Best Wireless Chargers: Reviewed and Ranked

Best Wireless Chargers

Best Wireless Chargers: Reviewed and Ranked

So, you have had enough of untangling your charging cables. Welcome to the world of wireless chargers! They allow you to ditch the cords and embrace the minimalist style. These masterpieces can power nearly any mobile device while also making you feel a little happier just by looking at them.

Really, envision making your counter, desk, or nightstand look like a sleek oasis instead of a tangled mess of wires. Sounds interesting, right?

The icing on the cake is that these multi-device chargers allow you to power up your smartwatch, wireless headphones, and even a second phone simultaneously. Whilst wireless charging may not be as quick or powerful as its wired equivalent, it undoubtedly wins out when it comes to convenience. Surely not something to be missed!

While the concept of wireless charging may appear simple at first glance, there is actually quite a bit more to it than meets the eye. As the number of phones that can use wireless charging has increased, so have the options available to consumers. Hundreds of wireless chargers are available if you hunt for one online. In fact, it won’t be wrong to suggest that it is a minefield out there.

However, do not let that put you off, because, with some help, you will be able to move through the world of wireless charging with ease. Here are some of the best options to consider.

Best Android and iPhone Wireless Charger: Belkin Boost 10W

Best for Android and iPhone
Belkin Quick Charge 10W
  • Compatible with Qi-enabled devices
  • Integrated LED lights
  • Paired with certified over-voltage protection
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02/28/2024 08:47 am GMT

If you are looking for a wireless charging stand, go no further than the Belkin Boost Charge 10W. This bad boy can get an empty phone to between 40 and 50% in about an hour, which is significantly faster than its competition.

The Qi-enabled stand is available in both white and black colors. It also has a cable and wall plug for convenience. This means that you will not need to hunt for additional accessories for the quickest charging times.  

Moreover, you can easily remove and replace the cable because it is a micro USB. But it does not fold, so it might not be the most convenient choice for bringing along on a trip. Still, it’s a dream to use on a bedside table.

In case you are concerned with reliability, you will feel confident using this charger, which has been certified by the Wireless Power Consortium. Not to mention, it comes with a two-year guarantee from Belkin. So, do not put up with slow charging any longer; instead, invest in a Belkin Boost Charge and see your phone come to life.

Check the Belkin Boost Charge 10W out on Amazon.

Best Convertible Qi Wireless Charger: Spigen Convertible

Best Convertible Qi Wireless Charger
Spigen Convertible 15W
  • Supports up to 15W charge
  • Charges directly through protective cases up to 3 mm
  • 63-degree tilt
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The best wireless charging option, the Spigen Convertible 15W, has finally arrived, and it will blow your mind. This beauty has several uses: you can prop it up to charge your phone, lay it flat to charge your wireless earphones, and tilt it to the ideal 63-degree angle while video calling and conferencing.

You will not have to trade off speed for convenience, since compatible devices may get up to 15W of power. Remember, the freedom of wireless charging may come at the expense of a somewhat slower charging rate, but that is a small price to pay.

And, speaking of convenience, this charger does not require you to be plugged into a wall outlet; all you need is a Quick Charge 3.0 18W or 24W adapter (depending on the charging rate you like).

For safety, it uses a soft LED light while actively charging your devices. It is also capable of charging through cases up to 3mm thick, so there is no need to remove your phone’s protective case to use it. Overall, it is a great replacement for those bulky, traditional chargers with wires!

Check the Spigen Convertible 15W out on Amazon.

Please note: As of July 19, 2023, the Spigen Convertible 15W is out of stock on Amazon. Check back for availability.

Best MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charger: Belkin MagSafe

Best MagSafe 2-in-1
Belkin MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand
  • Compatible with the Apple iPhone 14, 13, and 12 Series, as well as certified MagSafe cases
  • Charging at up to 15 watts 
  • Paired with certified over-voltage protection
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02/28/2024 08:51 am GMT

The Belkin 2-in-1 Wireless iPhone Charger Stand offers an impressive way to juice up two iPhones at once. This wireless MagSafe charger is the perfect addition to your Apple ecosystem, since it is compatible with the iPhone 14, 13, and 12 Series and certified MagSafe Cases.

With this charger, you can power up your phone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once for a streamlined charging experience that will not keep you waiting. With MagSafe technology, this charger guarantees proper positioning for a trouble-free charging experience.

The built-in magnetic technology makes setting your iPhone on the charging stand simple. You can go about your day without worrying about your phone falling off the charger because the magnet is quite powerful.

It is worth mentioning that this charger may be a bit pricy, but it will save you time and money in the long run by eliminating the need to regularly replace lost or damaged cables.

