6 Best Soundboards for PCs in 2024

Best soundboards for PCs

6 Best Soundboards for PCs in 2024

Key Points

  • Soundboards for PCs can add flair to streaming and voice chat services like Discord.
  • The best soundboards for PCs are not just for triggering sound effects, but also function as voice changers.
  • The MagicMic soundboard is the best overall choice, with real-time voice transformation and the ability to load in multiple sound files.
  • Voicemod is a runner-up soundboard with a mobile app for triggering sound effects.
  • When choosing a soundboard, consider features, ease of use, and pricing.
  • PC soundboards can be transformative for broadcasting needs, allowing for special sound effects and voice changes.

Are you looking for the best soundboards for PCs? If you’re into streaming or having fun on Discord’s voice chat service, then a soundboard can add a little flair to things. Soundboards have had a long history of being used in broadcast environments. When I was hosting a regional sports show, there was still an old-fashioned hardware soundboard for triggering sounds as needed.

Today’s guide is taking a closer look at software solutions to this functionality. The best soundboards for PCs are pretty interesting pieces of software. They aren’t just intended for triggering sound effects, but functioning as voice changers and come with a lot more. If you’re looking to spice up your streaming, podcasting, or voice chatting, you’re in the right place. Here are our top picks:

  • Best Overall: MagicMic
  • Runner-Up: Voicemod
  • Best Lightweight Option: EXP Soundboard
  • Best for Changing the Voice: Voxal
  • Best for Ease of Use: VoiceWave
  • Best Free Choice: UniversalSoundboard

Best Overall: MagicMic

Best Soundboards for PCs
MagicMic can help you trigger sound effects while playing your favorite games and streaming.

The best soundboard you can download right now is MagicMic. The software itself works on Windows and Mac computers, Linux users are sadly left out. However, this is a lightweight application with plenty of attractive features. You’ve got real-time voice transformation, which works through the use of AI. Not only that, but you can load in as many files as you’d like for your soundboard.

Mapping these to specific keys is a piece of cake, so you can map certain sound effects or clips at your leisure. MagicMic also has specific profiles depending on the game or software you’re running. About the only shortcoming you’ll find is some of the more confusing shortcuts that come with Discord and other memes. These tend to repeat and it can be a bit confusing to figure out which is which.

It is lightweight and free to use.There are confusing shortcuts in use.
The software has flexible mapping for sound effects.It is new, so support isn’t quite as robust.

Runner-Up: Voicemod

Best soundboards for PCs
With Voicemod, you can use your tablet or smartphone as a stream controller.

Voicemod is a fantastic choice due to its mobile integration. One of the largest selling points behind Voicemod is the mobile application. With this, you can trigger sound effects and other functions. You can essentially use your tablet or smartphone as a stream controller, which is highly useful in practice. Voicemod does have stability issues, but is one of the best soundboards for PCs you’ll find.

It has a controller app for smartphones.It isn’t very stable in use.
You can customize shortcuts.The paid store has additional filters.

Best Lightweight Option: EXP Soundboard

Bestt soundboards for PCs
If you’re looking for the best soundboard to trigger effects, EXP Soundboard may be what you’re looking for.

EXP Soundboard is a lightweight choice for beginners. What it lacks in visual flare it makes up for with overall functionality. Now, EXP Soundboard is fairly barebones at its core. It doesn’t have some of the more robust functionality you’d see in the likes of MagicMic. However, if you’re looking to trigger effects, this might be one of the best soundboards for PCs for you.

It has easy to map audio files to keyboard shortcuts.It has an outdated visual interface.
You can use it as a looping audio player for music.There is limited functionality.

Best for Changing the Voice: Voxal

Best soundboards for PCs
Some soundboards like Voxal allow you to readily change your voice with a simple click of a mouse.

Voxal excels at changing voices. As a soundboard, its overall utility is fairly limited. If you’re looking for a potent and lightweight combo, then Voxal and EXP Soundboard will do the trick. What makes Voxal one of the best soundboards for PCs because you can apply effects to audio recordings. This is usually a trick reserved for audio workstations and is great functionality to have on hand.

You can change voices to a few easy presets.It has a very old-fashioned interface.
You can apply effects to your audio files.The quality of built-in sounds is lacking.

Best for Ease of Use: VoiceWave

best soundboards for PCs
You can simply drag and drop MP3s with the easy-to-use interface of VoiceWave.

EaseUS’s Voicewave is the premium soundboard to beat. While there is a free version, it does lack some of the more robust functionality of its paid counterpart. What makes VoiceWave one of the best soundboards for PCs is how easy everything is to use. You can drag and drop MP3s, and the interface is visually pleasing as a whole. It might require a purchase, but VoiceWave is worth a look.

VoiceWave is the only paid selection on this list. The strength of the software itself makes it worth consideration. The free counterpart is fairly full-featured, provided you’re importing your sound effects to the software.

You can easily add MP3s to the program.It is only available for Windows.
It has a simple and easy UI to navigate.Sound effects are locked in the free version.

Best Free Choice: UniversalSoundboard

Best soundboards for PCs
Although there is a learning curve, UniversalSoundboard is well worth the effort.

Despite its complexity, UniversalSoundboard is worth your time. You’ll have to spend a bit of time learning the software. Once you do, you’ll readily see why it is one of the best soundboards for PCs. You can add sound effects and audio directly from YouTube, just as an example. Changing key bindings is also a simple matter. It might be more complicated, but it is a wise investment in terms of flexibility.

You can add sounds directly from YouTube.It needs a log-in to function.
You can customize sound effects as needed.The interface isn’t easy to navigate.

How to Pick the Best Soundboards for PCs: Step by Step

best soundboards for pcs
Some soundboards like Voxal allow you to readily change your voice with a simple click of a mouse.

Picking the right soundboard for your needs is going to come down to a few different factors. Ease of use should be front and center of the entire experience. However, there are some other things you should keep in mind when finding the best soundboards for PCs.


It makes sense that the features of any piece of software are going to be crucial to influencing your decision. A soundboard should be easy to use, quick to operate, and flexible enough to fit all of your needs. If it better integrates with the other functions of your game, recording, or Discord session, that is something to keep in mind.


Not all software is going to be free, though most of the options listed in this guide are. You might have to pay to get access to the sort of features and functionality you need out of a soundboard. As such, make sure you try more than one in real-world settings before making your decision.

What to Know Before Choosing the Best Soundboards for PCs

With your wishlist in mind, picking the right soundboard should be a simple task. You need something that is an exercise in elegance when in use. Having the ability to change voices or add additional sound effects is a plus. Not every soundboard is going to have this sort of functionality built-in, especially if you’re relying on something like the native option for Discord servers.

Using the Best Soundboards for PCs: What It’s Like

If you’re unfamiliar with using soundboards, they can be quite a bit of fun to use. They allow you to do things like play special sound effects, a hallmark of 90s and 00s radio. PC soundboards are a different beast than the ones I’m used to from working in broadcast. These come with the ability to bake in sound effects and even change your voice.

It goes from being a kitschy way of emphasizing your speech to something more fully realized. The best soundboards for PCs can be transformative for your broadcasting needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a soundboard for podcasting?

No, you could handle most of this in post-production.

Are soundboards fun to use?

Depending on your sound effect selection, they can be a ton of fun to use.

Can you use a soundboard while gaming?

You can, some software even comes with different profiles for games.

Can I use the stock sound effects in a soundboard?

Yes, but you want to customize things as you want to make the experience your own.

Do soundboards require a subscription?

Not all of them do, but some might have fees and premium purchases associated with them.

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