Cars That Start with I

Cars That Start with I

Cars That Start with I

In modern society, owning a car has transformed from being a mere luxury to an essential element of everyday life. With countless brands and manufacturers competing on the market, there’s a car to meet every unique need and preference. Whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or a novice in the market for a new ride, the plethora of choices can get overwhelming. 

If only there were some way to narrow down your options. Looking at cars that start with a specific letter is always a fun experiment and can open your eyes to some brands and models you’ve never heard of.

In today’s article, we’ll explore some of the most popular cars that start with the letter ‘I,’ delving into their history and specifications. From classic models to cutting-edge electric vehicles, we’ll take a comprehensive look at what makes each brand and car unique. Let’s get into it!

Brands that Start with I

The letter ‘I’ may be the 9th letter in the alphabet, but many brands have chosen to put it first when naming their company. And with good reason! This special letter can stand for some of the most empowering words in the English language: Innovation, Inspiration, Ingenuity, Integrity, and Independence. We could go on and on – but let’s talk about the cars.

Here are some of the most notable brands that start with ‘I.’


cars that start with i
Isuzu’s primary market focus is on commercial diesel-powered trucks, buses, and construction.


Isuzu Motors Ltd is a vehicle and engine manufacturing company that launched its first car in 1934, the Isuzu, named after the Japanese Isuzu river. It was a branch of the Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co and the Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co when they decided to enter the automotive industry. 

Their first car was so successful that the Company rebranded in 1949 to what we know it as today. In addition, Isuzu trucks became popular after the war, helping the country rebuild itself. Over the years, Isuzu has garnered popularity with its light to heavy-duty trucks and tractors, pick-up trucks, and buses. They have also produced a number of military vehicles. 

cars that start with i
The second generation D-Max was launched in September 2011.


Isuzu cars are used in over 190 countries, spanning five continents. Some of the most popular makes include the following:

  • Isuzu D-Max,
  • Isuzu Elf,
  • Isuzu Foward,
  • Isuzu NKR 26 seater bus,
  • Isuzu FVZ Series,
  • Isuzu Giga,
  • Isuzu MV 67 seater bus.


Icona Designs is a Chinese-Italian company that first broke into the car market with its first supercars — the Icona Vulcano and Titanium. This not-so-common car company was founded in 1993. And what makes them stand out is that they manufacture handmade cars.

When you’re building some of the most intricate supercars in the world, you need to ensure every detail is perfect. That’s why the folks at Icona get their hands dirty, building cars from the ground up.

The legendary Icona Vulcano combines Italian design with what they call “race-inspired” interiors. This makes sense since its founder, Sotiris Karantinos, was the chief engineer at Alfa Romeo and also founded Italengineering, a sports car manufacturer. 

The Icona Vulcano first made its debut in 2013 at the Shanghai Motorshow. This two-seater with a V12 front engine is inspired by the SR-71 Blackbird. It can reach top speeds of 350 km/hr and has aluminum wheels and GT-R brakes.

The Icona Vulcano Titanium is the world’s first titanium car. The $2.8M supercar is charged by a 6.2L V-8 engine, has carbon ceramic brakes, exceeds 335km/hr, and has a 0-62mph time of 2.8 seconds.


Invicta is a British automobile manufacturing company that has been in operation on and off since 1925. It produced the classic SC and LC Chassis, NLC and A Type Chassis, as well as the popular Invicta S1 sports car. 


cars that start with i
The Infiniti badge shows both a road extending into the horizon and Mount Fuji, reflecting the brand’s Japanese roots.

©Roman Vyshnikov/Shutterstock.com

Infiniti is the luxury division of Nissan. It was first introduced in 1989 in the US and launched the Infiniti marque Q45 and M30. It later launched the Infiniti G20 in 1990, Coupé J30 in 1993, QX4 in 1996, Infiniti G35 in 2003, and Infiniti JX in 2011. However, in 2019, Infiniti announced that it was leaving the European market due to competition from other brands, which led to decreased sales.  


Innotech is an automobile design and engineering company in the Czech Republic that modifies Corvettes. It also produced the Innotech Mysterro in the 1990s at the Brno motor show. The supercar retailed at $100,000 and had a Corvette V8 engine. Innotech planned to produce 25 cars, but that was not the case. 


cars that start with i
Italdesign has been credited for the design of a wide variety of concept and production cars.

©Grzegorz Czapski/Shutterstock.com

Italdesign is a design and engineering company that focuses on manufacturing sports cars. Think Lamborghini and Ferrari. Although you might not have heard of them, Italdesign has been working hard for decades, designing some of the most unique sports cars. 

