Discover The First 5 Lego Sets Ever Sold

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Discover The First 5 Lego Sets Ever Sold

Key Points

  • The first Lego set ever sold is called Automatic Binding Bricks.
  • We saw the first Lego set of wheels launched in 1961. 
  • When shopping for Lego sets, it’s important to consider what you want to build, the age range recommendation, and the number of blocks included. 

While it’s hard to imagine today, the first Lego sets ever sold were simple building series containing blocks of various sizes and shapes. Different from what you might be used to, the first Lego sets weren’t necessarily themed like the ones you see today. However, they provided the first fundamental building blocks for today’s children’s toys. Lego sold the first sets in Denmark in 1949 and quickly gained worldwide popularity. Today, Lego is a global phenomenon with countless collectors and fans. Because it’s incredible to think of the popular toy’s humble beginnings, this article explores the first Lego sets ever sold. From the first building to the first vehicle, we’ll look at Lego’s first offerings to the world. 

Overall First Lego Set: Automatic Binding Bricks

Automatic Binding Bricks toys.
The first LEGOs that started it all.

The first Lego set ever sold is called Automatic Binding Bricks. Automatic Binding Bricks didn’t sport the household LEGO logo we’re familiar with. However, the bricks broke the mold for children’s toys and helped shape what we know of Lego toys today. Introduced in 1949, it included 222 pieces. Children of all ages used these bricks to build a number of buildings out of the tiny, interlocking plastic pieces. 

While Automatic Binding Bricks were popular, it wasn’t until Lego introduced the Garage set about a decade later that the brand got some traction in the toy sector. 

The set that inspired all the future sets.No Lego logo

The First Building Lego Set: Garage with Automatic Door

The Garage with Automatic Door was the first official Lego set ever sold. This set was part of a more significant release, focused on reproducing familiar buildings one would see around a small town in the USA. The Garage with Automatic Door featured a plastic door that could open and close using a spring plate on the base of the model set. 

While revolutionary for the time, a car garage isn’t the most exciting building for kids.

The automatic door makes for more fun.Garages aren’t necessarily exciting.

The First Accessories for Lego Sets: Town Plan

LEGO with Accessories
LEGO Town Plan Commemorative Set
  • In memory of LEGO's 1958 Town Plan 700/1 Set
  • A letter was written by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the company owner, and included in this set
  • Features a 1950's gas station amongst other buildings
  • Made for LEGO's 50th anniversary
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The first Lego accessory set ever sold was called Town Plan. Once Lego sold the first town sets, it makes sense that they also sold some accessories. First released in 1958, the Town Plan set included three add-on sets:

  • Ten Windows and Doors
  • Six Trees and Bushes
  • 16 Road Signs

These accessories helped add more dimension and detail to current building sets by adding color and creativity to any Lego build. However, we just wish there were more colors available.

The accessories add more depth to your buildings and towns.The accessories didn’t add much color, as they were mostly red and white.

The First Wheels Lego Set: Lego Systems Wheels

removable toy car for decoration or collection
Lego’s wheels opened the door for all manner of vehicles, including sets that allowed you to build specific car models.

Lego introduced the first set of Lego Wheels in 1961. This set was unique because it didn’t include any specific instructions explaining how to use them. No instructions meant that what you built with them was entirely up to your imagination. Previously, Lego models were stationary, but the wheels finally allowed kids to create vehicles. As a result, fans can argue that the addition of wheels helped propel the evolution of Lego toys. Unfortunately, like most Legos sold during that time, the wheels didn’t come in a variety of colors, only red and white.

Wheels made it possible to build moving vehicles and other objects.Not a lot of color variation.

The First Vehicle Lego Set: Boats

A Screaming Gift
LEGO Marvel The Goat Boat 76208
  • Buildable versions of Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder
  • Comes with Korg, Gorr, and more minifigures
  • 2022 LEGO release
  • 564-piece set
  • Would not have been possible without Logo's boats set from 1961
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Also released in 1961, Lego Boats was the first vehicle Lego ever released. The set came out amidst a bunch of previous Lego sets being re-released, updated with new plastic material. While these boats don’t float, they did help pave the way for future boats that do. This set features the ability to build several different types of vessels, ports, and other nautical buildings. 

