Don’t Buy an LG C3 TV Until You Read This

Best Alternatives to an LG C2

Don’t Buy an LG C3 TV Until You Read This

For all the LG C-series enthusiasts, we couldn’t wait for LG to launch the C3 after months of speculating on the specs to expect from the TV. LG is well known for aggressively attacking the market with neat products, and the C3 doesn’t come short.

Besides packing the best processor in the TV industry, the LG C3’s design is noteworthy and might be the final piece to your living room’s décor. Moreover, LG has packed this TV with various advanced features, like Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, which left us gushing over the C3 at the CES 2023.

However, though everything about this TV seems perfect, don’t buy it before reading this overview of the LG C3.

LG C3: The Basics

SpecificationsLG C3
Release year 2023
Price range$5,299.99 for an 83-inch TV
Accessories includedE-manual, power cable, remote, guide, remote control batteries
Artificial intelligenceAlexa, sports alert, intelligent voice recognition, Apple, Google Home, hands-free voice control, LG ThinQ AI, and magic remote control
AudioDolby Atmos, AI Sound Pro, Audio codec, DTS decoder, and LG Sound Sync
ConnectivityBluetooth, HDMI 2.1 inputs, HDMI Audio Return Channel, Ethernet input, USB ports, and smartphone connectivity
Dimensions80.7” W x 47.6” H x 11.2” D for an 83-inch C3 TV
Weight91.7 lb. with the stand
71.2 lb. without the stand
GamingNVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming
Display resolution4K Ultra HD
Display type4K OLED
Picture processorA9 AI Processor Gen6
Power consumption170W
Standby power consumptionUnder 0.5W

History of the LG C3

It’s now been a decade since LG introduced OLED TVs, and it seems they aren’t slowing down based on what we’ve seen from the LG C3, which was released in 2023. As such, this review of the LG C3 also includes the TV’s history, just to appreciate how far LG has come with its C-series models.

The history dates back to 2021 when LG released the C1, its first TV under the C-series umbrella. At the time, the C1 was slightly ahead of other OLED TVs. This was expected, as LG is usually a class above the rest regarding OLED engineering.

Unfortunately, the TV’s software lacked some applications, but LG turned this into a strength when they released the C2, which was better than its predecessor.

We all know that no TV is perfect, and soon after, the LG C2 revealed its shortcomings when customers realized it wasn’t as bright as expected and that the TV’s Dolby Atmos feature wasn’t perfect.

Thanks to LG’s compulsive nature to manufacture the near-perfect TV, they released the C3, which is brighter than the C2 and has multiple additional features that boost your viewing experience.

What’s Included When You Buy an LG C3

Let’s look at what to expect when you buy this TV. Our review of the LG C3 covers the TV’s hardware, software, and what to expect when you unbox it.

Upon unboxing the LG C3, you should find a remote control, foot screw caps, AA batteries, and several cable tidy clips. Next, let’s review the TV’s hardware and software.


LG bent multiple customary rules of TV design with their C3 just to make it sleeker than any other TV in their line-up. With the 80.7” W x 47.6” H x 11.2” D dimensions for an 83-inch TV, the C3 has a razor-thin bezel.

This is consistent with LG’s new era of manufacturing slim TVs, as seen with their other current models. Moreover, this TV perfectly blends in with any interior décor, especially if you hang other colorful paintings beside it.

In addition, the TV’s rear side isn’t cluttered by multiple ports, as seen with other TVs. Instead, LG deliberately arranged the HDMI and USB ports to ensure they are well-spaced and that your wires are well-organized.

Overall, the LG C3’s design is eye-catching, and if you are usually concerned about the TV’s aesthetics, this is the TV to get because it perfectly blends with all living spaces.

Display Panel

Thanks to the C3’s 4K OLED display panel, you will enjoy clear images that burst into life when you’re watching content. Also, unlike LCD TVs, the C3 has self-lit pixels that light up your world whenever you’re streaming a movie.

Moreover, LG packed this TV with the α9 AI Gen 6 Processor, which works perfectly with the C3’s self-lit pixels to make this TV brighter than other OLEDs on the market.

This TV’s pixels turn on and off automatically, so they don’t need a backlight, as seen in LCD TVs. As such, you don’t have to worry about the TV’s realism when watching a dark-themed movie; the dark areas remain dark while the brighter spots become lighter.

Our Pick
LG C3 Series 77-Inch Class OLED evo
  • a9 AI Processor Gen6
  • 4K resolution
  • webOS 23
  • Features NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium, and VRR 
  • 77-inch screen
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Speaking of movies, you get a blockbuster view with the LG C3, as this TV’s OLED display panel has a wide viewing angle. Moreover, you may not find a better representation of color until you buy the C3.

The TV’s OLED display ensures no color distortion or exaggeration when watching your content, which makes it more realistic. And with LG pairing the C3’s OLED display with a 4K Ultra HD resolution, this TV produces more lifelike colors that boost your watching experience.

Operating Software

Our review of the LG C3 includes the new and exciting OS, webOS 23 software, used in most models released recently. One thing that will undoubtedly catch your eye after switching on this TV is the expansive home screen display that fills the entire screen.

Though we have seen such a setup in other TVs, the C3’s webOS 23 software neatly aligns different TV programs with the first panel reserved for affiliate advertising.

Quick cards are one of webOS 23’s additional features, which gives you easy access to your most viewed content, depending on your profile. But where the C3 shines the most is the addition of AI Concierge, which gives you different content recommendations based on your watch history.

In addition, the webOS 23 software has several built-in apps, like Alexa, a web browser, a media player, and Sports Alert, to elevate your viewing experience.

