Discover the Most Expensive Thing on eBay Today

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Discover the Most Expensive Thing on eBay Today

We all know that eBay is the place to go to buy everything from used books to rare art. After just a few seconds of searching, you’ll find thousands of listings, even for something as mundane as pot holders. In addition to being an excellent tool for finding fantastic deals on hard-to-find items, many of us also use eBay to sell items. Most of the time, we sell things that we don’t need or want anymore but that are worth money to someone else. It’s an excellent way for sellers to make money and for buyers to save money. But sometimes, we just want to know, what is the most expensive thing on eBay today? 

In this article, we’ll look at the most expensive thing on eBay today, and break it down based on category. Everything from the most expensive antique to the most costly stamp – we’ll explore it all. So if you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, these are the items to look out for and to bid on. 

The Most Expensive Antique

Antiques are a popular item on eBay. Under this category, you can find everything from cabinets to instruments. However, the most expensive antique listing on eBay today is a unique vase claiming to be from the tomb of the first emperor of China. 

As for the original owner, his name was Qin Shi Huang. Huang is well known as not only the first Emperor but also one so afraid of getting old and dying that he drank mercury to stave off the inevitable. Unfortunately, immortality wasn’t in the cards, and he died in 221 BC, probably from mercury poisoning. The emperor was buried in a hidden underground city with mercury lakes and terracotta soldiers for afterlife protection. 

You can buy this vase for $10,000,000.00 and have it shipped from New York. 

The Most Expensive Art

When it comes to art, eBay can be a great place to score some rare masterpieces that you wouldn’t usually come across in your daily life. If you have the money, you can buy yourself the most expensive piece of art on eBay, a $27 million Bonita Bramante painting. This original acrylic on canvas titled “Blue Dissected Flower” was signed and painted in 1996. Unfortunately, it turns out the Native American artist is disabled and can no longer work. 

The painting itself comes in a wooden frame hand-painted by the artist. Bramante has sold over 47 thousand items on eBay, only one of them her artwork. She did that painting on a postcard and sold it for 1 cent. 

The Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the sports fan in your life, and you can fork over $15 million (15, 151,515.10 to be exact), you can get a mint Jack Eichel Black 1/1 Rookie Card. Black, whose nickname is Eichel Tower, was the captain of the Buffalo Sabres in the National Hockey League, or the NHL until the Vegas Golden Knights drafted him. 

The card itself is boasted to be encapsulated by Beckett Grading Services, or BGS, which makes it ideal for high-end card collectors. 

If this card is a little out of your budget, you can pick up the Tom Brady rookie card for $5 million. 

The Most Expensive Piece of Memorabilia

People will pay a lot for a piece of someone they idolize. We saw that with the NHL card. Memorabilia will always invoke good memories and feelings of nostalgia. That’s why people will spend a lot for a little of that. And, on eBay, you can pay $7,500,000.00 for an owned guitar. But this isn’t just any guitar. The legendary Keith Richards, the guitarist for the Rolling Stones, once owned this 7-million-dollar guitar. 

Richards, also the co-founder of the Rolling Stones, used this guitar while recording “Some Girls” in 1978. In addition, Richards used the guitar for music videos and while on tours. This unique guitar is inscribed “To Doc, Love & Prescriptions / Keith Richards” and was done so on stage. 

The Most Expensive Stamp

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This stamp, entitled Ukraine 2022, is expensive. Its asking price is $20.22 million. It’s the only stamp of its kind and was created to help the people of Ukraine. The seller is very transparent about what he plans to do with the money after the sale, including the clothing and feeding of the Ukrainian people affected by the war with Russia. 

The pixel-styled stamp was created on the 256th day of the war and has been listed since November 11, 2022. 

The Most Expensive CD

If you thought CDs were dirt cheap today, you haven’t seen this $1 million dollar Van Halen CD. It’s reportedly the only copy made, possibly making it the rarest CD ever. The factory error misprint makes this album worth so much money. Perhaps misprint is a misnomer, as the mistake is that it didn’t get printed, making it reportedly the rarest CD in the world. The seller claims the CD hasn’t been altered, and that it does indeed play Van Halen. So if you’re a huge fan of rock music, and rock music memorabilia, you can own what may be the rarest CD ever made. But it’ll cost you.

The Most Expensive Item Right Now on eBay

As of the publication of this article, the most expensive item for sale on eBay right now is a fully immersive state-of-the-art flight motion simulator. You can use this immersive virtual reality simulator for flight training or just as a very expensive gaming setup for you and your nine closest aviation enthusiast friends.

According to the listing, you, too, can experience loss of pilot control, graveyard spiral, black holes, and sub-threshold movements. At just $9,999,999.00, the flight simulator would be a great way to earn some friends if you can afford it. 

The Most Expensive Item Sold on eBay

If the price tag on some of these items has made your jaw drop, hold on because there’s more. The most expensive thing ever sold on eBay is a Gigayacht, which sold for $168 million. Designed by naval architect Frank Mulder, this 405-foot-long yacht was sold to the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich in 2006.  

This massive yacht is complete with a helicopter pad, a spa, an office area, a movie theater, a swimming pool, and a gym. In addition, it includes eight guest cabins and 10 VIP suites. It also has a 3,000-square-foot primary suite located on its deck. 

As a collector of luxury yachts, Abramovich got a good deal as the manufacturer lists this yacht for $168 million. 

Selling expensive items on eBay

If you’re thinking of selling an expensive item on eBay, it doesn’t really matter what category it is because you’ll hopefully make some money. However, there are a few things to consider first. Sadly, eBay isn’t always the safest place to sell your expensive stuff, so while these tips aren’t 100% effective, they can go a long way in protecting you. 

  • Make sure you specify where you will ship to, either internationally or domestically only. 
  • Note which countries you won’t ship to if you do sell internationally. 
  • Make sure you insure your sent items and get tracking and a tracking number. 
  • Check the profiles of the people bidding on your item. If anything looks suspicious, you can block them or contact eBay customer service.
  • Don’t be afraid to block buyers if they approach you with a suspicious question, like meeting in person to buy the item instead of through eBay. 
  • Your safest bet may be to get paid in cash upon receipt. 

Discover the Most Expensive Thing on eBay Today FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the most sold item in the world?

Clothing is the most sold item in the world. Everything from outfits to shoes to accessories is popular.

What cannot be sold on eBay?

There are many items you cannot sell on eBay. Some of these include adult-only items, drugs or drug paraphernalia, firearms, weapons, and knives, hazardous or regulated materials, and lock-picking devices.

What was the millionth item sold on eBay?

A Big Bird jack-in-the-box toy from PBS’ Sesame Street.

Can eBay ban you from selling?

Yes. Your eBay account can be put on hold or suspended if you haven’t paid your fees, or have violated any of eBay’s policies.

What happens if your item doesn't sell on eBay?

You usually don’t pay a final value fee if your item doesn’t sell. 

How do I find hidden items on eBay?

Go to Purchase History. Click on the radio button labeled Hidden. 

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