Cricket Wireless Family Plan Pricing and Details: Is It Worth It for You?

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Cricket Wireless Family Plan Pricing and Details: Is It Worth It for You?

Key Points

  • Cricket Wireless boasts 12.4 million subscribers and offers affordable, reliable family plans.
  • Cricket Family Plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data at competitive rates.
  • AT&T’s acquisition of Leap Wireless in 2014 enhanced Cricket’s service quality and coverage.
  • Cricket Wireless offers a variety of family plans, including the Cricket More Plan, Cricket Core Plan, and Fixed Data Plan.
  • Cricket Wireless Family Plan provides cost-effective pricing, extensive coverage, and flexibility.

Are you tired of sifting through a sea of family plans, seeking a reliable yet affordable option? Look no further! Cricket Wireless has emerged as a leading player in the telecommunications industry, boasting a staggering 12.4 million subscribers.

With years of expertise under its belt, Cricket Wireless understands the pain points of customers seeking a seamless family plan experience. Additionally, they have tailored their offerings to meet the search intent of those craving affordability, reliability, and flexibility.

But does their Family plan truly live up to the hype? Let’s dive in and find out, helping to guide you toward an informed decision.

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Cricket Family Plan Specifications

Parent CompanyLeap Wireless International (acquired by AT&T in 2014)
ProductsWireless services and smartphones
Active Users12.4 million
Areas ServedUnited States
Mobile Network4G Lite/5G
Cricket More Plan5G, HBO Max, 150GB storage, Hotspot, starting at $90/month
You can save up to $140/month with 5 lines
Cricket Core PlanSeparate data, starting at $80/month. Big savings of up to $150 (with 5 lines)
Cricket Group Save PlanMix and match Cricket plans with unlimited and 10GB options
2 lines: save $10/mo
3 lines: save $30/mo
4 lines: save $50/mo
5 lines: save $70/mo
Cricket Fixed Data Plan for Families$40/mo 10GB plan + Group Save discounts
2 lines: $70/mo ($10 savings)
3 lines: $90/mo ($30 savings)
4 lines: $110/mo ($50 savings)
5 lines: $130/mo ($70 savings)

Brief History of Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless, a prominent wireless carrier in the United States, has a fascinating history that spans over the years. Established as Leap Wireless International in 1999, the company has expanded its reach to provide wireless communication services in various markets across the U.S.

In 2007, Cricket introduced its Cricket Family Plan, which garnered significant attention from consumers. This plan offered affordable pricing and attractive features for families seeking reliable wireless connectivity. With the Cricket Family Plan, customers can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data at competitive rates.

As the years progressed, Cricket Wireless continued to expand its services and enhance its offerings. It became known for its flexible and cost-effective plans, including the Cricket Family Plan, which provides multiple lines with shared data and features unlimited talk and text options.

Cricket Wireless also excels in offering affordable smartphone options and reliable network coverage. Customers could choose from a wide range of devices, including popular smartphone models, to complement their Cricket Family Plan.

In 2014, AT&T acquired Leap Wireless Corporation, leading to Cricket Wireless becoming a subsidiary of AT&T. This acquisition provided Cricket with the advantage of utilizing AT&T’s extensive network infrastructure, further enhancing its service quality and coverage.

Today, Cricket Wireless continues to be recognized as a leading carrier, offering a variety of plans to suit individual and family needs. The Cricket Family Plan remains a popular choice for affordable solutions with unlimited talk, text, and data for families across the United States. With its reliable network, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service, Cricket Wireless is a solid player in the telecommunications industry.

Cricket Wireless Family Plan: Different Packages Explained

When it comes to choosing a family plan, Cricket Wireless has got you covered with its range of options. Let’s delve into the different packages offered by Cricket Wireless and find out which one suits your needs best.

Cricket More Plan

The Cricket More Plan offers a comprehensive package that includes 5G access nationwide, HBO Max, and generous cloud storage of up to 150GB. This plan is perfect for both work and play. It allows you to stay connected on the go with a 15GB Mobile Hotspot per line per month.

By opting for the Cricket More Plan, you not only get all the features you need but also significant savings. Additionally, with five lines, you could save a whopping $140 monthly!

The pricing structure for this plan is as follows:

  • 2 lines: $90/mo ($30 savings)
  • 3 lines: $110/mo ($70 savings)
  • 4 lines: $130/mo ($110 savings)
  • 5 lines: $160/mo ($140 savings)

Cricket Core Plan

If unlimited data is not a priority for your family, the Cricket Core Plan might be the perfect fit. With this plan, you can enjoy separate data usage for each member of your family, ensuring that no one exceeds their limits. Additionally, the Cricket Core Plan also offers great savings, with the potential to save $150 monthly with five lines.

Here’s the pricing breakdown for this plan:

  • 2 lines: $80/mo ($30 savings)
  • 3 lines: $90/mo ($75 savings)
  • 4 lines: $100/mo ($120 savings)
  • 5 lines: $125/mo ($150 savings)

Fixed Data Plan

For those who don’t require unlimited data, Cricket Wireless offers the best Fixed Data Plan for families. Starting at $40/mo for 10GB of high-speed data for a single line, this plan provides substantial savings through the Group Save discounts.

