Genshin Impact Characters: How Many Have Blue Hair?

genshin impact blue hair

Genshin Impact Characters: How Many Have Blue Hair?

Key Points

  • Kaeya is a popular blue-haired character known for his deep, blue-green locks.
  • Eula, the captain of the Knights of Favonius’ Reconnaissance Company, is another blue-haired character in Genshin Impact.
  • Ganyu, Xiangling, Chongyun, Xingqiu, Kujou Sara, Kamisato Ayato, Wanderer, Candace, Faruzan, and Layla are other blue-haired characters in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact characters have hair colors that match every shade of the rainbow, and blue is no exception. This popular game has a wide variety of characters to choose from, and you can play it without breaking the bank. Genshin is compatible with phones and computers. So, you can play it on PCs that don’t even break the $800 mark; even a $400 PC could run Genshin on low settings!

Blue hair is actually one of the most common colors in Genshin Impact. Characters sport looks across every shade of the azure spectrum. Let’s assess which characters in Genshin Impact have this hair color.

How Many Blue-Haired Genshin Impact Characters Are There?

To date, at the time of publishing, October 2023, there are twelve Genshin Impact characters with blue hair. Azure locks are present across all the current nations. There are almost as many blue-haired characters as blonde characters (thirteen blonde ones).


The Knights of Favonius’ very own Quartermaster is one of the most iconic Genshin Impact characters with blue hair.

How could we possibly have a list of blue-haired characters without the Quartermaster of the Knights of Favonius, Kaeya? His deep, blue-green locks are among the most iconic in the series. Obtaining him is a matter of mere quest completion. Thus, everyone who plays the game for any significant amount of time knows him.

Ceremonial BladeworkNormal Attack
Normal Attack: Kaeya performs up to 5 rapid, consecutive strikes with his sword.

Charged Attack: This attack consumes a certain amount of stamina to perform 2 quick sword strikes.

Plunging Attack: Kaeya plunges from mid-air, dealing damage to all enemies in his path and area-of-effect damage on impact.
FrostgnawElemental Skill
Kaeya deals Cryo damage to all enemies in a cone in front of him.
Glacial WaltzElemental Burst
Kaeya gathers the power of the frost in the air and summons three icicles that circle around him. The icicles follow the active character, dealing Cryo damage to everything in their path.
Cold-Blooded Strike1st Ascension
Whenever Frostgnaw hits an enemy, it restores health for Kaeya, scaling up to 15% of his total attack power.
Glacial Heart4th Ascension
Enemies frozen by Frostgnaw generate up to 2 extra elemental particles.
Hidden StrengthUtility
This passive decreases sprinting stamina for the entire party by 20%. It does not stack with other passives that provide the same benefit.


Eula is the daughter of the tyrannical Lawrence Clan. She is now the captain of the Knights of Favonius’ Reconnaissance Company.

A descendant of the tyrants, the Lawrence Clan, Eula has severed ties with her family. She has since become the captain of the Knights of Favonius’ Reconnaissance Company.

Favonius Bladework – EdelNormal Attack
Normal Attack: Eula performs up to 5 consecutive (not so) rapid strikes with her claymore.

Charged Attack: This attack drains stamina over time to perform continuous slashes. Eula performs an extra powerful strike with her claymore at the end of the continuous strikes.

Plunging Attack: Eula strikes down from mid-air, damaging all enemies in her path and dealing area-of-effect damage on impact.
Icetide VortexElemental Skill
Tap: Eula slashes with her claymore, dealing Cryo damage. When this hits an opponent, Eula gains a stack of Grimheart, up to 2. She can only gain Grimheart stacks every 0.3 seconds.
Grimheart: Eula’s interruption resistance and defense are increased.

