The 7 Best Solar Companies in Michigan To Save You Money

The 7 Best Solar Companies in Michigan To Save You Money

Key Points

  • Solar power is eco-friendly and can save money.
  • SunPower is a national provider of solar services focused on saving clients money.
  • Michigan Solar Solutions offers affordable solar installations and financing options.
  • Strawberry Solar provides comprehensive support for beginners and requires zero money down.
  • Stellar Solar has over 25 years of experience and serves Michigan with solar, energy storage, and battery backup.
  • YellowLite offers a tool on their website to build your own solar system and focuses on saving customers money.
  • Tiger Solar specializes in solar and provides education and electric vehicle charging stations.
  • North Coast Solar focuses on transparency, customer service, and offers various financing options.
  • Solar power is a great way to reduce energy bills and make homes more eco-friendly.

Solar power will likely play a large role in the future of energy. There are so many benefits that you can get from switching to this energy option. Not only is solar power eco-friendly, but it can also be a great way to save money. If you’re looking for the best solar companies in Michigan, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in and discuss some factors to consider when you’re looking for the right solar company.

Finding the Right Solar Company

There are a variety of different factors to consider when you’re shopping for a solar company. Below are some things to keep in mind.

  • Are they experts? Not all solar companies are the same. Some companies focus only on solar power, while others have a long list of services they provide. It’s typically recommended that you choose a company that’s focused on solar. This is because working with experts is the best way to go.
  • What type of module do they use? There are two main types of solar panel modules that are used. Understanding which type of module the company uses will give you a good idea of the efficiency you might gain. It can also help you know what to expect from the process.
  • How much does installation cost? Taking into account installation costs is important when considering the overall costs you’ll need to budget for. If a company isn’t able to provide you with a solid quote for installation, they might not be the right choice for you.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the things to consider when looking for a solar company in Michigan, it’s time to go over some of the top choices. As always, you should do your own research and fully understand your options. Don’t hesitate to reach out to individual businesses and learn more information about them before making your final decision.


A technician installing solar panels on a roof
SunPower focuses on saving clients money through solar power installation.

SunPower is a national provider of solar services and they’re at the top of our list for a variety of reasons. Not only are the experts at SunPower known throughout the field, but the brand itself has a strong mission.

One of the best aspects of SunPower is that they’re focused on saving clients money through solar. If you’re getting solar as a way to reduce your bills, then SunPower could be just what you’re looking for. It’s simple to get a quote online through their website, so consider if this could be the right solar provider for you.

If you want to learn more about solar in general, the SunPower blog is a great place to start! They have lots of helpful resources that you can use to learn more about this topic.

Michigan Solar Solutions

Michigan Solar Solutions provides a variety of solar power options.

As you can tell by the name, Michigan Solar Solutions is a leading local solar provider. It’s important to note that the services provided by Michigan Solar Solutions are very affordable, as they want to make solar power something that’s more accessible. Whether you’re looking for a big solar installation or want to start a relatively small project, this is a company you should consider.

This company has over ten years of local experience, so they understand the climate and special concerns that can arise within the area. They offer a free solar analysis, which can be a great first step if you’re not sure whether or not solar is the right option for you.

Michigan Solar Solution’s website points to a variety of different financing options, so they’re a great choice if you want to install solar but have a tight budget.

Strawberry Solar

Engineers on the roof of house are checking solar cells in the autumn. Technician worker on solar panels
Strawberry Solar is a company dedicated to clean, renewable energy options.

Strawberry Solar encourages its clients to consider clean, renewable energy options. This company is comprehensive and helps in every step of the process — from designing and installing solar to providing ongoing support, you’ll be able to rely on them. This is a great company if you’re new to solar and want to examine all your options. They’ll be able to answer your questions and provide you with a high level of support, so they’re a great choice for beginners.

Strawberry Solar has a variety of their past projects available on their website and this is a great way to know what to expect if you choose to work with them. They require zero money down to get started, so consider if this could be the right solar option for you.

