The 6 Best Solar Companies in Massachusetts to Save You Money

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The 6 Best Solar Companies in Massachusetts to Save You Money

Key Points

  • Massachusetts receives less sunlight than neighboring states like New Jersey and New Hampshire, but it produces more solar power, showcasing its commitment to renewable energy.
  • Boston Solar is one of the best solar companies in Massachusetts, offering free consultations, custom solar system designs, and flexible solar loans.
  • Solaris Renewables is an award-winning solar company in Massachusetts, known for installing top-quality solar products and offering customized financing options.
  • Northeast Solar is a customer-focused solar contractor in Massachusetts, offering installation services for residential, commercial, and agricultural use, as well as a referral program.
  • All Energy Solar is a family-owned solar company with a reputation for excellent customer service and workmanship, serving multiple states including Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is among the most popular northeastern states after New York. However, it ranks lower when considering its suitability for solar energy. Bay State residents looking to switch to solar may also be wondering about the best solar companies in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts averages around 3.84 peak sun hours. It receives less sunlight than neighboring states like New Jersey (4.21 hours) and New Hampshire (4.61 hours). Surprisingly, Massachusetts currently produces more solar power (4,294 MW) than New Hampshire (234 MW). This is a testament to Massachusetts’ commitment to environmental conservation and renewable energy. 

Massachusets has more than 490 companies dealing in solar-related products, and we’ve done the legwork to identify the 6 best solar companies in Massachusetts. Keep reading to find out more!

Boston Solar

Boston Solar is one of the best solar companies operating in Massachusetts. Founded in 2011, the company boasts over 5,000 residential and commercial solar installations. Boston Solar serves most areas in Massachusetts and a few towns in southern New Hampshire.

Bay State residents planning to switch to solar power can schedule free consultations with a Boston Solar representative — this option is limited to residential solar installations. Boston Solar also offers free custom solar system designs tailored to your home’s needs. The company also offers a 25-year product warranty and a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

Customers can choose between a cash purchase and a solar loan option. Boston Solar has partnered with Sungage Financial to offer clients flexible solar loans. The loan terms include a $0 down payment and lenient monthly installments. 

Besides empowering Bay State residents to reduce their carbon footprint, Boston Solar gives back to the community in other ways. For example, Boston Solar participates in Solar Strikes Out ALS, a campaign to raise awareness about the condition. It also participates in fundraisers to support ALS patients.

Engineers on the roof of house are checking solar cells in the autumn. Technician worker on solar panels
Boston Solar has completed over 5,000 solar installations.

Summit Energy

Summit Energy is a fast-growing solar company located in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Though headquartered in the Bay State, Summit Energy provides solar services in other states, including Texas, Utah, South Carolina, and New Hampshire. The company prides itself in empowering people to rely on renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Customers can use Summit Energy’s online calculator to estimate how much their solar systems will cost. The virtual estimator uses satellite images to assess your location’s suitability for solar energy. It also estimates the approximate savings when you install a solar energy system. Check your home’s suitability for solar and estimated installation costs here.

Summit Energy provides some of the best warranties among solar companies in Massachusetts. One popular package is the SolarInsure Advantage, which covers repair and maintenance costs attributed to mechanical and electrical failures. This coverage is valid for up to 30 years after installation. It also includes an enhanced roofing warranty that guarantees all roof penetrations made during solar installation will be watertight.

Newly built houses with black solar panels attached to the roof
Summit Energy offers a 30-year warranty post-installation.

Solaris Renewables

Solaris Renewables is an award-winning solar company operating in Danvers, Massachusetts. The company’s track record includes installing or offering post-installation services to more than 2,100 Massachusetts and New Hampshire customers. This has earned the company several awards at the state and national levels.

Most reputable manufacturers have accredited Solaris Renewables to install solar panels and storage batteries. Some popular products include Solaria PowerXT and Maxeon solar panels, which are up to 20% more efficient than standard cells. Customers who hire this company should expect genuine, top-quality solar products.

Massachusetts residents should also work with Solaris Renewables for their peace of mind. The company offers a 25-year warranty on all solar panels and inverters they install, but this may vary depending on the manufacturer. For example, Maxeon solar panels have a 40-year product and production warranty.

Customers can also choose between purchasing or leasing their solar energy systems. Solaris Renewables offers free customer education to help clients choose their preferred financing option. Clients also receive customized financing options tailored to match their budgets.

Typical residential house with solar panel on shingle roof in suburbs Dallas, Texas, America.
Solaris Renewables offers Maxeon solar panels, which are covered by a 40-year product and production warranty.

Future Energy Solar

Future Energy Solar is a full-service solar company that helps homeowners switch to greener and safer renewable energy. The company was founded in 2015 and serves the Bay State exclusively. Future Energy Solar has a vibrant research division focused on designing efficient solar energy systems to meet its clients’ energy needs, reducing their reliance on grid electricity.

This solar company provides free quotes and solar system designs to Massachusetts residents looking to switch to solar. Customers also choose between purchasing their systems in cash or applying for MySolar Loans. There are no upfront fees, and the repayment period can be up to 15 years. The solar company also guides customers when applying for state and federal tax incentives.

Customers should expect a 25-year comprehensive warranty for any solar products they purchase from Future Energy Solar. However, we recommend reading the company’s warranty policy, as the coverage may vary depending on the solar product.

