The Absolute Best Ways to Sell Your Gaming PC in 2023

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The Absolute Best Ways to Sell Your Gaming PC in 2023

Key Points

  • Selling your old gaming PC allows you to free up space and recover some of your initial investment.
  • Breaking down a desktop PC for parts can be a lucrative way to sell high-quality components like GPUs, RAM, and monitors.
  • Platforms like SellGPU and eBay are great options for selling your gaming PC online, while Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are popular choices for local sales.

If you have a gaming PC collecting dust, you’ve probably considered selling it. If so, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to sell your gaming PC. Whether you don’t want to deal with the post office or want to get the most bang for your buck, we have you covered. 

Why Sell Your Gaming PC?

Selling used tech may seem like a hassle, and it can be if you’re not sure what to do. It’s the best thing you can do with an old system, however. Unless you want to give it to a friend or relative, selling an old gaming PC allows you to free up space and recover some of your initial investment. 

Free money is never a bad thing, and it’s a good idea to remember tech doesn’t necessarily age gracefully. New components and computers roll out each year, making previous generations obsolete. A gaming PC you paid $2,000 for five years ago may still run well, but the parts inside it will have decreased in value. 

Graphics cards and monitors are two exceptions, along with laptops with dedicated GPUs or high-resolution displays. Otherwise, the sooner you sell old tech, the better, as your old gaming rig gets cheaper by the day. 

The Best Ways to Sell Your Gaming PC

Our guide applies to any type of gaming PC, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, or hybrid system mounted to the wall. Which method is right for you depends on your PC. Breaking down a laptop or 2-in-1 and selling the parts is unwise, but you can do that with a custom-built rig.

Break It Down

If you have a desktop PC and aren’t afraid of taking it apart, you can get more money from most systems by breaking them down for parts. That may not be the case with older computers, but it’s well worth your time if you have high-quality parts. 

Used GPUs can sell for hundreds of dollars online, even with the market crash on those components, high-end cards still aren’t cheap. A renewed RTX 3060Ti from PNY is still around $300, although it’s almost three years old. Before you start taking things apart, check to see what the components are worth beforehand. 

Budget and mid-range graphics cards are still worth selling despite their age. The same goes for RAM, power supplies, hard drives, processors, cooling systems, and monitors. Internal components are small and easy to ship, while cases and monitors can be problematic due to their size. 

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Breaking down a PC is easier than putting one together…

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There are also some parts better left alone unless you know what you’re doing. Processors are a good example of a part that can be challenging to remove for experienced users, let alone novices. You’ll need to account for packing supplies regardless of the part. You may want to let a service like UPS handle packing on monitors or cases with tempered glass, however. 

Don’t open up your case unless you’re comfortable, but breaking down a rig is certainly one of the best ways to sell your gaming PC. If you have a laptop or system you want to sell in one piece, here’s the best way to go about it.

Sell It All

If you want to send your old system to a new home without picking up a screwdriver, the first step is to know what’s inside the case. While you can list items for free on a number of platforms, shipping may not be the best option for old or cheap systems. 

Unless you’re trying to sell the original Apple PC or a retro system you know is worth money, you’ll want to gauge pricing beforehand. This lets you know whether it’s better to sell locally or online. Local sales may not be ideal, but it can save you a lot of headaches due to the cost of shipping a 30-50 pound parcel. 

The best place to check on pricing is eBay or Amazon. eBay is the best option for older desktops and laptops, while Amazon has more professional sellers. That can skew pricing, so it’s important to pay attention to the feedback scores on eBay, along with the sold price. 

On Amazon, you’ll need to rely on the filters and have a bit of luck. When all else fails, you should be able to get a rough idea of your gaming PC’s worth through Google. Try searching for the model number of your system, and there’s a good chance you’ll get results. 

The Best Places to Sell Your Gaming PC

If you want to sell your old gaming PC online, there are dozens of services and platforms to choose from. While you should always use your due diligence before using any selling service, these sites are the among the best places to sell your gaming PC.


While we love eBay, SellGPU allows sellers to offload old parts to a company, not individuals. They don’t just buy GPUs, either. You can sell the processor from your system, RAM, or the solid-state drive. The company also purchases consoles, VR headsets, and other types of tech. 

SellGPU has a dedicated section for Gaming PCs and laptops if you don’t want to part your system out. Their process is simple; users just need to select their parts or system from a list and answer a handful of questions. You’ll get a price, and once they receive and test out your components, you get paid. It’s a great way to sell an entire PC or parts without worrying about picky buyers. The only downside is waiting to get paid, but the platform is quick and easy to use. 


While Amazon is an option for some people, Ebay is more accessible to the masses. eBay has long been a great place to sell anything and is definitely one of the best ways to sell a gaming PC in 2023. Unlike SellGPU, you don’t have to wait to get paid. Using the completed and sold filters, You can also quickly determine what any component is worth. on-site.

eBay has a reach other places to sell PCs can’t match. They are global, so you can sell an old GTX 1060 to someone in Germany if you live in Florida. eBay can even handle shipping and customs on international shipments. It’s intuitive to use if you’re a beginner, and putting together listings for tech has never been easier, thanks to eBay’s selling tools. 

How to Sell a Gaming PC Locally

Want to sell locally? There are several great options, but Craigslist has long been a favorite. You can buy and sell almost anything on the site and narrow things down through geolocation. Setting up a listing takes less than a minute, making it a fantastic option for folks who want something quick and easy.

While you will have to meet someone in person to deliver your system and get paid, you may be shocked by how quickly things sell. You don’t need to download an app or take any special steps to sell on Craigslist, while Facebook Marketplace takes a completely different approach. 

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Selling a PC online or locally is much easier than you think.


