The 6 Best Tennis Games for PC (2024 Edition)

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The 6 Best Tennis Games for PC (2024 Edition)

Key Points

  • Tennis games have a long history in the gaming world, dating back to titles like Tennis for Two in 1958 and Pong in 1972.
  • AO Tennis 2 is considered the best tennis game for PC, featuring excellent graphics, and real-world players like Rafael Nadal and Ash Barty.
  • If you’re a big tennis game fan, you can find titles with real-world graphics or jump into virtual reality and try your tennis game against professional opponents. 
  • As one of the world’s most popular sports, new tennis games are always arriving on the PC. 

As one of the most popular sports in the world, it’s only right that tennis games have long been available as a game you can play on the PC.

Tennis titles have a long history in the game world, dating all the way back to titles like Tennis for Two in 1958 or Pong in 1972, with the latter arguably being one of the best-known video game releases of all time. 

Home video game consoles have also helped popularize the sport as a game thanks to titles like Virtua Tennis, which really introduced tennis games to a whole new generation. Unfortunately, tennis games haven’t had the same good fortunes as football, soccer, and baseball have had in recent years, but there are still plenty of great titles to play on your PC

With that in mind, let’s look at the best tennis games you can play on your computer right now. 

The 6 Best Tennis Games for PC: Summary

#1AO Tennis 2Arguably the best tennis game available on PC thanks to its excellent graphics and real players
#2Tennis Elbow 4Another great realistic tennis game that allows you to choose between 9 different surfaces and numerous tournament locations
#3Tennis Club StoryGreat for all ages, this Kairosoft title is great fun as a simulator that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
#4Tennis Manager 2023If you ever want to try your hand at tennis management, this is the game for you. 
#5First Person Tennis – The Real TennisFor HTC Vive or Oculus Rift owners, this is the best game to get and it’s a great workout as well.
#6Super Tennis BlastReminding you of the great arcade games of old, this is a game that offers a cartoon look while offering serious gameplay. 

#1: AO Tennis 2

Arguably the best tennis game available for the PC today, AO Tennis 2 is a superb title that is well worth its price tag. 

Featuring a multitude of ways to play tennis, the primary focus of AO Tennis 2 is its career mode. Within this mode, players have to earn money by gaining experience from defeating different opponents in order to boost their skills so they can win more matches.

This single-player mode also includes similar styles of gameplay like the NBA 2K franchise where you have to learn how to deal with the press and be on good terms with your own team of managers and coaches. 

The better your reputation, the more likely you are to win sponsors who will pay you good money that can be used to improve your skills. Along with your singles career, you can also start a doubles career with a friend. 

Along with the single-player mode, a multiplayer mode offers up to 4 local players to compete head-to-head. However, the real highlight of AO Tennis 2 is the inclusion of real-world opponents like Rafael Nadal, Angelique Kerber, and Ash Barty. 

Last but not least, AO Tennis 2 also allows you to replay some of tennis’ most legendary matches over history. 

Excellent graphics for a tennis titleDifficult learning curve
Real-world players

#2: Tennis Elbow 4

Released in June 2021, Tennis Elbow 4 is another great tennis game for the PC that has you playing a realistic simulation of tennis. 

While Tennis Elbow 4 is still set as an “Early Access” game two years after its release, the good news is that it means the game is free to play. 

As you play the game, you’ll be able to choose from over 9 different court surfaces including clay, grass, indoor hard, and green clay. Alongside these surfaces, you’ll also have the ability to choose between 21 different stadiums from around the world. 

To help keep you busy, there are over 400 tournaments with 3,500 different players over the course of 70 years of tennis history. In these tournaments, you can choose to play singles or doubles and choose between 6 different difficulty levels. 

Another highlight of the game is that it’s modding-friendly so you can make changes if you understand how to adjust the code. Alternatively, you can adjust between 7 different camera modes and play the game as it was intended by the developer. 

Huge selection of game modesAlmost too many options for players who just want to play basic tennis
Can be modded Still in early access mode

#3: Tennis Club Story

Kairsoft games have a long history of being among the best simulation games and its Tennis Club Story is no exception. 

With minimal system requirements, Tennis Club Story is a fantastic simulation title that is good for both kids and adults. Right from the start, the simulation efforts begin as you need to establish yourself in the tennis world to gain new customers, train future tennis champions, and ultimately win a Grand Slam. 

Once your players in Tennis Club Story start to establish themselves, the next step is to build up sponsors, which will provide your players with much-needed income. Using your income to buy new items will help give you an opportunity to build a spa or restaurant and help grow additional income levels. 