Stellar Solar

Close up of solar panels on roof home. The panels have the same beautiful blue color as the sky. from the attic level you can view the street with trees on the ground.
Stellar Solar is known throughout Michigan for its quality services.

Focused on solar, energy storage, and battery backup, Stellar Solar is a comprehensive company that serves Michigan. This company has over 25 years of rooftop and ground-mount solar experience, making it a leading provider in the area. Stellar Solar’s staff prides themselves on having lots of local knowledge, as they’re experienced locally and understand how to meet the solar needs of their specific clientele.

Stellar Solar has worked with a variety of brands, including US Foods and the United States Navy, so this is a business that you can trust. If you’re looking for the best solar companies in Michigan to save you money, this is an option you won’t want to pass up.


Solar panels for electricity generation on the roof of a traditional red wooden barn on a sunny autumn day. Countryside of Vermont, USA.
YellowLite provides both residential and commercial services for solar installation.

YellowLite provides solar services all across the country, including Michigan. They offer both residential and commercial services. One unique fact about this company is that they provide a tool on their website where you can build your own solar system. This will allow you to estimate costs and make sure that you understand all your different options. If you have yet to look into solar specifics, starting with this tool is a great idea.

One of the main goals of YellowLite is to save their customers money, so this is a great option if you want to reduce your energy bills. While solar does require some money upfront, it can be an excellent way to reduce your costs in the long run. Consider if YellowLite could be the right solar solution for your home.

Tiger Solar

Electric Car, Charging - Sports, Finance, Electricity, Power Line
Tiger Solar provides solar installation services, as well as EV charging options.

Tiger Solar places a large emphasis on the importance of education, so they’re a great resource if you want to learn more about solar. With over 17 years of experience, this is a company that’s well-known in Michigan. While they specialize in solar, they also provide electric vehicle charging stations.

To speak with a member of their team, you can simply fill out their online form and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you want a company that will provide you with education about your solution options and help you along the way, then this could be the right pick.

North Coast Solar

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North Coast Solar is known throughout Michigan for its exceptional customer service.

North Coast Solar focuses on transparency with customers. They help people navigate the common mistakes that many people make. Therefore their customers can avoid them and get started on the right track when it comes to solar.

Another important thing to know when it comes to North Coast Solar is that they focus on customer service. They’re very helpful if any problems arise and they’ll be available to provide support along the way. This is a trusted company with lots of experience in the area. They’re a great option if you want local support.

Another important thing to note about this company is that they have a variety of different financing options available. Whether money isn’t an obstacle or you’re on a tight budget, they’ll most likely have an option that will work well for you.

North Coast Solar is a very environmentally conscious company. If you’re wanting to switch to solar for environmental reasons, then this could be the perfect choice for you. Consider reaching out to their team and learning more about their mission.

Saving Money on Power in Michigan

Looking for a way to reduce your energy bill? Solar power could be the perfect solution for you. It is important to make sure that you’re aware of all your options. This way you can be sure you’re on the right track for your solar decisions.

While many people choose solar because it can save them money, it’s also a great option for the environment. If you’re passionate about making your home more eco-friendly, then investing in solar power could be the perfect opportunity. Whether you’re located in Michigan or somewhere else, you should consider investing in solar power.

It’s never too late to install solar. Don’t wait to consider your options and find a company that aligns with your various needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there financing options available for installing solar?

Yes, many companies have financing options.

How quickly can I start saving money with solar?

It’s possible that you could save on your energy bill the first month that you install solar.

How do I know which company is right for me?

Consider taking a look at a company’s core values and mission if you’re not sure if they’re right for you. Budget is another factor you can consider.

Is Michigan a good state to have solar in.

Yes, solar power is a popular option in Michigan for multiple different reasons.

Is it too late to install solar?

No, it’s never too late to install solar. Consider if it could be the right option for your home moving forward.

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