Caktus AI Review: Is It Better Than ChatGPT?

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Caktus AI Review: Is It Better Than ChatGPT?

Key Points

  • Caktus AI is a specialized education and content generation tool, while ChatGPT is a general-purpose AI service.
  • Caktus AI has a faster text generation rate and is particularly useful for programming and writing, while ChatGPT requires properly structured prompts for optimal performance.
  • ChatGPT is widely used in businesses and can generate boilerplate code, while Caktus AI is focused more on academic use.
  • Caktus AI uses more in-depth academic resources, which results in more accurate responses.
  • ChatGPT uses its own GPT model, while Caktus AI’s core model may be a custom version of GPT or a bespoke model.

What is Caktus AI? It seems like AI tools are sprouting out of the woodwork. However, with each new tool, there is one burning question at the center of it. Is Caktus AI better than ChatGPT? It’s hard to deny the impact ChatGPT has had on the public discourse of AI.

ChatGPT itself is geared toward many uses but perhaps lacks the specialized touch of something like Caktus AI. This comparison should serve as a deeper look into what Caktus does, how it stacks up against the competition, and whether you should pick it over ChatGPT.

Caktus AI vs. ChatGPT: Side-by-Side Comparison

Caktus AIChatGPT
Intended UseEducation and content generationGeneral purpose usage
PricingUsers are given 20,000 tokens for free upon sign-up; service costs $14.99 a month or $99.99 a yearUsers can enjoy the free GPT-3.5 service; access to GPT-4 starts at $20 a month
AI TypeLLM with ML extensionsLLM
Sources UsedGeneral sources, as well as CORE database with academic resourcesGeneral sources pulled from the web
User CustomizationUsers can create custom chatbots for different aspects of the serviceNone
External ApplicationsCan be implemented with other messaging servicesCan be implemented with other messaging services and external applications
AccuracyHigh accuracy for academic purposes; does require grammatically correct promptsDecent overall, but can be tricked into malicious output with the right structure of the prompt

There are some similarities between these two services. However, the base implementation of both has very different use cases.

Caktus AI vs. ChatGPT: What’s the Difference?

Now that a decent overview has been established, it’s time to see how these services stack up against each other.


caktus ai
Caktus AI has specialty modes intended for writing essays.

In terms of general performance, Caktus AI has a slight edge. It can take longer prompts and generate text at a far faster rate. Caktus AI is also geared toward educational use, meaning it can be aimed at the likes of programming and writing.

ChatGPT is generally fast when using properly structured prompts. Like Caktus AI, it can be used for general educational material, including text generation and code. Both Caktus AI and ChatGPT can also be used as a language-learning resource. Supported languages include French, Spanish, and more.

Caktus AI’s performance actually shines with text generation, to the point where the parent company offers a writing service for essays and other long-form texts. ChatGPT can do the same, but academia has been rather fast to catch on, with the likes of Turnitin and Copyscape detecting AI output.


ChatGPT is a general-purpose AI service. This means it can be rigged to fit a variety of different use cases. It currently sees usage in businesses, serving as a digital assistant of sorts. OpenAI has also allowed for it to be used as a resource for generating boilerplate code.

It serves quite well in most functions but is prone to its own gaffes and errors. This is bound to be the case, especially when you consider the database that trained the model isn’t intended to be an exhaustive source.

Caktus AI is very much geared toward business and academic use. Academic use sees some novel takes on the AI paradigm, with customizable chatbots enabling a slew of different ways to approach learning.

Caktus AI can also be easily used for business purposes, with the likes of content generation, customer service, and general knowledge being available through the service.


caktus ai
ChatGPT is generally accurate but can give false results in some cases.

AI services are readily defined by the overall accuracy of the responses given. Now, ChatGPT isn’t infallible. There have been instances where users in well-established fields with particular knowledge sets have found the responses from the AI to be baffling at best.

That said, if you’re sticking with more general knowledge or topics geared toward computer science, ChatGPT can excel. OpenAI used the wide internet as a base for the training set, so it only stands to reason that the resource could have conflicting or incorrect information present.

Caktus AI does use the internet as a resource but also uses more in-depth academic resources. This allows for far more general accuracy when it comes to constructing a response. For this reason alone, Caktus AI can be a more reliable essayist.

Engines in Use

ChatGPT uses its own created LLM model dubbed GPT, as the name might denote. GPT has been OpenAI’s brainchild since its inception, with versions 1 and 2 being unavailable to the public. Version 3 saw the public debut of ChatGPT as a product, with the latest version now being 4.

GPT-4 is a more accurate and robust model, but you’ll have to pay $20 a month to get unfettered access to it. There aren’t quite as many details online surrounding Caktus AI’s core model.

What the company does reveal is that it uses an LLM that uses machine learning to further extend its capabilities. It is possible the company is leveraging its own custom version of GPT, as OpenAI does have the API available.

However, it’s also just as likely that Caktus runs its own bespoke model similar to the likes of Google Bard, Anthropic’s Claude, and others. The coming years will likely see the emergence of more diverse AI models for use, so Caktus may be well ahead of the curve.

Caktus AI vs. ChatGPT: 6 Must-Know Facts

  1. Caktus AI allows you to custom-make bots to help with different aspects of your educational goals.
  2. Caktus AI has a robust and accurate essay-writing mode.
  3. Caktus AI has code writers geared explicitly toward different languages.
  4. ChatGPT doesn’t have a specific purpose but excels at general knowledge.
  5. GPT-4 is a significant improvement over the freely available GPT-3.5.
  6. ChatGPT sees more use in enterprise settings, especially as a digital assistant.

Caktus AI vs. ChatGPT: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Choose?

So, is Caktus AI a better product than ChatGPT? That really comes down to what you’re looking for in an AI service. ChatGPT certainly has some advantages in being more widely documented at this point. It also has a free component that Caktus AI lacks.

Caktus AI is geared towards the academic-minded and certainly excels in this space. The more robust database with good primary sources allows for far more accurate content generation and reference material overall.

However, there’s no free plan, and the monthly subscription might not be an ideal fit for students. At any rate, you could always give the 20,000 credits they offer at sign-up a whirl to see how you like the system. That said, ChatGPT does have the edge, but only because of the free model that allows lengthy evaluations and the more robust support it enjoys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ChatGPT be inaccurate?

Yes, but it will depend heavily on what sort of prompt you’re giving it. If it is more specialized requests, you’ll want to double-check the information with good primary sources just in case.

Can Caktus AI generated code?

Yes, Caktus AI has specific modes for a variety of programming languages. You could easily generate code with the chosen modes to get a decent and usable program out of it.

Should I rely on AI for writing essays?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. There are certain ethical quandaries that arise when using AI for text generation. You likely don’t want to run afoul of your academic’s plagiarism board when writing an essay.

Can I use ChatGPT with different languages?

You certainly can, the AI model has support for multiple languages. ChatGPT can go so far as to enable you to learn another language, but you’ll likely want to find additional resources to help with things like pronunciation.

Can I customize my own chatbot for ChatGPT?

Generally speaking, no. You can certainly customize aspects of your ChatGPT experience, but the AI itself doesn’t specialize in custom chatbots. You’ll want to use Caktus AI or similar services for setting up your own custom chatbots.

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