Of course, you can’t forget about these locations when you build them as hosting training camps and barbecues will help attract new tennis talent. The ultimate goal is to build up your club as the premiere location for top tennis talent where they can train to win the biggest tournaments. 

Best of all, you can help coach players as they are in the middle of matches, so even if you aren’t playing the game, you can still help influence the outcome. 

Kairosoft makes some of the best simulation titlesRequires a time commitment 
Excellent replay valueNo actual tennis playing
The best tennis games for PC have come a long way since Tennis for Two was first released in 1958.

#4: Tennis Manager 2023

Another stand-out simulation title, Tennis Manager 2023 is a more realistic version that helps introduce you to the world of tennis coach management. 

With Tennis Manager 2023, you are thrust into the position of coach and you are immediately immersed in multiple decisions that will affect how well your tennis academy performs. Can you be the world’s top manager and lead your students and team to grand slam victories? 

Tennis Manager 2023 comes complete with more than 2,000 available competitions that start at the junior circuit levels and culminate at the professional stages. As you enter these tournaments, more than 5,000 different players of all skill levels are available for your discovery. 

No matter what the skill level of your academy and its players, you still need to rely on your ability to negotiate smart contracts, manage properly, and create financial stability for your entire team. 

Some of your goals will be short-term and some will be long-term, and Tennis Manager 2023 forces you to make decisions that can impact both. 

As a bonus, there is even the ability to take a player all the way to Olympic glory by entering the 2024 Olympics and becoming one of the greatest players of all time. 

Best simulation tennis game on the PCLengthy learning curve
Very large number of players and game modesRequires a large time commitment to master

#5: First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator 

If you’re big into VR, the absolute best tennis game you can find is First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator

Requiring a Windows computer to run, First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis simulator is a terrific way to try your hand at tennis on the PC while putting your own skills to the test. Rest assured this game will require some time to learn but if you can master the game, it’s an incredible title to own. 

Compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, First Person – The Real Tennis Simulator has you playing on real tennis courts from around the world against professional tennis players. Both arcade and simulation modes will require all of your attention to learn the different ways to hold your controllers and master your own forehand and backhand. 

As a fun bonus, First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator invites you to try 3 different ways you can run through the court. You can choose to teleport to the right spot, run in place, or perform a sliding run if you have enough real-world space around you to allow for actual physical movement. 

Of course, you also need to master a one-handed serve and it’s definitely not easy, but once you get it down, it’s an awesome way to play tennis without worrying about the weather. 

Compatible with multiple VR headset brandsLimited gameplay options
Three different control methodsMultiplayer is hit or miss 

#6: Super Tennis Blast

Something of a throwback to arcade tennis games of old, Super Tennis Blast is a fun experience that offers great controls. 

As one of the most user-friendly tennis titles available across Windows computers, Super Tennis Blast offers a fun experience that brings back memories of arcade tennis titles from console generations past. 

Within Super Tennis Blast, you can test your skill level in both singles and doubles matches or dive into multiplayer mode and try your hand with tennis players from around the world. Everything from smashes, top spins, lobs, drop shots, volleys, and backspins are at your disposal to try and quickly knock off your competitors. 

If you’re up to it, enter the World Tour mode and see if you can climb the rankings by winning smaller tournaments. Your ultimate goal is to win the “Grand Blasts,” which are akin to real-world Grand Slams like Wimbledon, the Australian Open, or the U.S. Open. 

Another quick highlight is the ability to customize your player where you can even create avatars of yourself, friends, or family. 

Fantastic arcade-style graphicsNot as realistic as titles like Tennis Elbow 4
Tons of replay valueNo real-world tennis names

Wrapping Up

While many of the best tennis games go directly to video game consoles like the Xbox or PlayStation, the PC definitely has some great titles to give tennis fans their fill of the sport.

As tennis continues to grow in popularity, the hope is that more great games will arrive but until then, this list of 6 titles is sure to fill the tennis itch of players of all skill levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tennis game available for PC?

The best tennis game you play on the PC right now is AO Tennis 2. 

Why do some console games not come to PC?

As developers create new games, they need to consider where they think they will find the most sales and that is not always on the PC. 

Can you play Virtua Tennis on PC?

Unfortunately, Virtua Tennis 4 is available on the Steam store but does not appear available for downloading. 

Do any of these tennis games work on the Mac?

Unfortunately, none of the best tennis games for PC have a version that works for Mac. 

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