8 Civil War-Inspired Games for PC You Need to Try in 2024

Civil War-inspired games for PC

8 Civil War-Inspired Games for PC You Need to Try in 2024

Key Points

  • Battle Cry of Freedom is a multiplayer first/third-person shooter that offers historical accuracy in its portrayal of 19th-century war.
  • Victoria II takes an overarching view of history, portraying big-picture events such as the Industrial Revolution and the Scramble for Africa.
  • War of Rights pays close attention to details, with accurate armaments and real battlefields, making it stand out from other war games.
  • Strategic Command: American Civil War focuses on strategy and allows players to allocate resources, develop infrastructure, and engage in battle.
  • Grand Tactician: The Civil War offers rich, strategic gameplay with meticulous historical accuracy, down to the individual brigades.

When high tech becomes the norm, it sometimes has us wondering what it was like in an earlier time. If you’ve got an itch for 19th-century conflict, these Civil War-inspired games for PC will have you hooked. From incredible gameplay to the utmost historical accuracy, these titles allow you to live a past life. Let’s dig deeper into each one.

8. Battle Cry of Freedom

Experience graphic 19th-century war in this multiplayer first/third-person shooter. March into the fray with hundreds of other units, getting a sense of how large the scenes were. But the real draw for Battle Cry of Freedom is the historical accuracy. 

While it doesn’t closely follow the timeline of the Civil War per se, you’ll hardly find a game offering closer detail. The developers nail every aspect from the different flags to the uniforms, all the way down to the insignia. Armaments, architecture, and equipment all come straight from the 1800s.

The game features decent-quality graphics. While it won’t have you considering reality, the level of detail and dynamics do an excellent job of immersing you in the story.

7. Victoria II

One of the broader Civil War-inspired games for PC, Victoria II encompasses much of the political events of the Victorian era. Featuring a world map, players control factions as they industrialize, trade, and pressure for control. How does the world respond as one of its newest powerhouses splits in two?

The game takes an overarching view of history, portraying big-picture events such as the Industrial Revolution and the Scramble for Africa. While you won’t find regimental uniqueness, you’ll still find yourself witnessing the historical impact of the Civil War.

Graphics in Victoria II are basic compared to other titles on our list. Focusing on the political and economic impact of your decisions, the world map is simple yet accurate. This allows you to enjoy the strategy of the game to its fullest.

6. Civil War: Gettysburg

While many titles like to focus on the grand scale of the event, Civil War: Gettysburg puts all of its energy into portraying arguably the most renowned battle. Find yourself commanding units in real-time, either for the Union or Confederation. Think quickly, as the effectiveness of your commands can influence the entire course of the confrontation.

Because the game focuses on the Battle of Gettysburg, you won’t find a title that offers more insight into this particular engagement. From the map and environment to the location of regiments and brigades, you’ll experience this moment in time as it actually happened.

While not as focused on enhancing visuals, the developers make the user interface clear and easy to understand. Everything from reading prompts to controlling units feels smooth, resulting in an enjoyable, casual gaming experience.

5. War of Rights

Grab your musket and find yourself on the battlefield firsthand in War of Rights. Experience decisive engagements down to the minutes before faceoff, truly understanding what it was like to be out there. Plus with multiplayer capabilities, you can join your friends in communicating strategy and attack.

Look down at your hands covered in dirt and oil; at the uniform that represents your allegiance; at the bodies of your compatriots that fall in battle. War of Rights pays close attention to the details, separating it from any other war game and putting you right in the 1800s. From accurate armaments to real battlefields, War of Rights did it justice. 

To meet the rigorous standards imposed on themselves, the developers spared no expense on graphics. Character models, landscapes, and environments look pristine. And dynamic weather, such as rain and fog, changes the feeling of the battle in an instant. While it may run heavy, few titles match the visual quality of this incredible Civil War-inspired game for the PC.

4. Strategic Command: American Civil War

Instead of decisive action, players in Strategic Command: American Civil War have time to think through their plans. The turn-based system spans important periods of time throughout the campaign, ranging from weeks to months. Use this time to allocate resources, develop infrastructure, and engage in battle.

The game focuses on the map of the Civil War, showing an accurate representation of boundaries, armies, and routes. Throughout the campaign, you’ll face actual historical events. Make your decisions wisely, as they affect the course of the war.

Focusing on strategy as the name suggests, Strategic Command features modest graphics. The game doesn’t dive into unit details like other titles, but you won’t feel as though you’re missing out. The developers thought hard on the user interface, allowing you to navigate easily around the map as you control armies from above.

3. Ageod’s Civil War II

Civil War II takes its strategic gameplay one step further. Playing as the Union or the Confederacy over the entire duration of the war, you’ll have immense room for decision-making. Take turns managing resources, directing units, and even handling political relations to determine the course of history.

Ageod has a reputation for historical accuracy, making its title one of the most insightful Civil War-inspired games for PC. You have access to an incredibly detailed map that includes cities, geographic features, and important battle locations. It even introduces historical artwork, leaving players feeling immersed in the era.

While Civil War II doesn’t zoom in on grand-scale battles like other titles, it still finds space to offer incredible graphics. Instead of highlighting units, it focuses on detailed maps, user interfaces, and thematics. Overall, we’re left with a visually appealing Civil War game.

2. Ultimate General: Civil War

Ultimate General: Civil War brings you brings you closer to the battlefield. Controlling either Union or Confederate forces, clash with your enemy in monumental engagements such as Antietam, Fredericksburg, and more. Focusing on dynamic yet intuitive controls, This is one of the best Civil War-inspired games for PC that any experience level can get into.

Ultimate General takes care to introduce historical leaders in the roles they played during the war. Commanding as Ulysses S. Grant, George McClellan, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and many others, your battle experience weighs heavily on the characteristics of your general.

This 1800s war game puts effort into its graphics, resulting in one of the most visually stunning titles available. From authentic flags, immersive smoke, and dynamic troop movement, the developers wanted to give players a chance to feel immersed in the Civil War.

1. Grand Tactician: The Civil War

In Grand Tactician: The Civil War, you get to command armies across the entire stage. Massively spanning battles allow a deeper understanding of just how immense this confrontation was. But Grand Tactician is much more than brute-forcing the enemy; you’ll have to manage delayed orders, fog of war, and crucial resources each step of the way.

The game offers rich, strategic gameplay, and augments it with meticulous historical accuracy. Grand Tactician gets the details correct down to the individual brigades. If you look closely, you’ll notice unique uniforms, Civil War-era armaments, and carefully designed battlegrounds such as Gettysburg and Shiloh.

With such a specific genre, it’s sometimes hard to find a title with excellent graphics. This is what dignifies Grand Tactician as one of the best Civil War-inspired games for PC; the developers took time to render every detail. So while it requires a little more RAM, it’s worth it to experience this grand-scale event to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there many games based on the Civil War?

Many titles portray the conflict and politics surrounding the Civil War. Some games, such as Grand Tactician: The Civil War, put you right on the battlefield. Others, such as Strategic Command: American Civil War, have you commanding armies on a broad scale.

What games can you play as the Confederacy?

Many Civil War inspired games allow you to play as the Confederacy. Some of these include Ultimate General: Civil War, War of Rights, and Civil War: Gettysburg.

Did the Confederacy legally exist?

The Confederate States of America declared secession from the Union in 1861 but was not legally recognized as a sovereign nation, as secession was not constitutionally permitted by the United States.

Where can I find Civil War games for PC?

All of the titles on our list can be found on Steam.

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