1945 Footage of Largest Salmon Fleet in the World and Its Record-Breaking Haul

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1945 Footage of Largest Salmon Fleet in the World and Its Record-Breaking Haul

While the world was still bloodied from the Second World War, the largest salmon fleet in the world was pulling record hauls to feed people. Beyond the war, people still had lives to live. It is important to reflect on the simple and sublime, especially in something as beautiful as the footage captured in today’s recap.

A Record Year

Largest salmon fleet
While the Second World War was dying down, people still needed to be fed.

For the largest salmon fleet in the world, 1945 brought great fortunes. The previous year’s haul had been exceeded. While this might not seem exciting, it bodes well for the supporting communities connected to these boats.

Beautiful Waters

Largest salmon fleet
Despite the job at hand, this is such beautiful country you have to soak it in.

In British Columbia, the largest salmon fleet set sail in peaceful conditions. While life as a fisherman has its perils, this footage makes it look almost easy.

Keeping an Eye Out

Largest salmon fleet
The weather seemed to be just right for a good day of fishing.

Catching a record haul as the largest salmon fleet in the world takes some work. However, the crews of these ships were more than prepared to do their due diligence.

Nature’s Splendor

Largest salmon fleet
These snow-capped mountains could have come straight out of the children’s novel Heidi.

While the largest salmon fleet does its job, I cannot help but marvel at the scenery. This blissful vista is seen throughout the footage, but it is out of a picture book.

A Noble Goal

Largest salmon fleet
It might be hard work, but at least you get to do it in such a harmonious place.

The world’s largest salmon fleet set sail for the express purpose of relieving food shortages around the world. The Second World War had left many nations on the verge of famine, but the Allied nations wouldn’t let that come to pass.

Prepping for a Big Catch

Largest salmon fleet
British Columbia’s waters were filled with fish just ready to be caught.

As I’d imagine for any fleet, the largest salmon fleet covered here prepares to cast the nets. British Columbia is a particularly vibrant spot for salmon fishing, something that has continued well into the 21st century.

Massive Nets

With such massive nets, you’re bound to catch something.

When you’re operating one of the largest salmon fleets in the world, you’ve gotta have the tools for the job. Naturally, these fishermen have massive nets, up to a third of a mile in length.

Nature’s Bounty

These massive fish could easily feed households.

The fishermen catch sight of massive schools of salmon, good eating for any occasion. These massive fish helped the fisherman break the previous year’s record with ease.

A Short Season


Salmon fishing season only lasts a few weeks, so the largest salmon fleets have to work quickly. Thankfully, with such ample fishing to be done, they make short work of everything.

A Hard Job in Paradise

There is no doubt about the grueling labor that goes into this. However, the end result has to be rewarding.

While I don’t doubt the extreme rigors of this career, I can only marvel at these men. They are stuck in such a wonderful place, doing a necessary job.

Holds Full of Fish

A sizable bounty goes home with the ships.

Laden with their catches, the fishing boats return home. They’ve done good work. While the ills of the world are far from over, they are eased for another day.

Watch the Full Video

What a wonderful career, even it is hard work.

If you want to see the soothing footage this recap covers, you can view it here. It is endlessly fascinating that while so much has changed, the core needs of people remain the same.

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