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Are you looking for a robotic lawn mower to replace your conventional push or sit-on mower? If yes, then DareDevil vs. Lawnmeister robotic mowers are worth your attention. 

Both robotic mowers deliver precise and fine cuts while mulching the grass clippings to fertilize your lawn. In addition, the duo can be controlled via a phone app, giving you a sweat-free experience.

However, DareDevil and Lawnmeister robotic mowers are not entirely identical. Rather, they differ in aspects like build design, technology, power source, etc., hence their variation in mowing performance, portability, and environmental impact.

If you want to upgrade to a robotic lawn mower by adopting either, here is a comprehensive DareDevil lawn mower vs. Lawnmeister Robotic Mower comparison to guide you.

DareDevil Lawn Mower vs. Lawnmeister Robotic Mower: Side-By-Side Comparison

Spec/FeatureDareDevil Lawn MowerLawnmeister Robotic Mower
Power TypeGas-electricelectric
Mowing Technology360-degree rotating cutting technologyPure vision AI
Power Delivery8 HPN/A
PriceFrom $2999Rumored to be between $1500-$2000
Size35.4 x 36.6 x 18.5 inchesN/A
Cutting Width55cmN/A
Maximum Mowing AreaN/AUp to 4000 sq. meters
Adjustable Cutting HeightYesYes
Mowing Speed3.85mphN/A
Smart App ControlYesYes
Location TrackingNoYes
Mowing Angle45 degreesN/A
Cutting Height0.8-7 inches1.2 to 3.5-in
Cutting BladesTwo manganese bladesN/A
Best for Challenging Terrains
Daredevil Crawler Mower LONCIN Engine 7.5hp Lawnmower | 3.85mph Forward Speed Robotic Lawn Care | Remote Control Hybrid Gas and Electric Lawnmower | Zero Turn Self Propel Trimmer | 1YR Warranty
  • Features a heavy-duty frame and crawling wheels
  • Can handle slopes of up to 45 degrees
  • Add customized parts and accessories
  • Uses remote control navigation
  • Replaceable battery
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

DareDevil Lawn Mower vs. Lawnmeister Robotic Mower: What’s the Difference?

Let’s take a look at the key differences between these two mowers.

Power Source

DareDevil lawn mower thrives on both gas and electric power. Specifically, DareDevil lawn mower contains a 12v, 12 AH lead acid battery which powers its 1500w motor to drive the lawn mower to the lawn.

In addition, DareDevil lawn mower boasts a gasoline engine that generates up to 5510 watts for mowing operations. The 5510w gasoline engine, rugged crawl system, and single drive system enable DareDevil lawn mowers to mow efficiently in bumpy and inclinations of up to 45 degrees.

On the other hand, Lawnmeister lawn mower is electric-powered. However, the manufacturer has yet to disclose any information about its motor’s power delivery. According to PR Newswire, its drivetrain and motor control system coordinate with multiple sensors to navigate all terrains, including inclined areas.


The DareDevil lawn mower is self-propelled. It has an accompanying smart app, which allows you to operate the mower remotely from up to 260 meters away. The DareDevil remote control app gives you access to the following control features:

D/R switch (large and small rudder) – lets you control the walking speed of the DareDevil lawn mower. The left joystick allows you to direct the mower forward and backward, while the right joystick enables you to direct the mower to the left and right.

Channel (two-stage switch) – allows you to adjust the cutting height of the blades.

The power button allows you to turn on the remote control (by pushing the button up) or turn it off by pulling it down.

High-resolution display for feeding you with real-time updates about the area of lawn that has been mowed.

Lawnmeister lawn mower is also self-propelled. Controlling the mower is easy using its accompanying Lawnmeister app. The smart app offers you zoning, multizone mowing, auto dock, anti-theft, intelligent scheduling, and other features to let you control the mower with ease. 

Another notable feature of the Lawnmeister app is that it uses the real-time mapping information it receives from Lawnmeister robotic mower to auto-set a weekly cutting schedule depending on local weather, current season, and geographical location.

If the app’s scheduled weekly mowing does not appeal to you, then the app allows you to tailor your preferred mowing frequency.


As mentioned earlier, DareDevil robotic lawn mower utilizes a 5510w gas engine and 1500w electric motor. The 1500w motor, which drives the mower to the garden, is powered by the mower’s 12v lead acid battery.

Interestingly, this lead acid battery receives charge from the mower’s alternator during mowing, meaning you won’t have to charge it manually.

