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Keeping your yard, lawn, or garden looking perfect requires diligence and hard work. Usually, that means you are stuck pushing around a heavy, loud, and smelly mower for hours on end. In most cases, it takes a lot of effort and skill to get the job done right. However, what if you could make mowing your lawn easier? Enter robotic lawn mowers.

You’ve probably heard of robotic food delivery, robotic vacuums, and even robotic pet care. Any avid lawn lover can tell you robotic lawn mowers are the next big thing. When choosing the right one for your garden, there’s a lot to consider. Bosch robotic lawn mower vs. DareDevil lawn mower are two of the top contenders.

One of the main differences between the two mowers is that Bosch has a sleek and modern design with intelligence built-in. It uses LogiCut navigation technology and sensors to ensure it doesn’t run over obstacles like stones, plants, or furniture. However, it lacks the power and ruggedness of DareDevil’s mowers. DareDevil mowers are built for challenging terrains and feature a heavy-duty frame and crawling wheels to tackle hilly or uneven terrains.

So, which one should you choose? Let’s break it down.

Bosch Robotic Lawn Mower vs. DareDevil Lawn Mower: Side-By-Side Comparison

SpecsBosch DareDevil
Remote control distance Uses app (You can control from anywhere)Loncin 7.5hp and Kohler 8.5hp: 656 feet
Loncin 16hp/452cc and 22hp/608cc: 1640 feet
Battery voltage 18 VLoncin 7.5hp: 12V
Kohler 8.5hp: 12V
Loncin 16hp/452cc and 22hp/608cc: 48V
Intelligence Features LogiCut, Auto Calendar Function, MultiArea.Lacks intelligence features
Height of cut 1.18 inches to 1.97 inches Loncin 7.5hp and Kohler 8.5hp: .79 inches to 5.9 inches
Loncin 16hp/452cc and 22hp/608cc: 1.18 inches to 5.9 inches
Width of Cut 19 cmLoncin 7.5hp: 55 cm
Kohler 8.5hp: 55 cm
Loncin 16hp/452cc and 22hp/608cc: 80 cm and 102 cm
Battery Run Time M+ 700: 75 minutes
S+ 500: 60 minutes 
M 700: 75 minutes
S 500: 60 minutes 
XS 300: 45 minutes 
Loncin 7.5hp: 20 hours
Kohler 8.5hp: 20 hours
Working slope0-15° (27%)Loncin 7.5hp: 0-45°
Kohler 8.5hp: 0-45°
Loncin 16hp/452cc and 22hp/608cc: 0-50°
Walking speed0.9 miles per hour0-5.6miles per hour
Best for Challenging Terrains
Daredevil Crawler Mower LONCIN Engine 7.5hp Lawnmower | 3.85mph Forward Speed Robotic Lawn Care | Remote Control Hybrid Gas and Electric Lawnmower | Zero Turn Self Propel Trimmer | 1YR Warranty
  • Features a heavy-duty frame and crawling wheels
  • Can handle slopes of up to 45 degrees
  • Add customized parts and accessories
  • Uses remote control navigation
  • Replaceable battery
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Bosch Robotic Lawn Mower vs. DareDevil Lawn Mower: What’s the Difference?

You want a mower that balances form and function. Ideally, one that doesn’t skimp on performance but still looks good and meets your needs.

Bosch is a German engineering and electronics company that produces a variety of advanced home appliances, including robotic lawn mowers. The company uses the latest technologies in most of its products, and Bosch robotic lawn mowers are no exception.

The first thing you need to note before we continue with this article is that Bosch’s Indego line of lawn mowers consists of five models:

Each of these models has varying specs and features. However, you’ll notice that some specifications, like battery voltage and height of cut, for example, are similar. Therefore, when discussing some of the features, we’ll ensure we mention from which model this feature derives.

On the other hand, DareDevil is a US-based company specializing in robotic lawn mowers. They have just one model, the DareDevil robotic lawn mower. However, it comes in different engine variants.

  • The Loncin engine 7.5hp
  • The Kohler engine 8.5hp
  • New and improved Loncin engine 16hp/452cc or 22hp/608cc (DDM 800 and DDM 1000)

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a more powerful or fuel-efficient robotic mower with these different engine variants.

The Kohler 16hp is what the company refers to as the DDM 800, whereas the 22hp model is labeled the DDM 1000. For each of the two models (DDM 800 and DDM 1000), you’ll find one with a camera system and one without. The camera system is an optional feature you can choose when purchasing the DDM 800/1000 models.

Below is a detailed analysis of the differences between these two robotic mowers.


