Reddit’s 5 Best Workout Apps Are Worth Checking Out Today

Person using one of the best workout apps on Reddit

Reddit’s 5 Best Workout Apps Are Worth Checking Out Today

Key Points

  • Reddit’s choice for the #1 Best Overall Workout App is Ladder.
  • Using a workout app may help you achieve your goals faster by optimizing your exercise routines.
  • When choosing a workout app, consider the instruction quality and how much the app lets you personalize based on your routine.
  • Before downloading a workout app, it’s helpful to know your fitness goals, what equipment you have, and where you plan to workout.

Everyone knows exercise is important for physical and mental health, but what’s less clear is what exactly you should be doing. Whether you’re a novice or a gym rat, having a well-structured plan can significantly contribute to your success. After all, as the saying goes, “If you don’t have a plan, you’re planning to fail.”

There are numerous apps that can help you develop a plan and stick to it, but which one is best? This has been a topic of great debate on Reddit.

In this article, we’ll look at some of Reddit’s top recommendations, helping you make a selection that suits your lifestyle. Let’s get started!

#1 Best Overall: Ladder

Ladder isn’t just another workout library. It gives you the opportunity to select a coach from a diverse lineup, with each providing a fresh workout plan every week.

This app ensures you stay engaged by fostering a connection with your chosen coach, who not only motivates you but also keeps you consistently challenged. Once you download Ladder, you begin by answering some initial questions such as your preferred exercise style, whether you have any equipment, and your ideal workout length.

Based on your answers, the app steers you toward a selection of suitable coaches. Many of the coaches are individuals you may recognize from social media like TikTok stars Kelly Matthews and Courteney Fisher. These coaches provide far more than just weekly workout plans and video demonstrations. They create supportive communities that they engage with via group chat.

Even after joining a coach’s team, you’re free to switch and try others as many times as you like during the free trial. However, once you begin your subscription plan, Ladder limits you to one monthly change.

While the coaches on this app take different approaches to fitness, it is primarily a progressive strength training app. If you’re not into that, you may need to explore other options. Additionally, this app is only for iOS, so you’ll only be able to download it with an Apple device.


After a free 7-day trial, you must subscribe to a subscription plan to continue enjoying the app. You may choose between either PRO or ELITE.

The PRO plan costs $29.99/month and includes membership to one Ladder team, with the option to switch to a different team once per month. You will receive at least 5 new workouts each week which you can save and replay up to 3 times.

The ELITE plan includes everything in the PRO plan but gives you the opportunity to receive more individualized attention. You will receive 2 form checks per month plus the ability to chat directly with your coach.

Ladder offers multiple training courses to suit diverse needs.If you’re not interested in strength training, this isn’t the app for you.
This app feels like having a personal trainer.If you don’t have an Apple device, you won’t be able to download this app.
You will receive brand new workouts each week.
If you’re not sure you want to commit, you can take advantage of the free 7-day trial.
Personal Trainer, with his back facing the camera, looking at a gym
The Ladder app offers an economical means to receive guidance from a personal trainer.


Best for Strength Training: Freeletics

Redditors are raving about Freeletics, crediting the app for some pretty dramatic physical transformations.

Despite being a strength training app, it doesn’t require specialized equipment. While the option to incorporate gym gear exists, numerous Redditors have ditched their gym memberships, opting to use only Freeletics’ bodyweight workouts.

Once you join Freeletics, you’ll receive a personalized training plan built by AI. This includes guided exercises, meal plans, progress-tracking features, and audio to keep you motivated. Many Redditors have used this app for years, which speaks to the app’s ability to help you achieve and maintain your fitness.

If you’re striving to have a healthier lifestyle, Freeletics offers a comprehensive solution. Since the app takes a holistic approach to fitness, you’re more likely to see results. In fact, 97% of all users say their fitness levels dramatically improved over 12 weeks.

While this is a popular app, available in 10 languages and used by 55 million people around the world, some Redditors felt the subscription plan was more costly than they hoped.


Freeletics offers a free version of the app which includes signature workout videos, a library of exercises, and audio sessions, however, this is meant to give you a taste of what you might experience with the subscription plans which provide far more value.

With a subscription plan, users can choose from two options: the training and nutrition bundle or just pure training. Both plans offer 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month options. According to the Freeletics website, the 12-month training plus nutrition option is the most popular and will set you back about $125/year. If you’re only interested in training, you expect to pay only $95/year.

