What Channel Is Comedy Central on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

Comedy Central logo.

What Channel Is Comedy Central on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

Comedy Central has been keeping television fans laughing for more than three decades now. From its original series to its syndicated sitcoms to its hilarious comedy movies, this station is known as the one to watch for a good chuckle. But what channel is Comedy Central on Spectrum? Subscribers of this cable service struggle to pin down the Comedy Central channel number amidst hundreds of other offerings. Let’s examine the Spectrum Comedy Central channel from coast to coast.

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Comedy Central Channel Number Guide

City and StateChannel Number on Spectrum
Birmingham, AL61
Charlotte, NC52
Cincinnati, OH50
Columbus, OH51
Dallas, TX64
Duluth, GA66
El Paso, TX42
Houston, TX50
Kansas City, KS37
Lakeland, FL61
Long Beach, CA67
Los Angeles, CA62
Nashville, TN65
New York, NY45
Norwalk, CA62
Portland, OR44
Yuma, AZ37

The History of Comedy Central

Paramount+ plus streaming service
Paramount Global owns Comedy Central and other MTV Entertainment Group networks.

Like so many iconic television stations, Comedy Central began as a result of two lesser channels combining as one. In 1991, Time-Life’s The Comedy Channel and Viacom’s HA! channel came together under one new roof: The Comedy Network. This newly formed station, referred to as CTV, combined the comedic programming of The Comedy Channel with the sitcom reruns and sketch comedy offerings of HA!. Just two months later, the channel rebranded to Comedy Central.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a successful carryover from The Comedy Channel, but its low viewership made it nothing more than a cult favorite. It would take a couple more years for the new network to find its inaugural smash. Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher premiered on Comedy Central in July 1993. It was the network’s first breakout hit, finding so much popularity that it actually moved to ABC. The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn further boosted the network in the public eye upon its arrival in July 1996. 

South Park came the year after, cementing Comedy Central’s status as the best cable network for the biggest laughs. The 2000s brought Chappelle’s Show, Reno 911!, Comedy Central Roasts, The Colbert Report, and more. With so many hits to its name, Comedy Central was at the top of its game. This hot streak continued into the 2010s with shows like Key & Peele, Workaholics, and Inside Amy Schumer, among others. Alas, the changing landscape of broadcast television has left Comedy Central with very few live-action originals and an overwhelming amount of sitcom reruns today.

Comedy Central Sister Stations

CBS Sports Network
Paramount Network
TV Land
Pop TV
The Movie Channel
Smithsonian Channel

Comedy Central Programming

Still from South Park.

South Park

remains one of Comedy Central’s longest-running original shows.

Comedy Central’s lineup has changed several times over its three decades on the air. As such, it looks quite different today than it did in 1991 — let alone just ten years ago. This is a natural result of the changing demands of broadcast television, but still: What kind of programming does Comedy Central show today? Broadly speaking, the channel’s current lineup primarily consists of three main categories: originals, syndicated shows, and movies. Let’s go over each programming type below.


Remarkably, Comedy Central is still airing new episodes of South Park and The Daily Show. Both have been on the air for decades, and both will likely continue to air in some capacity on Comedy Central until the network’s final broadcast. They aren’t the only shows on Comedy Central, however. 

Digman! and Nora from Queens are two more recent original programs on Comedy Central. The former is an animated comedy co-created by and starring Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg. The latter is a live-action scripted comedy co-created by and starring comedian Awkwafina.

While none have been officially announced as of now, we can safely assume Comedy Central will schedule some new stand-up specials and roasts in the months to come. These have always been integral to the channel’s lineup, and they’ll likely continue to be integral forever.


As is the case with so many television networks today, Comedy Central’s programming slate is filled with far more syndicated programs than original ones. With an increased focus placed on streaming services, it seems this influx of reruns is a natural result of viewers’ changing needs.

The channel’s current syndicated lineup consists of six hit sitcoms. On the animated side, there’s Beavis and Butt-Head and Futurama. On the live-action side, there’s The Office, Parks and Recreation, Seinfeld, and Reno 911!.

Dozens of other syndicated shows have come and gone on the station over the years. This tells us that any one of these syndicated shows listed above could be dropped or swapped for another in the months to come. Don’t be surprised to see a new show added to or removed from the rotation.


While Comedy Central is primarily a channel for television series, it occasionally features hit comedy movies from the last 10 to 20 years or so. (They rarely — if ever — date back any further than the 1980s.) Recent examples include Ted (2012), Step Brothers (2008), Tag (2018), and the complete Hangover trilogy.

The network also produces and airs its own original movies from time to time. Office Race (2023) is the most recent example. Past original films include Reno 911! It’s a Wonderful Heist (2022), Cursed Friends (2022), Out of Office (2022), and Hot Mess Holiday (2021). Be on the lookout for inevitable future titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Comedy Central?

Comedy Central is a fan-favorite television network that specializes in comedy programming. It offers a diverse range of shows, stand-up specials, syndicated sitcoms, and comedy films. It has been on the air since the early 1990s, with South Park and The Daily Show remaining a key part of the channel’s lineup for decades now. It was established through the merger of two existing comedy networks: The Comedy Channel and HA!.

Does Comedy Central still make original shows?

While its numbers have dwindled in recent years, Comedy Central still produces and airs its own original shows today. In addition to long-running programs South Park and The Daily Show, Comedy Central also airs new episodes of Digman! and Nora from Queens. It also has several new pilots in the works, but new word on these premieres is likely being held up due to the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes.

What shows rerun on Comedy Central?

Comedy Central airs a bunch of classic live-action and animated sitcoms on its network. As of this writing, the roster includes The Office, Parks and Recreation, Seinfeld, and Reno 911!. Beavis and Butt-Head and Futurama also air in syndication on Comedy Central with new episodes of the animated comedies found on Paramount+ and Hulu, respectively.

Does Comedy Central still air stand-up specials?

Stand-up specials have been a foundational part of Comedy Central’s programming since the beginning of the network way back in the early 1990s. With that being said, the channel airs far fewer original stand-up specials today compared to its early years. Even so, the specific brand of comedy can still be found on Comedy Central — even if it’s in bits and pieces. For example, Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents aired new episodes until 2019.

Where are Comedy Central shows streaming?

Comedy Central is part of Paramount Global. This means that many of Comedy Central’s biggest shows can be found on the Paramount+ streaming service. Other Comedy Central staples such as South Park and Nathan for You can be found on Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming service Max. Rights issues are a complicated thing, meaning that many Comedy Central shows are spread out across various streamers.

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