Also, this TV packs multiple streaming platforms, like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and HBO Max, so you will never miss a TV show after work, provided you have home internet. Lastly, the webOS 23 has the “always ready” feature, allowing you to use the screen as a photo frame.

α9 AI Processor

LG packed the C3 with an α9 AI Generation 6 Processor, the TV’s brain responsible for its mind-blowing performance. Moreover, LG paired this processor with AI Picture Pro, which improves the TV’s scene-by-scene visuals.

For example, the AI Picture Pro eliminates grains and adds depth and color in real-time, allowing the TV to display realistic images when streaming content on Netflix. The processor also boosts the C3’s frame rate, producing smooth images when watching fast-paced movies or playing games.

In addition, the C3’s α9 AI processor collaborates with AI sound pro, which LG paired with Dolby Atmos to ensure you get the best surround sound even after linking the TV with a soundbar. Overall, with more processing power comes amazing performance, meaning the C3 will never fail you.

Dolby Vision and Cloud Gaming

The C3’s Dolby Vision feature is impressively good; it unlocks the TV’s HDR potential, which adds color and depth to the images, making them realistic. For gamers, this TV’s Dolby Vision technology adds realism to your games.

And with the C3 containing the NVIDIA GeForce NOW platform, you can easily stream your games after work. But where the C3 stands out the most is its less than 0.1ms response time, which prevents lag performance when gaming.

Moreover, this TV has a game optimizer feature, which allows you to customize your gaming settings based on the game genre. And with LG adding a gaming dashboard, you can adjust your gaming settings while playing, which is impressive. All in all, the C3 is a good gaming TV with various features and technologies that make gaming realistic.

Smart Features

The LG C3 has many smart features, but its most impressive technology is the hands-free voice control feature. LG packed this TV with intelligent voice recognition software that easily recognizes your voice. For example, with built-in Alexa, you can make multiple voice commands without a remote.

Our Pick
LG C3 Series 83-Inch Class OLED evo
  • Brightness Booster
  • a9 AI Processor Gen6
  • webOS 23 & LG channels
  • Dolby Vision
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/16/2024 10:33 pm GMT

Moreover, with LG ThinQ AI, the C3 will give you multiple movie and music recommendations based on your history. But the gist is this TV’s “Who. Where. What?” feature, which allows you to ask the C3 questions in real time and get accurate information.

For example, if you’re watching a live band, you can use this feature to discover the band’s name and catalog. Also, with the addition of a sports alert feature, you can easily monitor live games on the TV, even when watching different content.

LG C3 Reviews

Our review of the LG C3 covers everything to know about the TV. However, what are other people saying about the LG C3? Unsurprisingly, many people love this TV and consider it an upgrade compared to its predecessors.

Customers mostly love the TV’s picture quality, which cuts above other OLED TVs thanks to the C3’s α9 AI Generation 6 processor. Moreover, with LG’s addition of dynamic tone mapping and AI Picture Pro, watching movies has never been as realistic as on the LG C3.

In addition, most customers are glad LG powered this TV with the new webOS 23 software; navigation has never been this easy. Furthermore, adding quick cards and incorporating personal profiles was welcoming to many people.

Even though most people believe the C3 is one of the best TVs on the market, some are leaning more toward the LG G3. LG released both TVs in 2023 and, unfortunately, the G3 has attracted slightly more customers than the C3, especially those who can afford it because it’s more expensive.

Overall, the C3 is an excellent OLED TV, as is clear from the nice things people say about it.

Should You Buy an LG C3?

So, should you buy an LG C3? Or are you better off buying the previous C1 and C2 models? Ultimately, the final choice is yours. If you don’t have the financial muscle and don’t care about a TV’s smart features, you should go for the C1, which is also a well-designed TV.

If you prefer a slightly advanced TV that is good but doesn’t give you the wow factor, then the C2 is the right choice. However, if you go for these TVs, you may not get the ultimate viewing experience. For someone who wants a versatile TV that ticks all boxes, the C3 should be the first and only choice.

Besides getting a TV that adds realism to all your live content, you get a TV with advanced virtual assistant features that boost your user experience.

Moreover, this TV will take your gaming to the next level, as you can access online games thanks to the built-in NVIDIA GeForce NOW platform. The LG C3 has everything buyers want from a TV, so you shouldn’t pass on it if you can afford it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the LG C3 TV cost?

Well, it depends on the sizes. The most expensive C3 TV is the 83-inch TV, which goes for $5,299.99, while the cheapest is the 42-inch TV, which costs $1,299.99.

Remember, the main difference between these TVs is the size, so even if you buy a 42-inch LG C3, you will enjoy the same specs in the 83-inch TV.

Is the LG C3 good for gaming?

Yes, LG designed this TV with gamers in mind. For example, the TV’s variable refresh rate and less than 0.1ms response time are ideal for gaming. Lastly, this TV has a game optimizer and dashboard, boosting your gaming experience.

Which TV is better, the LG G3 or C3?

The LG G3 is a better TV than the C3. For starters, the G3 is brighter than the C3, meaning images appear more natural on the G3. In addition, the G3 has a better processor than the C3, so the smart features in the G3 are mind-boggling.

Moreover, the MLAs in the G3 are superb, especially when watching it in a well-lit room. The C3 only edges out the G3 when comparing their prices; the LG C3 is more affordable.

What are the pros of buying an LG C3 TV?

For one, the TV’s price is reasonably good, considering the fantastic specs you get. Furthermore, the C3 has good picture quality, thanks to its advanced processor, which we don’t usually see on other TVs. In addition, you get value for money, as this TV is reliable and long-lasting if you handle it correctly.

Can you pair the LG C3 TV with a soundbar?

Yes, it’s possible. Even though the C3’s internal speakers are good, you can still pair it with an LG soundbar to boost your experience.

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