Freeletics offers both training and nutritional coaching so you can achieve optimal overall wellness.While Freeletics is free to download, their subscription plans may not fit into everyone’s budget.
The app can be used with or without gym equipment.
You’re likely to see results with this program if you stick with it.
Muscular Athletic Fit Man in T-shirt and Shorts is Doing Squat Exercises at Home in His Spacious and Bright Living Room with Minimalistic Interior.
Freeletics can help you get fit with or without a gym, utilizing workouts that don’t require equipment.


Most Challenging: Fitbod

Fitbod is such a popular choice among Redditors that there is an entire community of users dedicated to the app.

You begin your journey by defining your strength goals. The app then uses AI to tailor a workout toward those specific goals. If your ambition is to conquer a challenging squat weight, the app’s AI might construct a series of progressively more difficult squat-focused exercises.

Fitbod’s algorithm uses a non-linear periodization strategy that varies your sets and reps. This approach activates your muscles in a diverse way, leading to quicker results. An added perk, Redditors noted that the ever-changing workouts maintain their interest and engagement.

Redditors can enjoy using this app both in the gym and at home because you can specify the type of equipment you have access to. Additionally, you can also remove specific exercises from your suggested list. This can be helpful for individuals that are injured or simply don’t want to train certain body parts.

While Fitbod’s AI can aid in reaching your strength objectives, a few users have found certain strength projections to be overly ambitious. For instance, the app might propose that you can take your barbell bench press from 177 lbs to 245 lbs over the course of three months, which some may feel is unrealistic.


After downloading Fitbod, you may try up to three free workouts before the app requires you to commit to a subscription plan. You then have the option to choose a monthly or yearly plan.

Opting for the yearly plan at $79.99 is considerably more economical in the long term compared to the monthly plan at $12.99 per month, which totals approximately $156 per year.

AI will personalize your workouts based on your preferences.You may find some of the app’s projections to be unrealistic.
Since workouts are always changing, you are more likely to stay engaged and avoid fitness plateaus.
You can try the app free for 30 days without committing.
A muscular and sweaty man is training at the gym by lifting the gym weights to strengthen his muscles and breathe very fatigued for his tough workout. Concept of: workout, workout, power, fitness
By constantly switching up your workouts, Fitbod can help you avoid fitness plateaus.


Best for Yoga: Down Dog

Down Dog has become a popular app among Redditors looking to deepen their yoga practice.

Based on reviews, some Redditors say it’s the best yoga app on the market, by far. What sets this app apart is its unparalleled degree of personalization.

While conventional apps grant you the ability to pick a style and sift through videos by length, Down Dog elevates the experience by granting you the power to handpick your narrator’s voice and even determine the extent of pose explanation. While beginners might want as much explanation as possible, adept yogis may prefer the serenity of minimal instruction.

Redditors also appreciate that you can adjust your practice based on your desired pace. Whether you’re seeking an invigorating flow or a gentle, meditative sequence, Down Dog empowers you to tailor your experience to fit your needs.

Furthermore, the app provides instruction in 11 languages. This inclusive approach ensures that individuals from various linguistic backgrounds can fully engage with their yoga practice. Moreover, Down Dog offers subtitles, a feature that greatly benefits those who have difficulty hearing.

While Down Dog enables personalized practices, a few Redditors observed that it lacks suggestions for pose variations.


Currently, Down Dog offers a 30-day free trial before requiring a monthly or annual subscription. The monthly plan costs $9.99/month but is discounted to $4.99/month if you commit to a year. Notably, these plans give you access to Down Dog’s other exercise apps, including HIIT, Barre, Prenatal Yoga, and Meditation.

Down Dog offers a remarkable level of personalization.It doesn’t suggest pose variations.
Incorporating multiple languages and offering subtitle support fosters inclusivity.
The subscription plan gives you access to all of Down Dog’s apps.
Woman in sportswear sitting on yoga mat at home, holding bottle of water and using the Down Dog yoga app
Down Dog offers customizable yoga practices to suit various styles, experience levels, and pace preferences.


Best for Cycling: Strava

Reddit’s cycling community highly recommends the Strava app as an essential tool for tracking rides, competing, and connecting with fellow cyclists.

The app gamifies the cycling experience by fostering friendly competition among users and motivating cyclists to beat their own records. This strategy is particularly effective as it taps into users’ intrinsic motivation while creating a sense of community and achievement.

