Blink XT vs. XT2: How Do They Compare?

Blink XT camera

Blink XT vs. XT2: How Do They Compare?

The Blink XT and XT2, like all security cameras, are designed for indoors and outdoors and are both battery-operated IP cameras. Blink XT is usually placed on the wall, its recording has a resolution of up to 1080p, and it has an infrared (PIR) sensor that detects movement.

On the other hand, the Blink XT2 is the latest camera by Blink that can also be used indoors and outdoors. After buying the initial equipment, no additional seats are required; instead, the camera provides free 2-hour cloud storage.

If you want to find out the main differences between the Blink XT and XT2 and learn which is best for you, read on as we lay out the differences, pros, cons, and features of both cameras.

The Blink XT2 is the latest version of the Blink home security camera from Blink Home. It’s more user-friendly than its predecessor, with a new design and improved features.

The Blink XT has two built-in cameras that can both see in the dark and record video footage. The camera has an infrared LED, allowing it to see when someone is in the room, even at night.

The Blink XT2 has a redesigned lens that gives you stronger, sharper images than before. It also includes night vision technology so you can check on your property during the evening hours without turning on lights or using a flashlight.

The Blink XT2 and XT2+ both can see in the dark. The difference between them lies in the technology used to recognize light and darkness. The Blink XT2 uses LOR (Light-Orientation Regulator) technology which is better at detecting light than previous models, even at lower illumination levels.

The Blink XT2 offers three camera modes: motion detection, day/night detection, and continuous recording. Motion detection mode senses movement within your property and alerts you if an intruder or animal is nearby. Day/night vision mode records high-quality video footage during the day while automatically turning off at night (with an optional power adapter). The continuous recording mode records footage from both cameras as long as they remain connected to your home network.

Both models have two-way audio capability and can send alerts to your phone when they detect smoke or carbon monoxide levels in your home. They also have motion sensor technology that detects movement and sends signals if any activity is detected in your home, such as someone opening doors or windows.

Size2.8 × 2.8 × 1.4 inches2.8 × 2.8 × 1.4 inches
Resolution720p HD1080p HD
Frames Per Second 30 at most30 at most
Field of View 110° diagonal110° diagonal
Battery Life Lasts up to 2 years with 2 AA lithium batteriesLasts up to 2 years with 2 AA lithium batteries
Cloud Storage FreeFree
Motion Detection?YesYes
Motion-Only Notifications?YesNo
LED Indicators Blue LED to indicate recording, red LED to indicate night vision recording Blue LED to indicate recording
Infographic Blink XT vs Blink XT2

Blink XT vs. XT2: What’s the Difference?

The Blink XT2 is the newer and improved version of the Blink XT, with a unique design, better night vision, and more features.

The main differences between the XT and the XT2 are that the XT has no motion detection, while the XT2 does have motion detection. The Blink XT2 features a 180° field of view, which is similar to that of the Blink XT. The difference between the two models is that the XT2 has a wider field of view, which allows it to see more at once.

The Blink XT2 also has an infrared night vision feature that allows you to see in dark environments.

Blink XT Camera

The Blink XT is a minimalist wireless device that is small enough to fit in your hand. The price is so reasonable that you may get the urge to buy more than one to place all around your home, both indoors and outdoors. Although it’s not like other wireless security cameras full of features with bells and whistles, it has free cloud storage and is very easy to use.

The Blink XT camera is a matte black and rectangular box measured at about 2.75 x 2.75 x 0.9 inches. It has a 2.4 x 1.2 inch, glossy, black lens Bezel equipped with a tiny microphone at the left. It has no speakers. The motion and infrared sensors are located under a half-inch dome below the lens. The XT has two AA batteries included in the box that is claimed to last for two years of normal use, which Blink defined as 10 seconds of video recorded 10 times a day.

For XT, instead of using IR LEDs, most security cameras used for night vision put off their infrared filter that blocks the IR light during the day. In that way, the Blink XT and XT2 both capture both divisible and IR light in night mode. The tiny microphone can capture just clear and soft audio between 5 to 8 feet from the camera.

Other Features of the Blink XT Camera

  1. Motion and temperature detections/alerts: although the XT has no sound or face detection, its bare-bones motion detection works very well as it sends notifications rather quickly. Also, the camera monitors temperature so it can display the current temperature in the screen settings.
  2. Cloud storage and video library: Although the Blink XT (and XT2) do not have local storage, the free cloud storage that allows 2 hours is enough.
  3. Mobile app: Although it has no portal that manages and views the camera, its minimalist philosophy has extended to Android and Apple apps.
  4. Smart home integration: The XT can be armed and disarmed with Alexa, supporting IFTT. The XT feed cannot be viewed on a fire TV.
  5. Weatherproof: can be used in any weather without defect or damage

Pros of the Blink XT Camera

  1. No added fees like storage charges and subscriptions
  2. Can record 100 feet range from where it’s placed
  3. Easy to set up
  4. Aesthetic design
  5. Infrared night voice is included
  6. Alexa is used for integration
  7. Wireless and can be placed anywhere you wish
  8. 10 cameras and below can be connected on the same sync module

Cons of the Blink XT Camera

  1. Can record motions for only 60 seconds
  2. There is no on-demand recording available
  3. Cannot be zoomed, panned, or filtered
  4. Streams are increased by only 30 seconds
  5. Multiple users cannot be added to the same account
  6. Storage in the cloud is allowed for only 2 hours
Blink camera
The Blink XT and XT2 have all of the easy-to-use features and advanced capabilities you could want from a security camera.