The Italian company, founded in 1968 by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Aldo Mantovani, has worked on various cars and has several partnerships, including Volkswagen. 

Italdesign has also produced its own masterpieces, such as the Giugiaro Parcour. This French-named car first debuted in 2013 at the Geneva Motor show.

The Parcour is an all-terrain car with a 5.2-liter V10 engine that can accelerate 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and reach 135 mph. It has a dashboard that helps the user control the car according to its surroundings. It can be adjusted for comfort, ice, off-road, and track. 


Impul is another Japanese automotive company founded in 1980 by Nissan’s factory driver, Kazuyoshi Hoshino. If the Fast and Furious movies come to mind when thinking about this company, you would not be wrong.

Impul manufactures aftermarket parts such as engine body parts, wheels, and body kits for Nissan. With time, Impul turned its focus to tuning cars and offered its first tuned car, the IMPUL 630R. Since then, it has tuned the Infiniti M and the Nissan Juke. 


Intermeccanica initially made speed equipment kits for Renault, Simca, Peugeot, and DKW.

©Gestalt Imagery/Shutterstock.com

Formally known as Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica, Intermeccanica is an automobile manufacturer founded in 1959 by Frank Reisner. It debuted its first Formula Junior racing car with a Peugeot engine in 1960. It went on to manufacture the Intermeccanica-Puch (IMP), which won at the famous Nürburgring racetrack. 

The company moved to California in 1975 to build replica cars like the legendary Porsche 356. It has since moved its productions to Canada. Reisner’s son, Henry, co-founded ElectraMeccanica to produce zero-emission electric cars. ElectraMeccanica has since sold 93 units of its $15,500 EV SOLO. 


Isdera AG is a German design automotive company founded in 1982 and focused on high-performance sports cars. It produced the Imperator 108i, which ran between 1984 and 1993, and later the Isdera Commendatore 112i, popularized by Need for Speed II.

The Commendatore 112i was later renamed the Silver Arrow C112i in 1999. In 2017, Isdera partnered with WM Motors, a Chinese company, to design and manufacture electric cars. 

Isotta Fraschini

In 1955, Isotta Fraschini merged with engine manufacturer Breda Motori.

©maradon 333/Shutterstock.com

Isotta Fraschini is a luxury car manufacturer founded in 1904 in Italy. The company also produces engines and trucks. Their engines are used in both aviation and military industries. Since its inception, it has produced several aero engines, passenger cars like the T8 and T12, racing cars like the Tipo 6 LMH-C, and trucks. 

Cars that start with I

So, now that you have a handle on some of the most notable brands starting with the letter ‘I,’ it’s time to look at specific vehicles. Automakers love this letter of the alphabet, as you can tell by just how many models begin with it.

BMW i3

The i3 won two World Car of the Year Awards.


The i3 is a stylish hybrid and purely electric car that costs between $44,450 and $48,645. BMW first introduced this model in 2013, but they discontinued it in 2022. Its build quality and beautiful interiors have made it a popular sale since 2014.

It underwent an upgrade in 2018, though many critics say it wasn’t much of one. The i3S was later introduced which, again, was not so different from the original i3. 

The i3 has two cylinders, max power of 102bhp@4800rpm, reaches 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds, and has an electric range of 173 to 198 miles. The i3 takes approximately 4 hours before it reaches full charge. 

BMW i8

cars that start with i
The 2015 BMW i8 accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.4 seconds.

©North Monaco/Shutterstock.com

Starting at $148,495, the i8 is a hybrid sports car that goes from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. It is a user-friendly car that has undergone two makeovers. Both the i8 Coupe and the i8 Roadster can reach a top speed of 155 mph and can be charged to 100% in approximately 3.1 hours.


cars that start with i
The Jaguar I-Pace was designed by Ian Callum, who now owns his own automotive and product design company.


The I-Pace by Jaguar is a fully electric SUV that was first launched in 2018. So far, it has undergone four remodels. It has two concentric electric motors and a lithium-ion battery. It has a range of 292 miles and can go 0–60 mph in 4.5 seconds. With a DC charger, the I-Pace can reach 80 percent charge in 45 mins. 

The I-Pace starts at $72,575. This price includes some tech features like driver assistance, Meridian sound, Apple car play, Android Auto, and front seats with heated and cooled cushions. 


cars that start with i
The Ibiza was the second SEAT model to be named after a Spanish location.

©Dong liu/Shutterstock.com

Ibiza is the brainchild of Spain’s SEAT and has been around since the 1980s. This relatively small car has been one of SEAT’s best sellers since it was first introduced. The early versions were designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and powered by Porsche engines.