Further, the addition of boats definitely helped spur the Creator movement by adding more function and creativity. 

Made it possible to add even more to your building repertoire.The boats wouldn’t float.

How to Pick the Best Lego Set: Step-By-Step

Buying and collecting Lego sets is a fun hobby that’s not just for kids. Before purchasing one of them, it’s helpful to consider a few different factors.

These factors include:

  • What you want to build
  • Age range recommendation
  • Number of included pieces
  • How much the set costs 

What You Want to Build

First, Lego sets are known to come in all shapes and sizes, so think about what you actually want to build before you buy. Do you want to build a town? What about building a spaceship? Having an idea of what you’re looking for before you start shopping can help narrow down your choices.

Age Range Recommendation

Second, consider the age range of the set. Some sets are designed for younger children, while others are more complex and geared toward older builders. Pick a set that matches the age and skill level of the person who will be building it. 

Number of Included Pieces

Third, check the number of pieces in the set. More pieces generally mean a more challenging build, but it also means the finished product will be more impressive. Make sure the number of pieces is appropriate for the builder’s skill level. 

How Much the Set Costs

Lastly, consider the cost of the set. Lego sets can be expensive, so ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Look for sets that have a good balance of price and piece count.

What to Know Before Buying Lego Sets

When looking at which Lego sets to buy, most people think about a few different factors. The first factor is the set’s theme. There are many different themes out there, from space to small towns. Choose one that matches your interests to make the building time that much more fun. 

Next, think about how many pieces there are in the set. Because some may take 20 minutes to build, while others may take hours to days, it’s helpful to know how much time you may need for your Lego design. If you know how much time you want to spend building Lego sets, you can shorten the list of possibilities to buy. 

Of course, the price probably matters to most people, too. While Legos are a fantastic hobby, it’s best to stick within a budget when it comes to buying Lego sets. 

Using Lego Sets: What It’s Like

Building with Lego sets is a fun and engaging activity that people of all ages can enjoy.

Adults remember using the blocks to build all kinds of things as a child and love being able to pass that creativity and passion down to their own kids. Likewise, children will never forget the feeling they get after finishing their masterpieces. Lego has become such a household name, and it’s hard to imagine anyone never getting to play with Legos.

The process of constructing a set from start to finish can be both challenging and rewarding, and the end result is always something to be proud of. Whether you’re building a small set or a large one, the instructions are easy to follow, which makes building easy. Of course, you can always ignore the instructions and build something that’s completely your own. Additionally, the sets are very durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your blocks will last for years. Overall, building with Lego sets is a great way to boost your creativity and have fun at the same time. Certainly, everyone should experience Legos at least once in their lifetime.

Summary Table

First Lego SetNotable FeatureDrawback
Automatic Binding BricksThe set that inspired all future setsNo Lego logo
Garage with Automatic DoorThe automatic door makes for more funGarages aren’t necessarily exciting
Town PlanThe accessories add more depth to your buildings and townsMostly red and white accessories
Lego Systems WheelsWheels made it possible to build moving vehicles and other objectsNot a lot of color variation
BoatsMade it possible to add even more to your building repertoireThe boats wouldn’t float

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest Lego set ever?

Some of the rarest Lego sets ever made are Ole Kirk’s House, Cars, and the Toy Fair Anakin Promotion.

Are Legos from the 80s worth anything?

It’s been found that the most valuable Lego set is the Space Command Center, originally sold in 1979 for 24.99 USD, it is now worth about 10,400 USD.

What does 3 in 1 LEGO mean?

If you see a Lego set labeled 3-in-1, it means that you can build three different models using just one set.

What does lego stand for?

Lego is a combination of two Danish words, meaning “play well”.

What was LEGO originally called?

Lego used to be called Billund Woodworking Factory in the 1930s.
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