Don’t Buy A Samsung Frame TV Until You Read This

samsung frame vs lg oleds

Don’t Buy A Samsung Frame TV Until You Read This

Key Points

  • The Samsung Frame TV is designed to blend seamlessly with home decor, transforming into a piece of artwork when not in use.
  • Equipped with 4K UHD picture quality, HDR, and a smart TV interface, the Frame TV offers both style and functionality.
  • Since its launch in 2017, the Frame TV has expanded to seven different sizes and offers customizable bezels to match various home styles.
  • The Frame TV has received positive reviews for its unique concept, design, and impressive picture quality.
  • The Samsung Frame TV is an excellent choice for those looking to combine art and technology in their living space.

You’re sitting in a friend’s living room, admiring the beautiful framed artwork on their wall. Suddenly, they click a remote, and the framed artwork transforms into a smart TV home screen. This is the Samsung Frame TV in action. Designed to blend seamlessly with a person’s home decor, the Frame TV looks like an actual painting when idle.

Aside from its gorgeous artwork library, this innovative television has a sharp 4K UHD picture quality, a beautiful HDR, and a smart TV interface that lets you stream easily. Looking beyond all the Frame TV has to offer, is it worth owning in the first place? Don’t buy a Samsung Frame TV until you understand all there is to know.

Samsung: The Basics

Year Founded1938
SubsidiariesSamsung Electronics
ProductsClothing, automobiles, chemicals, electronics, medical equipment, ships, communications, appliances

Samsung Frame TV Specs

Year Released2017
Latest ReleaseThe Frame QLED 4K Art TV (2022)
FeaturesArt Mode
Anti-Reflection Matte Display
Customizable Bezel
QLED 4K with Quantum Dot Technology
7 sizes ranging from 32″ to 85″
Slim-Fit Wall Mount

History Of The Samsung Frame TV

Samsung Electronics first unveiled the Samsung Frame TV in 2017. The one-of-a-kind product brought a fresh and innovative new concept to the world of televisions. Samsung found many people wanted a TV that didn’t stick out like a sore thumb in their homes. The folks at Samsung knew just the solution to this common problem: a 4K TV that could disguise itself as a beautiful artwork hanging on the wall.

From the start, Samsung Electronics knew the idea had to go beyond a basic screensaver. Television screens have a glare. As such, seeing a painting on the wall stored behind reflective glass would be a dead giveaway. Furthermore, televisions had wires and cables that no artwork would require. Plus, televisions stuck out from the wall much further than any framed artwork. If Samsung wanted this to work, the television would need to be elegant and convincing as a painting without sacrificing the TV’s functionality or quality.

The development team was understandably meticulous. Engineers, designers, researchers, developers, and artists came together to perfect the Samsung Frame. How could they make a TV screen without glare? How could they make the TV flat enough to pass as artwork? And how could they license all that artwork in the first place? After years of hard work, the Frame TV was finally ready for launch. Samsung unveiled the Frame TV at CES 2017 and launched it globally in Paris before expanding to the U.S. that summer.

55-Inch Model
SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Frame TV
  • View and share personal art in ART MODE
  • QLED 4K TV with 100% Color Volume
  • Anti-reflection and matte display limits distraction
  • Hang the TV flush against a wall
  • Smart TV with Alexa built-in 
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Samsung Frame TV Over The Years

At launch, the Samsung Frame TV was only available in two sizes: 55” and 65”. Likewise, it was limited to some countries, including Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Korea, and the U.S. Across the board, the appeal remained clear: A 4K QLED TV that could mimic the appearance of artwork in an actual picture frame. The Frame featured a thin, sleek profile with customizable and replaceable bezels (i.e., frames) to complement various home decors and styles.

“Art Mode” allowed the Frame to display various artworks and photographs, completing the look of a genuine piece of art hanging on the wall. The television’s unique matte display eliminated the screen’s inherent glare. For legal purposes, Frame TV owners must purchase access to artwork. However, they can store as much artwork on the television as they like. Recent models can hold up to 1,200 images — and support uploads from a USB or smartphone.

In the years since its launch, Samsung has continued developing the Frame TV. As a result, the Frame has gotten even better. The TV now comes in sizes 32″ to 85″. Owners can choose from half a dozen different bezels today. Samsung continues to collaborate with top artists for exclusive artwork. Additionally, the Frame has greatly improved brightness and picture quality for even more convincing art displays.

What’s Included When You Buy A Samsung Frame TV

A Samsung Frame TV package includes everything you need to start viewing artwork. In the following sections, we’ll cover the television’s physical specs, delve into the audio specs, and the TV’s sound quality. After that, we’ll look at the accessories.

samsung frame vs lg oleds
The Frame TV hardly looks at a TV when in Art Mode.


Physical Specs

Product typeQLED 4K TV
Release year2017-
Bezel colorsBrick Red, Modern White, Modern Teak, Modern Brown, Beveled White
Bezel price$99.99-$199.99
Resolution3,840 x 2,160
Refresh rate120Hz
Display typeAnti-Reflection Dual-LED Matte Display
Ports4 x HDMI
2 x USB 2.0
1 x Ethernet
1 x Audio Out

The Samsung Frame TV’s physical specifications do a great job showcasing its high-quality picture quality. With its slim profile and customizable bezels, this television can blend into any room or style. Its anti-reflection display makes it complements existing art pieces on the wall. The display is a huge driving force behind the Frame’s ability to integrate into any home’s decor. It’s hard to imagine another product that elegantly combines style with functionality.

