The 5 Best Solar Companies in Mississippi to Save You Money

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The 5 Best Solar Companies in Mississippi to Save You Money

Key Points

  • Investing in solar energy in Mississippi can save you money on electricity, raise your property value, and help protect the environment.
  • SunPower, a leader in the solar power industry, offers high-quality solar panel systems in Mississippi with a 25-year warranty.
  • Mississippi Solar, LLC is a local company that specializes in solar services in Mississippi and offers competitive prices.
  • ADT Solar, known for its security systems, also offers solar services in Mississippi and has a good warranty and positive reviews.
  • Palmetto Solar, based in South Carolina, provides solar services in Mississippi and is recognized for its good customer support.

There are many reasons to consider adding solar to your Mississippi home, ranging from economic to ecological to aesthetic reasons. Investing in solar energy could save you money on electricity, raise your property value, and even help protect the environment.

Despite the lack of a strong push for solar in Mississippi, there are still some solar power options for Mississippians. Mississippi averages about 4.44 hours of peak sunlight daily, placing the Magnolia state right in the middle compared to other US states. While Mississippi doesn’t offer many financial incentives for homeowners and businesses to switch, there are still federal incentives and tax credits to help make the change more affordable and beneficial to you. Furthermore, there are active pushes in the Mississippi government to further fund solar energy initiatives.

Unfortunately for those living in Mississippi, the local industry for solar power is lacking. There are a few options for you to consider, but they will not all be local companies. We try our best to encourage the use of local solar companies due to their region-specific expertise. With that in mind, we will mention whether a company is local for those with a strong local preference.


Largest renewable companies
SunPower Corporation designs and manufactures crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and solar panels.

Operating since 1985, SunPower has secured itself a position as one of the leaders of the solar power industry. They provide free consultation to prospective Mississippi customers and boast of having access to the most efficient solar panels on the market. When it comes to Mississippi specifically, SunPower is very knowledgeable, well-equipped, and prepared to help out those interested in solar power.

SunPower is not local to Mississippi, but it still provides its services within the Magnolia state. Sunpower earns its spot on this list by offering some of the most consistent quality solar panel systems in the limited Mississippi solar industry. Despite SunPower’s consistent quality, it is one of the more expensive options and that should be kept in mind when considering your options.

While SunPower might be on the more expensive side, it is important to note that the high-quality equipment they use is covered by a 25-year warranty. Due to the particularly intense weather in Mississippi, it is ideal to go with a company that will offer such a warranty just in case.

In order to learn more about SunPower, you can check out their website or contact them at (800) 786-7693.

Mississippi Solar, LLC

Mississippi flag
Mississippi Solar, LLC is owned and operated by Mississippi residents


For those seeking a local Mississippi company for their solar needs, the next company on the list might be for you. Mississippi Solar, LLC is owned and operated by Mississippi residents and has been in business since 2009. In fact, Mississippi Solar, LLC was actually the very first licensed electrical contractor in the state to receive its specialty wind and solar classification.

Mississippi Solar, LLC is NABCEP trained and certified and boasts of being the certified installer for various top-name brands in the region such as REC Solar, Outback Power, Synchrony Financial, SnapNrack, and more. This company specializes in handling the needs of solar customers in Mississippi and you likely will not go wrong should you choose to utilize them.

Much like SunPower, Mississippi Solar offers prospective clients a free consultation and uses top-quality products with a 25-year warranty. It is important to note however that Mississippi Solar, LLC does not offer a labor cost warranty unless the issue was their fault (not natural disasters) and happens within the first 5 years of owning the equipment. Despite the lack of a labor warranty, the prices of Mississippi Solar, LLC are more competitive than those of SunPower.

In order to learn more about Mississippi Solar, LLC, you can check out their website or contact them at (601) 656-6161.

ADT Solar

Prior to offering solar services, ADT was well-known as a security company.

As a homeowner, there is a decent chance that ADT is a brand that you are already familiar with. Most notable for their security systems, ADT also offers solar services to the entirety of Mississippi. Much like SunPower, ADT Solar is a large business and is not local to Mississippi. While ADT boasts 149 years of experience, it is important to note that this number includes their non-solar business ventures and that their solar offerings began in 2007.

Offering free customized quotes, high-quality equipment, and a 25-year warranty for labor, panels, and microinverter defects, ADT Solar has you covered just as much or more than the other options on this list. If you have friends who already use ADT Solar or show interest in starting their solar journey with ADT alongside you, ADT Solar offers a friend referral program for a slight amount of cash reward for both parties.

Boasting a good warranty, very positive reviews, and the backing of a trusted company such as ADT, customers will not go wrong with ADT Solar. If you happen to be located in an area that is not frequently serviced by solar companies, ADT Solar could potentially be the company to check out as they claim to service the entirety of the state of Mississippi.

In order to learn more about ADT Solar, you can check out their website or contact (866) 450-1012.

Solar Alternatives

Solar panel technician with drill installing solar panels on house roof on a sunny day.
Live in Biloxi or Jackson? Solar Alternatives could be an option for you.

Solar Alternatives is a company that has been handling solar services on the Gulf Coast since 2008. It is difficult to recommend this option as they only provide services in two areas of Mississippi: Biloxi and Jackson. However, if you happen to be located in one of those two areas, this is another viable option for you!

On its website, Solar Alternatives boasts high-quality equipment and decades of experience. Much like ADT Solar, Solar Alternatives also offers a referral program for those who have friends already using Solar Alternative products or friends who are willing to go in with you.