Hold: Eula consumes all her Grimheart stacks to deal area-of-effect Cryo damage in front of her. If Grimheart stacks were consumed, enemies hit will have their Physical and Cryo resistance lowered. Each consumed stack will become an Icewhirl Brand, dealing Cryo damage to nearby opponents.
Glacial IlluminationElemental Burst
Eula brandishes her claymore, dealing Cryo damage. She also creates a Lightfall Sword that follows her for the skill’s duration. When she deals damage with her normal attack or elemental skill, it charges the Lightfall Sword. The Lightfall Sword descends to the ground and explodes violently, dealing physical damage based on how much it was charged at the end of the skill.
Roiling Rime1st Ascension
If 2 Grimheart stacks are consumed when using the Hold version of Icetide Vortex, Eula creates a Shattered Lightfall Sword that descends immediately. It deals 50% of the maximum damage of a fully charged Lightfall Sword from Glacial Illumination.
Wellspring of War – Lust4th Ascension
When Eula casts Glacial Illumination, it resets the cooldown of Icetide Vortex and grants her 1 Grimheart stack.
Aristocratic IntrospectionUtility
When Eula crafts Character Ascension Materials, she has a 10% chance to receive double the product.


Ganyu is an Adeptus, a half-Qilin under the care of Morax, the Geo Archon.

This half-Qilin Adeptus, Ganyu, is under the contract of the Geo Archon Morax. She spends her days acting as the general secretary for the Liyue Qixing.

Liutian ArcheryNormal Attack
Normal Attack: Ganyu performs up to 6 rapid, consecutive shots with her bow.

Charged Attack: This is a more precise, aimed shot. Charging the shot causes ice to accumulate on the arrowhead, and a fully charged arrow will deal Cryo damage with up to 2 levels of damage.

Level 1: The arrow deals Cryo damage.
Level 2: It becomes a Frostflake Arrow, which deals Cryo damage and splits off, dealing area-of-effect Cryo damage on hit.

Plunging Attack: Ganyu fires a shower of arrows from mid-air before falling to the ground and dealing area-of-effect damage on impact.
Trail of the QilinElemental Skill
Ganyu dashes backward, leaving behind an Ice Lotus and dealing area-of-effect Cryo damage.

Ice Lotus: The Ice Lotus taunts nearby enemies, drawing their fire. Its HP scales off of Ganyu’s max HP. When destroyed or upon the end of the skill, it explodes, dealing area-of-effect Cryo damage.
Celestial ShowerElemental Burst
Ganyu gathers the power of ice to converge the frost in the air into a Sacred Cryo Pearl, which rains down shards of ice, dealing area-of-effect Cryo damage.
Undivided Heart1st Ascension
After firing a Frostflake Arrow, the critical hit rate of subsequent Frostflake Arrows is increased by 20% for 5 seconds.
Harmony Between Heaven and Earth4th Ascension
Celestial Shower grants allied characters an additional 20% Cryo damage inside the area-of-effect.
Preserved for the HuntUtility
If Ganyu is the helper when crafting a Bow-type weapon, she refunds 10% of the ore used.


A famous chef heading the menu at a popular restaurant in Liyue, Xiangling likes to experiment with exotic ingredients and recipes.

While she might be young, she’s no less decorated in her field. Xiangling is the head chef at the famous Wanmin Restaurant. However, she’s quite bold and adventurous with her cooking, unafraid to use exotic ingredients and new recipes. This trait can make her dishes “unique” at times.

Dough-FuNormal Attack
Normal Attack: Xiangling performs up to 5 rapid, consecutive strikes with her spear.

Charged Attack: This attack consumes stamina to launch Xiangling forward, damaging all enemies in her path.

