Cryptoys Launches Masters of the Universe He-Man NFTs


Cryptoys Launches Masters of the Universe He-Man NFTs

The NFT space is expanding, and we’ve seen unique projects. Cryptoys is one of the more interesting projects to catch our eye, and they have an exciting launch in the works with Cryptoys He-Man NFTs.

On November 9th, the Masters of the Universe NFTs arrive on the blockchain courtesy of Cryptoys and Mattel. The concept sets this project apart from other pop-culture NFT drops. We will dig into that as we take a deeper look at the company and its MOTU NFT collection.

What are Cryptoys?

Cryptoys is an NFT project similar to BAYC or Cool Cats, so they exist on the blockchain in digital form. Unlike those projects, Cryptoys is designed from the ground up as a digital toy store, so they are more something you can slap onto your Twitter profile.

The company has created a digital toy platform designed for gamers and collectors complete with their own mini Metaverse. That’s the start of utility for Cryptoys, but only part of what makes them special, as the team has an interesting roadmap and backing from major investors.  

While Mattel has dozens of assets, the first Cryptoys drop comes from a beloved 80s franchise, He-and The Man and the Master of the Universe.

Cryptoys is the brainchild of OnChain studios, a team of a dozen people backed by some major players. Dapper Labs, Draper Associates, and Andreessen Horowitz are just a few investors and VCs contributing to the company’s $34 million funding pool. Mattel is the first major brand partnership announced for the platform.

What Makes Cryptoys Different?

It’s not hard to find 3D NFT action figures or premium digital statues like we’ve seen through companies like Veve or Todd McFarlane’s Oddkey. Some companies also produce animated NFTs, even if most run on a limited loop.

Cryptoys live up to their namesake as they are designed as a “toy” not an NFT in the traditional sense. You can virtually unbox them, just like a physical toy, or leave them sealed just like many collectors do with physical action figures.

Until opened, these blind box characters remain a mystery, and each figure has several characteristics. A Stat-O-Meter gives you a general overview of your figure’s power and potential. Rarities currently range from Common to Ultra Grail. Rarity helps determine the NFT action figure’s value along with the tier, mint number, and skin.

You can buy the items layers and Cryptoys characters through the company’s online marketplace.

Each line that launches from Cryptoys has different skins which help determine rarity and add to the score on the Stat-O-Meter. There are also Item Layers, which act as accessories for your NFT. They are separate from the figure itself, and you can use them to equip and strengthen your character during gameplay.

Cryptoys Gaming

Gamers haven’t exactly embraced the concept of NFTs, although game skins are similar – just not on the blockchain. Cryptoys has taken a different approach to engage gamers and thrown in some nostalgia for good measure. They’ve built a virtual world designed for their collectibles that utilizes a P2E system.

You can use your Cryptoys character in one of the company’s mini-games or earn through idle gameplay and staking your figure. Playsets are also a major part of the plan, which children of the 80s and 90s will remember fondly.

The endless possibilities and those miniaturized dimensions will allow your imagination to run free.

Cryptoys Playsets allow you to expand your collection and come in tiered rarities just like the figures. You’ll also be able to combine Playsets, so He-Man could potentially end up in the Hot Wheels Pocket Dimension racing against Skeletor.

In the project’s second phase, players can play in customizable Pocket Dimensions you can decorate and interact with. It’s the equivalent of metaverse land, but you won’t need to learn a programming language to set up your parcel. Even the decorations inside these bubbles act as NFTs while providing bonuses for the player.

Cryptoys Tokenomics

While it’s not uncommon to see a project use tokens in its ecosystem, Cryptoys takes things further. They will use a dual-currency system that allows gamers to earn two tokens through gameplay with Binary Dust and Toyken.

Toyken or $TOY is the governance token of the project in the Cryptoys universe. You can use it for unique perks, including exclusive drops access or purchasing physical merchandise tied to their products.

$BD is primarily earned through staking and playing games in the Cryptoys metaverse.

The company will reward the community with the token in various ways compared to Binary Dust. You can use the dust to upgrade items in your Pocket Dimension or create new buildings and items. This is also where the “burning” mechanism comes into play. Cryptoys refer to this as derezzing, and you’ll get some Binary Dust each time you do this to a collectible.

Cryptoys NFT Collections

The first digital line of NFT toys from OnChain and Cryptoys is called Zoo-F-O Escape. This drop contains the company’s original characters, Comet the Kitty, Juno the Panda, and Alphie the Corgi. There are 21 skins across this collection, and these cute collectible characters are a great introduction to their universe.

The first branded drop features Master of the Universe NFTs, which is something fans of the franchise will love. You can relive your childhood virtually through the Cryptoys He-Man NFT collection, and this first drop is set to debut on November 9th.

They will release four characters in each wave with seven “rarity” skins per character.

MOTU will hit the blockchain with a splash thanks to Cryptoys. There will be three waves for 12 hero characters but 84 collectibles overall. Each character is limited to a mint of 10,000, so the total mint run of the collection is 120,000.

Orko and Teela make an appearance in Wave 2, along with other fan favorites.

The first wave of the MOTU NFT collection contains He-Man, Battle Cat, Evil-Lyn, and Tri-Klops. You’ll get to pick up Skeletor and Panthor in Wave 3.

Where to get Cryptoys

Cryptoys Master of the Universe line will launch on November 9th, and you can purchase a collectible cube using USD or crypto. Currently, supported cryptocurrencies include BTC, ETH, DAI, MUSDC, USDC, and USDT.

Each cube contains a figure and has a price tag of $39.99. If you plan to pay with crypto, you need to sign-up for an account and preload before the drop goes live. After purchase, you can leave your Cryptoys Cubes unopened or unbox them and take them for a quick test run using The Block feature.

If you’re interested in minting MOTU, head to the official site and sign up for an account. Through their discord community, you can also learn more about the project and the company’s future plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cryptoys available on Android or iOS?

At this time, the platform is only available on a PC although a mobile companion app is coming in Phase 3 of the project.

What are Cryptoys Classics?

Cryptoys classics are PFPs that were given out to early adopters of the project and provide special bonuses to holders. You can check out or purchase PFPs from the collection on OpenSea.

Will there be a secondary marketplace for Cryptoys?

Yes, users will be able to buy and sell their digital toys on the Cryptoys marketplace during phase 2.

How many rarities are there with Cryptoys?

There are seven rarity levels with Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Grail, and Ultra Grail.

Is there a Whitepaper?

Yes, Cryptoys has an in-depth White Paper you can read here that breaks down the project from the rarities to their future plans.

What blockchain are Cryptoys on?

The Cryptoys NFT project is built on the Flow blockchain.

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