Dell Latitude 5420: A Powerful Business Laptop

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Dell Latitude 5420: A Powerful Business Laptop

Key Points

  • The Dell Latitude 5420 was released in January of 2021.
  • Various configurations are available with the Dell Latitude 5420.
  • The Dell Latitude 5420 offers a wide array of standard ports for connecting your devices.

The Dell Latitude lineup has been around for decades. With so much time to perfect the design and features, it is no wonder that the Dell Latitude is now a highly polished machine with a reputation for reliability.

The newest Dell Latitudes are some of the most potent business computers on the market. But which Dell Latitude is the best, and how do you tell them apart? Today, we explore the Dell Latitude 5420 by looking at its full specs, features, and more.

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Ultimately, you’ll know whether this business laptop is worth buying.

Dell Latitude 5420: Best Deal Today

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Dell Latitude 5420 Overview

Release date and price

The Dell Latitude 5420 was released in January of 2021 and is currently one of the latest models available from Dell. With a starting price of $1049, the Latitude 5420 can be configured with optional extras to put the price tag at well over $2000. The Latitude 5420 is designed to be a direct upgrade to the 5400 released in 2019. The newer generation offers next-gen processors and improved graphics, making it a pleasing upgrade from the older model.

Different Models

Various configurations are available with the Dell Latitude 5420. If you are looking for a low-priced option, the Intel Core i5 processor is a good option. This model’s 11th generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 comes with an 8MB cache, four cores, eight threads, and up to a 4.20GHz boost clock speed.

On the other hand, if you need as much power as possible, you can opt for the Intel Core i7 model. The 11th generation Intel Core i7-1145G& offered in this model also comes with an 8MB cache, four cores, and eight threads, but the boost clock speed is even higher, at 4.40GHz.

Dell has always catered to those needing a rugged laptop, and the Latitude 5420 is no different. You can also purchase a special “extra-rugged” version of the 5420. The rugged model features a stronger case and extra bumpers around the laptop’s frame. You also get a shock-mounted hard drive to protect from vibration. If you plan on taking your laptop into a harsh environment, the rugged 5420 is the ideal laptop for the job.


The 5420 comes standard with a host of helpful features. With WiFi, Bluetooth, and even a sim card with LTE connectivity, this laptop offers everything you need to get online and connect to your devices. Whether you want to connect wireless headphones or use your laptop with a mobile internet connection, the Latitude 5420 makes it easy.

Compatibility with older style docking stations has been dropped in favor of Thunderbolt and USB-C docking stations. You can easily connect a Thunderbolt dock to this laptop with multiple options. From there, you can enjoy additional USB ports and external monitor connectivity.

With the rise of remote work, everyone needs a webcam for Zoom meetings and making video calls. The Dell Latitude 5420 provides a full HD webcam and high-performance microphones. The sound quality is crisp, clear, and perfect for professional use. You can cover it using the built-in privacy shutter when you’re not using the webcam.

The display is relatively standard for a business-grade laptop in this price range. While you don’t get an amazing refresh rate as you do on a gaming laptop, you can still enjoy a bright, crisp display. The Latitude 5420 display measures around 400 nits of brightness on the highest settings, making it competitive with other business laptops. 1920 by 1080 resolution makes it easy to enjoy movies and video calls. Overall, the screen is comfortable to use and offers average performance.

The Dell Latitude 5420 offers a wide array of standard ports for connecting your devices. Along the sides of this laptop, you’ll find a memory card reader, headset jack, ethernet jack, HDMI 2.0 port, two USB 3.2 ports, and two USB Type-C Thunderbolt 4 ports. 


Silver dell laptop on a desk
Dell Latitude 5420 has a 14″ display and SSD storage.


Release date2021
Screen size14-inch
Screen resolution1920 x 1080
Processor11th Generation Intel Core i5 or i7
RAM capacityUp to 64GB
RAM typeDDR4 3200MHz
Battery4-cell 63Wh

Dell Latitude 5420 Review

The Dell Latitude has been a staple in the business-grade laptop market for decades. Loved by companies worldwide, the Dell Latitude has built a fantastic reputation for itself. The Dell Latitude 5420 builds upon the previous models’ reputation and adds some impressive features.