Plunging Attack: Xiangling drops down from mid-air, dealing damage to all enemies in her path and area-of-effect damage on impact.
Guoba AttackElemental Skill
Xiangling summons Guoba, who breathes fire at enemies continuously, dealing area-of-effect Pyro damage with each breath.
PyronadoElemental Burst
Xiangling summons a whirling, flaming polearm that follows the active character, dealing area-of-effect Pyro damage around them for the duration of the skill.
Crossfire1st Ascension
Guoba’s flames reach 20% further.
Beware, It’s Super Hot!4th Ascension
When Guoba leaves the field, he leaves behind a chili pepper that the active character can pick up for a 10% bonus attack for 10 seconds.
Chef de CuisineUtility
When Xiangling is the helper, and the player achieves Perfect Cooking on an Attack-Boosting dish, she has a 12% chance to receive


Chongyun has an excess of yang energy, which makes him an excellent exorcist.

Since he was born with immense yang energy, Chongyun is a highly talented exorcist. He’s so good at exorcising spirits that he’s never actually seen a spirit himself. Spirits run away when he approaches. His yang energy also makes him highly susceptible to heat and strong emotions. This susceptibility has led him to some unexpected results when performing exorcism.

DemonbaneNormal Attack
Normal Attack: Chongyun performs up to 4 consecutive (not so) rapid attacks with his claymore.

Charged Attack: This attack drains stamina over time to perform a spinning slash that deals area-of-effect damage around Chongyun. At the end of the spin, he performs an extra powerful slash with his claymore.

Plunging Attack: Chongyun drops down from mid-air, dealing damage to all enemies in his path and area-of-effect damage on impact.
Spirit Blade: Chonghua’s Layered FrostElemental Skill
Chongyun deals damage in a circular area of effect in front of him. After a delay, the frost in the air will converge into a Chonghua Frost Field in which all claymore, polearm, and sword-wielding characters’ weapons are infused with Cryo.
Spirit Blade: Cloud-Parting StarElemental Burst
Chongyun deals 15% more damage to opponents with a lower percentage of their Max HP remaining than him. 
Steady Breathing1st Ascension
Sword, claymore, and polearm-wielding characters inside the Chonghua Frost Field have 8% increased attack speed.
Rimechaser Blade4th Ascension
When the Chonghua Frost Field disappears, it will create a spirit blade that strikes nearby enemies, dealing 100% of Spirit Blade: Chonghua Layered Frost’s damage. This blade will decrease enemies’ Cryo resistance by 10% for 8 seconds.
Gallant JourneyUtility
When Chongyun goes on an expedition in Liyue, the expedition’s time is reduced by 25%.


An avid reader, Xingqiu prides himself on being a shining example of chivalry. He wants to be the knight in shining armor from his favorite novels.

Xingqiu is a self-proclaimed practitioner of the Guhua Clan’s martial arts. He is also the second son of the Feiyun Commerce Guild’s Manager. He also loves books and claims to be a paragon of chivalry, much like the main characters in his favorite novels. 

Guhua StyleNormal Attack
Normal Attack: Xingqiu performs up to 5 rapid, consecutive strikes with his sword.

Charged Attack: This attack consumes some stamina to perform two fast sword strikes.

Plunging Attack: Xingqiu drops down from mid-air, damaging all enemies in his path and dealing area-of-effect damage on impact.
Guhua Sword: Fatal RainscreenElemental Skill
Xingqiu performs a twin strike, dealing Hydro damage. At the same time, he creates a number of Rain Swords, which follow your active character. When the active character takes damage, a Rain Sword will shatter, reducing the incoming damage. Having Rain Swords active also increases the character’s resistance to interruption.

20% of Xingqiu’s Hydro damage bonus is converted to damage reduction for the Rain Swords. This ability also makes the character wet.
Guhua Sword: RaincutterElemental Burst
Xingqiu summons an illusory sword that activates Rainbow Bladework and follows the active character, fighting along with them. It also creates the maximum amount of Rain Swords.

