Cars That Start With K

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Cars That Start With K

Over the years, we have seen many cars that start with K, from the 60s Kaiser Jeep M715 to the 2023’s Kia Sportage. Many more cars emerged during this period, including SUVs, electric cars, supercars, and even electric buses. If you keep an eye on the latest automotive industry trends, you must have heard about most of such vehicles. 

Below we highlight the 10 cars that start with K, each with distinctive features. While some are vintage classics, others are modern vehicles with the latest technology, features, and build. Our list is pretty versatile. So, whether you want a classic or a modern vehicle, we are sure you’ll find something to suit your taste and preferences. 

1. Kia Sportage 2023

Kia vehicles have been making their mark since the early 40s. The gigantic and charismatic crossover SUV, Kia Sportage 2023, is the latest addition to the Korean automotive product line. It offers everything a modern SUV must have, including two new trims, namely X-Line and X-Pro, and impressive towing capability. 


The SUV has a 2.5L I-4 engine supported by an 8-speed automatic transmission system. With 187 horsepower, the engine is robust enough to provide the driver with a 178 lb-ft of torque. 

You will also have a hybrid engine option with this Sportage model. It includes a 1.6L 4-cylinder engine (turbocharged) and a 227-hp motor with 258 lb.-ft of torque. Both powertrains can be easily coupled with all-wheel drive or front-wheel. For both engines, the car can tow 1,650 to 2,500 pounds.

Features and Design

The Kia Sportage’s sleek build is equipped with modern features. Its 17-inch alloy-made wheels have a classic machined finish. Moreover, you’ll have an electronic parking brake with auto-hold, LED headlights, and LED tail lights for safety. 

The SUV also offers driver assist technology, forward collision avoidance-assist, pedestrian detection, lane following and keeping assist. You’ll also love the rear parking sensors!

On the interior are a 12.2-inch instrument display and 8-inch touchscreen display, rearview camera, remote keyless entry and immobilizer, and heated front seats.

2. Kenworth T680 

A Kenworth T680 trailer truck at a truck stop in Hesperia, CA.
T680’s aerodynamic design makes it one of the finest Kenworth products.

©Mr.choppers / CC BY-SA 3.0 – License

Kenworth is a world-renowned medium and heavy-duty truck manufacturer. The company’s latest model, “Kenworth T680,” is the embodiment of how a modern long-haul tractor should be. This car will have a potent powertrain, durable components, and smart features.


The Kenworth T680 features a PACCAR MX-13 Engine (EPA 2021) with 405-510 horsepower and 1,550-1,850 lb-ft of torque. This power range is enough for a truck to run smoothly. The vehicle also comes with a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank.

Features and Design

Kenworth T680’s design is, hands down, the best vehicle the company has ever launched. This model features wind-cheating capability through its narrow hood and grilled build. Both components allow the air to cut neatly. The vehicle also has A-pillar turning vanes that produce reduced wake and improved airflow. 

Kenworth T680 also has front air dams, optional side extenders (29 inches), and wind-slick wheels for less turbulence. 

3. KTM X-BOW GT-XR 2023

Looking for race cars that start with K? Your search stops at KTM X-BOW GT-XR! This sportscar is a high-performing, lightweight car for people who prefer a radical design and modern features. KTM based the GT-XR on its previous GT2 while focusing on offering essential and unique features, including the electric jet fighter canopy. 


The KTM X-BOW GT-XR features a 96-liter tank with a strong TFSI engine with a range of 1,000 km for a full gas tank. The engine is a 2.5-liter, five-cylinder, specially produced by Audi AG for this model. No wonder why the GT-XR’s engine is so lightweight, compact, and efficient. In fact, it has been named “engine of the year” nine times till today!

Features and Design

The KTM X-BOW GT-XR has a wedge-shaped body with a sleek front surface. It also has a wheel suspension and a floor section, which are aerodynamically optimized. The car’s build maximizes the ground effect to achieve maximum downforce with low air resistance. You’ll also have LED racing lights, a pedal box system, a sound system with Bluetooth, and much more.

4. Koenigsegg CC850 2023

Koenigsegg is famous for manufacturing rare, exotic cars that are up there with the market leaders. The CC850 is no different. With its sleek look and powerful engine, this model offers exceptional driving and high performance even on rugged terrains. The best feature? Gear shift smoothly on this car!


The Koenigsegg CC850 offers a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. It also features a flat-plane crankshaft (with no flywheel) that provides better responsiveness and revs. When using E85 gas, the vehicle generates 1,363 hp at 7,800 rpm and 1,020 lb-ft of torque at 4,800 rpm. This is an impressive powertrain.

Features and Design

CC850 has telephone-dial-style wheels, headlights, and modern lamps. The gorgeous center-locked wheels measure 21 inches from the back and 20 inches from the front. The vehicle also features synchro-helix doors and a removable hardtop roof, giving an ideal luxury car vibe.

You will enjoy phone charging and Apple CarPlay on this vehicle. Besides, the Koenigsegg CC850 also features a camera system, parking sensors on the front and back, and electro-hydraulic doors and hood.

5. Karma GS-6 2021

The Karma GS-6 is the work of Henrik Fisker, a renowned automotive genius and the founder of Fisker Automotive. The vehicle features a sleek exterior, a fancy interior, and a powerful electric range. The GS-6 is supported by a turbocharged BMW cylinder that boosts the car’s range to 360 miles.

Considering its modern build, experts believe that Karma GS-6 will soon give tough competition to Tesla and Porsche. 


The Karma GS-6 is largely a plug-in hybrid vehicle with a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine. The car also features two electric motors on the rare part of the car, producing up to 536 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. Its performance is smooth, like the industry’s giants.