The latitude series has always been designed with enterprise users in mind, so it’s no surprise to see Dell sticking with a clean, neutral design. The laptop weighs just 3.03 lb (1.37kg). Additionally, at a thickness of 19.3 millimeters, it is slightly thicker than a 14” MacBook Pro.

The keyboard and trackpad are Dell’s classic design. You can configure the keyboard with or without a backlight, depending on your preferences. Besides complaints for lacking a numeric keypad, reviews are mixed on the keyboard overall. The chiclet-style may not be everyone, but those who can get used to admire this keyboard for its speed and accuracy.

best MacBook Air alternative
New Dell laptop computers are displayed on white table in electronic store.


Most newer laptops are taking away your ability to perform aftermarket upgrades, with Apple especially guilty of this on the new MacBook Air and Pro. Dell is going against the trend and still offers a wide range of upgrade options for the Latitude 5420. You can upgrade the RAM to 64GB, using 3200MHz DDR4. The storage is also highly customizable. Thanks to the built-in M.2 slot, you can add up to a 2TB NVMe SSD. With these upgrades, you’ll easily be able to run the most demanding business applications.

The Dell Latitude 5420 comes standard with Microsoft Windows 11 Pro. If you don’t need all of the Pro features, you can switch to Windows 11 Home. This laptop also supports Linux if you prefer an alternative operating system.

Dell Latitude 5420: Pros and Cons

The Dell Latitude 5420 has a lot of advantages. Since it was designed for business use, it comes packed with many standard features and extra features that any user would appreciate. However, like anything, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind.


  • Clean and neutral design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Powerful processor
  • Highly upgradeable
  • Rugged and sturdy


  • Not the best graphics
  • Average screen
  • Basic design

Dell Latitude 5420: Is It a Buy?

Dell Latitude 5420 is a sleek enterprise laptop with highly customizable features.

Buy it if…

You are looking for a robust and sturdy laptop with a powerful processor. If you want a laptop that can take a beating but also pack a lot of performance for demanding tasks, the Latitude 5420 is a buy. With so many desirable features in one place, this laptop offers excellent bang for your buck. 

Even though the base model starts at over $1000, the 5420 is a great buy. The main reasons for this are how easy it is to upgrade and repair. While a minor hardware failure might spell the end for a cheaper laptop, the Latitude 5420 can be repaired or upgraded to last for many years.

If you’re a traveling professional, the Latitude 5420 is one of the better choices due to its low weight and high-performance specs. On the same note, this also makes it an ideal laptop for college students and creatives.

Don’t buy it if…

You want a gaming laptop or something flashy. The Dell Latitude 5420 is all business, so its neutral, basic design might be a drawback if you care about flashy design. This laptop is not trying to attract any attention; you could even say its bulky aesthetic looks outdated.

Additionally, since the screen is only 1080p definition, it might not appeal to gamers. Coupling that with the fact that it relies on basic integrated graphics makes it clear that this is not a good laptop for gaming.

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Dell Latitude 5420: A Powerful Business Laptop FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is a Dell Latitude?

The Dell Latitude is a line of business-focused laptops designed with high performance and portability in mind.

Is the Dell 5420 a touch screen?

Yes! The Dell 5420 comes with a touch screen 14” display.

What year was Dell Latitude 5420? 

The Dell Latitude 5420 was released in 2021.

Is Dell Latitude 5420 a gaming laptop?

No. The Dell Latitude 5420 does not make for a great gaming laptop since it does not have a powerful graphics card.

How big is a Dell Latitude 5420 laptop?

The Dell Latitude 5420 measures 14” diagonally and weighs 3.03 lb (1.37kg).

Does Dell Latitude 5420 have a numeric keypad?

No, the Dell Latitude 5420 does not come with a numeric keypad.

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