Rainbow Bladework: Normal attacks will deal additional Hydro damage. Rain Swords will remain at the maximum number for the skill’s duration.
Hydropathic1st Ascension
When a Rain Sword shatters or the duration of the skill ends, the Rain Swords regenerate the active characters’ health, scaling off 6% of Xingqiu’s max HP.
Blades Admist Raindrops4th Ascension
Xingqiu has 20% extra Hydro damage.
Flash of GeniusUtility
When Xingqiu is the helper character for crafting Character Talent Materials, he has a 25% chance to refund some of the materials used.

Kujou Sara

A loyal member of the Shogun’s Tenryou Commission, Sara is an adopted member of the Kujou Clan.

The adopted daughter of the Kujou Clan, Sara serves the Tenryou Commission. She loyally carries out the will of her clan and the Shogun.

Tengu BowmanshipNormal Attack
Normal Attack: Sara performs up to 5 rapid, consecutive shots with her bow.

Charged Attack: This attack charges a precise, aimed shot. While charging, lightning will accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged arrow will deal Electro damage. When in the Crowfeather Cover state, fully charged arrows will leave behind a Crowfeather.

Plunging Attack: Sara fires a shower of arrows. Then, she drops the ground and deals area-of-effect damage on impact.
Tengu StormcallElemental Skill
Sara moves backward, gaining the protection of the Crowfeather. She gains the effect “Crowfeather Cover” for 18 seconds. When she fires a fully-charged aimed shot, she consumes Crowfeather Cover, leaving behind a Crowfeather at the target location.

Crowfeathers trigger Tengu Juurai: Ambush, dealing area-of-effect Electro damage and granting the active character within its area-of-effect an attack bonus that scales off Sara’s attack.

Bonuses from subsequent Tengu Juurai instances do not stack. The most recent instance determines their effects and durations.
Subjugation: Koukou SendouElemental Burst
Sara calls down Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker, dealing area-of-effect Electro damage. Then the skill splits off into 4 instances of Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster, each dealing their own area-of-effect Electro damage.

Each instance of Tengu Juurai can provide the same attack bonus as Tengu Stormcall. Thus, subsequent iterations do not stack.
Immovable Will1st Ascension
While in the Crowfeather Cover state, charge times for aimed shots decrease by 60%.
Decorum4th Ascension
When Tengu Juurai: Ambush hits an enemy, Sara restores 1.2 energy to all party members for every 100% energy recharge Sara has. You can trigger this effect every 3 seconds.
Land SurveyUtility
Expedition times in Inazuma are reduced by 25% when Sara is the dispatched character.

Kamisato Ayato

As a member of the Yashiro Commission, Ayato deals with official government dealings.

Ayato is Ayaka’s older brother, a young man from the Kamisato Clan, serving the Yashiro Commission. Unlike his sister, who gets into all sorts of trouble, Ayato keeps a low profile. He spends most of his time dealing with official government dealings.

Kamisato Art: MarobashiNormal Attack
Normal Attack: Ayato performs up to 5 rapid, consecutive strikes with his sword.

Charged Attack: This attack consumes a certain amount of stamina, launching Ayato forward while he performs an iai.

Plunging Attack: Ayato drops from mid-air, dealing damage to all enemies in his path and area-of-effect damage upon impact.
Kamisato Art: KyoukaElemental Skill
Ayato shifts his position, leaving behind a watery illusion that explodes and deals Hydro damage when an enemy approaches it. Upon shifting position, he enters Takimeguri Kanka, using his Shunsuiken to attack enemies. In this state, his attack speed is increased, and his normal attack damage is converted to area-of-effect Hydro damage.

Additionally, when Ayato hits an enemy with his normal attack in this state, he gains the following benefits:

After landing a Shunsuiken attack, Ayato is granted the Namisen effect, which increases the damage of subsequent Shunsuiken attacks, scaling with Ayato’s max HP.
Ayato’s resistance to interruption is increased.

He will become unable to use Charged or Plunging attacks.

