These Things are a Huge Waste of Money but People Keep Buying

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These Things are a Huge Waste of Money but People Keep Buying

For better or worse, buying things we often don’t need is in our nature. Of course, we’re not talking about that extra gallon of ice cream or SPF 75 suntan lotion. Instead, we’re talking about things that are a huge waste of money, like lottery tickets.

However, we keep buying lottery tickets even though we know the odds of winning are astronomically against us. Unfortunately, lottery tickets aren’t the only things that are a huge waste of money that we keep buying, and buying, and buying.

Lottery Tickets

Far too much money is spent every day on lottery tickets.

Anytime you walk into a grocery store or gas station, there is a good chance you’ll either see someone or be that someone buying lottery tickets. While some scratch-off lottery tickets can offer small prizes, it’s still difficult to win. Lotteries like the Powerball are almost impossible to win, yet we throw money at this lottery weekly.

Designer Bottled Water

There is no reason to spend extra money on designer bottled water.
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It’s great to see a bottle of Fiji water when you open the door to a hotel room, but there is no reason to spend your money on designer bottled water any other time. This is especially true for fancy sparkling water that tastes the same as Walmart or Target brands.

Movie Popcorn

Movie popcorn costs far too much for what you get.
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Regarding movie popcorn, we’re all just looking for punishment for spending an obscene amount of money at the movies. The cost difference between buying “movie popcorn” at the movies and buying it at an actual movie theater is ridiculous. However, we keep doing it anyway.

Designer Clothing

You can get a lot more clothing for less at places like Walmart and Target.

Instead of spending money on crazy amounts of designer clothing, buy your clothes from places that don’t cost an arm and a leg. At least, that should be how we look at designer clothing, but it isn’t. There is something about owning designer clothing that is supposed to make you feel good about yourself, but it really just empties your wallet instead.

Premium Coffee

Instead of spending money on Starbucks, make coffee at home.
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There are two sides to the Starbucks debate and almost no middle ground. You are either on the side that says spending money on Starbucks is wise and gives you a reason to leave the house. Conversely, you complain about overpriced Starbucks coffee, knowing you can make the same thing at home for far less.

Greeting Cards

Instead of a greeting card, choose an interactive e-card.
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I’m very sorry to those who love greeting cards, but they remain a huge waste of money. Spending upward of $5 to $10 on a greeting card is unnecessary. You can easily make your own or send an e-card that will live in your inbox forever.

Printer Ink

Printer ink is one of the most unnecessary expenditures a person can make for a home office.

While printer companies have finally figured out how to lower costs, printer ink is still a giant waste of money. Even with refillable cartridges, printer ink is still wildly overpriced and should have long given way to a paperless world.

Advanced Degrees

Skip the advanced degree and spend your money on certificates and specific areas of expertise.
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This will be controversial, but the days of the MBA guaranteeing significantly more income have long passed. Instead of advanced degrees, workers should consider upskilling in specific areas that can strengthen their resumes in their field. The alternative is tens of thousands of dollars in debt with little to show.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases cost mobile gamers billions of dollars a year.

Is there anything more frustrating than hitting the end of a level on a mobile game and being told the only way to proceed is another in-app purchase? This form of payment has ruined mobile games, representing 50% of the revenue in the gaming industry. If only one-time purchases could make a return.

Too Many Shoes

Organization - Shelves with shoes organized and lined up
Having too many shoes can add up quickly.
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Look, there is a reality about how many pairs of shoes people need in their lives, and the answer isn’t more than 20, never mind 30 or 40. Yet, here we are with people buying shoes by the truckload and setting up entire closets just for a shoe collection. It’s a huge waste of money.

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