Cars That Start with H

Cars That Start with H

Cars That Start with H

Cars that start with H occupy the top positions when ranking the most luxurious and comfortable cars in history. For instance, the Hummer H3 and Lamborghini Huracán have an overall rating of 4.6/5 and 8.2/10, respectively, meaning they rank among the best in terms of power, speed, comfort, and durability, among other aspects.

However, the above are just two of the numerous car models starting with H which are shaking the motor vehicle industry with their innovation and performance. If you are considering purchasing a car, this guide will take you through the top 5 cars that start with H, focusing on their features. Please read through to the end to choose a model that matches your needs and preferences.

Haval H9

cars that start with h
The Haval H9 is the largest vehicle ever developed by Great Wall Motors.

Haval H9 is a large SUV produced by Havel, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors, Beijing, China. It first appeared in November 2014 after its debut at the Beijing Motor Show earlier in the same year. It is available in 5-seater and 7-seater models.

Drive Train

Unlike Haval H3 and H5, the H9 boasts an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, which works in tandem with its powerful engine and high-quality suspension system to overcome rocky and mountainous terrains. 


The Haval H9 has a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo engine, which delivers 215hp and 380NM of torque to the 4WD drive train, allowing you to conquer all terrain. The powerful engine combines with the H9’s 8-speed automatic transmission to give you a speed of up to 190 km/h.


The H9 has 80 liters fuel tank, and it consumes 10.9 liters of pure unleaded petrol every 100km. That means it can cover a distance of 734km on a full tank, making it the ultimate option for long trips.

Internal Features

The Haval H9 comes with 7 diamond-stitched leather seats, including the driver’s seat with massage functions, heating, ventilation, leg support for the front row seats, and other unique features tailored for your comfort. 

External Features

In the exterior section, the H9 boasts low-front and high-exterior waistlines, which enhance its visual length and sporty feel. 


The H9 is available in Hamilton white, Ayers grey, forest green, and crystal black colors to provide you with options to choose from.


The Havel H9’s price ranges from $40,990 to $44,990 for the 2023 SUV models.

Toyota Hiace Long Wheel Base (LWB) Van 

cars that start with h
The Toyota Hiace was first released in October 1967.

Hiace is a light commercial vehicle by Toyota, a renowned Japanese automobile manufacturer. It is popularly referred to as a workhorse due to its durability and flexibility in handling different tasks. 

According to sources, this vehicle outlives almost all other vehicle models released the same year, hitting up to 1 million kilometers. Let’s take a look at its features.


The Toyota Hiace is a Rear Wheel Drive RWD vehicle, meaning that its engine delivers power to the rear wheels, moving the car forward or backward.


It boasts a 2.8L Diesel Turbo 4 engine that delivers 174.3 HP or 130kw at 3400 rpm and 450 NM torque at 1600 rpm to its rear wheels. The above torque and power work together with the Hiace LWB 6-speed manual/ auto transmission to give you the best performance depending on your terrain.


According to the manufacturer, the Hiace LWB has a 70L fuel tank. It uses 8.2L of diesel every 100km, meaning it can hit up to 854km after a full oil refill, making it the perfect SUV for long trips.

Internal Features

The Toyota Hiace LWB has 5 high-quality seats, with sufficient legroom and hip room to accommodate persons of all sizes. LWB offers multiple safety features, including Auto High Beam, Pre-Collision Safety System, Road Sign Assist, and Lane Departure Alert to enhance your road safety.

If you drive in areas that experience weather extremities, like Antarctica, the Hiace LWB offers front air conditioning to cushion you from the worst effects of bad weather. 

Over and above that, this ride offers you AM/FM/DAB+ digital radio[B3] with satellite navigation[N1] and 2 speakers to connect you with the world’s latest news, regardless of your location.


The Toyota Hiace LWB comes in four colors: Luxury Pearl Toning, Black, Dark Grey Metallic, and White Pearl.


The price of the Toyota Hiace LWB ranges from $34,980 to $51,920, depending on the model.

Hummer H3

cars that start with h
The Hummer H3 featured a two-speed, electronically controlled four-wheel drive system that made it ideal for both on-road and off-road driving.

Hummer H3 is an-all weather off-roader by General Motors. It first appeared on the market in 2005 and exited it in 2010. Compared to other models, the H3 is the smallest. It comes in the form of a 5-door SUV or a 4-door pick-up truck that goes by the name H3T. Below is a detailed description of its features.


The Hummer H3 features an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, meaning it receives rotational power from the engine on all four wheels and then uses it to drive the car. 


Like Chevrolet and GMC Canyon pick-up trucks, the H3 utilizes a 3.5L engine that delivers 220 hp or (164kW) at 5600rpm and 225 lb-ft (305 NM) at 2800RPM torque to the wheels. 

The 220 hp engine is coupled with a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission, making it the ultimate beast for eating up rocky and sloppy terrains. Regarding performance in the water, the H3 can ford 27 inches of water at 8km/h and 20 inches of water at 32km/hr.

Driving Range

The Hummer H3 has a fuel tank capacity of 23 gallons and an average consumption of 15 miles per gallon. That means the Hummer H3 can cover up to 345 miles on a full tank. 

Internal Features

The Hummer H3’s interior is built with your comfort in mind, with leather-trimmed seats in both front and rear sections, as well as heated front seats with 8 power adjustment options. The other internal feats include carpeted floor mats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel for a better grip. 

The H3 is also created with your safety in mind, with features like:

  • Tire pressure monitoring system to alert you when the tire pressure goes below the recommended level, 
  • Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) to allow you to easily install safety seats.