Takimeguri Kanka is removed if Ayato leaves the field, and if he uses it while already in the state, it resets the duration and buffs.
Kamisato Art: SuiyuuElemental Burst
Ayato creates an area-of-effect where blades of water rain down, dealing Hydro damage and increasing characters’ attack inside the area.
Kamisato Art: Mine Wo Matoishi Kiyotaki1st Ascension
Kamisato Art: Kyouka gains the following additional effects:

Ayato gains 2 Namisen stacks upon use.
Ayato gains the maximum number of Namisen stacks when the water illusion explodes.
Kamisato Art: Michiyuku Hagetsu4th Ascension
Ayato regenerates 2 energy for himself every second he is off the field if he has less than 40 energy.
Kamisato Art: Daily CookingUtility
When Ayato is the helper and Perfect Cooking is achieved, he has an 18% chance of creating a “Suspicious” dish of the same type.


A construct of previous incarnations, the Wanderer has no family or affiliations.

Wanderer exists because his previous incarnation scrubbed all iterations of himself and their histories from existence. He harbors his former self’s memories after regaining them. He took the title of the Wanderer as he has no family or other affiliations.

Yuuban MeigenNormal Attack
Normal Attack: The Wanderer performs up to three attacks with his Catalyst, dealing Anemo damage.

Charged Attack: This attack consumes a certain amount of stamina. Then, the Wanderer performs an area-of-effect Anemo attack after a short casting delay.

Plunging Attack: The Wanderer gathers the power of Anemo as he plunges from mid-air, dealing damage to all enemies in his path and area-of-effect Anemo damage on impact.
Hanega: Song of the WindElemental Skill
The Wanderer deals area-of-effect Anemo damage and leaps into the air, gaining the Windfavored state.

Windfavored: The Wanderer cannot perform plunging attacks in this state. When he uses normal and charged attacks, they will change to Kuugo: Fushoudan and Kuugo: Toufukai, increasing their damage and area-of0effect distance. Additionally, Kuugo: Toufukai will not consume stamina.

He will hover while in this state, consuming Kuugoryoku Points to maintain his hover. Sprinting will cause him to consume additional points to accelerate mid-air. Jumping increases his hover height, expending more points. Holding a jump will cause him to spend points consistently to increase his hover height continuously.

Running out of Kuugoryoku Points will end the state, as will casting Windfavored again.
Kyougen: Five Ceremonial PlaysElemental Burst
The Wanderer compresses the atmosphere into a vacuum, dealing multiple instances of Anemo damage in an area-of-effect. Casting this skill ends that state if he is in the Windfavored state.
Jade-Claimed Flower1st Ascension
If Hanega: Song of the Wind comes in contact with another element on the cast, Windfavored gains additional buffs as follows:

Hydro: Kuugoryoku Point cap increases by 20.Pyro: Attack increases by 30%.

Cryo: Critical hit rate increases by 20%.

Electro: When normal and charged attacks land on enemies, The Wanderer regenerates 0.8 energy. This effect can be triggered every 0.2 seconds.

You can have up to two of these buffs at any given time.
Gales of Reverie4th Ascension
When Kuugo: Fushoudan or Kuugo: Toufukai hits an enemy while the Wanderer is in his Windfavored state, he has a 16% chance of gaining the Descent effect. This effect is purged the next time you accelerate, causing the acceleration to consume no Kuugoryoku Points.

Additionally, while accelerating, the Wanderer will fire off 4 Anemo arrows that deal 35% of his attack damage to nearby enemies.

For each Kuugo: Fushoudan or Kuugo: Toufukai that doesn’t produce this effect, the next one is 12% more likely to do so. The effect calculation is redone every 0.1 seconds.
Strum the Swirling WindsUtility
Mora spent when ascending Bows and Catalysts is decreased by 50%.


Protecting the Aaru Village with her life, Candace welcomes all visitors. However, they must respect the rules of the village.

Candace is a scion of Al-Ahmar, Sumeru, and the protector of Aaru Village. She is kind, courteous, and friendly to visitors but harsh and unforgiving with people who violate the Village’s rules.