The biggest hesitation we have with recommending Solar Alternatives is that they do not disclose any kind of warranty on the website at all. The closest information we could locate about such available warranties is an article from 2016 in which Solar Alternatives was offering a 10-year warranty on labor and a 25-year warranty on equipment. Should you have an interest in this brand specifically, we recommend asking for clarification on the warranty policy.

In order to learn more about Solar Alternatives, you can check out their website or contact (504) 294-3650.

Palmetto Solar

Solar panels on a background of blue sky with a flagpole and the flag State of South Carolina
Palmetto Solar is native to South Carolina and is noteworthy for its good customer support.

Next up on our list of recommendations is Palmetto Solar. This company hails from Charleston, South Carolina but provides solar services in Mississippi. Awarded the Solar Power World’s “Most Forward-Thinking Contractor” award in 2022, Palmetto Solar is recognized and respected in the industry.

The primary reason that we are including Palmetto Solar in our list is due to their reputation as having very good customer support. Good customer support is important for customers interested in solar as it means that if issues arise, the company will have your back. Palmetto offers an app specifically for customer service, in-house staff to install your solar, and tiered protection plans for coverage.

With a 25-year panel warranty, Palmetto Solar meets the industry norm and is competitive with the rest of this list. However, Palmetto Solar only offers a 12-year inverter warranty and a 10-year labor warranty. These two smaller warranties fall slightly short of some of the other options.

In order to learn more about Palmetto Solar, you can check out their website or contact (855) 339-1831.

How to Pick the Best Solar Company in Mississippi: Step-by-Step

solar panels in connecticut
Mississippi residents could save up to $24,109 over the course of 25 years by installing solar panels


Now that we have discussed the various options for people seeking solar power in the state of Mississippi, the next step is for you to decide which one you want to purchase from. Considering that most of the companies offer very similar warranty terms and equipment, this decision could be quite difficult to work out! As we have provided the phone numbers and websites above, feel free to reach out and talk to the different companies to see who is able to earn your trust and hard-earned income.

As a quick guide on what is most relevant to your decision, these are the factors to keep in mind when deciding on a company:

  • Does the company have a good warranty that will protect you in case of an emergency?
  • Does the company have good reviews?
  • Does the company provide good customer service?
  • Does the company offer any financial incentives for choosing them?
  • Does the company service your area?
  • Does the company offer flexible financing options to make this purchase affordable?
  • Does the company seem knowledgeable about the needs of Mississippi residents?


The industry standard for a warranty is 25 years, and fortunately for people in Mississippi, this is what most of the above companies offer! The biggest standouts here would be Solar Alternative, which does not actively disclose its warranty, and Mississippi Solar, LLC, which does not offer a warranty on labor specifically.

Mississippi is a state that has a particularly high percentage of severe weather such as hurricanes, and hurricanes can easily threaten the safety and functionality of solar panel systems. To ensure you are protected in the case of a natural disaster, it is very important to seek out the solar company that offers the best warranty.


Reviews are a customer’s best tool to hear the experiences of others who have purchased a service or product. Many of the above brands show some of their best reviews directly on their websites, but we would heavily recommend that you also seek out reviews on third-party sites.

Customer Service

In the case of any issues with your solar panel system, it is very important that the solar company will be receptive and able to quickly get to work fixing the issue. Customer service comes into play when you need any kind of assistance, including financial in the case of being charged incorrectly or something similar. Certain companies such as the world-famous Amazon have built their brand entirely on having good customer service, so it’s very important the company you choose offers this.

Financial Incentives

When it comes to solar power, the vast majority of the financial incentives are going to come from the government in the form of tax credits. The financial incentive of increased home value is also present to consider. Outside of those factors, a few of the above companies do offer some financial incentives though, such as referral programs for your friends.

Area of Service

You might have already picked your favorite brand from the list above, but unless they service your area, they might not actually be the one for you. For example, Solar Alternatives only services two areas in Mississippi, so for many, it won’t be an option. If you’re unsure if your area is supported, make sure to check websites or contact the solar companies directly.

Flexible Financing Options

Purchasing and installing solar panel systems is not cheap by any means. Before including incentives, the cost of a solar panel system in Mississippi is going to be about $23,000! It is important that solar companies offer different methods of paying, either through payment plans or loans, to ensure affordability.


The final important factor is how knowledgeable a company is about solar power in Mississippi specifically. Believe it or not, installing a solar panel system is not the same everywhere! Solar panel systems rely heavily on location, access to sunlight, and available daylight times. It is due to this required knowledge we generally try to recommend local solar companies as opposed to national ones. In this case, the local option for Mississippians would be Mississippi Solar, LLC.

Wrapping Up

Tech Companies in Missouri
Mississippi is a beautiful state with ample sunlight for solar power.

Mississippi is a beautiful state and has enough ample sunlight per day to generate decent solar energy. The people of Mississippi are discussing state-wide solar adaptation in the halls of local government across the Magnolia state, but you do not need to wait to purchase your own solar energy.

Whether you are interested in solar energy for the sake of a lower energy bill, for the sake of being environmental, or for the sake of just having a SolarPunk aesthetic at your home, the companies on this list are here to help. Regardless of which one you choose, you can not go wrong by installing a solar panel system for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best solar companies in Mississippi?

The best solar companies in Mississippi are SunPower, Mississippi Solar, LLC, ADT Solar, and Solar Alternatives.

What is the cost of installing solar power in Mississippi?

Before considering the financial incentives, the cost of installing solar power in Mississippi is approximately $23,000.

How much peak sunlight time does Mississippi experience daily?

Mississippi experiences 4.44 hours daily of peak sunlight time.

Where does Mississippi rank for solar installations?

Mississippi ranks 36th in the country for solar installations.

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