What Channel Is CBS Sports Network on DirecTV? (2023 Update)

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What Channel Is CBS Sports Network on DirecTV? (2023 Update)

With more and more people cutting their cable and satellite subscriptions out of their lives, there’s one group of television viewers who must cling tightly to their plan: sports fans. This is especially true for DirecTV subscribers, who have an expansive catalog of sports channels at their disposal. CBS Sports Network is one such example. If you’re a DirecTV subscriber looking to tune into CBS Sports Network, don’t waste your time searching for the channel number. We’ll tell you exactly where to find the station on your DirecTV guide.

CBS Sports Network Channel Guide

Channel NameDirecTV Channel Number
CBS Sports Network (CBSSN)221

The History of CBS Sports Network

Soccer game on television.
CBS Sports Network has the broadcast rights to many international soccer leagues.


CBS Sports Network — which you may see referred to as CBSSN interchangeably — first launched in February 2002. Just over 20 years ago, the network began under the name College Sports Television (CSTV). As the name suggests, its primary focus was on college sports. CBS purchased the network in 2006, allowing it to rebrand to the CBS College Sports Network a couple of years later. The focus remained on college sports, but filtered through the lens of CBS’s high-quality cameras and broadcasting equipment.

In the years that followed, CBS College Sports Network dropped the “College” and evolved to become the CBS Sports Network. The name change to CBSSN came with an expansion of the network’s programming beyond just college sports. The station started featuring a much more diverse range of events. This new roster included professional bull riding, motorsport, lacrosse, and even commentary shows before and after the games. This expansion allowed the network to appeal to an even wider audience and become a go-to destination for more sports enthusiasts.

Throughout the 2010s and into the 2020s, CBS Sports Network has continued to evolve and adapt. The sports media landscape is ever-changing, motivating the network to keep things interesting year after year. It has secured rights to unique broadcasts and events such as the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), the Professional Fighters League (PFL), the World’s Strongest Man competition, the World Series of Poker, and more. Golf, motorsport, bull riding, and NCAA sports remain key to the network, as well.

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CBS Sports Network Programming

Still from Boomer and Gio on CBSSN.
Sports commentary show Boomer and Gio airs on CBSSN in partnership with WFAN.

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CBS Sports Network offers a diverse lineup of programming that caters to every sports fan’s insatiable appetite. From thrilling college football and basketball games to heart-pounding professional bull riding, CBSSN delivers a wide spectrum of sports entertainment and commentary shows. Whether you’re a die-hard NCAA fan or crave the excitement of combat sports like MMA and boxing, CBSSN has a more eclectic catalog of programs than most other sports stations. Let’s take a look at the types of programming you’ll encounter on the channel.

Live Broadcasts

CBS Sports Network’s live broadcasts are extremely diverse. The station started out highlighting NCAA sports like college basketball, college baseball, college football, college basketball, and more. It still plays these NCAA sports today. For as long as CBSSN is on the air, it will likely continue to put most of its focus on these collegiate sports.

Beyond that, CBSSN highlights a range of popular major league sports. The list includes games from the Union of European Football Associations, professional rugby, PGA golf tournaments, professional tennis matches, and a variety of motorsport races. It’s essentially an extension of the CBS Sports brand name, meaning anything that plays on CBS could reasonably appear on CBSSN.

CBSSN also shines a spotlight on women’s sports leagues. The WNBA has had a home on the CBS Sports Network since 2019. Similarly, the NWSL has been playing on CBSSN since 2020. Don’t be surprised to see other women’s sports leagues join the lineup in the years to come. This gives it a unique edge over rival sports networks that sorely lack female sports coverage.

There’s also a variety of less conventional sporting events on CBSSN. From professional bull riding to strongman competitions to the World Series of Poker and beyond, these interesting sports are difficult to find on any other major sports network. The only other network that gives ample coverage to these alternative sports would be ESPN2, and even then, CBSSN may have them beat.

Commentary Shows

Looking past the live sporting events, CBS Sports Network also has an array of sports commentary shows. This should come as no surprise to CBS Sports Radio listeners, as the radio station has been around nearly as long as CBSSN itself. These shows are comparable in format and content to similar shows on ESPN, FS1, and the like.

Boomer and Gio is one of CBSSN’s most popular programs. Hosted by Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti, the program has existed in some form or another for more than 15 years now. Jim Rome is another radio personality with a longtime home on CBSSN. His show Rome aired on the network at launch, with The Jim Rome Show later replacing it in 2018.

Other popular offerings on CBSSN include Time to Schein with Adam Schein and CBS Sports HQ Spotlight. The latter is one of CBSSN’s newest programs. It focuses on the latest news, highlights, and scores from the world of sports. Not to mention all the pregame and post-game wrap-up shows that air before and after big games.

What Channel Is CBS Sports Network on DirecTV? (2023 Update) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is CBS Sports Network?

CBS Sports Network, or CBSSN, is a sports-focused television channel. It provides coverage of various sporting events, including college sports, professional leagues, and combat sports. CBS Sports Network is available through many cable and satellite TV providers across the United States. You can also find it on certain streaming services and premium sports packages.

What sports are shown on CBS Sports Network?

CBSSN broadcasts a wide array of sports, ranging from college football and basketball to professional bull riding, soccer, and combat sports like MMA and boxing. The network also covers plenty of the top women’s sporting leagues today — including both women’s basketball via the WBNA and women’s soccer via the NWSL. CBS Sports Network programming is typically offered in high-definition (HD) on most cable and satellite providers.

How do you watch CBS Sports Network?

Whether you need a specific sports package to access CBSSN depends on your TV provider. Some cable and satellite companies include it in their basic packages, while others require an additional sports package subscription. Certain streaming platforms and TV providers like Sling or Philo offer CBS Sports Network as part of their online streaming packages, allowing viewers to watch sports content on the go.

What airs on CBSSN?

CBS Sports Network airs live sporting events, including college games, tournaments, and various other competitive matches. CBSSN airs them in real time, making sure viewers don’t miss any of the action. CBS Sports Network also features a range of live sports-related shows, analysis, and expert commentary to provide viewers with in-depth coverage and insights into their favorite sports as they happen.

Is CBSSN exclusive to the US?

While CBS Sports Network primarily serves the United States, some international TV providers may offer it as part of their sports channel lineup. It all depends on licensing agreements. To check and see if CBS Sports Network airs in your country, check the CBSSN schedule to see availability in your area. Visit CBSSN’s official website, or consult your particular TV provider’s channel guide.

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