What Is DND Mode on Fitbit? Charge, Luxe, and Inspire Versions Explained

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What Is DND Mode on Fitbit? Charge, Luxe, and Inspire Versions Explained

Key Points

  • Fitbit’s DND Mode silences all alerts and keeps the screen dark for notifications until deactivated.
  • DND Mode on Fitbit Charge, Luxe, and Inspire silences notifications and reminders.
  • DND Mode and Sleep Mode on Fitbit have different effects on the display.
  • DND Mode is best for uninterrupted workouts or quiet times, while Sleep Mode is better for times when the Fitbit won’t be used.

For every smart device, there’s an array of smart features waiting to be used. Of course, not all of these features are going to be as useful as others. For this reason, for every smart device, there’s also a way to deactivate any number of these smart features. This is true of Apple products and Android products alike (not to mention all the other smart device manufacturers out there). More often than not, there’s an easy way to silence every notification and feature on the device. Take the Fitbit, for example. Its DND Mode is essential for any active user. Here’s how it works.

What DND Mode Means on Fitbit

Fitbit Sense vs Galaxy Watch 4
There’s nothing like an annoying notification to throw off an entire workout.

Fitbit’s DND Mode is the fitness tracker’s unique take on a very common feature on most smart devices: Do Not Disturb. When you activate DND Mode on a Fitbit, you’re telling it to silence all alerts and keep the screen dark for all notifications until you say otherwise. Depending on your particular Fitbit version — be it a Fitbit Charge, a Fitbit Luxe, or a Fitbit Inspire — Do Not Disturb will turn off your notifications, your goal celebrations, your reminders, and your screen. Let’s break down the specific advantages of DND Mode for each of these Fitbit types below.

DND Mode on Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Charge is a very stripped-down take on the fitness tracker. It doesn’t have a huge screen like other Fitbit models, and it doesn’t stray too far from the main priority of fitness tracking. However, its DND Mode does still have its advantages. For this particular device, Do Not Disturb will silence all incoming notifications and reminders. You can find the option by swiping down on the clock face and scrolling through the quick settings. To deactivate it, simply hold down the side button until the DND Mode option appears on-screen.

DND Mode on Fitbit Luxe

The Fitbit Luxe isn’t too far off in look or feel compared to the Fitbit Charge. This also applies to its DND Mode. As with the Fitbit Charge, the Luxe’s Do Not Disturb silences your notifications and reminders. It also keeps the small rectangular display dim when notifications come through. Again, just swipe down on the clock face on the display and tap DND Mode to turn it on. Then, hold the side button for a few seconds to turn it back off again. Remember: your Fitbit Luxe will continue to block all your incoming alerts until you deactivate DND Mode.

DND Mode on Fitbit Inspire

Like the Charge and the Luxe, the Fitbit Inspire only offers users a small rectangular screen for its display. Similarly, you can find DND Mode by swiping down on the face of the device and accessing the quick settings. As with the other Fitbit devices mentioned above, DND Mode will not alert you when you have a notification or an alert until you turn the feature off once more. Any text, call, goal celebration, or scheduled reminders will be muted indefinitely. Just hold down the side button to get the option to deactivate Do Not Disturb.

Difference Between DND Mode and Sleep Mode on Fitbit

Fitbit Sense vs Versa 3
Do Not Disturb silences notifications, while Sleep Mode turns off notifications as well as the display.

Regardless of your particular Fitbit version, there is a big difference between DND Mode and Sleep Mode. While both keep your screen dark and your vibrate off when notifications come in, Do Not Disturb doesn’t dim your display or turn it off completely. It merely keeps it dim when an alert comes through instead of lighting up as the default mode would do.

Sleep Mode, on the other hand, still silences notifications and keeps the screen dark when alerts come through. However, this mode keeps the screen dimmed the entire time it’s activated. DND still lets you use the device and check your stats. Sleep Mode completely dims the screen, deactivates the always-on display, and stays dark when you turn your wrist.

Because of this distinction, Fitbit’s DND and Sleep Modes cannot be turned on at the same time. This makes Do Not Disturb best for uninterrupted workouts or quiet times in meetings or other private spaces. Sleep Mode is better for overnights (of course), movie theaters, flights, and other times when you won’t be using the Fitbit at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DND Mode on Fitbit?

DND Mode is a Fitbit setting that silences all notifications and alerts and keeps the device from buzzing or lighting up when activated. It’s turned on by swiping down to access the quick settings and tapping the button.

Do Fitbit Charge, Luxe, and Inspire models have DND mode?

Yes, the Fitbit Charge, Luxe, and Inspire models all have DND Mode. All can be activated by  swiping down on the device’s screen and tapping on the DND icon.

Will alarms still work in DND Mode?

Alarms will not go off when your Fitbit is in DND Mode. If you plan to set an alarm or have one scheduled for later, you will need to deactivate DND Mode before.

Does DND Mode save battery on a Fitbit?

While it’s not going to save you very much battery, it’s not out of the question that DND Mode may save you a fraction of your Fitbit battery life. Because the screen won’t light up and the device won’t vibrate with each alert, you may be able to save a sliver of battery life.

Can I still track my Fitbit activity while DND Mode is on?

Yes, you can still track your Fitbit activity and see your stats in DND Mode. DND Mode doesn’t affect the fitness tracking features of your Fitbit — it merely silences notifications and alerts.

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