The Hummer H3 is available in Black, Boulder Grey Metallic, Superior Blue Metallic, Shadow Green Metallic, Slate Blue Metallic, Birch White, Victory Red, and Yellow colors.


According to truecar.com, the Hummer H3 ranges from $6,020 to $51,900 for vehicles with maximum mileages ranging between 19,441 to 274,774 miles.

Honda HR-V

cars that start with h
A separate North American HR-V model was unveiled on 4 April 2022.

Honda Higher Rider Revolutionary Vehicle (HR-V) is a subcompact crossover SUV manufactured and supplied by Honda automobiles Japan. The SUV packs numerous features, including poised handling, roomy interiors, and safety additions for the benefit of its passengers. Below is a detailed description of its features.


Honda features both forward-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, allowing you to navigate unpaved and smooth terrains.

Performance and Range

It comes with a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine, releasing 119 hp at 6600 rpm and 107lb-ft at 4300 rpm. According to the manufacturer, the Honda HR-V consumes 5.8 liters of fuel every 100 km, which translates to a distance of 862km in a full tank, given its 50 liters fuel tank.

Internal Features

In the interior section, the Honda HR-V has 5 seats, with enough hip room, legroom, and headroom to accommodate passengers of all sizes. The other comfort-enhancing features in this ride include: 

  • Heated front seats,  
  • Heated steering wheel, 
  • Hands-free tailgate, 
  • Leather-coated steering wheel,
  • Acoustic windscreen.

Some of the key safety features found on the Honda HR-V include:

Blind spot monitoring system –  Detects any vehicle/s in your blind spot and alerts you to avoid a collision.

Intelligent speed assistance – Used to ensure that the Honda HR-V doesn’t exceed the recommended safe driving speed. In other words, the ISA system reduces the speed when you exceed the recommended safe speed.

Forward collision warning – Warns you when you are about to collide with a slow-moving or stationary vehicle.

Collision mitigating braking system – Detects a possible forward collision and reduces the speed automatically to avoid the accident.

Lane keeping assist (LKA) and lane departure warning – The LKA system keeps you on your lane while the lane departure warning notifies you when you leave your lane without engaging the indicators.


Honda offers the HR-V in five colors: premium opal, meteoroid grey, platinum white, crystal black, and premium crystal white to provide you with variety.


According to the manufacturer, the Honda HR-V starts selling at $25,650. However, the prices are subject to change depending on the color, technology used, and the inclusion of other high-end features.

Lamborghini Huracán

cars that start with h
The Huracán’s name (with huracán being the Spanish word for hurricane) was reportedly inspired by a Spanish fighting bull.

Huracán is an LP 610-4 design car produced and marketed by Italian automotive producer Lamborghini. It made its first worldwide debut in 2014 and was later released in June of the same year. The following features differentiate the Huracán from other vehicle models.


Lamborghini boasts an electronically controlled AWD system that aims to boost traction on various terrains and the vehicle’s overall performance.  


As earlier mentioned, the Huracán is an LP 610-4 design vehicle. This design is derived from the car’s 610 hp and 4-wheel drive system. On the other hand, LP means “Longitudinal Posteriore,” which means that its engine is longitudinally positioned in the mid-rear section.

According to the manufacturer, the Huracán offers unparalleled acceleration of 0-100 km/h within 3.2 seconds. It delivers 565 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. 

The above features work in tandem with Huracán’s 7-speed dual-clutch transmission to give you a comfortable driving experience and highly responsive maximum torque for eating all terrains.

The other engineering inclusions you may like in this car model include: 

  • Rear-wheel steering, 
  • Performance traction control system, 
  • Brake cooling management,
  • Specific suspension setups, and more.

Internal Features

The Huracán is designed with comfort in mind, offering options for heating sports seats, an optional navigation system, and leather upholstering with an electric backrest. 

Additionally, the Huracán comes with a Lamborghini infotainment system, which displays driver assistance features, climate control options, heating and ventilation controls for front seats, and Google Earth GPS navigation.


The Lamborghini Huracán comes in 13 different colors, including Blu Cepheus, Grigio Titans, Grigio Lynx, Bianco Monocerus, Blu Caelum, Bianco Icarus, Rosso Mars, Bianco Canopus, Arancio Borealis, Nero Helene, Grigio Nimbus Metallic Yellow, and Nero Noctis.


The Lamborghini Huracán’s MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is approximately $209,409. However, this price applies to the standard Huracán model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Haval H9 heavy on fuel? 

No. According to the manufacturer, the Haval H9 is powered by a 2.0L petrol turbo engine, which is assisted by an electric motor, and the vehicle only consumes 10.9L every 100 km; hence, it’s fuel-efficient.

How do I know if my Toyota Hiace van is SWB or LWB?

By confirming their lengths, you can tell the difference between a Short Wheel Base (SWB) and a Long Wheel Base Hiace van. Typically, SWB vans have a wheelbase of approximately 101.2 inches, whereas LWB vans have a longer wheelbase of roughly 122.4 inches.

Is Hummer H3 good off road?

Yes. With Chevrolet Colorado chassis, standard four-wheel drive, 220 hp, 225 lb-ft torque engine, and 9.7-inch ground clearance, the Hummer H3 is undoubtedly a good off-roader.

Which is better, Lamborghini or Ferrari? 

Lamborghini beats Ferrari in terms of engine power and innovation. On the other hand, Ferrari cars are relatively faster than Lamborghinis. So, the answer to the question is that it depends on your car goals.

Is Honda HR-V worth buying?

Yes. Honda HR-V is a good investment given its 119hp and 107lb-ft 4-cylinder engine with a consumption of 5.8 liters/ 100km. In addition, it comes with numerous innovative features tailored for your road comfort and safety.

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