Boom Supersonic Could Travel From LA to Delhi in Just 11 Hours

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Boom Supersonic Could Travel From LA to Delhi in Just 11 Hours

Can you imagine traveling from LA to Delhi in just 11 hours? First, of course, you’ll pass through New York. However, it currently takes up to 23 hours with layovers, so you’d still cut your travel time in half! That opens all kinds of possibilities.

Boom Supersonic plans to have its superfast fleet in the air by 2029. We couldn’t be happier! Sure, an 11-hour flight is a long time in the air, but did we mention it’s half the current flight time?

Having recently flown back to the US from Vietnam, we can honestly say the jet lag is brutal. It took about five days to recover from 30 travel hours. So being able to reduce the time and still get to travel the world is a dream come true. For example, LA to Shanghai flights may be as short as 7 hours!

Routine Supersonic Travel Between LA and Delhi By 2029

Flying from LA to Delhi in just 11 hours could happen routinely by 2029. Boom Supersonic is a Denver-based aeronautics company with big plans. The company started in Blake Scholls’ basement and now employs over 300 of the top names in business and aeronautics. Here are some recent and planned company milestones:

  • In 2020, the company rolled out the XB-1, a demonstrator aircraft, to prove the technologies for the Overture.
  • Then, 2022 was a milestone year, as the list of collaborators and partners continued growing. Boom also revealed the Overture design.
  • Next, 2023 will see the construction of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North Carolina. The Overture Superfactory is where Boom Supersonic plans to build its commercial supersonic fleet.
  • 2023: This year will also see the flight testing of the XB-1 aircraft.
  • 2024: Planned production launch
  • 2025: Achieve net zero carbon.
  • 2026: Rollout
  • 2027: This year will see the first flight.
  • 2029: The goal is to achieve type certification.

Operational plans for full production with jetliners certified and in flight by 2029 are underway, making Boom Supersonic the leader among its supersonic flight competitors.

Boom Supersonic Details

Since the Concorde quit flying, commercial airliners have stalled in new innovations. However, in 2014, Blake Scholl and Boom Supersonic breathed new life into the supersonic industry.

There is so much interest in this company and its promising ability to deliver supersonic flight to the masses. Companies like American, United, and Japan Airlines have already committed funds to purchase jetliners.

Boom Supersonic Company ProfileCompany Stats
Funding$270 million
HeadquartersCentennial, CO, United States
Company TypePrivate Startup
Current CEOBlake Scholl
Social mediaInstagram, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter  
Boom Status

Overture: Boom Supersonic

Boom Supersonic
The Boom Supersonic Overture is expected to be in flight as early as 2029.

Overture is the jet that can make it possible to travel from LA to Delhi in just 11 hours. This planned commercial airliner has the capacity to fly supersonic Mach 1.7 speed. And it can make worldwide air travel possible for more people than ever.

What the Concorde couldn’t do is what Boom Supersonic hopes to achieve. The company aims to make air travel affordable and fast. Superfast. Plus, the Overture is ideally suited to herald in a new generation of jet-setters.

What’s even more exciting is that Boom hopes to provide those fast, affordable flights in an environmentally friendly way. That’s all in their company collaborations. You can read more about Boom’s partners below.

First, let’s delve into what gives Overture so much potential. For starters, the aircraft has super sleek and luxurious designs. So travelers will feel every bit the jet-setter status of yesteryear. But the real beauty comes in the airline’s power. Check out these details:

Overture Stats
Number of Passengers65 to 88 passengers
EnginesFour medium-bypass turbofan Symphony engines
Fuel Type100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)
Cruising Speed2,083 km/h – MACH 1.7 (2x faster over water & 20% faster over land)
Cruising Altitude 60,000 ft
Maximum Range4,250nm (4888 MI/7867 KM)
Wingspan60 ft (18m)
Nose to Tail Length201 ft (61m)
Profitable Routes600+
Overture Supersonic Stats

Boom Supersonic Partnerships

To build a supersonic future so you and I can travel from LA to Delhi in just 11 hours, Boom needs partners and suppliers who share their mission. That’s why the company collaborates with industry leaders.

