Code Leak in iOS 16.5 Gives Sports Fans a Long-Awaited Feature

Code leak in iOS 16.5

Code Leak in iOS 16.5 Gives Sports Fans a Long-Awaited Feature

Apple has officially released a preview version of their new iOS 16.5 update, and sports fans should probably get excited! It isn’t always that we get new things in tech anymore, especially from a software side, but Apple, at least according to the pre-release version, is adding a feature that a lot of people have been waiting on forever: a dedicated Sports tab in Apple News. Here’s how we know and what it could possibly mean!

A Dedicated Sports Tab in Apple News

The iOS 16.5 beta that Apple seeded to developers on March 28 doesn’t currently have a lot of features that are worth talking about yet, but one somewhat important change is heading to the Apple News app. The move seems to make a lot of sense in light of Apple’s recent focus on bringing more sports features to their products. The Sports tab allows users to pick their favorite teams, giving them a personalized news feed. The process is similar to the feature available in the current version of Apple News, only it wasn’t specifically related to sports. The Sports tab also provides scores, schedules, standings, highlights, and stories from top sports publications and local newspapers, giving a centralized location for anything important a sports fan could need.

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Apple’s focus on more sports features has resulted in a dedicated sports tab in the Apple News app in iOS 16.5.

What This Means

This change means that sports fans will have easier access to the content they care about, without having to scroll through other topics or sections in the News app. It also means that Apple is trying to compete with other platforms that offer similar features, such as Google News or ESPN. By offering a more streamlined and customized experience for sports lovers, Apple is probably looking to attract more users and subscribers to its News app and service.

On top of this new tab, Apple is also partnering with major sports leagues to offer exclusive content and streaming services. Apple has inked deals with Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer for live matches, highlights, and original programming on Apple TV+. The ecosystem continues to expand!

Who Already Has a Dedicated Sports Tab?

While Apple may be one of the first to introduce a dedicated Sports tab in its news app, it is not the only one to offer sports content in a separate section. Google News, for example, has a Sports tab that shows top stories, scores, videos, and more from various sources and categories and has a similar “Interest selection process” to Apple. ESPN also has its own app that delivers sports news, scores, highlights, podcasts, and live streaming. Other apps that focus on specific sports or leagues, such as MLB or NFL, also provide similar features, only they are usually just for that specific sport.

Code leak in iOS 16.5
The EPSN app offers sports news, scores, podcasts, and live streaming.

When Does the Tab Officially Release?

As of now, the Sports tab is only available in the iOS 16.5 beta version which is limited to developers. There is no official release date for iOS 16.5 yet, but it is expected to be available to the public sometime in April or May. Until then, sports fans will have to wait patiently or sign up for the beta program to get a sneak peek of the new feature.

One of the limitations of the Sports tab in the Apple News app is that it is only available in selected countries. According to 9to5 Mac, these countries are Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK. People in other regions will not be able to enjoy the feature unless they change their device’s regional settings to one of these countries. Apple has not announced any plans to expand the availability of the Sports tab to other countries yet. It’s likely they will test in the countries listed and eventually do a larger rollout to the rest of their devices. With sports, getting the exact data can be tough, because of how regional everything is.

Other Features on iOS 16.5

Besides the Sports tab in the Apple News app, iOS 16.5 also has some other features that may interest iPhone users. One of them is the ability to ask Siri to start and stop a screen recording, which can be useful for capturing your screen activity without having to use the Control Center. Another feature is the support for sports multi-view in the Apple TV app, which lets you watch up to four sports streams at once.

Overall, we wouldn’t consider this particular update to be large in scope, but more of a quality-of-life feature with a few bug fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was leaked on the 16.5 update?

The main feature is the Sports tab in the Apple News app, which allows users to access sports news, scores, highlights, and more.

How can users start a screen recording with Siri in iOS 16.5?

Users can start a screen recording by saying “Hey Siri, start screen recording” and stop it by saying “Hey Siri, stop screen recording”.

Is iOS 16.5 out to the public yet?

No, iOS 16.5 is not out to the public yet. It is currently in beta testing for developers and public beta testers.

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