What Channel Is CBS on Spectrum? (2023 Update)

What Channel Is CBS on Spectrum?

What Channel Is CBS on Spectrum? (2023 Update)

ABC, NBC, CBS… it can be hard to keep all these acronyms straight, especially when browsing your Spectrum guide. Where are you supposed to find the channel number for CBS amongst all these other channels on the air? The true answer will depend on the nearest big city in your state or neighboring region. If you’re a Spectrum cable subscriber looking to tune in to CBS for your favorite shows and news coverage, simply consult the table below.

CBS Channel Guide

City and StateCBS Channel on Spectrum
Atlanta, GA46
Austin, TX42
Bronx, NY2
Brooklyn, NY2
Buffalo, NY4
Charlotte, NC3
Chicago, IL2
Cincinnati, OH12
Cleveland, OH19
Columbus, OH10
Dallas, TX11
El Paso, TX4
Fort Worth, TX11
Houston, TX11
Indianapolis, IN4
Los Angeles, CA2
Louisville, KY32
Milwaukee, WI58
New York, NY2
Orlando, FL6
St. Louis, MO4
St. Paul, MN4
San Antonio, TX5
San Diego, CA8
San Jose, CA5
Tampa, FL10

The History of CBS

CBS — formally known as the Columbia Broadcasting System — has one of the longest, most storied histories in all of American broadcasting. First launched as a radio broadcaster in 1927, CBS was founded by businessman William S. Paley. The goal of the radio station was to improve broadcast quality and acquire popular programming to play over the airwaves. The success of CBS helped turn radio into the entertainment powerhouse that it was before the advent of television.

The broadcaster ventured into the burgeoning field of TV in 1941. Thanks to the American public’s need for updates from the front lines of World War II throughout the early to mid-40s, CBS was able to find just as much success on television as it had on the radio. The premiere of CBS Evening News in 1948 only boosted its success. By the start of the ’50s, the network was home to many popular scripted shows as well, namely I Love Lucy and The Twilight Zone.

From the start of color television to the further development of its news and scripted programs to the eventual transition to HD broadcasts, CBS retained its status as a Big Three network alongside NBC and ABC from the 1960s well into the 1990s. At the start of the new millennium, CBS introduced a vast array of new reality shows to the mix. This mix has helped it remain a key player on basic cable television through to the 2020s.

CBS Sister Stations

The CW (12.5% ownership)
Comedy Central
Paramount Network
Pop TV
Smithsonian Channel
TV Land
Pluto TV

CBS Programming

Still from 'Young Sheldon' on CBS.
Young Sheldon is a popular spinoff of The Big Bang Theory on CBS.

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Once you find CBS on your Spectrum guide, you’re bound to realize the channel offers a wide range of different programming throughout the day and night. From scripted dramas to unscripted reality shows, late-night comedy to mid-day talk shows, CBS has a little bit of something for every type of viewer in their lineup. Let’s review some of the most popular programs you’re likely to encounter on a typical day on CBS.


CBS consistently breaks viewership records, and its award-winning scripted dramas play a huge part in this success. The channel is home to Blue Bloods, N.C.I.S. and FBI franchises, CSI, and more. Even if you don’t watch any of these shows, you likely know somebody who does. They’re basic cable phenomena.

The same can be said for CBS’s comedies. Showrunner and executive producer Chuck Lorre practically has a residency at the network, consistently pumping out hit sitcoms for the network year after year. Currently, this includes Young Sheldon and Bob Hearts Abishola. Not to mention non-Lorre comedies, Ghosts and The Neighborhood.


If you thought CBS’s scripted lineup was stacked, just look at its unscripted offerings. From game shows to reality competitions, these super-successful unscripted shows have dominated the airwaves for many years. Survivor and The Amazing Race are two prime examples. These globe-spanning competitions have long been fan favorites.

Big Brother and its star-studded sister program Celebrity Big Brother are also big successes for CBS. People love tuning in to watch contestants stuck in a 24/7 lockdown under constant surveillance, as twisted as that sounds. Don’t forget about the game show The Price Is Right, which has been on the air for over 50 years.

Talk Shows

While CBS’s talk show lineup might not be as expansive as it once was, there’s no doubt it still has a leg up over some of the competition. This is true of both late-night and mid-day talk shows on the network — even with the recent loss of James Corden’s popular Late Late Show slot earlier in the year. 

Stephen Colbert has held down The Late Show since 2015 when he took over for longtime host David Letterman, who had held the post since 1982. During the day, there’s The Talk. Similar to The View on ABC, the show features a panel of notable figures talking about an array of daily current events from differing viewpoints. 


CBS has an equally impressive number of news programs. CBS Evening News is the most notable, having been on the air since 1948. Face the Nation isn’t far off, first premiering in 1954. 60 Minutes is another long-running staple, debuting in 1968. Together, these three paint a clear picture of CBS’s reliable and extensive news coverage.


Of course, we can’t forget about sports. CBS has plenty of live events to choose from. The network has major football games, NBA basketball games, PGA golf (including The Masters), and many more. It’s also the home to March Madness, Formula E racing, the annual Army-Navy Game, and even the Super Bowl every four years.

What Channel Is CBS on Spectrum? (2023 Update) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is CBS?

CBS stands for Columbia Broadcasting System. It was first founded nearly 100 years ago in 1927. After all these years, it remains a major American television and radio network that offers a variety of shows, news programs, and entertainment content watched by the masses.

How can I watch CBS?

You can watch CBS shows through your cable or satellite television provider. If you have a proper subscription, you can also watch CBS shows on the network’s website. If you cut your cable subscription, you can find many popular CBS shows (and shows from its many sister stations) on its parent company’s streaming service, Paramount Plus.

What are the most popular shows on CBS?

CBS is home to all sorts of incredibly popular shows watched by millions each week. Scripted dramas NCIS and Blue Bloods are both huge hits, as are CSI and the FBI franchise. CBS has plenty of hit sitcoms too, like Young Sheldon, for example. Its reality shows are just as popular, with fans tuning in every week to watch Survivor and Big Brother.

Is CBS News a reliable source?

Yes, CBS News is considered a very reputable source for news. The program has a long history dating all the way back to 1948. Its many spinoffs and offshoots are just as dependable, existing to cover morning and evening news as well as breaking news updates throughout the day. CBS shows such as 60 Minutes and 48 Hours give good, in-depth coverage of specific real-life subjects, as well.

Can I watch CBS online for free?

Lots of CBS content is available to stream for free on the network’s website, as long as you have a proper cable or satellite television login. You might also be able to watch CBS shows for free if you stumble upon a free trial offer for its designated streaming service, Paramount Plus. Because CBS is a basic cable station, you can also watch CBS for free with an antenna attached to your television.

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