Audio Specs

Audio Format Dolby Atmos MS12 5.1ch
Speaker type2.0.2CH Virtual Surround Sound
Bluetooth type5.2
Sound output40W
Q-Symphony supportYes
Active voice amplificationYes

Overall, the TV’s audio specifications detail an immersive and captivating sound experience without a soundbar. With its powerful built-in speakers and advanced audio technologies, the Frame is capable of clear and dynamic audio. This can enhance your viewing experience with virtual surround sound effects. Whether enjoying movies, TV shows, or music, Frame TV’s audio performance is impressive.

What’s In The Box?

  • The Frame TV
  • A Slim Fit Wall Mount
  • One 5m connect cable
  • A connect box
  • The remote control
  • A height-adjustable stand

Samsung Frame TV’s accessories let you personalize and optimize your viewing experience. Plus, the optional MyShelf makes it easy to achieve a perfect aesthetic layout. Whether you use the customizable frames to better match your home’s style or the slim-fit wall mount to achieve the perfect placement, these accessories add a layer of customization and convenience to an exceptional product. Don’t forget the slender, easily concealed cables and cords.)

Samsung Frame TV Reviews

Looking at reviews, it’s clear the Samsung Frame TV has garnered positive reception from consumers and experts. Owners have praised the Frame’s unique concept, stunning design, and impressive picture quality. Many laud the television’s ability to transform into artwork when idle. Anything else, from picture quality to HDR to audio quality and beyond, is just a bonus.

That’s not to suggest no one is praising the Frame’s picture quality. Users have lauded the Frame TV’s picture quality, noting its vibrant colors, sharp details, and excellent contrast. The TV’s 4K resolution ensures a crisp and immersive viewing experience. The Frame’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities enhance the picture quality, delivering a wider range of colors and deeper blacks.

Despite all this praise, some Frame owners still have qualms with the TV. For one, this is a QLED TV and not an OLED TV. QLED television picture quality is certainly good, but OLED is undoubtedly better. The fact that the Frame opts for QLED over OLED is unquestionably a disadvantage. The smaller 32″ model is not truly 4K — it’s HD. Another big complaint is that owners will probably have to hide the TV’s wires within the wall for a truly seamless home setup.

2021 Model
SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Frame Series – 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (QN55LS03AAFXZA, 2021 Model)
  • Art Mode allows you to show works of art when not watching TV
  • Quantum Processor 4K transforms all of your content to 4K
  • Billions of colors with Quantum Dot 100% Color Volume
  • Different bezel styles and colors
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Supports multi-view
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What’s New From Samsung?

Speaking of the 32″ model of the Samsung Frame TV, this smaller size is the only one updated in 2023. Unveiled at CES 2023, this was the only new Frame TV Samsung showed off at this year’s show. Many expected to see a full lineup of new Frame offerings, so this was somewhat of a surprise. Samsung could still unveil new Frame options later in the year. But it’s also possible no new Frame models will arrive until 2024. This new size has the same features but lacks 4K quality.

Should You Buy A Samsung Frame TV?

If you want to transform your living space with a functional blend of art and technology, the Samsung Frame TV is undoubtedly the perfect choice. With its innovative design and massive art library, the Frame TV can seamlessly integrate into any home decor. But that’s not all. The Frame TV has cutting-edge features, including 4K UHD resolution with HDR and smart streaming functionality. It is an excellent TV for those with room and budget for this expense.

Don’t Buy A Samsung Frame TV Until You Read This FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Does the Frame come with a warranty?

Yes, the Samsung Frame TV comes with a warranty, but the specific warrant details may vary depending on your region and the TV retailer. Samsung offers a standard limited warranty covering manufacturing defects or malfunctions. If you encounter issues with your Samsung Frame TV, you can contact Samsung’s customer support or the retailer to learn more about your warranty coverage and potential solutions.

Is the Samsung Frame a smart TV?

Yes, the Samsung Frame TV has smart TV capabilities. Its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to access popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more via its user-friendly smart TV interface. Additionally, you can mirror content from your smartphone or tablet onto the Frame TV screen, allowing you to enjoy your favorite photos, videos, and apps on the big screen.

Does the Frame TV support voice commands?

Yes, you can control the Samsung Frame TV using voice commands. The TV is compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung’s own Bixby. By connecting the Frame TV to a compatible smart speaker or enabling voice control on your smartphone, you can easily command the TV to perform various supported actions. You can change the channel, adjust the volume, launch apps, and even ask for specific content to be played.

How do you change the bezel on a Frame TV?

The Frame TV comes with magnetic bezels that easily attach to the front of the screen. To change it out, you gently pull the bezel away from the TV, starting from one corner and moving from there. Then, align the new bezel with the corresponding corners and attach it to the TV via the magnetic connection. The bezels are available in half a dozen different colors and materials, allowing you to customize the look of your Frame TV to match your home’s decor.

Can you upload artwork to use for the Frame TV?

Yes, you can upload and display your images on the Samsung Frame TV. The television’s Art Mode allows you to upload and showcase your photos, paintings, or digital artwork. You can quickly transfer your images to the TV using the mobile app or a USB drive. Once uploaded, the Frame TV will showcase your artwork as a real framed piece.

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