Blink XT2 Camera   

For the Blink XT2, QR codes have been added to each device, making it easy to scan the QR code to your app so that it can get started.

Unlike most of its competitors, the XT2 is simple and affordable. It is powered by two lithium AA batteries that can last up to two years and can be used indoors and outdoors. Replacing the batteries is not needed often, but when it is, it is very cheap to do so.

Setting up the blink XT2 is easy, and an easy-to-follow guide is added in the box. It can connect to the Alexa smart home device, making it possible to arm and disarm the system through voice and also see the feeds and recordings from the camera on other Amazon devices. Plus, the Blink XT2 is wireless.

The sync module is the key to the Blink camera’s ability to communicate with the Wi-Fi and app, and since this is so, the Wi-Fi is the center of the video range.

The Blink XT2 system is equipped with a full-color 1080p HD camera, PIR (infrared) HD night vision, and infrared PI used for motion detection. The Blink XT2 can store videos for free. Although it does not have local storage, it keeps videos in the cloud.

The Blink XT and XT2 have a two-way audio offer, customizable motion detection, double battery usage, and a live view recording. Additionally, they’re both waterproof.

Other Features of the XT2

  1. Has an extended battery life of 2 years with two AA batteries, combined with the two-way talk, live view, and motion recording function
  2. Enables two-way audio where you can talk to visitors using the Blink app on your smartphone
  3. Has customizable motion detection for detecting motion and receiving important alerts
  4. Free cloud storage where you can save hundreds of clips for up to a year and no monthly subscription fee is required
  5. Works with Alexa
  6. Records in view of 1080p HD vision during the day and infrared HD night vision during the night
  7. Not limited to indoor use as it can contend against weather, making it capable of staying outside the house
  8. Easy to set up.

Advantages of the Blink XT2

  1. Cheap to purchase
  2. No contract or data fees required
  3. Easy to install
  4. Can integrate with the Alexa smart home device

Disadvantages of the Blink XT2

  1. Not professional to monitor
  2. Recording lasts for only 60 seconds
  3. Does not work with Google Home
  4. No personal recognition

Blink XT vs. XT2: 10 Must-Know Facts

Facts About the Blink XT

  • It has a video resolution of 720p to 1080p.
  • Its field of view is 110 degrees.
  • For night vision, it does not use LED lights but rather infrared.
  • The audio is one-way.
  • It has no local storage but free cloud storage of 2 hours.

Facts About Blink XT2

  • XT2 is square-shaped with rounded edges.
  • Because the battery can last up to two years, the camera can record for about 900 minutes of video events, including live video view, motion-activated recording, and two-way audio.
  • The camera’s quality is 1080p and has a field view of 110 degrees.
  • It has no fee specified for saving videos to the cloud.
  • Amazon owns Blink XT2, and it works alongside Alexa, which is Amazon’s virtual assistant.

Where to Buy

You can buy some iterations of the Blink security camera on Amazon, like this one here.

Blink XT vs. XT2: Which is Better?

There are not a lot of differences between the Blink XT and XT2 models, but they still have slight differences.

Both models are weather-resistant even when powered on. You can install them indoors and outdoors. Just like pet cameras, they are both wireless and send their videos and recording via IP to the Wi-Fi.

Most reports and verification come from clips recorded with higher definitions, making the XT2 better than the XT. Although the Blink XT and XT2 use the same PIR sensors and send the same exact alert, the XT2 allows more controls.

They both have free storage, but with the communication, the XT does not allow two-way communication but it is available in the XT2. Ultimately, the best option among the two is the Blink XT2 as it has better features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Blink app be used on more than one smartphone?

Yes, there is no limited number of phones or tablets to which the Blink app can be connected.

Can the Blink cameras be armed or disarmed automatically?

Yes. The camera can be harmed or disarmed manually or automatically by creating a schedule through the Blink app.

Do Blink cameras pan, tilt, or zoom?

The camera can have a different view only by adjusting them manually.

Can the XT or XT2 be mounted inside to look through a window?

Yes, and this works for live view.

What is a Blink live view?

This is where the mobile app can be used to view a camera feed as it presently is.

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