One of the most important considerations when choosing a robotic mower is its power. How much raw force does it provide? Bosch Indego robotic mowers run on lithium-ion batteries and generate 18 volts. This output is relatively modest but will also depend on the model you choose.

For instance, the Indego M+ 700 model has a run time of up to 75 minutes, whereas the Indego S+ 500 model has a run time of up to 60 minutes. Lower models within the Bosch range, like the Indego XS 300 model, will only run for 45 minutes.

DareDevil lawn mowers, on the other hand, have more power and versatility. The Kohler engine of the DDM 800 and DDM 1000 models can generate up to 16 and 22hp, respectively, giving you more control for demanding terrain. The other two engine variants – the Loncin 7.5hp and 13hp – offer fuel efficiency for those looking to save on energy costs.

It’s also important to note that while the batteries in Boschs mowers run the entire machine, the batteries in DareDevil mowers are only for speed. DareDevil mowers use gasoline to power the engine responsible for cutting the grass. For this reason, you’ll notice that the 12V batteries in DareDevil mowers have a much longer run time than those in Boschs, up to 20 hours for Loncin 7.5 and Kohler 8.5 models.

Height and Width of Cut

If you have an uneven lawn or need a specific height, you’ll want to know the specs of each mower. Bosch Indego models have a cutting width of 19 cm and three level-adjusted heights ranging from 1.18 inches to 1.97 inches (30 mm to 60 mm). That’s just enough for a basic trim, although on longer grass, you’ll need to go over the same area multiple times.

For DareDevil mowers, the adjusting range is much better — from .79 inches to 5.9 inches (20 mm to 150 mm) with its cutting width at 55 cm for the Loncin 7.5hp and Kohler 8.5hp. The Loncin 16hp/452cc and 22hp/608cc models, which are the DDM 800 and DDM 1000, have a width of 80 cm and 102 cm, respectively. Therefore, making short work of long grass with a DareDevil mower is easier.

Intelligence Features

Robotics is all about intelligence — and the better the algorithms, the smarter the mower. Bosch mowers come with LogiCut technology, a unique algorithm that enables the mower to map your lawn and calculate the most efficient mowing pattern. This feature ensures you don’t overlap areas twice or miss spots. It gives parallel lines and a beautiful striped finish for a neat, professional look.

The machine also comes with MultiArea, a feature that allows it to mow up to three separate areas. Indego mowers will automatically know where narrow passages are and adjust their mowing accordingly. For instance, it’s possible to achieve a neatly manicured edge along border areas with the help of this feature.

Another exciting feature of the Indego mower is its obstacle detection. The machine knows when it bumps into something and will re-route itself to continue its task. As if that wasn’t enough, the mower can use the latest weather forecasts to adjust its mowing schedule. All you need to use the full features of the mower is the Bosch Smart Gardening App.

DareDevil mowers aren’t as sophisticated as Boschs, but they have some exciting intelligence features. These machines use a remote control for navigation. Unlike the Indego mower, these machines don’t automatically detect obstacles. However, you can use the remote control to navigate dangerous areas and avoid anything that can get in your way.

The remote control distance is excellent — up to 656 feet (200 meters) — for the Loncin 7.5hp and Kohler 8.5hp models, while the DDM 800 and 1000 have a distance of up to 1640 feet (500 meters). Moreover, some DDM 800 and DDM 1000 have cameras that give you live visuals of the terrain and the mower’s progress through the RC.


If you’re looking for a machine that will take the hassle out of mowing, the Bosch Indego is the way to go. However, if you want a machine that will handle several acres of land and you don’t mind spending hours controlling it, then DareDevil mowers are the way to go.

Rugged terrain, sloping surfaces, and a sizeable mowing area are more suited for DareDevil models. These mowers can climb slopes of up to 45 degrees for the Loncin 7.5hp and Kohler 8.5hp models and up to 50 degrees for the DDM 800 and 1000. Boschs can only handle slopes of up to 15 degrees, so they are only ideal for flat lawns.

Besides the slope capabilities, the other factor determining workability is the wheels’ design. Indego models feature two large wheels at the rear and two small ones up front. This design makes it easier to maneuver in tight spots and around obstacles, but it can limit traction on steep slopes. In contrast, DareDevil mowers are crawlers with tanker-like belt tracks that give them unparalleled traction on all terrain.

With its height adjustability capabilities and powerful motors, the DareDevil machines can easily handle overgrowth and tall grass. You can take it to a field or an area with long grass and brush, and the mower will easily tackle it all. The DDM 800 and 1000 also have unique cutting options that enable you to set the blade height for a neater job.


