Disney NFTs Explained (Marvel, Star Wars, and More)

Disney NFT

Disney NFTs Explained (Marvel, Star Wars, and More)

Key Points:
  • Some of the most popular NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) are from toy brands and companies that have a presence on the silver screen such as Disney.
  • Disney ETF’s are available through Veve, an NFT marketplace built around premium digital collectibles where users can purchase, collect, and sell characters from their favorite franchises.
  • The Disney Golden NFT Collection included 3D golden NFT figures from five series with Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, the Simpsons, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

NFTs, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens, have taken the world by storm. Disney NFTs were a dream when these digitized collectibles initially sprang to life as a concept in 2012, and have come a long way since the MoonCats and Rare Pepe NFTs.

That means bigger names are getting in on the action like Coca-Cola, the NBA, and even Disney. If you’re curious about the House of Mouse’s plans in cyberspace, looking at the Disney NFT collection is the best place to start.

What are Disney NFTs?

Official NFTs produced by Disney is available through a collectibles company called Veve. Veve is an NFT marketplace built around premium digital collectibles where users can purchase, collect, and sell characters from their favorite franchises.

At this time, Veve is the only place you can acquire Disney NFTs as Disney’s official partner. That includes NFTs from newer properties found on Disney Plus like I Am Groot. Whether you’re looking for a Darth Vader NFT or a classic version of Pooh and Piglet in gold – they have something for everyone.  

Disney NFT Collections

Disney NFTs are broken down into collections on Veve, but there are several different lines to choose from. Veve has the company’s entire catalog, so you can find a Simpsons NFT alongside one from Star Wars or Toy Story. New collections are added frequently, but all fall into a few categories with Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel NFTs.

Disney NFTs

Brands under the Disney banner include classic characters, posters, and NFTs based on Disneyland itself. The line has expanded rapidly with new lines introduced every few months although the first NFTs were from the Golden Moments Collection.

Disney Golden Moments NFTs

The Disney Golden Moment NFT collection was launched to plenty of fanfare in 2021 to celebrate Disney Plus Day. The initial launch included 3D golden NFT figures from five series with Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, the Simpsons, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

These Disney NFTs were introduced on November 7, 2021, with the Simpsons NFT featuring Homer and Bart in a loving embrace. An Elsa NTF from Frozen followed, along with Wall-E, Iron Man, and two familiar droids from the Star Wars franchise. Topping off this collection is the founder of Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse.

Disney NFT
The Winnie the Pooh and Piglet NFT are part of the Disney Duos Golden Moments collection.

The Golden Moment NFT series continued on Valentine’s Day of 2022 with two 3D NFTs in gold featuring Donald and Daisy Duck or Lady and the Tramp. The next series was Golden Moments Disney Duos, which paired popular characters together from a variety of franchises. In this collection, you can find Winnie the Pooh and Chip and Dale along with other fan favorites.

Disney Mickey Mouse NFT Collections

You can’t have a Disney NFT without Mickey Mouse. While he made his blockchain debut with Walt, he followed up that appearance on Veve with a series of Disney Mickey Mouse NFTs. These collections show Mickey through the years and were among the first animated Disney NFTs with sound.

In series one, there are four versions of Steamboat Willie, including the animated “All Together Now!” NFT where Willie dances to a tune while steering his steamboat. Whereas that series shows the beginning of Mickey Mouse in black and white, the second series introduced Technicolor.

Bandleader Mickey NFTs are a tribute to the first short film released in 1935 featuring Mickey in Technicolor. These Mickey Mouse NFTs are the first ones in color on the blockchain, and “The Finale” NFT lets you relive Mickey conducting a symphony from an animation disc.

Disney NFT Villains, Posters, and Parks

Newer Disney NFT collections on Veve touch on bad guys from classic franchises and the parks themselves. This is also where the first Disney NFT posters were introduced with the Hong Kong Disneyland Momentous Series and the Disneyland Resort Posters Collection.

The Disney Villains NFT collection features four infamous faces so far, Ursula, Jafar, the Queen of Hearts, and the Evil Queen from Snow White. This distinct musical NFT series stands out, just like the little blue alien from Lilo & Stitch.

The Stitch 626 series has three different versions of Stitch while the Mickey and Friends NFT Collection shows off Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy Pluto, and Goofy. These NFTs are lenticular with shifting images and sound. You can get a similar experience from the Hong Kong Disneyland Momentous Series which includes four lenticular posters with themed music.

All four of these Veve Disney NFTs represent Disneyland Hong Kong; Time of Your Life is a scene between Elsa and Anna while Time to Remember is from Coco with Miguel and Mama. Fans of the classic Disney Park experience will appreciate framed posters from the Resort Collection with Jungle Cruise, Rocket to the Moon, and Red Wagon Inn.

Marvel NFTs

The first actual “Disney” NFTs were actually under the Marvel banner and launched before Disney with the Spider-Man Modern Marvel Series on August 7, 2021. The early versions gave fans a taste of what was coming and brought animated Marvel NFTs to life.

Most Marvel NFTs on Veve are 3D figures, although comic books and posters have also been released. There are too many collections to cover, but we’re going to touch on a few standouts including the Marvel Mightys line, the company’s premium collectibles, and comic books.

Marvel NFT Figures

Marvel Mightys are pint-sized versions of popular heroes like Captain America, Thor, and the Fantastic Four. Each is released as a series with multiple characters from a franchise. The first series was a mix of characters from Captain America and the Falcon and Winter Solider series on Disney Plus.

