Discover the Most Expensive Beyblade You Can Buy Today

Expensive Beyblades

Discover the Most Expensive Beyblade You Can Buy Today

Beyblade was a popular kid’s toy dating back to the early 2000s. Its simplicity was one of its strong points, but this modern-day spin on a top quickly became a pop culture phenomenon of its time. Of course, things have drastically changed since then, and we’ve gone on a quest to find the most expensive Beyblade.

For a quick recap, the original series of Beyblade were all plastic with a metal ring in the center. Later generations came out were all metal or a combination of metal and plastic. Because there are so many Beyblade toys available, there’s a large collector market behind it. With that market comes increasing demand and some crazy high prices.

5 Facts About Expensive Beyblades

  • Beyblade toys are essentially tops that use a launcher to make them spin fast.
  • The original toy line was released in 1999 but didn’t come to the US until 2002.
  • Most Beyblade toys are relatively cheap, but there are a few rare collectibles.
  • There is a growing number of counterfeit Beyblades hitting the market.
  • The early Beyblade toys were primarily plastic, while some newer models are all metal.
Expensive Beyblades
The Beyblade launcher uses a rip cord to quickly spin the top. Once spinning, it drops from its launcher into the arena.

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Expensive Beyblades: Where to Buy

If you’re looking to pick up some Beyblades to play with for a trip down memory lane, then you’re in luck. Most major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon sell Beyblade toys. Unfortunately, these probably won’t be like the ones you remember as a kid, but they will do the trick if you just want to relive the memories of battling tops.

However, if you do want to collect the Beyblade toys you had as a kid, then there are only a couple of options. The obvious place to look would be eBay, as there are tons of old Beyblades available, and you can even buy them in bulk. But if you’re looking for an elusive Beyblade or you want something a little higher-end, then you need to check out Beys & Bricks, which has a wide variety of rare and collectible Beyblades.

The History of Beyblade: What to Know

Beyblade is a toy originally developed in Japan that was released in 1999, with a US release a few years later. Hasbro obtained the license and started selling the toy in 2002 in the US. Despite numerous releases over the years, it is still popular among both children and collectors alike. It is so popular, in fact, that it inspired several TV shows and video games.

The concept of the toy is very simple and plays off the traditional top. However, instead of spinning a small toy, you get a Beyblade launcher which uses a rip cord to quickly spin the top. Once the cord is pulled, the Beyblade begins spinning, and it drops from its launcher. Typically the Beyblades are dropped onto the ground or into custom arenas.

While it’s fun to play with a single Beyblade by itself, the real fun begins when you have more than one player. Beyblades are designed to be competitive, where multiple players launch their Beyblades at once in a battle. There is even an official set of rules, but it’s pretty simple, the last Beyblade spinning wins the match.

Expensive Beyblades
Beyblade is a competitive game with official rules, but essentially the last top spinning is the winner.


Expensive Beyblade Versions: Each Edition

Now that we’ve covered what Beyblade is, let’s take an in-depth look at the most expensive. Finding the most expensive Beyblade isn’t the easiest task in the world. Prices are constantly fluctuating, and they can vary widely by retailer. Worsening the problem is that there are many retailers asking insane amounts of money for certain Beyblades that just aren’t worth it.

Takara Tomy WBBA Red Diablo Nemesis X:D Dragren

The most expensive Beyblade ever made is Takara Tomy WBBA Red Diablo Nemesis X:D Dragren. While there are a few other more limited Beyblades available, this is one of the few that was in mass production. With that said is still extremely rare as its numbers are limited, with only 100 ever produced. In addition, it was made directly by Takara rather than Hasbro.

The Beyblade was originally available at HK WWBA and was never widely sold. Keep in mind this limited run of only 100 was worldwide. Because of this rarity, the selling price is around $1000. You’re unlikely to run into one of these in the wild, but you will be able to identify it by its bright red color. Also, keep an eye out for unscrupulous sellers with fake versions.

One of the other major factors in the Red Diablo Nemesis X:D Dragren’s value is that it is said to be great for competition. However, you probably won’t want to do battle and risk damaging this one-of-a-kind Beyblade. But if you do decide to battle, it is compatible with the Metal Fusion series of launchers.

TAKARA Ultimate Dragoon Original Series Spin Gear

While the Red Diablo Nemesis X:D Dragren is considered one of the most valuable, it is also available through a couple of sources. But there is currently one Beyblade available that is extremely rare and potentially one of the best-preserved and most significant Beyblades ever. We’re referring to the TAKARA Ultimate Dragoon Original Series Spin Gear.

When Beyblade first started in 1999, no one could possibly know the success of the company would say. If you want to relive this time, then the ultimate Dragoon is what you’re looking for. This is one of the first Beyblades ever made and was never available in the United States. Because of its rarity, you will likely never find another one.

Taking a closer look, this isn’t only an original model, but it is also a limited gold color. To make it even more collectible, this Beyblade is still in the box with its plastic packaging sealed. The box is open so you can check out the parts, but it has never been assembled. If you do want to purchase this rare piece of Beyblade history, it will set you back $1,999.99, making it the most expensive Beyblade.

The Public Response

The public response surrounding the Beyblade toys has been a bit unique. The toys caught on very quickly in the early 2000s with young children. However, they eventually started to fade in popularity, as most toy trends do. Perhaps the most interesting part of Beyblade is that its concept is so simple in that it brought spinning tops back into popularity.

Over the years, demand for the toy has come and gone, with popularity surging and then waning again. However, as kids who collected the toys grow older, nostalgia kicks in, and many have sought to amass large collections. This is where the high prices come in, as collectors quickly swoop in to grab the rarest of Beyblade toys.

Discover the Most Expensive Beyblade You Can Buy Today FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are Beyblade launchers cross compatible?

Beyblades generally fall within three generations. Within these product lines the launchers are mostly cross-compatible,  but not all launchers work with all tops.

Was there a Beyblade TV show?

Yes, there was a Beyblade TV show in the early 2000s, and there is also a newer one. The two shows are done in different art styles, but most episodes are available through free streaming services like Tubi.

Do stores still sell Beyblade toys?

Yes, major retailers like Walmart and Target still sell Beyblade toys and accessories, but they are a little different from what you probably remember.

What makes a Beyblade collectible?

Beyblades are like many other toys, certain ones are collectible based on their rarity. Because these toys were designed for “battles” they are often found in rough shape which drops their value.

Were there limited edition Beyblades?

Yes, there are many limited edition and collectible Beyblades. There are even ones that were exclusively sold in international markets, such as the Ultimate Dragoon Original Series.

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