Check the Belkin MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand out on Amazon.

Best Wireless Charging Pad: Moshi Otto Q

Best Wireless Charging Pad
Moshi Otto Q
  • Charge up to 15W
  • Features enhanced passive cooling
  • Charges through cases up to 5 mm thick
  •  Eligible for the 10-year Global Warranty program
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02/28/2024 08:51 am GMT

Go with the Moshi Otto Q if you want a wireless charger that does not appear like a standard black slab. In fact, its metal-like shell and heathered grey fabric top are reminiscent of sleek Scandinavian stereo components.

The Otto Q is one of the larger charging pads at 4 inches in diameter, but its tapered base keeps it from feeling that big. And it works quite perfectly. For any supported Android devices, you can receive a charging speed of up to 15W. Meanwhile, Samsung devices can receive up to 9W, and Apple’s iPhones can receive up to 7.5W.

A white LED on the pad’s front blinks whenever your phone is charging, and the sticky rubber ring around the Qi coil makes it easy to set your phone down. Just keep in mind that the LED indicates charging, but its sequence of two rapid blinks followed by a single slow blink could be misunderstood as an error.

Check the Moshi Otto Q out on Amazon.

Best Qi Wireless Charging Stand: Belkin BoostCharge 15W

Best Qi Wireless Charging Stand
Belkin BoostCharge 15W
  • Comes with a QuickCharge 3.0 24W charger power supply
  • Capable of 15W Fast Charging
  • Input voltage: 100 Volts
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02/28/2024 07:52 pm GMT

The Belkin BoostCharge 15W is a decent choice if you need a Qi charging stand. Some of its major differentiating features include a 24W USB-A adaptor and the use of USB-C for connectivity rather than a micro USB.

The circular base, ovoid stand, and padded top make it look rather good, but the design profile may not work for everyone. It works flawlessly, though.

In fact, if you have an Android phone like the LG V40 or OnePlus 9 that can utilize rapid charging, this is a wonderful option. It can charge at a speed of up to 15W. And, for your convenience, there is a white LED light displaying the charging status.

It is important to note that quite like many other stands, the orientation of the Qi charging coils prevents it from charging an iPhone 12 Mini or 13 Mini. However, that is not a major problem because these phones can use MagSafe or magnetic Qi chargers.  

Check the Belkin BoostCharge 15W out on Amazon.

Best Apple Wireless Charger for iPhone: Apple MagSafe Charger

Best Apple Wireless Charger
Apple MagSafe Charger
  • Charging up to 15W
  • Maintains compatibility with Qi charging
  • Has a USB-C integrated cable (1 m)
  • USB-C connector
  • Wirelessly charge your iPhone 8 or newer
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02/28/2024 03:16 am GMT

The Apple MagSafe charger has certainly revolutionized the wireless charging industry. There are magnets included in the charger, so it snaps easily onto the back of your phone and begins charging immediately.

Going with a MagSafe charger is an excellent idea if you have an iPhone 12, 13, or XS/XS Max/XR. Quicker than standard Qi wireless charging, this method can supply up to 15W to your phone from a 20W power source.

The upside is that, if you have AirPods Pro, you can also charge them using the Apple MagSafe Charger.  Another benefit of using the MagSafe charger is that it frees up the Lightning connector for use with wired headphones.

Check the Apple MagSafe Charger out on Amazon.

Best Apple Wireless Charging Station: Zens 4-in-1

Best Apple Wireless Charging Station
ZENS 4-in-1
  • Charges two devices simultaneously
  • Built-in USB-A port
  • Made out of high-grade aluminum
  • Supports Apple and Samsung Fast Charge
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02/28/2024 08:51 am GMT

If you are looking for a charging hub that can accommodate your Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods, going with the Zens 4-in-1 charging station is a great idea. Dual 10W Qi charging zones and dual 5W USB ports round out the Zens 4-in-1’s power features. But, there is certainly more to it.

It’s made using high-quality aluminum. What’s more, you can use it to charge two phones at 10W each, an Apple Watch, and a low-power USB device like Bluetooth headphones all at once.

The Zens have a slot on the right side designed to accommodate the included Apple Watch charging cable, which can be inserted into the pad’s USB port from the back. Moreover, you will also find a 45W USB-C PD power adapter included for added convenience.

Check the Zens 4-in-1 charging station out on Amazon.

How to Pick the Best Wireless Charger

It is important to consider how you are going to use a charger and how many devices you already have to pick the charger that works for you perfectly. For instance:

Know When to Go with Qi Chargers

Mostly, Qi chargers are going to cost you more than other wireless chargers. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your device is actually compatible.

