Digital Group Systems – History of The digital Group

Robert Suding

Digital Group Systems

The Digital Group was a Denver, Colorado based company founded in 1974 by Robert Suding, Ph.D. in Systems Analysis from Florida State University, a Latin teacher at a junior high school in Michigan and a computer engineer for IBM (see the upper photo) and Dick Bemis to sell microcomputers, designed by Suding. Their computers were among the most advanced microcomputer systems available at the time.

The Digital Group was the first company to produce a system built around the still very popular Zilog Z80 processor, but their hobbyist-targeted products also included the MOS 6502 and Motorola 6800 processors. Its products were based on a system of interchangeable boards and components which allowed users to upgrade to different CPUs without having to replace their peripherals.

The Digital Group "System 4"

The Digital Group "System 4" (circa 1977)

Their computers included video, cassette tape, and keyboard interface standard with every system, as well as a simple operating system on tape geared towards programmers. The Z80 and 8080 systems also included several demonstration programs.

Despite its innovative designs, Digital Group was not successful as a computer manufacturer. They never supplied equipment on a steady basis and in August of 1979 went to bankruptcy, while having thousands of product information requests and orders waiting to be filled.