The Ibiza is an automatic 5-seater which chrome detailing, an 8″ digital cockpit, a 9.2″ touchscreen display with a navigation system, USB type C sockets (data only), voice control, DAB/AM/FM Radio, a 1.2-liter petrol engine, an mpg of 42.2 – 61.4, and a top speed of 139.81 – 142.92 mph. 

ID Citroën

cars that start with i
The Citroën ID was a less costly variant of the Citroën DS, known for its futuristic body design.

©Maxim Blinkov/Shutterstock.com

The ID Citroën was the economical version of the Citroën DS produced in 1957 and discontinued in 1975. It had a manual gearbox and a sedan body. It had a maximum speed of 90.1 mph and a Carburettor for a fuel injection system. The ID had various versions including ID 19, ID 20, ID Super, and ID Super 5.  

ID Series Volkswagen 

volkswagen id.4 EV electric vehicle car
According to Volkswagen, ID. stands for “intelligent design, identity and visionary technologies.”

©North Monaco/Shutterstock.com

The ID series by Volkswagen is a group of battery-powered electric cars that use the MEB platform. Most of its vehicles are inspired by other car models. The first ID was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2019. The most popular ID variants have been the ID.3 and ID.4

Though the ID.3 was delayed due to software glitches, this electric hatchback has a top speed of 99mph, a range of 263 miles, and will take 9 hours to fully charge at 7.4kW. The ID.4 is also based on MEB and comes with 52 or 77kWh batteries for rear or all-wheel drive.

It has a range of 223 to 328 miles. You can charge it with both a level 2 and DC charger. With a level 2 charger, it could take you up to 11 hours to fully charge. 


cars that start with i
The Islero was intended to be a more visually conservative alternative to the then-radical Espada.

©VanderWolf Images/Shutterstock.com

The Islero by Lamborghini was a sportscar that debuted at the 1968 Geneva Auto Show. It was a successor to the GT-400 and had a 340 bhp, 3.9L DOHC V-12 engine.

With a 5-speed manual transmission and a hydraulic dry clutch, it had a top speed of 154mph and took 6.4 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. However, the Islero was discontinued in 1969 after the Islero S was produced, which had better aesthetics and mechanics. 

IS Series

cars that start with i
The Lexus IS was originally sold under the Toyota Altezza nameplate in Japan.

©tomas devera photo/Shutterstock.com

The IS series is a bunch of luxury cars from Lexus, which is a division of Toyota. The first IS was introduced in 1998 for the US and European markets. This IS came with four engine options and a 2.2-liter turbo-diesel engine option.

Between 2001 and 2005, Lexus introduced the IS Sport Cross, which looked like a cross between the hatchback and station wagon. It had a 3-liter engine with the option for a rear-wheel-drive or an all-wheel-drive. It had a top speed between 133 and 142 mph and an acceleration of 0-62 mph for 8.4 to 9.5 seconds. 

Lexus then introduced the second generation IS model in March 2005 at the Geneva Motor Show. Its exterior was more Toyota than Lexus. With a top speed that ranges between 133 and 142 mph, it had two gasoline engines (the 250 and 350) and a diesel engine (the 220D). It would also take 5.9 to 8 seconds for acceleration (0-62mph). 

In 2008, Lexus introduced the IS-F, which had a bigger 5.0-liter V8 engine, with heated leather sports seats. At a top speed of 167.7 mph, it also had a keyless ignition, a rear-wheel drive, and a fuel capacity of 17.2 gallons. 

In the 2008 Paris Show, Lexus introduced the IS C with two engine options (250 6AT and 350 6AT), both with 6 cylinders. The IS C had a retractable hard-top that could be opened or closed in just 20 seconds. It had a top speed of 134 mph and 141 mph and an acceleration of 5.8 s or 8.4 s, depending on the engine and a fuel capacity of 17 liters. 


cars that start with i
The Ignis was the result of a venture project between General Motors (GM) and Suzuki.

©Grzegorz Czapski/Shutterstock.com

Suzuki Ignis is a small SUV that was first presented in 2000, around the time when Suzuki Celerio was discontinued. It was then relaunched in 2017 and given another facelift in 2020. The new model came with a 1.2-liter petrol engine with a CVT auto or manual guise. It has had a number of variants, including the Ignis Swift Sport, Ignis GL, and the Ignis GLX Shadow. 


cars that start with i
The final Chevrolet Impala was built at the Detroit/ Hamtramck assembly plant on February 27, 2020.