One of Strava’s standout features is its GPS tracking which records information like routes traveled, distance covered, and average speed. This real-time tracking capability enables users to reflect on their performance, track improvements, and share accomplishments.

Catering to avid cyclists, the app’s compatibility with Garmin and Peloton serves as another valuable feature that enhances its overall appeal.

This app is also useful for runners, but it won’t be useful if you’re interested in strength training or other fitness approaches.


Strava allows you to test all its premium features during a 30-day trial. After this period, you can opt for either the free or paid versions.

The free version includes activity recording, device support, and access to the social network. The paid version of the app includes significantly more capabilities, such as AI-developed route planning and personalized analysis that identifies patterns in your training performance.

Although a yearly subscription only costs $79.99, many Redditors found the free version sufficient for their needs.

The app records information that may be helpful for cyclists and runners.This app won’t be sufficient if you’re not a runner or cyclist.
Gamification elements keep users motivated.
The app is compatible with Garmin and Peloton.
You can try out premium features during a 30-day trial, but the free version may be sufficient for your needs.
Man cycling on a road
Strava can help cyclists beat their personal records by recording and analyzing their performance data.


How to Pick the Best Workout App: Step-by-Step

When choosing a workout app, there are three main criteria to consider.

  • Variety
  • Personalization
  • Instruction quality

Let’s review each of these criteria in more detail.


Varying your workouts is essential for avoiding monotony and fitness plateaus. Workout apps that provide variety can keep you engaged and motivated, contributing to your long-term success.

Even if your app specializes in a specific area, such as yoga, it should strive to challenge you consistently. For optimal results, we recommend using a workout app that will continuously adapt and ensure you make progress.


If you ask ten people about their fitness goals, you may get ten different answers. Since fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all sort of thing, it’s helpful to select a workout app that can cater to your specific goals.

No matter how experienced you are in fitness, starting a structured routine can be challenging without a personalized plan. We recommend using a workout app that utilizes artificial intelligence to customize your experience to your goals and fitness level. Doing this will make you more likely to stick with it and see long-term results.

Instruction Quality

If you’re learning how to perform an exercise for the first time, it’s important to receive adequate instruction on the proper form. Without it, you risk injury.

Look for apps that provide clear visuals and effective narration. These features not only enhance safety but also aid in accurately targeting the intended muscles.

Happy woman in a gym using the best workout app
Using a workout app can simplify your journey to becoming healthier.

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What to Know Before Downloading a Workout App

Fitness Goals

Before downloading a workout app, it’s helpful to determine your fitness goals. Do you want to lose weight, build muscle, increase endurance, or improve your flexibility?

This preliminary step can help you determine the most suitable app for your goals. While some workout apps can have diverse offerings, others may be more specific or simply unsuitable for your needs.

Equipment Availability

If you’ve already invested in a gym membership, you may be more open to a wider range of workout apps. However, if you don’t have access to equipment, you’ll need an app that utilizes bodyweight exercises.

Evaluate the exercise equipment you have at your disposal and ensure that it aligns with the requirements of your chosen app.


The amount of space that you have will determine the practicality of performing certain exercises. When dealing with limited space, your range of feasible exercise options might become more restricted.

If this is the case, don’t be discouraged. Even in confined spaces, you can still perform effective exercises.

Using a Workout App: What It’s Like

Planning workout routines takes time and can require significant effort. You have to make sure you challenge yourself but don’t overdo it. If you’re not careful, you might end up missing critical muscle groups or falling into patterns that hinder your progress.

The best workout apps free you from the burden of planning by intelligently designing routines that yield results. All you need to do is set aside the time to work out and perform the suggested exercises. This streamlined approach enables you to channel your energy into the workout itself, ensuring that you hit your goals.

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Reddit’s 5 Best Workout Apps Are Worth Checking Out Today FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is a workout app?

A workout app is a mobile application that helps users plan and manage their exercise routines.

How do workout apps help me achieve my fitness goals?

Workout apps provide structured routines. This can be helpful for people who lack the time or expertise to develop a workout plan.

Are workout apps free or do I need to pay for them?

A free workout app may be sufficient for your needs, but investing in a workout app with premium features could be well worth it.

Do I need a gym membership or special equipment to use a workout app?

While many workout apps will provide exercise routines that include the use of specialized equipment, it’s not always necessary.

Do I need internet access to use a workout app?

Some apps allow you to download exercise videos that can be viewed offline. If this is not the case, you will need internet access to use the app.

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