Boost Mobile vs. Mint Mobile: Which One Wins?

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Boost Mobile vs. Mint Mobile: Which One Wins?

Key Points

  • Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile are two popular prepaid cell phone providers that offer different subscription plans and features.
  • Mint Mobile has higher monthly costs compared to Boost Mobile, but it offers better limited data plans.
  • Boost Mobile offers more affordable and flexible limited subscription plans with no additional costs.
  • Mint Mobile provides better value for money with its unlimited subscription plan, offering substantial savings over Boost Mobile’s plans.
  • Boost Mobile has wider network coverage and access to 5G in every major city, while Mint Mobile’s coverage can be patchy in some areas.

When you are thinking about changing cell phone providers and are shopping around for the best-prepaid plans, it can be a stressful time. As this market is saturated with numerous companies claiming that they have the most competitive service on the market, it can be hard to differentiate between several plans from carriers like Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile that may suit your needs. 

Within this review, we take two market leaders, Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile, and dissect just what their customers are getting from their service and at what price. It will give you the information you need to make the best decision for your budget and needs. So, let’s go!

Boost Mobile vs. Mint Mobile: Side-by-Side Comparison

Picking a pre-paid cell phone provider can be difficult when deciding which company is the best fit. Here, we have created a side-by-side comparison of Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile so that you can easily see their similarities and differences. From here, you can make the best decision based on your specific needs and wants. 

Boost MobileMint Mobile
Basic Subscription2GB for $15 per month4GB for $15 per month (based on an annual subscription) plus an additional cost of $60. 
Phone CompatibilityOver 60 devices, including new Samsung releasesOver 50 devices, but do not stock the newest ranges of iPhones or Samsung.
Unlimited PlansTwo plansOne Plan
Family PlansSeveral options for family plansNo family plans
t-mobile family plan
Finding the right plan for your family depends on what you need.

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Boost Mobile vs. Mint Mobile: What’s the Difference?

Several features need to be discussed when you want to change pre-paid cell phone providers. These include pricing, network coverage, additional features, and cell phone compatibility. Here, we talk about each metric to determine what services Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile provide. 

Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile have limited and unlimited data plans depending on what you need and want from your cell phone provider. While this may be similar, their approaches to their subscriptions are very different. 

Limited Subscription Plans

Mint Mobile has three limited data plans; these plans include:

  • 4GB of data for $75 for three months, $120 for six months, and $180 for one year.
  • 10GB of data for $105 for three months, $150 for six months, and $240 for one year.
  • 15GB of data for $135 for three months, $210 for six months, and $300 for one year.

Most mobile providers, including Boost Mobile, charge their customers on a monthly basis, as that is standard practice. Mint Mobile charges their customers slightly differently as they bill them on a three-month, six-month, or yearly basis. When broken down, Mint Mobile’s monthly cost is significantly higher than that of Boost Mobile and other providers. 

Boost Mobile has three stackable rate plans for its customers to choose from. Their stackable rate plans involve the following:

  • 2GB data for $15 per month
  • 5GB data for $25 per month
  • 10GB data for $35 per month

When comparing the cell phone providers’ limited subscription plans, Mint Mobile has the better service for the same price (4GB for $15 per month based on an annual subscription). However, there is an additional cost of $60, which Boost Mobile does not have. So, even though Mint Mobile has the better initial offer, it may become less enticing to some customers due to the extra lump sum. 

Boost Mobile’s limited subscription plans are more affordable and flexible as they are simple, unlimited plans with no surprises. 

Unlimited Subscription Plans

Along with limited subscription plans, Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile also offer their customers unlimited subscriptions. 

Mint Mobile has only one unlimited subscription plan. This plan includes unlimited data usage and up to 5GB for hotspots. The breakdown of this plan is as follows: 

  • $120 for three months
  • $210 for six months
  • $360 for one year

Boost Mobile’s customers can avail themselves of two unlimited subscription plans. These plans consist of the following:

  • 35GB data and 12GB mobile hotspot for $50 per month. Any additional line will have a discounted price of $30 per month.
  • 35GB data and 30GB mobile hotspot for $60 per month. Any additional line will have a discounted price of $40 per month. 

In addition, features such as fifty domestic minutes a month and free roaming anywhere in the US and Mexico are included in their unlimited plans. 