©Art Konovalov/Shutterstock.com

The Impala by Chevrolet was a best-selling passenger vehicle that debuted in 1958 and has since had several comebacks with newer models. General Motors have since discontinued the spacious car due to declining sales. Sadly, 2020 was the last year we got to enjoy the long-running classic.


cars that start with i
The Impreza was introduced as a replacement for the Leone.

©VanderWolf Images/Shutterstock.com

The Impreza by Subaru first came to light in 1992. It had the option for a front wheel and all-wheel drive and has remained a popular Japanese car. It is currently in the 5th-generation model; a four-wheel hatchback, a CVT automatic transmission, and a choice between the 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter engines. 


cars that start with i
The model line is marketed by Vauxhall in the United Kingdom, taking on the Vauxhall Insignia name.

©Grzegorz Czapski/Shutterstock.com

Insignia by Opel has been around since 2008. The hatchback is a large economical family car. It was relaunched as Insignia Grand Sport in 2017 and later back to Insignia in 2021. For its newer model, you can choose between a 2.0-liter petrol engine, a 1.5-liter three-cylinder, or 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel. There are plans for a 2024 model, which will probably be an electric and plug-in hybrid. 


Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV
The Ioniq sub-brand is expected to aid Hyundai in achieving a targeted 1 million EV sales annually by 2025.

©Mike Mareen/Shutterstock.com

Ioniq is a hybrid, plug-in, and fully electric vehicle manufactured by Hyundai. It first debuted its hybrid version in 2016 in South Korea. The Ioniq PHEV and EV makes recently received powertrain upgrades. The most affordable Ioniq is the self-charging hybrid. The PHEV has an 8.9kWh battery, while its EV version has a 100kW electric motor and a 38.3kWh battery. 


cars that start with i
The Hyundai ix35 was discontinued in 2015.

©Art Konovalov/Shutterstock.com

The ix35 is a vehicle manufactured by Hyundai that was launched in 2010. It is a mid-sized SUV with offroad capabilities. You can choose between the manual and automatic options, petrol or diesel engines, and two or four-wheel drive. The Hyundai ix35 FCEV is powered by a fuel cell but is more expensive than the ix35. 


The iLoad is a commercial van by Hyundai that entered the market in 2008. It has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel engine delivering 114bhp and includes both a five-speed automatic and manual transmission. It comes as the iLoad 3S Liftback and the iLoad 6S Twin. 


cars that start with i
The Honda Insight will be replaced by a new Civic Hybrid.

©Steve Lagreca/Shutterstock.com

Insight is a hybrid EV by Honda that has been in operation since 1999. Its recent model is the Civic Hybrid’s successor. The 5-seater, fuel-efficient hatchback with 151 horsepower is compact and smaller than other hybrid cars. Unfortunately, the Honda Insight will be discontinued after this 2022 model. 


The Integra is another Honda make. This sports car came into play in 1985 and continued till 2006. Its design was used as a foundation for the Honda Quint. It had several engine versions, including the K20A, K20A2, K20A3, and K20Z1, with a fuel capacity of 14.1 liters and a fuel consumption of 25 mpg. It has a DCT gearbox and lacks a CVT transmission. 


cars that start with i
The Indy was created as an alternative to the Ghibli.


Indy by Maserati is a supercar first introduced under Citroen at the 1968 Turin Motor Show. This four-seater had a top speed of 165 mph and two gearbox options. It had a 4.2-liter V8 engine but was later revamped with a 4.9-liter V8 one. Its Chassis was similar to the Ghibli, had Citroen’s high-pressure brake system, and a 0-62mph time of 7.7 seconds. However, it was discontinued in 1975 with 1102 manufactured units.  

Cars That Start with I FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are some popular car brands that start with the letter 'I'?

Isuzu, Icona, Invicta, Infiniti, Innotech, Italdesign, Impul, Intermeccanica, Isdera, and Isotta Fraschini.

What are some popular cars that start with the letter 'I'?

Some popular cars that start with the letter ‘I’ include the BMW i3, BMW i8, I Pace by Jaguar, Ibiza by Seat, ID Citroën, ID Series Volkswagen, Islero by Lamborghini, and the IS Series by Lexus.

What is the biggest car maker in the world by annual revenue with the letter I?

Isuzu is the winner in this category, with over $22 billion in revenue in 2022, a whopping 24.76 percent increase from the previous year.

Are there any North American brands that start with I?

Yes, Infiniti. Although a subset of Nissan, Infiniti was started in the United States in 1989.

Is there an iCar?

While Apple has hinted at releasing an iCar in the near future, we have yet to see it reach production.

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