Features and Design

GS-6 sedan is a beautiful car. From the interior and exterior perspectives, you will feel like you’re sitting in a four-door supercar. After all, Henry Fisker is the designer of the Aston Martin DB9, BMW Z8, and V8 Vantage. So, the Karma GS-6  has hints of all three vehicles. The car comes in three different trims and bi-LED headlights.

6. Keating Berus

Keating revealed Berus in 2017’s Top Marques Monaco show. The vehicle’s name is inspired by a snake, “Vipera berus.” It comes in two variations with many features desirable in a modern car. 


Before the Berus was even released, Keating claimed that the car would offer 230 mph+ of top speed and could go from 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds. This was a bold statement, and Berus proved Keating with its exceptional performance. 

You can also get your hands on two electric Berus: one has a V8 engine, and the other is fully electric. The former produces 650bhp+, generating up to 201-402 hp and 1,054 lb-ft of torque.

Features and Design

Berus is inspired by the previous Keating model, Bolt, which was released almost three years before. A venomous snake inspires the vehicle, and this reflects in its exterior design. Even the lights are in the shape of a snake, and its front body looks like fangs. 

7. Kamaz Ulan 2022-2023

The latest Kamaz Ulan is a mid-size vehicle almost the size of a classic Hyundai Tucson. This manufacturer promises high performance and modern features of high-end cars.


The Kamaz Ulan comes with a 1.5-liter engine (supercharged) and is available in two variations. One will offer 150 hp, and the other will provide 190 hp. No matter what you choose, they are both combined with a 7-speed gearbox. It offers impressive speed. 

The engine produces torque at 2000 rpm. Kamaz claims the new Ulan will offer minimal jerks since the robotic gearbox won’t shift gears. This ensures a pleasant, fast, and calm driving experience. 

Features and Design

The Kamaz Ulan features a 12.3-inch digital display, climate control, and a touchscreen multimedia system (with 5G). The interior comprises leather upholstery and a virtual instrument cluster. 

Besides, the car will also offer speed control, lane-keeping systems, and many other features. This makes Ulan a technology-advanced vehicle in the Russian market.

8. Karlmann King

Karlmann King is one of the unique and luxurious cars that start with K. It is ideal for those who want a luxurious SUV with an equally fancy interior and exterior. This car is easily customizable. So, you can include a cinema system, a fridge, and anything you want. 


Don’t get fooled by the Karlmann King’s large size; the vehicle is quite agile. It has a 6.8-liter V10 engine that generates about 600 hp, with the ability to reach 60 mph from 0 in only 4.4 seconds. This SUV can also reach a top speed of 87 mph maximum. With its four-wheel drive system, it can even run smoothly on the most challenging terrains quickly. 

Features and Design

The Karlmann King is made of aluminum, leather, and carbon fiber. It also offers many advanced features, such as night vision, emergency brake, tire pressure monitoring, and lane departure warning systems. The car has tinted windows, an intercom system, alarms, and cameras for your privacy.

You can also enjoy a 4K TV, infotainment system, and WiFi hotspot in the Karlmann King. In fact, there is also a built-in espresso machine!

9. Kingo Electric Van (KINGO-L EV)

Kingo Electric Van is a high-quality vehicle built with environmental protection in mind. The car is mainly used for commuting, business, and passenger transport. It’s produced by King Long, which manufactures electric vehicles, city buses, coaches, van buses, and special vehicles. 


The Kingo-L EV offers exceptional performance with its sturdy engine that provides 134 hp of maximum power and 500 lb-ft torque. It only takes 2 hours to charge fully in the fast charging mode. 

Design and Features

This EV has an elegant design with a spacious and comfortable passenger room. The vehicle measures from 4.8 to 5.9m and comes in varying lengths and heights. It runs on electric power, petrol, hybrid, and diesel.

10. Kaiser Jeep M715

M715 was nicknamed the “Five quarter (ton)” due to its payload rating of 1 ¼ tons. 

©R450rr2004, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons – License

Kaiser Motors is an auto manufacturer of the early 40s and 50s, which was previously popular as Kaiser-Frazer. You may not have heard of this brand, but you might be familiar with the Kaiser Jeep M715. The vehicle was a hit in the year following World War II.


M715 is an American military truck with an inline 6-cylinder engine with a powertrain of 132.5 hp. It uses hydraulic brakes with a 4-wheeled drum. The vehicle runs on gas and has a fuel capacity of 28 US gal. 

Many users reported that the Kaiser Jeep M715 could reach up to 55 mph of top speed and a turning radius of 28 ft. In fact, the vehicle was a significant part of European, Vietnam, and Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) bases.

Design and Features

Kaiser Jeep M715 has the typical design of a classic jeep. It has four wheels, good control, and winches on the front. The car did offer every feature of that era, but it was dropped from civilian models in the late 60s. The primary reasons were poor maintenance, excessive oil consumption, and improperly welded frames.

Cars That Start With K FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is an expensive car that starts with K?

The Karma Revero is one of the most expensive cars that start with K. After all, it’s a luxurious electric hybrid sedan.

What sports cars start with the letter K?

Some sports cars that start with K include KTM X-BOW R, Kepler Motors Motion, Keating TKR, Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, and Koenigsegg Agera R.

What is the car with the K logo?

The new Kia logo has a K, often mistaken for “K | A” or a “backward N.”

What is the fastest car K?

The fastest-produced car K is the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut. It can reach a top speed of 330 mph.

How many car brands start with K?

Almost 10 car brands start with K, including Kia, Kenworth, KTM, Koenigsegg, Karma, Keating, Kamaz, Karlmann King, Kingo, and Kaiser.

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