Not only do all iPhones released after 2017 support Qi, but so do the vast majority (but not all) Android devices, especially high-end models. Your phone will charge on any Qi charger, but it will charge faster and with less hassle if the charger is compatible with your phone’s maximum charge rate.

Know Your Unique Requirements

Consider how you will be using your charger before making a purchase. One consideration is portability, for example.

Spending more on a smaller, more compact wireless charger is worthwhile if you are always on the road but still need to keep it wired in. With this handy accessory, you can power your devices on the go, in transit, etc.

Camping and hiking, two pastimes that often involve being in remote locations with limited access to electricity, are made easier by portable chargers.

Those who use their phones primarily in places with ready access to power outlets may not place as high a premium on portability. Selecting a less expensive model is always an option. Or perhaps it would be preferable to invest in a larger, more powerful wireless charger that can charge multiple gadgets at once.

Pay Attention to Your Phone’s Charge Rate

Your device will charge slowly (5W) with any Qi charger you purchase. At 9W or 10W, wireless charging is supported by the vast majority of modern Android phones.

While some can achieve 15W using a regular 15W Qi charger, others, such as select Samsung and OnePlus phones, offer higher wireless charging speeds. But, that is usually only when used with their own chargers. Check the phone’s specifications page to see what charge rates it supports.

Decide Between Charging Pads and Stands

Pads and stands are the most prevalent types of wireless chargers. But so much relies on your specific needs. The stand is recommended if you plan to keep the wireless charger on a desk. Then again, a wireless charging station may be preferable if you plan to keep it on your nightstand.

Choose the most feature-rich charging station you can afford. Some wireless chargers, for instance, contain sensors that alert users if they accidentally place an object on the charging station. This is critical, as even small things, like keys or coins, can cause the charger to overheat and stop working.

What to Know Before Buying the Best Wireless Charger

Many factors can play a role in determining the best wireless charger for your needs. Here are a few to consider.

WPC Certification

If you are in the market for a wireless charger, it is in your best interest to stick with options certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). It suggests the charger has passed all the tests and complies with the Qi safety and performance standards.  


Aesthetics are not the only thing to think about when choosing a wireless charger; the surface finish should be good enough to keep your phone from sliding around. While some prefer charging stands because they allow you to keep your phone on a flat surface, the best option is the one that suits your needs best.


Some wireless chargers make an annoying clicking sound when in operation. The wireless charger’s internal fan turns on to dissipate heat while your phone is charging. This produces some noise, which may also be audible in some cases. Just keep it in mind when making a purchase.

Safety Features

Sensors in modern wireless chargers can identify when the charging process has reached an unsafe level. To prevent damage from overheating, the charger will automatically limit charging power, if not turned off completely.

Similarly, a good-quality wireless charger will automatically shut off if a short circuit is detected. The feature also safeguards against overcharging, which shortens the battery’s lifespan and poses fire risks.


You can spend up to $70 on the most expensive single-device chargers on the market today. Do not fear, though; you can get a high-quality charger for $35 or less. If you are on a tight budget, it might not be worth it to splurge on the more expensive models that boast useless extra features or slow charging times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wireless charging slower or faster than traditional cabled chargers?

The charging rate is proportional to the current being supplied to your device. That being said, wireless chargers are typically slower and take 30-80% longer than wired chargers. But the good thing is that it is changing as modern chargers close this gap quickly.

How does wireless chargers work?

Wireless chargers rely heavily on inductive charging to deliver power from the charger to the device wirelessly, eliminating the need for a cable.

Whenever current is run through the coil, an electromagnetic field is produced. An electric current flow through a second coil of wire in the device being charged as a result of this field. The device’s induced current is then rectified into DC power that can be utilized to replenish the battery.

What are the main benefits of wireless charging?

Wireless charging has various advantages, including greater convenience that enables customers to charge their gadgets anytime, anyplace. It eliminates the necessity for untangling cords or finding a suitable connector and decreases desk clutter by eliminating cords.

In addition, wireless chargers are often safer and function better as there are fewer cords that can become damaged or broken. Several wireless chargers include smart capabilities that automatically turn off after gadgets are fully charged to prevent overheating.

Does wireless charging work with the case attached?

The short answer is yes; wireless charging can be used even when a case is present. There are several factors to consider, though.

For instance, you will be better off avoiding larger cases. A wireless charger should not have any issues with even larger cases, but it is important to keep in mind that thicker cases may have problems making contact at times.

Similarly, a metal phone case will prevent your phone from charging wirelessly. While aluminum cases are tough and keep your phone safe, they cannot be used with wireless chargers. This is why Apple decided to ditch metal for the new iPhone’s casing. A robust glass rear case, on the other hand, helps conduct the charge efficiently.

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