Don’t Buy A Samsung S95B Until You Read This

Samsung S95B vs LG C3

Don’t Buy A Samsung S95B Until You Read This

S95B TV is a unique addition to Samsung’s lineup as it has a new QD-OLED panel, which is not present in other TVs like QN95B. Samsung’s primary focus on this TV was adding extra features, such as Google Duo support and gaming. Thanks to some enhancements, you can do more with your Samsung S95B, not watch your favorite shows. You can make video calls or play your favorite games!

Besides the amazing viewing angle and HDR capabilities, the TV also features a remarkable color gamut. A self-emissive panel technology and high peak brightness complement the TV’s features. But do the extras make Samsung S95B TV worth buying? Find out the answers before dolling out a thousand grand for this TV.

Overview of Samsung S95B TV

S95B has two size variations; 55 and 65 inches. Other than the screen sizes, no other difference exists between both models. The TV has three optional soundbar options: Q800B, Q901B, and Q990B (not included in the TV’s price), which you can buy separately.

Features Samsung S95B TV (55-inch)Samsung S95B TV (65-inch)
Dimensions 11.3″D x 48.2″W x 30.2″H‎11.3 x 56.9 x 35.1 inches
Weight 46.1 pounds‎57.3 pounds
Refresh Rate 120 Hz120 Hz
Speaker Type ‎2.2.2CH‎2.2.2CH
Color Pantone Verified Color Pantone Verified Color 
Sound Dolby Atmos & OTSDolby Atmos & OTS
Gaming 4K @ 120HZ4K @ 120HZ
HDMI 2.1 Ports44

Samsung S95B TV: Build and Design

Before looking at the TV’s performance and futuristic features, let’s discuss the build quality and design of the Samsung S95B. Starting with style, the Samsung S95B has Samsung’s LaserSlim design with extremely thin bezels. 

The central stand is sturdy and heavy enough to provide optimal support to the TV. It also takes up little space on a TV console or table with a footprint of 14″ x 11.5″. With three inches allowance underneath the stand, there’s enough space to keep a soundbar in front of the TV without blocking the screen.

The Samsung S95B also comes with a wall mount with two sections. One is the plastic-made central panel that houses electronics. The other is a metal-made mount that you can secure to a wall. 

As the TV is not curved, it lays flat on your wall. You can download a screensaver from the internet and display it on the screen when the TV is idle. It will help the TV blend into any environment.  If you wall-mount the Samsung S95B with a fixed mount, it will be hard to access the inputs. You can buy a tilting mount so you can access the ports easily. 

In terms of build quality, the Samsung S95B is made using premium materials. There’s little to no flex in the panels. Because the TV is a bit large, the stand has a slight wobble, but it’s nothing concerning.

The main display panel has a slight bend and will flex a little when you move it. But that’s common with OLED displays due to their thin builds. On the downside, Samsung S95B TV retains fingerprints. These show easily and are hard to remove. 

Samsung S95B TV: Display and Performance 

Samsung QLED 8K on display at a Samsung electronics store
Samsung OLED is power-efficient and offers superior image quality with brighter whites, deeper blacks, stunning color.

Samsung has outdone itself in terms of display and screen resolution. S95B TV has a 4K OLED processor that provides an extraordinary viewing experience. Meanwhile, the self-illuminating pixels create an HDR effect that brings out the best visuals. The Quantum Dots enhance the brightness and color accuracy of the screen. 

These microscopic semiconductor particles emit light at precise wavelengths to produce vivid colors in a broader range of shades and hues. So, the Samsung S95B does better in color reproduction than the company’s LED display TVs, which struggle with color accuracy. These features work in tandem with the company’s AI-powered processor to deliver a sharp 4K picture

Samsung’s OLED displays rely on self-emissive pixels rather than a backlight. So, the TV has an almost infinite contrast ratio. It controls every pixel’s brightness individually, showing perfect black hues minus haloes and blooms. Keep in mind that the Samsung S95B does not have a polarizing filter. So, you’ll get the best viewing experience in a completely dark room. Otherwise, you’ll notice a slight pink tint on display in ambient lighting. 

The Samsung S95B TV also has a Real Depth Enhancer. It reflects light from two directions, giving the picture an in-depth 3D look. The enhancer mirrors the depth perception of the human eye by increasing the foreground contract. As a result, the TV gives you a more immersive experience than other LED displays.

A shortcoming of the display is the Automatic Brightness Limiter feature. When you turn this feature on, it dims large bright scenes. You’ll notice this the most when you watch spots that have bright playing surfaces, such as a golf course or hockey stadium. 

Incredible Brightness
  • Contains 8.3 million self-illuminating pixels
  • Built-in Dolby Atmos object sound tracking
  • Smart TV hub to help find movies, shows, and games you want to play
  • Xbox Game Pass built-in, no console necessary
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01/28/2024 11:17 am GMT

Samsung S95B TV: Screen Size and Resolution

The Samsung S95B is available in 55-inch and 65-inch variations. Both sizes have 4K resolution. 

The company’s 4K pixels are Pantone-validated. Pantone uses comprehensive calibration standards and testing to determine if Samsung’s OLED simulates all Pantone colors. So, you’ll see the exact shade of every color. That also means that Samsung S95B can differentiate between over a hundred skin tones. The people on the screen are represented in the way they look off-screen. 

