The 7 Best Unfollow Apps for Instagram Today

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The 7 Best Unfollow Apps for Instagram Today

Key Points

  • Social battles are fought on Instagram through follows and unfollows, and there are apps available to help track these changes.
  • The Massi: Mass Unfollow app allows users to block or unblock multiple users at once and has built-in support for IG filters.
  • Followers Insight is an Android-only app that provides analytics and helps users find the best time to post on Instagram.
  • Unfollowers & Ghost Followers app provides extra information about users who have stopped following you.
  • The Unfollow Users app sends notifications when a user unfollows your page and allows for individual unfollows with a single tap.

Much like the Facebook or Myspace of yesteryear, social battles are fought on Instagram these days. Nothing says more than a follow or unfollow of a person’s page. Unfortunately, Instagram provides little in the way of tools to keep track of these sea changes.

However, there are a bunch of apps out there that can help you keep track of these elusive metrics and deal with your followers en masse. In this article, we’ll explore the best unfollow apps for Instagram available today.

1. Massi: Mass Unfollow for Insta

The Massi: Mass Unfollow app is a great tool for keeping track of the tides of followers you have on your Instagram page. It also allows you to keep track of ghost followers, making the Mass Unfollow for Instagram app a worthy addition to your social media arsenal.

The app’s primary purpose is dealing with your followers in bulk. It allows you to block or unblock as many users as you want in one fell swoop. This tool extends to both deleting and unliking posts. Plus, it has built-in support for IG filters, dealing with multiple accounts, as well as relationship indicators.

The app does have some downsides, however. It is only available on the iOS operating system in English, and it’s supported by ads. People complain it can be quite buggy, as well. Even still, it’s a great tool for dealing with hundreds or thousands of followers or likes at once.

2. Followers Insight

best unfollower apps for instagram
Followers Insight gives you analytics for the best time to post each day.

For those looking to truly optimize their Instagram page, the Followers Insight app is a great tool for monitoring accounts and analyzing engagement to your page(s). Followers Insight has some interesting features for social media analysis. For one, it allows monitoring of multiple accounts at once.

It also provides you with media-related analytics to track the ebb and flow of your engagement. Moreover, the app has tools that help you find the best time to post to Instagram each day. The app comes with some drawbacks, though. It’s an Android-only app, meaning many people will not be able to use its features.

It also comes chock-full of ads, making it run slow, and requires complete access to your social media to function. So, if you have some patience, Followers Insight is a great app for optimizing your following and engagement.

3. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

This app is a great tool for not only dealing with masses of followers or likes simultaneously but also for giving you more information per user than other apps. The Unfollowers & Ghost Followers app provides a heap of options to deal with your page.

These include the ability to track mutual followers and a page with all your “unfollowers” so you can unfollow them all at once. It also provides short information about each of your followers — all accessible from the app’s tidy dashboard page.

The problems with this app are similar to others on this list. It is an Android-only app, requires a download, takes some time to log in, and it’s often buggy. Regardless, Unfollowers & Ghost Followers is a surefire way to get extra info on the people who have stopped following you.

4. Followers Analyzer for IG Ins

This app, produced by TensorTech, is a valuable tool for dealing with all your followers in real time while still providing valuable information about each user. The Followers Analyzer app might have a redundant name, but don’t let that fool you. It allows you to find out who “unfollowed” you via mutual following, as well as mass “unfollowing” by filtering inactive users. It also tracks users who delete likes or comments they made on your posts.

Unfortunately, it does have some downsides. It’s buggy, iOS only, and requires a download and installation. The app also takes up a lot of space compared to other apps of the same ilk. However, if you want to see who is “unfollowing” or deleting their engagement from your page in real time, then Follower Analyzer is the app for you.

5. Unfollow Users

This app is a great addition to your Instagram arsenal due to its responsiveness and its helpful tools built into a pleasing user interface. The Unfollow Users app features the ability to unfollow individual users with a single tap. Plus, it has great real-time capabilities, as it sends you a notification every time a user unfollows your page.

The downsides of this app are due more to a problem with Instagram itself. This is because Instagram has a daily limit on unfollows and will action-block you if you exceed it. This means the app can only handle up to two hundred unfollows per hour.

It’s also an Android-only app, effectively keeping it from half of Instagram users. Ultimately, it’s a valuable tool for real-time optimization, even if its potential is restricted by the archaic rules put in place by Instagram itself.

6. Unfollowers for Instagram, Follow Cop

best unfollower apps for instagram
Instagram’s limits on “unfollowers” can conflict with third-party apps, so proceed with caution when using any unfollowing apps.

The Follow Cop app is another great tool for dealing with your Instagram account. Not only does it allow you to deal with “unfollowers,” but it also functions as a great tool for the overall management of your page.

The Unfollowers for Instagram, Follow Cop app features the ability to keep track of your unfollows, and it provides you with an intuitive tool to manage multiple aspects of your page. Beyond that, this app offers the chance for global shoutouts for your posts, increasing your page’s visibility.

The downside of this is that, often, the followers you can gain with its tools may turn out to be fake, or even bots. This tool is helpful, but ultimately sketchy. Activity like this can draw the ire of Instagram and get you shadowbanned. Plus, it’s only available for Android.

While the Unfollowers for Instagram, Follow Cop app has some questionable features, it’s a great tool to increase your page’s visibility in a pinch. It’s high-risk, high-reward, and that’s the kind of help you need with your page.

7. Reports+ Followers Unfollowers

This app is a great tool to really weed out the inactive or unfollowed users that you may still be following with your own page. The Unfollowers for Instagram app features the ability to track each one of your new followers or “unfollowers.” Instead of having to go through your follower list user-by-user to sort out the mutual following, the app allows you to do this with a simple click.

The app also features insight lists on both “unfollowers” and active followers on your page. Unfortunately, the app is only available for an iOS operating system. It also requires your IG password to use, and, due to its functions, it may get you shadowbanned on Instagram, as well. That said, it can be a valuable and insightful tool for simultaneously dealing with all your followers.

Things to Consider When Downloading an Unfollow App

Due to Instagram’s built-in restrictions, as well as the variety of third-party apps and their specific functions, it’s important to consider a few things before downloading an unfollow app.

  • Instagram has limits for daily “unfollowing” of users, which means many of these apps may get you action-blocked or temporarily shadowbanned from Instagram.
  • The apps on this list that are most effective in “unfollowing” and tracking users will cost you a bit of money.
  • Any tools built into these apps that will increase engagement with your page may come with the risk of fake or bot followers, so proceed with caution.
  • A good general rule of thumb is that if the app is free, then you are the product, so be careful before downloading any free “unfollower” app for the sake of privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an unfollow app?

An unfollow app is a third-party app that allows you to unfollow or follow hundreds of people on Instagram at once.

Why should I use an unfollow app?

You should use an unfollow app if you don’t want to go through your followers list user by user to unfollow them.

Do unfollow apps have other features?

Yes, many of the apps on this list also provide tools for audience engagement and analytics.

Does Instagram limit unfollowing?

Yes, in fact, Instagram only allows you to unfollow up to two hundred people per hour.

Why shouldn't I use an unfollow app?

Since these apps are third-party and circumnavigate Instagram’s limits, you should be cautious lest you get action-blocked or shadowbanned for exceeding unfollow limits.

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