So, if you prefer DareDevil lawn mower, you must ensure that the fuel tank is well-loaded to maintain the flow of juices to the battery.

Also, you should ensure that your mower’s 12v lead acid battery can hold the charge since the mower won’t be on the move at all times. After all, you’ll need a zap of electricity to start your mower and its electrical components every time you want to use it.

Conversely, Lawnmeister lawn mower’s lithium-ion batteries cannot recharge on the go due to the lack of a gasoline engine. Instead, it utilizes an auto dock mechanism, which directs the mower to move to its charging dock when not mowing or when it’s about to run out of juice.

In other words, the auto dock mechanism ensures that your Lawnmeister lawn mower will never go out of charge, giving it an edge over DareDevil lawn mower, whose lead acid battery is dependent on gasoline refills.

Safety Features

DareDevil lawn mower comes with an upgraded hydraulic connecting rod, which secures it from crashing when mowing on inclined and bumpy areas. You can securely control it within 260 meters from your current position. However, this mower lacks an alarm to alert you when it goes beyond its mowing boundary and there is no obstacle detector.

On the other hand, Lawnmeister robotic mower is created with safety in mind featuring:

Auto-dock mechanism to ensure that the mower is safely packed in its charging station

Anti-theft feature to alert you when Lawnmeister mower goes beyond its virtual boundary and give you information about its precise location via the smart app

An obstacle sensor to detect both live and static obstacles and mow the area around without disturbing them


DareDevil lawn mower is compatible with a snow blower, sweeper for snow or dirt, snow plow, and water dispenser, saving you the time and energy you would otherwise have wasted working with different equipment on the lawn. However, these attachments are sold separately, meaning you must budget for them before placing an order.

Lawnmeister, on the other hand, features an all-in-one modular design with attachments for blowing, mowing, edge trimming, lawn spraying, sweeping, and mulching.

Looking at the above attachments, it’s clear that each mower offers unique attachments to win different audiences. However, you will save more with Lawnmeister since its attachments are included in the mower price.


DareDevil lawn mower requires you to remove objects on the lawn, install a boundary wire around the yard, and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) stations for guiding the mower. In addition, you must install the Daredevil smart app and activate it to control DareDevil’s cutting operation.

Lawnmeister, on the other hand, comes ready for the mowing task without requiring perimeter wiring or any RTK stations. Once you place it on your lawn, it measures your lawn accurately and memorizes its size and shape within a single walk through it. It then uses the collected data to set virtual boundaries and develops a weekly mowing schedule.

Lawnmeister bases its autonomous mowing schedule on the type of grass, weather conditions, year’s season, and your space’s topography.

Weather Resistance

DareDevil lawn mower is designed to mow in all-weather, including wet and hot weather. While this feature might impress you at a glance, cutting during weather extremes might impact the health of your grass or lawn.

On the contrary, Lawnmeister uses its intelligent scheduling mowing feature to determine a mowing schedule. And in most cases, it will mow when the weather conditions are most favorable to grass and itself.


As mentioned earlier, Lawnmeister lawn app feeds you with real-time mapping and mowing of the lawn through its interconnected smart system. It also allows you to use the mapping information to set no-go zones in the yard. And, if you have multiple zones that you want to be mowed, the app allows you to direct Lawnmeister to these areas by connecting the areas with a drawn path via the app. 

DareDevil lawn mower doesn’t have any of the above zoning capabilities, so if you’re looking for multi-zone management, the DareDevil may not be what you’re looking for.

Cutting Height and Frequency

Both DareDevil and Lawnmeister lawn mowers allow you to adjust the cutting height via their smart app. For DareDevil, you can tailor the cutting height between 0.8-7 inches, while Lawnmeister gives you a range of 1.2 to 3.5-in.

Concerning the number of cut height adjustments, DareDevil offers you 4 height options while Lawnmeister features an intelligent algorithm that determines the optimum cutting height.

Looking at the above height ranges, DareDevil lawn mower is your go-to option if you want a robotic mower that leaves less than 1.2 inches of grass on your lawn after cutting. It is also the ideal option if you want a mower that leaves more than 3.5 inches of grass in your backyard.

Environmental Friendliness

DareDevil lawn mower uses an electric motor and a gas engine combo. Though the manufacturer praises the mower for low gas emissions, the fact remains that it can’t beat the Lawnmeister electric mower in terms of eco-friendliness.


