5 Best Wyze Cam Alternatives in 2024

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5 Best Wyze Cam Alternatives in 2024

Despite the name, a Wyze Cam might not be the wisest (or should I say “wyzest”?) idea for your smart home security system. While they offer affordability, flexibility, and stylishness, Wyze security cameras may not be ideal in other key respects. Before you head to the checkout, let’s go over some of the best Wyze Cam alternatives available on the market today. Who knows? You may end up finding one you like even more.

Best Overall: SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Home Security System

Best Overall
SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Home Security System
  • Multi-layered defense for your home
  • Easy to set up
  • Control system with SimpliSafe App
  • Great motion detection
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01/26/2024 08:32 am GMT

The SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Home Security System is our top pick for a Wyze Cam alternative. For this one price, you get nine whole pieces to a complete smart home security system. Instead of protecting your home with just one camera, you get a comprehensive security network that covers practically every base imaginable.

This far more thorough, far more extensive approach to home security makes it our top pick for a Wyze Cam alternative. Forget about the inadequacy of one small camera. This offering from SimpliSafe provides a variety of sensors, a base station, a keypad, and more so you can set up a multi-layered defense for your home.

Comes with nine parts for one price.Pricier than other home security offerings.
Covers practically every base of home security. Setup might take longer with so many parts.

Check out the SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Home Security System on Amazon.

Best on a Budget: Galayou WiFi Camera

Best on a Budget
GALAYOU Indoor Home Security Cameras
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to set up
  • Features two-way audio
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google home
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01/26/2024 11:25 am GMT

For those who sought out the Wyze Cam for its budget-friendly pricing, consider the Galayou WiFi Camera instead. This camera gives you the low-cost option you’re looking for without giving up on any essential features. You still get that clear video quality, motion detection capabilities, and two-way audio you crave.

The Galayou WiFi Camera is the ideal choice for those of you who need a basic security camera but could do without the hefty price tag of some other offerings on the market. Plus, it’s easy to set up and straightforward to use — no need for a pro to help you get started. (Saving you even more on installation fees.)

Very affordable Wyze Cam alternative.Lacks a well-known brand name.
Doesn’t skimp on features.Night vision recordings aren’t in color.

Check out the Galayou WiFi Camera on Amazon.

Best for Doorbells: Ring Video Doorbell

Best for Doorbells
Ring Video Doorbell 1080p HD Video
  • Enhanced features
  • Improved motion detection
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Easy installation
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01/26/2024 11:30 am GMT

Need something for your doorbell? Instead of what Wyze has to offer, think about the Ring Video Doorbell. It’s the tried and true doorbell security cam we’ve all probably seen (or, at the very least, heard of) out in the wild. Turns out, it’s so well-known for a darn good reason. It’s one of the best products of its kind.

Ring’s trademark smart doorbell is equipped with live video streaming, motion detection, and a two-way audio system. With this, you’re able to monitor your home’s front entry while also communicating with anyone at the door. Installation’s a breeze, too, making the option that much better overall.

Two-way audio lets you talk and listen.Higher cost than other doorbell cams.
Seamless integration with other Ring devices.Doesn’t work without Wi-Fi.

Check out the Ring Video Doorbell on Amazon.

Best for Backyards: Google Nest Cam with Floodlight

Best for Backyards
Google Nest Cam with Floodlight
  • Combines the security of a camera with the safety of a floodlight
  • Easy integration with other Google or Nest devices in your home
  • 3 Hours of free event video history
  • Floodlight switches on when there is activity
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/26/2024 12:04 pm GMT

People have been using floodlights as a security measure in their backyards for years now. That said, they became that much better when smart security companies started incorporating cameras into the product. What a novel concept, right? Wyze has a version, but there’s another you might want to think about instead.

The Google Nest Cam with Floodlight combines the convenience of a security camera with the practicality of a floodlight into one excellent offering. With its high-quality camera, its ultra-bright floodlight, and its night vision capabilities, the outdoor security camera gives you optimal recordings both day and night. It’s a real winner.

Combines the security of a camera with the safety of a floodlight.More expensive than a floodlight or security camera alone.
Easy integration with other Google or Nest devices in your home.Outdoor installation might require more effort than an indoor one.

Check out the Google Nest Cam with Floodlight on Amazon.

Were you drawn to the Wyze Cam for your pets? If so, there are some competitors on the market you should weigh as well. The Blink Mini offers a perfect blend of affordability and practical pet monitoring features, making it a serious threat to the Wyze Cam. Even with its compact size, this camera delivers high-definition video and motion detection capabilities for your pets.

It’s made for the indoors, letting you check out your little ones chilling on the couch or in the living room even when you’re away from home. Plus, its two-way communication feature even lets you talk to them. (So long as you don’t think that’ll freak them out, of course.) Plus, with the Blink name, you’ll know it’ll work in unison with your other Amazon smart home products.