Airlines Will Help Set Travel from LA to Delhi in Just 11 Hours

American Airlines is one of Boom Supersonic’s primary supporters. And they’re ready to roll out the largest supersonic fleet to help shorten your travel time.

Other major airlines have also partnered with Boom. For example, United has committed to purchasing 15 Overture planes, with an option for 35 more. Of course, there are still some strict hurdles that Boom Supersonic needs to cross. However, once they do, get your bags packed!

In addition, Japan Airlines entered a strategic partnership with Boom in 2017. The companies collaborate on aircraft design and passenger experience. Look for a sleek interior where tranquility and productivity meet.

Symphony: The Supersonic Engine

Boom led the collaborated development of a new propulsion system for supersonic flight. The Symphony engine will help the company recognize its economic and sustainable supersonic flight goals.

Boom built a 35,000-pound thrust engine around a medium bypass fan. That keeps the machine quiet for take-off and landing. Yet it maintains efficiency for the supersonic cruise.

Symphony is also the first engine designed to run entirely on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF.) By collaborating with FTT/Kratos, the Symphony design comes from a fantastic team. Some of the engineers also designed the F22 and F35 supersonic fighter jets.

So you know they bring deep knowledge and experience to this project. The Symphony engine will power the Overture with speed and efficiency.

Boom Supersonic
The Symphony is the first engine designed to run entirely on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Boom Collaborations

Beyond the airlines and engine designers, Boom Supersonic partners with industry leaders like GE Additive. They team together for additively-manufactured designs for Symphony. Additive manufacturing is the process of creating something by building it one layer at a time. Plus to ensure the process meets the stringent FAA guidelines for safety.

Other collaborators ensure low maintenance costs for Symphony. For example, StandardAero is the lead repair, maintenance, and operational support partner. Northrop Grumman is another strategic alliance partner. Together with Boom, they’ll supply Overture planes for special applications and missions to the U.S. government.

Together Boom and its collaborators plan a Symphony-powered Overture supersonic passenger jet. Then you and I can travel from LA to Delhi in just 11 hours.

Boom Supersonic: Reinventing Air Travel

Commercial airlines make worldwide travel easy for the masses. As a result, we’ve indeed become a global community. Supersonic air travel will bring our neighbors even closer.

If Boom Supersonic and companies like it successfully bring supersonic flights to the public, we will see the doors of opportunity opening wide. Boom seeks to make air travel quick, sustainable, and affordable. If they succeed, it improves all our lives regarding travel.

Keeping the cost of supersonic flight affordable to the general public is a goal of Boom and our hope. It could literally reinvent air travel. In addition to traveling from LA to Delhi in just 11 hours, here are some of Boom’s other proposed route times:

  • New York to Frankfurt – 4:15 hours (down from 8 hours)
  • Tokyo to Seattle – 4:30 hours (down from 8:30 hours)
  • Los Angeles to Sydney – 8:30 hours (down from 14:30 hours)
  • Philadelphia to London – 3:45 hours (down from 6:45 hours)
  • Los Angeles to Seoul – 6:45 hours (down from 12:45 hours)

Travel From LA to Delhi in Just 11 Hours Summary

Boom Supersonic has a reasonable timeline for changing worldwide travel. Despite years, challenges, and hurdles ahead, the company is well situated to bring supersonic flight to all passengers. 

Boom has partnered with giants in aeronautics, manufacturing, and business. So meeting their goals of affordable and sustainable supersonic commercial flights looks promising. So you can travel from LA to Delhi in 11 hours by the decade’s end!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is supersonic flight illegal now?

Supersonic flight is currently illegal for commercial aircraft because of how loud it is. Windows broke on the ground after the Concorde flew over. New technology hopes to create a quieter shock wave thump instead of the loud explosions of current supersonic jets.

How fast is supersonic flight?

Supersonic flight is achieved when an aircraft travels faster than the speed of sound. That means jets reach speeds over 750 mph.

How much does it cost to fly a supersonic plane?

Companies like Boom Supersonic hope to make supersonic flights affordable to the general public. They’re aiming for within +/- 25% of regular flight costs. Previously, the Concorde cost about $10,000 to fly between New York and London.

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