Company Template

 Assignment: Create an authoritative encyclopedia page for the assigned company. Please paste all of your sources at the bottom of the document you submit. If there are sections or H2s that are not relevant, like key people, skip them. When in doubt, check with the managing editor. 

Any time another company, individual, or invention is discussed, link to that page on if a page exists. For example: In January, 1996, exactly two years from the moment, when two Ph.D. candidates at Stanford University (Jerry Yang and David Filo) started their work on the project, which will became the now ubiquitous web portal Yahoo,

Jerry Yang, David Filo, Yahoo, and web portal should all be linked to pages on History Computer. If some are missing, send a note to the managing editor and we will add to the backlog if the opportunity is large enough. 

The format of the page should follow the sections listed below. For the facts box, please fill in all fields, even if it’s N/A. It will be a simple table at the top of the article. Each section that follows will be an H2, or an H3. It will be labeled below. If a section is not appropriate for that individual or no information exists please skip. 


Year FoundedFree form
FoundersPerson 1, Person 2
IndustryFree form
HeadquartersFree form
Key PeoplePerson 1, Person 2, Person 3
Notable productsProduct 1, Product 2, Product 3

H1 – <COMPANY>: Complete Guide. History, Products, Founding, and more

H2 -The history of <Company>: What to know

  • A few summary paragraphs about the company. Where they started, what they work on today, what they are known for, etc. 

H2 – The Founding of <Company>: How it happened

  • How was the company formed, who started it, where, what was their idea, etc. 

H2 – <Company> Through The Decades (years)

H3 – Decade 1 / Phase 1

H3 – Decade 2 / Phase 2

  • List each decade or major phase the company went through as an H3 and provide some context for each. IBM and Xerox will have something like 1950-1960, 1960-1970, while a younger company like Spotify may be ‘2009-2019 – Private’, 2019-present day – public company’. Change the H2 to be decades or years based on whichever time scale makes sense. 

H2 – What are the most important inventions from <Company>

H3 – Invention 1

H3 – Invention 2 

H2 – How does/did <company> make money?

  • Use current or past tense based on which company you are talking about, or whether it was a way they used to make money (Kodak selling film) vs today (Kodak selling IP)

H2 – <Company> Acquisitions

H3 – Acquisition 1

H3 – Acquisition 2

  • List each acquisition, the amount paid, and the date in the H3. Then provide one paragraph about the move, what they got from the deal, etc. If no acquisitions exist, skip this section. Please link to that company page if one exists on as well. If the company that they acquired does not have a page on history-computer let your editor know and we may commission it. 

H2 – <Person> Notable Controversies

H3 – Controversy 1

H3 – Controversy 2

  • List each major controversy or crisis the company went through. Major hacking, defunct products, etc. List the controversy and date as the H3 and put a paragraph explaining what happened. Ie for Apple ‘Antennagate Scandal – June 12th 2010’. And make sure to mention the famous ‘you’re holding it wrong’ line by Steve Jobs


Answer all of the following questions PLUS any additional FAQs that come from your editor’s instructions:

H3 – When was <Company> founded?

H3 – Who founded <Company>?

H3 – What is <company> known for?

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