Budget-friendly way to discreetly monitor your pets.Given its size and range, it’s not ideal for comprehensive home security.
Give you peace of mind about your pets when you’re away.Not as advanced as other, more expensive indoor cameras.

Check out the Blink Mini on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best Wyze Cam Alternative: Step-by-Step

best hidden camera detector
Think about camera pricing, location, and connection type before you buy.

For some, it may not be enough to simply see these Wyze Cam alternatives compiled in a list. Others may need some helpful instructions on how to pick the best option of the bunch. Unfortunately, we can’t just pull a suggestion out of a hat for you. You’ll need to think about a few things before you make the best decision for your unique needs. This includes price, location, and power type. Let’s run through these three considerations step by step.


First, consider your budget when choosing a Wyze Cam alternative. Compare prices of different brands and models to find one that fits your financial needs. Keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. Look for options that offer a balance between affordability and features so you get the best bang for your buck.

Intended Location

Then, think about where you plan to place the camera. If it’s for indoor use, choose a camera with a more compact design without things like weatherproofing or a floodlight. For outdoor use, look for a weather-resistant camera with durable construction and additional outdoor features like a light or night vision. Knowing where you intend to put the camera will help you make the better choice.

Wired or Wireless

Lastly, choose whether you want a wired or wireless setup for your security camera system. This choice isn’t always obvious right off the bat. You’ll want to base your decision on things like convenience, camera placement, logistics, installation, and so on. Wired cameras provide constant power, but may require more installation effort. Wireless cameras offer more flexibility, but run on batteries.

What to Know Before Buying a Wyze Cam Alternative

doorbell on the wall of the house with a surveillance camera
Remember that high-traffic areas will drain a camera battery faster.

In addition to the steps above, there are some other things you should know before you buy one of these Wyze Cam alternatives. First, you might want to check if the product requires a separate cloud storage subscription. Some cameras offer free storage, while others may charge for additional space. Understand the storage options and costs before you buy so you don’t hit any price hurdles.

Another thing to know? That pesky burden called battery life. If you’re buying a wireless camera, be aware of how often you’ll need to change the batteries. Different models will have different battery life specs. That battery life is going to vary based on weather, battery type, camera usage, and more. If you still want a wireless camera, be aware that you may be buying batteries quite frequently.

Speaking of weather, you should know that it’s going to have an impact on your outdoor cameras. Be cautious about its temperature limits. This goes for both hot and cold climates (not to mention rainy ones). Some cameras may struggle in extremely cold conditions, while others might overheat in hotter conditions. Waterproofing is another huge consideration to keep in mind, as well.

Using a Wyze Cam Alternative: What It’s Like

Wyze Cam alternatives give you a live look at your home, even when you’re miles away.

It’s a great feeling using one of these Wyze Cam alternatives. For one, you get a huge boost in your sense of safety. By allowing the camera to keep an eye on your surroundings for you, you can finally rest easy knowing that the smart security system has your back. This added layer of surveillance also brings a greater sense of security.

Beyond this, it’s just plain convenient to know who’s at your door without having to open it. A salesperson’s at your door? Well, you don’t have to open it if you don’t want to. That long-awaited delivery is finally here? Now you can run to grab it at last. It’s a huge convenience that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it.

Broadly speaking, the camera provides you with a real-time view of your property — offering greater peace of mind and better control over your home’s safety speaking security. This is truly what it’s like: you feel more confident and more reassured knowing that any activity of any sort is going to be captured on video by your new Wyze Cam alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why consider a Wyze Cam alternative?

Exploring alternatives to Wyze Cam’s offerings broadens your horizons and opens you up to other products beyond what Wyze has to offer. It keeps you from locking yourself in any one corner.

Do security cameras need cloud storage?

Yes, many security camera systems offer cloud storage options to store your recorded footage. However, these cloud storage solutions may require a separate monthly or annual subscription.

How often do wireless cameras need battery changes?

How often you’ll need to change your wireless camera’s batteries depends on how often it gets used. Typically, it can range from a few months to a year, but things like extreme weather and high camera traffic will drastically reduce the life.

Can outdoor cameras work inside?

Yes, outdoor cameras can work indoors too. However, they may not be ideal for the environment. Likewise, indoor cameras are not a good idea for the outdoors. You should keep indoor cameras inside and outdoor cameras outside.

Are there budget-friendly alternatives to Wyze Cam?

Yes, there are all sorts of budget-friendly alternatives to Wyze Cams available on the market today. Consider lesser-known brands like Galayou or Eufy instead. Blink is also more affordable than bigger names like Ring.

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