Gleaming Spear–Guardian StanceNormal Attack
Normal Attack: Candace performs up to 4 rapid, consecutive attacks with her spear.

Charged Attack: This attack consumes a certain amount of stamina to launch Candace forward, damaging all enemies in her path.

Plunging Attack: Candace plunges down from mid-air, dealing damage to all enemies along the way and area-of-effect damage on impact.
Sacred Rite: Heron’s SanctumElemental Skill
Tap: Candace charges forward with her shield, dealing Hydro damage to enemies in front of her.

Hold: Candace raises her shield, creating a barrier that absorbs damage based on Candace’s max HP and handles Hydro damage 250% more effectively. When the shield breaks or she finishes charging the skill, she will perform a leap strike, dealing Hydro damage to enemies in front of her.
Sacred Rite: Wagtail’s TideElemental Burst
Candace deals area-of-effect Hydro damage around her and gives the Prayer of the Crimson Crown to the active character.

Prayer of the Crimson Crown: Characters with this bonus deal increased Elemental damage with their normal attacks. Changing characters also unleashes a wave that deals Hydro damage to nearby enemies. This bonus infuses sword, claymore, and polearm-wielding characters’ weapons with Hydro.
Aegis of Crossed Arrows1st Ascension
If an attack hits Candace while she’s charging Sacred Rite: Heron’s Sanctum, the skill finishes charging instantly.
Celestial Dome of Sand4th Ascension
Characters with Prayer of the Crimson Crown deal 0.5% increased damage for every 1,000 of Candace’s health when dealing elemental damage with their normal attacks.
To Dawn’s First LightUtility
Climbing stamina consumption is decreased by 20% for the whole party. This passive does not stack with other passives that grant the same bonus.


Faruzan found herself trapped in a ruin while doing research for over 1,000 years.

A renowned professor of the Sumeru Akademiya, Faruzan has recently returned to Sumeru. She solved a puzzle that trapped her in a ruin over a century ago.

Parthian ShotNormal Attack
Normal Attack: Faruzan performs up to 4 rapid, consecutive shots with her bow.

Charged Attack: A more precise, aimed shot that gathers the power of the winds while charging. A fully-charged shot deals Anemo damage.

Plunging Attack: Faruzan discharges a shower of arrows before falling to the ground from mid-air, dealing area-of-effect damage on impact.
Wind Realm of NasamjninElemental Skill
Faruzan throws out a polyhedron that deals area-of-effect Anemo damage, entering the Manifest Gale state. The next fully-charged arrow she fires in this state will become a Hurricane Arrow.

Pressurized Collapse: The Hurricane Arrow will apply the Pressurized Collapse state to the enemy it hits. If it does not hit an enemy, it will create a Pressurized Collapse where it lands. This state creates a vortex that sucks nearby enemies in, dealing area-of-effect Anemo damage.
The Wind’s Secret WaysElemental Burst
Faruzan deploys the Dazzling Polyhedron, which deals area-of-effect Anemo damage and lets loose a Whirlwind Pulse. For the skill’s duration, it will move in a triangular pattern, unleashing another Whirlwind Pulse every time it reaches a corner of the triangle.

Whirlwind Pulse: Upon release, it applies Perfidious Wind’s Bale to nearby enemies, which lowers their Anemo resistance. It will also apply Prayerful Wind’s Gift to nearby allies, increasing their Anemo damage.
Impetuous Flow1st Ascension
When Faruzan is in the Manifest Gale state, reducing the amount of time it takes her to charge her charged attack by 60 fully. It also allows her to apply Perfidious Wind’s Bale to any enemies hit by Pressurized Collapse.
Lost Wisdom of the Seven Caverns4th Ascension
When characters affected by Prayerful Wind’s Gift deal Anemo damage using Normal attacks, Plunging attacks, Charged attacks, Elemental skills, or Elemental bursts, they get the Hurricane Guard effect. This damage bonus scales off 32% of Faruzan’s base Attack. Characters can gain 1 stack of Hurricane Guard every 0.8 seconds. 