Even with all the fancy features and intelligence, the Bosch Indego mowers are slow. The maximum speed of these machines is 0.9 miles per second, which means you’ll be spending hours mowing a large lawn. The DareDevil mowers are much faster, with maximum speeds of up to 5.6 miles per second — more than five times faster than the Indego.

If you have a large area and don’t want to spend hours mowing, then DareDevil machines are your best option. This is especially true for commercial or industrial applications; with these models, you can finish an area quickly and move on to the next one.

Parts and Accessories

When you buy a Bosch mower, you get a comprehensive package complete with the mower, a docking station, fixing pegs (140 pieces), perimeter wire (100m), a power supply unit, screws with a hex key, and a wire connector. If you were wondering how to operate the mower, don’t worry; you also get an instruction manual.

Unfortunately, the battery on a Bosch Indego mower isn’t replaceable, and you can’t also exchange it for a new one. Other accessory parts are readily available from the manufacturer but can be pretty expensive.

DareDevil mowers come with everything you need to get started and more. You can easily do that if you buy a Kohler 7.5hp and want to change the engine to a Kohler 8.5hp. Other parts and accessories include motors, blades, batteries, chassis parts, and a track.

You can also purchase custom-made attachments like a snow plow, water dispenser, sweeper, and snow blower. The prices are also relatively high, but they are worth the investment, considering their usefulness.

Overall Pricing

A Bosch Indego mower will cost you between $700 and $1600, depending on the model. The price for a DareDevil Loncin 7.5hp model is $2,999.99, a Kohler 8.5hp is $3,499.99, and the DDM 800 and 1000 start from $4,999.99. The DareDevil models are more expensive than the Indego. Therefore, if your budget is limited, then the Indego models are ideal.

Bosch Robotic Lawn Mower vs. DareDevil Lawn Mower: Must-Know Facts

  1. DareDevil mowers are much faster, with maximum speeds of up to 5.6 miles per second, whereas Bosch mowers max out at 0.9 miles per second.
  2. DareDevil models have better traction and can handle slopes of up to 50 degrees, whereas the Bosch models can only handle slopes of up to 15 degrees.
  3. You can operate a Bosch robotic lawn mower from anywhere using the app, but you must be present while using a DareDevil mower.
  4. Bosch robotic mower batteries are not replaceable, whereas you can easily change the battery on a DareDevil mower.
  5. The intelligence features of the Bosch mower make it more user-friendly and easier to operate, but it doesn’t have the power and speed of the DareDevil mowers.
  6. You can add customized parts and accessories like snow plows, water dispensers, sweepers, and snow blowers to a DareDevil mower.

Bosch Robotic Lawn Mower vs. DareDevil Lawn Mower: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Buy?

Ultimately, depending on your needs, you’ll have to choose the best robotic lawn mower option. From the article, we established that while Bosch mowers are more user-friendly and easier to operate, DareDevil mowers have better traction, power, speed, and customizable parts. Therefore, if you value convenience over power or want a low-cost solution for residential use, then the Bosch Indego is the way to go.

The DareDevil model is more suitable if you need something with more power for industrial use or large areas. Whatever you decide, always consider your needs and budget before purchasing a mower to get the most value for your money. We hope this article helped you understand the difference between Bosch robotic lawn mowers vs. DareDevil lawn mowers.

    Bosch Robotic Lawn Mower vs. DareDevil Lawn Mower: Which One Wins? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

    What is the best robotic mower to buy?

    The best robotic mower to buy is one that suits your specific needs and budget. Bosch robotic lawn mower and DareDevil lawn mower are both popular robotic mowers that offer various features to meet different requirements. Other popular options include Worx, Robomow, and Husqvarna’s Automower.

    What are the disadvantages of a robotic mower?

    The disadvantages of robotic mowers include the high initial price tag, complex installation and setup, high maintenance requirements, and the lack of power in some models.

    Are robotic lawnmowers worth buying?

    Yes. Robotic lawn mowers are worth buying if you want to save time and money while having beautiful, lush grass. Robotic mowers are perfect for people who don’t have the time or energy to manually maintain their lawns. They also come with various features that can help prevent over-cutting, under-cutting, and patchy spots in your lawn.

    How long do robot lawnmowers last?

    Robotic lawn mowers typically last around 8-10 years, depending on the model and its use. It’s important to note that regular maintenance is necessary to keep your robotic mower running effectively.

    Can robotic mowers cut long grass?

    Some robotic mower models can cut long grass with no problem. However, others may struggle if the grass is too tall. It’s essential to check each specific model’s specifications to ensure it can handle your lawn’s length.

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