Once you split Mint Mobile pricing into monthly increments, it is clear that it is the best value for money and gives customers substantial savings over Boost Mobile’s unlimited subscription plans. Its yearly plan works out at just $30 per month. While you must provide a significant amount upfront, it is worth it for the amount of money you will save over 12 months. 

Network Coverage

Mint Mobile utilizes T-Mobile’s network, which gives it excellent coverage across the US. It can also access its 5G network, mostly in densely populated areas or large cities. Unfortunately, some western states have reported considerable blips in Mint Mobile’s network, and Alaska seems like a complete blind spot for the company. 

Boost Mobile’s coverage is not so patchy as it covers a considerable part of the US. However, it is still considered lacking mainly in the area surrounding the Rocky Mountains and sparsely populated areas. It also has access to 5G, with every major city covered without issues. 

Cell Phone Compatibility

Regarding cell phone compatibility, Mint Mobile has a comprehensive range of new releases, mid-range cell phones, and reliable old favorites. It is one of the few pre-paid providers to stock the brand-new Samsung cell phone. Overall, it offers around sixty different devices. 

Boost Mobile has approximately fifty devices for customers to choose from, including several iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices, but neither Samsung’s newest offering nor the iPhone 14 is available to buy. 

Also, if you do not need to buy a cell phone but have your own from a previous company, you can be onboard to either of these networks. There is a compatibility checker on Mint Mobile’s and Boost Mobile’s websites. 

Family Plans

Mint Mobile does not facilitate family plans, but Boost Mobile does. Boost Mobile frequently offers limited-time family plans in which customers could have an unlimited talk and text plan for three lines at $30 per line per month after an initial payment of $100. This is a significant discount over the standard unlimited plan, so it is worth monitoring the Boost Mobile website for family plan promotions. 

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The perfect mobile plan is sure to put a smile on your face.


Boost Mobile vs. Mint Mobile: 7 Must-Know Facts

  • Mint Mobile offers an extensive range of the latest phones with 0% Finance.
  • Boost Mobile offers customers a wide range of phones and no credit check if you buy. 
  • Mint Mobile has 3-month, 6-month, and yearly subscription plans for its customers, while Boost Mobile uses a contract-free monthly subscription plan.  
  • Mint Mobile and Boost Mobile have reliable network coverage in the mainland USA. Mint Mobile has very little to no coverage in Alaska. 
  • Most phones are compatible with both pre-paid providers. 
  • Mint Mobile offers no family plans or discounts.
  • Boost Mobile has comprehensive data speeds on 4G and 5G networks.

Boost Mobile vs. Mint Mobile: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

Whether you choose Mint Mobile or Boost Mobile, you will receive a comprehensive and reliable service. Your chosen service will depend on your budget and needs and whether you need a family plan.

Mint Mobile provides an excellent service through the T-Mobile network. It has an affordable unlimited package that gives a substantial monetary saving over Boost Mobile when broken down in monthly increments. Its limited data package may not be as popular due to the additional charge of $60. Also, it is unusual to bill customers in three-month, six-month, or yearly increments, which may not suit many customers who are paid weekly or monthly. 

Boost Mobile provides a simple but effective service that can be utilized in many ways. It offers a wide range of mobile phones and no credit check if you want to purchase one. It has several affordable limited plans and two unlimited plans that come with a variety of exciting features, such as free roaming in the US and Mexico. Its coverage is excellent and wide-ranging, and this service is compatible with most cell phone models. They bill their customers every month, which will suit most customers, as that is standard practice. 

Overall, Boost Mobile is the best pre-paid cell phone service due to its excellent coverage, monthly billing, and flexible plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What provider does Mint Mobile Use?

Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile 5G network, which gives extensive and reliable coverage coast-to-coast.

Is Mint Mobile owned by the actor Ryan Reynolds?

Yes! Mint Mobile is part-owned by actor Ryan Reynolds. The Green Lantern actor acquired a 25% stake in the cell phone company as of this year (2023).

Can you onboard your phone to Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile?

Yes, you can onboard your cell phone to both companies. If you are worried about the compatibility of your device, you can check by using the compatibility checker on either company’s website.

Does Boost Mobile and Mint Mobile charge an activation fee?

No, neither company has an activation fee for beginning a contract with them.

Can I cancel Mint Mobile early?

Yes, within the first seven days of your contract, you cancel your cell phone plan and will still receive a full refund, including taxes and charges. Also, any unused SIM cards will be refunded within the first ten days of purchase.

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