it won’t block high-bass sounds like a moving bus or loud music.

Can I use Jabra 75T headphones with multiple devices?

The Jabra 75T headphones connect to two devices at once. You can connect them to your iPad, phone, computer, or other device and toggle between devices with a single tap.

Which controls are present on the right earbud of the Jabra 75T headphones?

One press on the right earbud plays or pauses audio. You can also use it to answer or end a call. A double press rejects the call. If you’re already on a call, it resumes or holds a call. Meanwhile, pressing and holding the right earbud turns up the volume.

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