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Key Points

  • Regardless of it’s age, the Dell Latitude D620 is still widely available.
  • The Dell Latitude D620 was released in early 2006, the D620 remained in production until 2008.
  • The D620 came standard with many features geared mainly towards the business user.

There’s no denying that the Dell Latitude D620 is old. But is it still any good? Dell is a household name with decades of experience building desktop computers, laptops, and servers. The Dell Latitude has been a staple in the business-grade laptop market since the first models came out in the 1990s.

Dell has improved on the Latitude series with significant hardware upgrades with each generation. With a sturdy and long-lasting design, many old Dell Latitudes are still around. The Dell Latitude D620 is especially easy to find thanks to its massive popularity with corporate clients.

The combination of the D620’s repairable design and low cost make it the perfect laptop to refurbish and reuse.

Can this laptop hold up to modern applications and multimedia, or should you just look for a newer laptop? Let’s see whether the Dell Latitude D620 is still worth using in 2022.

Dell Latitude D620: Best Deal Today

Despite its age, the Dell Latitude D620 is still widely available. If you’re trying to find a reasonable price on the D620, we’ve already taken the guesswork out of it for you by compiling the best deals here:

Dell Latitude D620 14.1-Inch Laptop (Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83GHz, 2GB, 80GB, DVD, Windows XP), Silver
  • Windows XP Professional with Dell Reinstallation XP Pro. CD
  • Intel Core Duo Processor 1.83GHz
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM
  • 80GB Hard Drive
  • 14.1-Inch Screen, Wifi
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03/03/2023 05:09 am GMT

Dell Latitude D620 Overview

Release date and price

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Released in early 2006, the D620 remained in production until 2008. The D620 was one of the last models made before the D series was discontinued and replaced by the E series. The E series Dell Latitude would dominate for the next ten years, but the Dell Latitude D620 is still a robust laptop worthy of looking at.

The original MSRP of $1,149 was an attractive price at the time, but optional features and upgrades could put the final price at almost $3000. Fortunately, we get to enjoy the depreciation this laptop experienced over its life, as it sells for less than $200 today.

Different Models

The Dell Latitude was available in several variations, depending on your intended use. If you wanted a more powerful version of the D620, you could get the D630. The Dell Latitude D630 came with an upgraded processor and graphics card and shipped with a higher standard ram and storage configuration.

If you wanted a more rugged laptop, you could get the Dell Latitude ATG D620. The ATG model was designed for use in harsh environments and came with a reinforced shell and a shock-mounted hard drive. This laptop was designed to withstand everything from extreme temperatures to falls and scrapes.


The D620 came standard with many features geared mainly towards the business user. Besides regular features like WiFi, DVD-ROM, and USB 2.0 ports, the D620 also offers several unique features.

Docking stations are popular in the corporate environment, and the D620 is aimed squarely at this market segment. With a docking station, you could use your work laptop at a desk with an array of additional ports and functions. You can simply unplug it from the docking station when it is time to go to a meeting or on a business trip.

Another feature offered by the D620 was the Kensington lock. The additional security offered by a Kensington lock was favored on business-grade computers at the time, although this technology has since lost popularity.

Featuring a fingerprint scanner for authentication and security, the D620 pioneered security technology. While this may be common today, it was cutting-edge technology when this laptop was released. You can easily spot the models with a fingerprint scanner, as it is located between the trackpad buttons. Unfortunately, some users complained that the fingerprint scanner made the trackpad buttons too small and difficult to use.

The Dell Latitude D620 features a 1280 x 800 LCD backlit display. Coated with an anti-glare, matte finish, this display was designed to be used outdoors and in harsh environments. The advantage of this display is that you can see without dealing with the glare found on glossy displays. Unfortunately, the brightness offered by the D620 defeats any advantage provided by the anti-glare coating, as it is often too dim to be used outdoors.