The effect is purged when Prayerful Wind’s Gift ends or after the bonus damage has been consumed.  
Tomes Light the PathUtility
Faruzan collects 25% more rewards when going on an expedition in Sumeru.


Layla is a student of Theoretical Astrology in Sumeru’s Rtawahist Darshan.

Chronically sleep-deprived and, thus, in poor health, Layla is a student of the Rtawahist Darshan, studying Theoretical Astrology. She sleepwalks regularly and often finds her papers and other coursework fully completed upon waking from a bout of sleepwalking. She attributes her habit of completing assignments in her sleep to the “Stars’ Blessing.”

Sword of the Radiant PathNormal Attack
Normal Attack: Layla performs up to 3 quick, consecutive attacks with her sword.

Charged Attack: This attack uses some stamina to perform 2 quick sword strikes.

Plunging Attack: Layla drops down from mid-air, damaging all enemies in her path and dealing area-of-effect damage on impact.
Nights of Formal FocusElemental Skill
Brings forth the Curtain of Slumber, shielding allies with a barrier that is based on Layla’s max HP and handles Cryo damage with 250% effectiveness. Additionally, upon casting, Layla is briefly infused with Cryo.

Night Stars: While Curtain of Slumber is active, it creates Night Stars, which orbit the active character. It creates a new Night Star every 1.5 seconds. Whenever a character protected by Curtain of Slumber uses an elemental skill, they also create 2 Night Stars.

When the Curtain of Slumber accumulates 4 Night Stars, they transform into Shooting Stars, homing projectiles that fire off when the affected character approaches enemies. Shooting Stars deal Cryo damage to enemies. You cannot create new Night Stars until the previous wave of Shooting Stars has been fully depleted.

If Curtain of Slumber ends, or the shield is broken, Night Stars orbiting the character will disappear. If they have already transformed into Shooting Stars, they will remain on the field until that wave of Shooting Stars has been fired.
Dream of the Star-Stream ShakerElemental Burst
Layla throws out a Celestial Dreamsphere that continuously fires off Starlight Slugs, which deal Cryo damage to nearby enemies within its area-of-effect. Upon landing a hit with a Starlight Slug, 1 Night Star is generated for all nearby Curtains of Slumber. Celestial Dreamspheres can generate 1 Night Star per Curtain of Slumber every 0.5 seconds.
Like Nascent Light1st Ascension
While Curtain of Slumber is active on the field, Deep Sleep activates each time an affected character gains a Night Star, increasing the shield’s effectiveness by 6%. This effect can have a maximum of 4 stacks and is purged when Curtain of Slumber ends.
Sweet Slumber Undisturbed4th Ascension
Damage dealt by Shooting Stars increases by 1.5% of Layla’s maximum HP.
Shadowy Dream-SignsUtility
Layla has a 10% chance to receive double the product when crafting Character Talent Materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Genshin Impact characters are there?

As of October 2023, there were 72 playable Genshin Impact characters.

How many Genshin Impact characters have blue hair?

Of the 72 playable characters in October 2023, 12 characters had blue hair.

Which Genshin Impact characters have blue hair?

The 12 blue-haired Genshin Impact characters are Kaeya, Eula, Ganyu, Xingqiu, Chongyun, Xiangling, Kujou Sara, Kamisato Ayato, the Wanderer, Candace, Faruzan, and Layla.

Does hair color have an impact on gameplay in Genshin Impact?

While some games may provide bonuses for character hair color, Genshin Impact has no current bonuses for having characters with the same or different hair colors.

What hair color is most prevalent in Genshin Impact?

The most prevalent hair color in Genshin Impact is blonde, with 13 characters having blonde hair as of October 2023.

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