Here’s the cost breakdown for this plan:

  • 2 lines: $70/mo ($10 savings)
  • 3 lines: $90/mo ($30 savings)
  • 4 lines: $110/mo ($50 savings)
  • 5 lines: $130/mo ($70 savings)
Cricket Wireless Store
Cricket Wireless offers great packages for families with all different kinds of needs.

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Group Save Plan

If you prefer to mix and match Cricket plans within your family, the Group Save Plan is the way to go. Whether you need unlimited data, 10GB, or more, Cricket Wireless accommodates your preferences and offers savings on multiple lines.

The savings for this plan are as follows:

  • 2 lines: save $10/mo
  • 3 lines: save $30/mo
  • 4 lines: save $50/mo
  • 5 lines: save $70/mo

No matter which plans you choose, all Cricket Wireless family plans come with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and picture/video messages, and data access for every member of your family. Additionally, they provide nationwide 5G access, ensuring a seamless browsing experience.

It’s important to note that Cricket 5G requires a compatible device and may not be available everywhere. To check the coverage in your area, visit the Cricket Wireless eligibility map here.

Cricket Family Plan: Pros and Cons


  • Nationwide 5G access and fast speeds in select areas
  • Significant monthly savings at $30 for 2 lines, $70 for 3 lines, $110 for 4 lines, and $140 for 5 lines
  • Generous data allowances with premium data and 15GB Mobile Hotspot per line per month
  • Unlimited texts and picture/video messages
  • Includes unlimited video streaming at DVD quality


  • 5G coverage availability varies
  • All lines must be on the $60/mo Cricket More Plan or $55/mo Cricket Core Plan
  • Cricket Core Plan may temporarily slow data speeds during busy network times
  • Limited international features
  • No unlimited data connection option
  • No specific Family Plan discounts for stackable plans

Cricket Family Plan: is it a Buy?

Get it if…

Your phone is 5G compatible and you live in an area with 5G infrastructure. Cricket Wireless provides access to a reliable and fast 5G network, ensuring that you can enjoy faster downloads, quicker upload speeds, and a more stable connection compared to a 4G network.

You desire unlimited talk and text. With this plan, you won’t have to worry about running out of minutes or messages. It’s especially beneficial if you frequently communicate with your family, friends, or colleagues, ensuring that you stay connected at all times without any limitations.

Don’t Get it if…

Consistent HD quality and 4K video streams are a priority for you. While it offers unlimited data, the plan only provides SD-quality video streams for stackable options and HD quality for unlimited plans. If you’re someone who enjoys watching high-quality videos on your mobile devices, you’ll need to purchase additional packages for an extra $10, which can be quite costly in the long run.

Unlimited hotspots and plan data connection are essential. Boost Mobile’s unlimited data plans include limited mobile hotspot data, with the amount varying based on the chosen plan. For example, the $50 plan includes 12GB of hotspot data per month, while the $60 plan offers 30GB. If unlimited hotspot data is a necessity for you, it’s worth considering carriers like T-Mobile or Verizon, which provide plans with unlimited hotspot data.

Final Thoughts

The Cricket Wireless Family Plan offers a plethora of benefits, making it a compelling option for those seeking affordable and reliable mobile services for the whole home.

Firstly, its cost-effective pricing structure allows families to enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data without breaking the bank. Additionally, the inclusion of multiple lines and generous data allowances caters to the diverse needs of each family member. Furthermore, the seamless coverage and reliable network ensure uninterrupted connectivity, enhancing the overall user experience. Moreover, the flexibility to bring your own device and the absence of long-term contracts add convenience and freedom for customers.

Ultimately, with its competitive pricing, extensive coverage, and customer-centric approach, the Cricket Wireless Family Plan is a viable choice for families looking to maximize value and stay connected without compromising on quality.

Cricket Wireless Family Plan Pricing and Details: Is It Worth It for You? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is Cricket a good wireless plan?

Cricket Wireless offers good service coverage thanks to AT&T. Data speed may not be its highlight, but overall, it provides reliable performance with AT&T’s network.

Is it better to be on a family phone plan?

Family phone plans are usually cheaper per line compared to individual plans. Adding more lines brings deeper discounts, making them the best deals in the market.

What are the disadvantages of Cricket Wireless?

Cricket Wireless has savings, great family plans, and excellent coverage. The main disadvantage is limited phone selection, but online shopping makes it easy to find affordable options.

Does Cricket work internationally?

Cricket offers international calling and messaging to select countries. Calls and texts must originate from the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the USVI.

How slow is Cricket Wireless?

Cricket’s speeds vary, but they offer unlimited plans with 5G access to meet recommended speeds. Video streaming is limited to 1.5 Mbps (SD quality) on their Unlimited Cricket More plan.

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