Release date2006
Screen size14.1”
Screen resolution1280 x 800
ProcessorIntel Core Duo
RAM capacityUp to 4GB
RAM typeDDR2 667MHz
Battery56Wh lithium-ion

Dell Latitude D620 Review

The Dell Latitude may have been a powerhouse when it was first released, but how does it hold up today? 

Initially launched in the days of Windows XP, the Dell Latitude D620 was never designed to handle a heavy operating system. When Windows Vista was released, the D620 was improved with newer Intel Core 2 Duo processors and higher standard RAM configurations.

The end result is that many D620s are capable of running newer operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and even Windows 10.

You would have enjoyed a three-year standard warranty from Dell if you bought the Latitude D620 when it first came out. Sadly, there is no longer any way to get a manufacturer warranty on this laptop, but buying from a reputable source will save you the hassle of a faulty system.

Additionally, the conventional hard drives the D620 shipped with may have offered decent performance back then, but most new computers come with much faster solid-state drives.

Fortunately, the Dell Latitude D620 is designed to be easy to repair and upgrade. You can open the case and install a new solid-state drive if you want to make the D620 operate a little more like a modern computer. The standard SATA port offered on the D620 means you can install any SATA drive, including the latest solid-state models.

Additionally, the RAM is upgradeable to 4GB. Though most new laptops come with much more RAM, 4GB is actually enough to handle basic tasks. You won’t be setting any records for performance, but the D620 does keep up with web browsing on modern browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

Dell Latitude D620: Pros and Cons

The Dell Latitude D620 has some advantages, like being highly affordable and offering enough horsepower to do basic tasks, but it also has some drawbacks. Overall, the pros and cons boil down to a few things:


  • Basic “no frills” design
  • Highly affordable
  • Still powerful enough for basic use
  • Very sturdy and rugged


  • Poor screen by modern standards
  • Slower hardware
  • Outdated inputs and connectivity

Dell Latitude D620: Is It a Buy?

Buy it if…

If you are only expecting to use your laptop for basic tasks like checking your email, typing documents, and even watching YouTube videos, the Dell Latitude D620 is up for the job. Additionally, if your budget is extremely limited, the D620 offers a usable computing experience for next to nothing. The catch is that you will have to live with a slower, noisier laptop.

For getting online and watching your favorite Netflix shows, the D620 will chug along just fine. You may have to put up with a dim screen and less than stellar battery life, but the D620 will satisfy basic requests. When it comes to more demanding applications like coding, editing multimedia files, or heavy processing, the D620 struggles.

Don’t buy it if…

If you’re looking to buy a gaming laptop or something that’s going to offer cutting-edge performance, the D620 will only disappoint you. Additionally, many newer laptops will do a better job if you’re looking for a budget laptop for college.

The D620 may be powerful enough to run basic applications, but if your budget is a bit higher, you would be better served to buy a newer laptop.

Dell Latitude D620 14.1-Inch Laptop (Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83GHz, 2GB, 80GB, DVD, Windows XP), Silver
  • Windows XP Professional with Dell Reinstallation XP Pro. CD
  • Intel Core Duo Processor 1.83GHz
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM
  • 80GB Hard Drive
  • 14.1-Inch Screen, Wifi
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/03/2023 05:09 am GMT

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Dell Latitude D620: Still Usable in 2022? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is Dell Latitude D620 a good laptop?

When the D620 first came out, it was a high-end laptop. But now, over a decade later, the D620 is only suitable for basic tasks like light web browsing.

What year was Dell Latitude D620? 

The D620 was launched in 2006 and produced in various forms until 2008.

Can Latitude D620 run Windows 10? 

Initially launched with either Windows XP or Vista, the D620 is also compatible with Windows 10. It might run a bit slow compared to newer laptops, but you can load Windows 10 on your D620 and get the latest updates.

How much RAM can Dell Latitude D620 hold? 

The Dell Latitude D620 can be upgraded to a max of 4GB of DDR2 RAM.

Does Dell Latitude D620 have an HDMI port? 

The Dell Latitude D620 does not have an HDMI port. Instead, it offers a VGA port for connecting to an external display.

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