Cars, dogs, antiques, and furniture are all popular options on Facebook Marketplace, but so are PC parts. Facebook is a natural fit for connected users and the best way to sell something to anyone in your circle of friends. Listing items on this marketplace is also simple. You’ll need an account to message or list, but anyone can browse Facebook Marketplace without logging in, giving it considerable reach. 

Alternatively, most cities have PC shops that buy and sell systems. They are a great way to move older parts that might sell slowly online. Pawn shops are another option, but don’t expect to get top dollar if you go that route. 

Tips for Selling a Gaming PC

Now that you know the best ways to sell a gaming PC online or locally, we will provide a few tips that will help you move a PC quickly. If you plan to sell your gaming PC through a listing on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, it all starts with having a good listing.

The Title and Description 

Make sure the title is accurate and straightforward. List the most important features here, along with the make and model. For example, “ASUS ROG Flow X16 with i7, 16GB RAM, RTX 3080” hits the important keywords that would appear in a search compared to “2023 ASUS ROG Flow X16 New in Box”. While you don’t have to have a perfect title, it does need to describe your system accurately.

Any details you can’t cram into the title go into the description. This is where you need to discuss any potential issues with your PC, whether it’s cosmetic damage or a sticky trackpad. Also, highlight anything “extra” you’ve added to your desktop or laptop. That includes upgraded components or included accessories like controllers or keyboards. 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

You may think using original photos isn’t important, given all the listings online with stock photos of tech. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Using original photos of your items will increase the chance of getting a sale while helping you avoid potential headaches.

You may have a buyer interested in your $1,500 gaming PC willing to pay full price. What happens when they receive it with a scratch or dent not shown in the photo? You’ll either have to issue a refund or work something out with the buyer. Always take photos, and show your system up and running when selling a complete PC. 

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Show photos of your system up and running when trying to sell your gaming computer online.


Taking clear photos of your PC from all angles beforehand solves this problem. It also gives you a chance to check over your system again to ensure there aren’t any issues you may have missed. Don’t be afraid to use all the free listing photos provided on platforms like eBay. It’s also a good idea to take photos of the box and any accessories; just remember to cover up any serial numbers on your tech. 

Protect Your Privacy

If you’re selling a monitor or GPU, you can skip this section. Consumers listing a gaming PC or laptop with a hard drive need to take steps to protect their privacy. That means wiping any personal data from the PC before you sell it – not just clearing out cookies from the web.

While you can pull the hard drive from some laptops and all desktop computers, wiping the drives is a better option. Back up your data, and then you can use your PC’s built-in tools to format and remove all personal information from the system. 

You can also use programs like DBAN if you want to take that protection to a new level. Regardless of the method, make sure you wipe your computer before you sell it. 


As we mentioned, a decked-out gaming rig can be heavy, which makes shipping challenging. That’s one reason many people prefer to gut a PC for parts. Whether you’re shipping a GPU that’s five years old or a tower PC that weighs 60 pounds, don’t skimp on shipping. 

Using a service like SellGPU takes the hassle out of creating labels, but they don’t help with packing up a PC. UPS can handle that, however, even if they are often overlooked. It can also be cheaper to ship with UPS or FedEx than USPS when you have a hefty parcel. 

You can use flat-rate boxes from USPS for many computer parts, including bulky power supplies or a GPU. With computer monitors or heavy systems, we advise considering a service like UPS unless you have experience packing fragile objects. 

Selling Fees

Unless you plan to use a place like Craigslist or sell locally, you’ll need to consider selling and listing fees. Sites like Amazon and eBay charge people to sell items. The amount varies and can directly impact where you decide to list. 

Many sites let users list for free, so you may not get charged until your gaming PC sells. With eBay, it can be as low as 5% for a collectible or more than 14% in other categories. While you can use listing upgrades to give your item a boost, pay attention to the competition in your category before committing to extras. 

Adding a subtitle or additional larger photos can help get your listing noticed, although it’s more difficult if 3,000 other people are selling the same part.  

The Wrap-Up

As you can see, there are various ways you can sell a used gaming PC online or locally. The method that’s right for you depends on your needs and the system you’re trying to sell. You’ll always get more money by listing a hot or in-demand item on eBay, especially at auction. Alternatively, older parts and full builds could sell faster on specialty sites.

Summary Table

Break it DownSell individual parts of the gaming PC, especially if it’s a desktop and you’re comfortable with disassembling it. This method can potentially yield more money.
Sell It AllSell the entire system as a whole. This is a good option if you don’t want to disassemble the PC or if you’re selling a laptop or 2-in-1 system.
SellGPUAn online platform that allows you to sell old parts to a company. They buy GPUs, processors, RAM, solid-state drives, consoles, VR headsets, and other types of tech. They also have a dedicated section for Gaming PCs and laptops.
eBayA global online marketplace where you can sell your gaming PC or its parts. It’s accessible and has a wide reach, making it one of the best ways to sell a gaming PC in 2023.
Local SellingOptions include Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, local PC shops, and pawn shops. These are good options if you want to avoid shipping costs and meet the buyer in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are forums a good place to sell gaming PCs?

Yes, but only if you are a known member of that community. A new user trying to sell an expensive system will have a challenging time compared to a regular member.

How much does a used gaming PC sell for?

Depending on the components and build, you can get anywhere from $200 to $2,000 for a used gaming PC.

What’s the most expensive part in a PC?

Usually, the processor or GPU if it has a dedicated graphics card.

Should I offer returns on a gaming computer I’m selling on eBay?

If you want to avoid headaches with used tech, it’s better to list it “as-is” with no returns, even if it’s in perfect working condition.

Is it better to sell a whole PC or break it down?

That depends on the components inside the case. It’s worth breaking a desktop PC down if you have a high-end build with relatively new or in-demand parts.

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