DareDevil currently offers two base models on Amazon: a mower with a 7.5hp Loncin engine and one with an 8.5hp Kohler engine powered by gas and electric. The DareDevil with the 7.5HP Loncin engine starts at $2,999 while the Kohler 8.5hp starts at $3,499. You can also purchase mowers with accessories included for an extra cost.

On the other hand, Heisenberg Robotics has yet to launch Lawnmeister models, but there will be a crowdfunding campaign for Heisenberg Robotics Lawnmeister H1 in February. According to Notebookcheck, two models will be unveiled — one for half-acre (~2,000 m²) and one-acre (~4,000 m²) lawns.

DareDevil vs. Lawnmeister
The Lawnmeister has advanced safety features such as auto-docking, an anti-theft alert, and an obstacle sensor.



DareDevil lawn mower sells at $2999 and up. There’s speculation that the Lawnmeister price may range between $1500-$2000, but no official price information has been released.

DareDevil Lawn Mower vs Lawnmeister Robotic Mower: Must-Know Facts

  • DareDevil lawn mower uses a combo of a gas engine and a motor engine
  • DareDevil changes its lead acid battery using electrical currents from its gasoline engine’s alternator
  • Lawnmeister robotic mower utilizes rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to power its motor
  • Lawnmeister has an auto dock mechanism, which sends the mower to the charging station after mowing or when it’s about to run out of juices
  • Both DareDevil and Lawnmeister lawn mowers have a smart app
  • DareDevil lawn mower has a lower carbon footprint than Lawnmeister
  • DareDevil lawn mower is currently available on Amazon in two models: DareDevil Mower with 7.5hp Loncin engine, one with an 8.5hp Kohler engine
  • Lawnmeister lawn mower will be available in two models, one for smaller lawns 0.5-acre lawns and a larger one for 1-acre gardens
  • Both robotic mowers allow for cutting height adjustment
  • Lawnmeister lawn mower has an auto-scheduling feature for mowing and an intelligent algorithm for determining the optimal cutting height
  • DareDevil lawn mower is designed to operate in all-weather including snowy and frosty weather
  • Lawnmeister mower uses a combo of sensors and intelligent scheduling mowing features to schedule mowing for different weather conditions

DareDevil Lawn Mower vs. Lawnmeister Robotic Mower: Which One Wins?

The answer to the question, “which one wins?” depends on what you want in a robotic mower. DareDevil has a longer cutting height range than Lawnmeister. Also, DareDevil lawn mower seems to be sturdier and longer-lasting than Lawnmeister.

On the other hand, Lawnmeister is more convenient, offering a combination of features like real-time mapping, multi-zone mowing, virtual boundaries, intelligent scheduling, anti-theft features, and intelligent algorithms for cutting height.

We hope that our detailed analysis will help you choose the mower that matches your mowing needs.

  1. Daredevil Crawler Mower LONCIN Engine 7.5hp Lawnmower | 3.85mph Forward Speed Robotic Lawn Care | Remote Control Hybrid Gas and Electric Lawnmower | Zero Turn Self Propel Trimmer | 1YR Warranty
  2. Daredevil Crawler Mower LONCIN Engine 7.5hp Lawnmower | 3.85mph Forward Speed Robotic Lawn Care | Remote Control Hybrid Gas and Electric Lawnmower | Zero Turn Self Propel Trimmer | 1YR Warranty
    • Features a heavy-duty frame and crawling wheels
    • Can handle slopes of up to 45 degrees
    • Add customized parts and accessories
    • Uses remote control navigation
    • Replaceable battery
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    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

DareDevil Lawn Mower vs. Lawnmeister Robotic Mower: Which One Wins? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you run DareDevil lawn mower on an electric motor only?

Yes. You can run DareDevil lawn mower on an electric motor. However, this holds for basic runs, like driving the mower to the lawn. If you need to mow, you must use a gasoline engine since the electric motor is not powerful enough to provide good mowing.

Why do DareDevil mower models have such a huge price difference?

This is because the Daredevil Mower 8.5hp uses a Kohler engine, which is more powerful than Daredevil crawler’s 7.5hp Loncin engine.

Which mower is better suited for long and thick grass?

With a longer cutting height and more powerful motor than Lawnmeister lawnmower, DareDevil lawnmower is the best option for cutting through long, thick grass.

Do DareDevil and Lawnmeister lawn mowers come with a manufacturer warranty?

DareDevil lawn mowers come with a one-year warranty. For Lawnmeister, the manufacturer is yet to give clear information about their warranty during the launch.

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