You can pick up the first appearance of Steve Rodgers as Captain America as a Common or Red Skull as the Ultra Rare. These figures were designed exclusively for Veve, and later series include Eternals and Deadpool along with his Chimichanga truck as an SDCC exclusive NFT.

Disney NFT
Marvel released NFTs like Baby Groot, Spider-Man, and Captain America.

Collectors that want a more realistic figure will appreciate Thor, Black Panther, and Zombie Captain America from the What If? series on Disney Plus. There are even holiday-themed heroes like Baby Groot and Deadpool in a Christmas sweater.

Marvel NFT Comic Books

The other half of Marvel’s NFT collection on Veve comes into play with comics. These NFT comic books are digital reproductions of original issues that you can read. You can browse the comics on a smartphone or PC, but can also view and read them in AR.

Marvel comic NFTs are released weekly by Veve. The early comics had a higher mint run like Fantastic Four #1 and the Journey into Mystery #85, but that changed along with the format. These NFT comics are released with a Common featuring the original cover and an Uncommon which is a black and white version of the original.

The Rare, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare variants had covers pulled from pages until Marvel introduced custom variant covers. These are produced by artists who put a new take on older covers like the first appearance of Doctor Strange or Amazing Fantasy #15.

Star Wars NFTs

One of the bigger brands under Disney’s corporate umbrella is Star Wars. The first Veve Star Wars NFT is from the Golden Moments Collection with C3PO and R2-D2, but more were soon to follow including a bounty hunter and one of the biggest villains of all time.

Darth Vader NFTs are available through Veve in three different poses. All are iconic, although it’s hard to beat the animated Ultra Rare, however, where Vader does the Force choke. We don’t expect Vader to be the last villain in the Dark Side Collection, and you can also find an arsenal of lightsabers through Veve.

Disney NFT
Darth Vader, Boba Fett & Star Wars NFTs were released especially for Father’s Day.

The Disney NFT lightsabers are just as cool as they sound, and there are five available at the moment. You can show off Luke Skywalker and Yoda’s lightsabers in augmented reality or activate Kylo Ren’s unique saber with a tap on the screen. The lightsabers pulse and crackle appropriately, and look just as remarkable as the posters.

The Star Wars NFT Posters Collection kicked off with the original three films – Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Another unique collection launched on Father’s Day of 2022. The “I Am Your Father” Collection is aptly named with artwork from Jeffrey Brown and little versions of Luke and Leia.

Pixar NFTs

Like Marvel, Pixar was not always part of the Disney family. Disney bought Pixar in 2006 for $7.4 billion. While Pixar is one of the newer Disney lines on Veve along with Star Wars, they launched with a bang.

The first Pixar NFT was also from the Golden Moments Collection, although the first full-color figure was a popular cowboy. Woody from Toy Story was the Common figure in the Pixar Pals NFT Collection followed by Mike Wazowski, Lighting McQueen, Edna Mode, and the House from Up. Given the range of Pixar movies, this should be one of the bigger collections from the company.

Disney NFT
Woody from Toy Story and Mike, are two of the first Pixar NFTs.

The second series was released in conjunction with Lightyear from Pixar and Disney. The Hyperspeed Display Series is an exclusive launched through AMC and limited to only 1,090 copies. If you want to see the new version of Buzz, you can do that through the Alpha Suit Series Collection featuring three different poses.

How do I buy Disney NFTs?

You can only purchase a Disney NFT through Veve, but setting up an account is simple and only takes a few minutes. Once verified, you can purchase Disney NFTs on the marketplace where users buy and sell their collectibles or from the storefront.

You can also participate in auctions or try for one of Veve’s drops which are released throughout the week. The drop format is timed, so you’ll need quick reflexes and a bit of luck if you’re going for a rare NFT.

Veve releases a lot of content from Disney but also has NFTs from DC, Cartoon Network, and dozens of other brands. If you want to try your hand at the next Disney NFT drop, you can check the schedule on the company’s Medium page where they are announced a few days in advance.

The Future of Disney NFTs

Disney NFTs have only been in existence since the launch of the Golden Moments Collection, but it appears that the company is firmly entrenched in the space. Through their partnership with Veve, they’ve been able to capture a new audience in the crypto world and have plans for the Metaverse as well.

Earlier this year, Disney began planning its approach to the Metaverse in what’s been referred to as the “next-generation of storytelling”. What that means is anyone’s guess, but it’s easy to speculate what it could entail. Recent developments in the world have put a damper on travel – something that won’t be a problem in the Disney Metaverse.

Could we see a virtual Disneyland park where you can enter as your favorite NFT? That’s certainly a possibility, and there’s no shortage of content for Disney to work with between Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and Fox properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Disney NFT cost

The drop price depends on the NFT collection, although you can purchase Disney NFTs on the secondary market.

Which blockchain are Disney NFTs minted on?

Disney NFTs are currently minted on the IMX blockchain.

Can you cash out on Veve?

Cash out is available for most countries with a few exceptions, you can find the updated list of countries here.

What is the first Marvel NFT comic book?

The first comic book minted by Marvel was Marvel Comics #1.

Can you sell a Disney NFT?

Yes, through the marketplace on Veve.

What was the first Disney NFT on the blockchain?

Golden Moments Elsa under Disney branding, although Spider-Man was released earlier through Marvel.

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