Samsung S95B TVs also feature Smart Calibration Pro. The Samsung feature lets you calibrate the screen using your smartphone in just 7 to 12 minutes. Plus, an Eye Comfort Mode provides a soothing viewing experience based on the time of the day. 

The TV has built-in times for sunrise and sunset, requiring no manual adjustments. It adapts the display to the ambient light in the room, keeping your eyes comfortable. The feature also limits blue light exposure, especially during prolonged viewing periods. 

Samsung S95B TV: Gaming Features

Using the Samsung S95B TV in Game Mode will give you an excellent low input lag. The lower lag keeps your actions in sync with the happenings on the screen. 

You can also use the Game Motion Plus feature for low frame-rate games. It allows motion interpolation, improving clarity. Remember that the Game Motion Plus mode brings a 28.2ms input lag. It’s higher than the TV’s regular input lag, but it shouldn’t cause any problems for casual gaming.

The TV is also compatible with the Xbox Series and PS5. It works with PS5’s variable refresh rate amicably and switches to Game Mode automatically when you start a game. Plus, Samsung is the first TV brand that streams Xbox games. You don’t need a console as you can find all games in the Gaming Hub.

All four HDMI ports on this TV support 48Gbps bandwidth, allowing you to connect multiple devices. Although the TV lacks Dolby Vision, it has HDR10+. You get the same performance with HDR10+, but it’s not as widely supported as Dolby Vision.

Samsung S95B TV: Inputs

The Samsung S95B TV has the following inputs:

  • USB: 2
  • HDMI: 4
  • Digital Optical Audio Out: 1
  • Tuner: 1
  • Ethernet: 1

It does not have an analog audio out or a display port.

Samsung S95B TV: Sound

Samsung S95B features the world-renowned Dolby Atmos. The three-dimensional surround sound places you right in the middle of the action.

Since the TV has multi-channel speakers, you’ll feel the sound from every direction. If you want to enhance the sound quality, add a Samsung soundbar to your TV setup. The soundbar connects wirelessly to the Samsung S95B, eliminating unsightly cables. 

As for the frequency response, it’s at par with other TVs in the same price range. The TV gets loud where it needs to. But you’ll notice compression at maximum volume. Meanwhile, the sound profile is quite well-balanced. It results in clear dialogue at lower volumes. The TV also has little harmonic distortion, giving a smooth and accurate sound.

Samsung S95B TV: Smart Features 

The Samsung S95B has the Tizen OS 2022 version. It’s the latest edition and supports a range of apps. You can access Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Prime Video, and more.

The interface had an icon bar at the bottom in its previous version. But the newer version fills the whole screen. You can access features from the sidebar, making it easy to find your most-used apps. A slight downside is the presence of ads. Like many other TVs, the Samsung S95B also runs ads throughout its interface that cannot be disabled. 

The remote has all the basic buttons you need, including four pre-set buttons for popular streaming services. But you’ll have to use the TV menus for advanced settings. Here are some other smart features you should know about:

  • Voice Assistants: The Samsung S95B is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. But since the TV lacks an in-built mic for voice control, you have to use the remote. It works well for launching apps, adjusting settings, or changing inputs.
  • Google Duo: The Samsung S95B’s compatibility with Google Duo allows you to take video calls with 32 people. You can connect your webcam to the TV and enjoy lag-free video calls
  • Smart TV Hub: The Samsung Smart TV Hub shows you games, music, movies, and shows. It also provides access to content from various streaming services and apps. You can also create a profile and customize your home screen according to your preferences.
  • Health App: The TV also features the Samsung Health app. It gives you the tools and information needed to manage your mental and physical health. To stay fit, you can find camera-powered coaching workouts through the Samsung Smart Trainer.

Samsung S95B: Final Verdict

Overall, the Samsung S95B is an excellent TV for watching movies, TV shows, or sports. It also works great for HDR gaming, HDR movies, or video games. Since it supports Google Duo and has a high resolution, you can also use it as a PC monitor.

The TV has multiple smart features, such as the Smart TV Hub and Samsung Health app. You can take advantage of these features to customize the interface and create a personalized user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Samsung S95B TV have picture in picture?

The Samsung S95B has PIP (picture in picture) in the Multi View feature. You can view media from different sources, like a game console or an app on the main screen, while using a separate source, such as your phone, for the PIP window. The smaller screen can be moved around to the top, bottom, left, or right corners.

Does the Samsung S95B have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Samsung S95B TV has Bluetooth 5.0. You can use it to connect wireless headphones, speakers, or other audio devices.

What is in the Samsung S95B box?

The Samsung S95B box contains the TV, power cable, SolarCell remote, and user manual.

How do you charge the Samsung S95B remote?

You can charge the Samsung S95B SolarCell remote through sunlight or a USB-C connector. For the latter, connect the cable to the port on the remote control. The light will turn on to indicate the remote is charging. When not in use, expose the remote to sunlight or a bright light source to recharge it.

Does the Samsung S95B have an ATSC 3.0 tuner?

The Samsung S95B comes with an ATSC 3.0 tuner to access local over-the-air broadcasts.

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