Solar panels for electricity generation on the roof of a traditional red wooden barn on a sunny autumn day. Countryside of Vermont, USA.
Future Energy Solar is beloved by many Massachusetts residents.

Northeast Solar

Massachusetts residents looking for a customer-focused solar contractor should try Northeast Solar. The company has over 10 years of experience in solar installation, serving Pioneer Valley and the surrounding areas. It is also a Certified B Corp — it has a verifiable history of performance and accountability in customer service.

Northeast Solar offers installation services for residential and commercial use. The company also works with agripreneurs to install solar systems on farms and greenhouses. Farmers can install solar-powered irrigation systems to reduce their electricity bills. They can also adopt agrivoltaics and supply solar power to the grid for passive income.

Besides solar installation, Northeast Solar offers other services, including:

  • Electric vehicle charging system installation
  • Residential electrical contracting
  • Backup generator installation
  • HVAC services (mini-split installation)

Massachusetts residents will also be glad to know about Northeast Solar’s referral program. The solar company rewards $500 for any referrals that lead to solar system installation and activation. Northeast Solar does not limit the number of people you can refer.

Tesla Solar Panels on Roof with Critter Guard
Northeast Solar offers electric vehicle charging system installation, electrical contracting, generator installation, and HVAC services, on top of solar panel installation.

All Energy Solar

All Energy Solar is a family-owned solar company founded in 2009 and headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The company serves several states, including Massachusetts, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and New Hampshire. All Energy Solar’s track record includes helping over 7,600 property owners switch to solar energy.

This solar company has a reputation for excellent customer service and workmanship. To achieve this, All Energy Solar ensures its technicians are NABCEP-certified and licensed to work in the states it serves. The company also updates clients during all stages of the installation process and maintains contact post-activation.

All Energy Solar understands that most customers require solar financing. The company informs its customers about the available financing options and highlights each option’s pros and cons. This empowers customers to make informed decisions.

This solar company does not offer an all-in-one warranty for its solar systems. Most components are covered separately, with solar panels having the longest cover of up to 25 years. Customers may also receive workmanship warranties of between five and 10 years. We recommend reading your closeout documentation for specific warranty details. 

Photo collage of solar panels, photovoltaics on the red roof of a house and a beautiful sky with the setting sun. Alternative electricity source. Concept of sustainable resources
All Energy Solar has served over 7,900 customers in solar installation.

How to Pick the Best Solar Company in Massachusetts: Step-by-Step

Customers often have different preferences when choosing products or service providers — the same applies to picking solar companies. What may resonate with one customer may not resonate with another. However, most customers are drawn to the same company attributes. For example, clients expect excellent customer service from their solar vendor.

Below are some factors to consider when comparing solar companies in Massachusetts:

  • Customer service
  • Local experience
  • Insurance
  • Turnaround times

Let’s explore each one in detail below.

Customer Service

People perceive the quality of customer service differently. Some clients are okay with waiting up to a week to receive a response to their inquiry, while others expect a response within 24 hours. The former may rate a company’s customer service as excellent when they receive a response in two days, while the latter may have moved on to another vendor, citing poor communication. We recommend checking out the solar company’s customer reviews before hiring them to know what to expect.

Local Experience

Pick a solar company with a physical office in Massachusetts, preferably in your area or town. Working with a local company has several benefits. Local solar companies understand your area’s climate and sunny days, which is helpful when designing a customized solar system.

You may also experience shorter turnaround times because of fewer logistical challenges. Finally, contracting a local solar company contributes to the state’s economy — it is a way to give back to your community.


We recommend hiring a solar company with comprehensive insurance coverage. The insurance covers you against possible financial liabilities in case of accidents during solar installation. Confirm that the solar company will be liable for any damage to your property during installation. Common issues include roof damage, which may result in leaks. The solar company you hire should cover such damages.

Turnaround Times

There is no specific time limit during which the solar company should have installed your solar energy system. Some customers may receive their solar energy systems within three weeks, while others may wait up to two months. Issues like delayed solar energy permits and approvals may influence how soon installation begins.

Most solar companies expedite the installation process to ensure their clients switch to solar energy within a month of signing the agreement. Avoid solar companies with a history of long turnaround times or who abscond the installation process midway.

Wrapping Up

Massachusetts is not the sunniest state in the U.S. However, it has outperformed other states in renewable energy adoption, with solar energy accounting for more than 21% of its electricity. The switch to solar has also created thousands of local jobs, positively impacting the Bay State’s economy.

Massachusetts residents should switch to solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their electricity bills. Residents also qualify for federal and state tax incentives, which reduce installation costs. Eligible solar system owners receive up to 30% federal tax and 15% state tax incentives. However, the state tax incentive is limited to $1,000. Get a detailed explanation of ways to save money on solar in Massachusetts here.

Ultimately, if you are considering switching to solar energy, the listed companies should be a good starting point when comparing the best solar companies in Massachusetts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of installing a solar energy system in Massachusetts?

A standard residential solar system (6kW) will set you back $17,220. However, the final installation costs may be lower when you deduct federal and state tax incentives.

Does Massachusetts offer any state tax incentives?

Yes. Massachusetts residents are eligible for a 30% federal tax incentive and a 15% state tax credit on their solar system purchases. Agripreneurs may also receive grants from the state’s ENER and MFEP energy programs.

Is it a good idea to switch to solar energy in Massachusetts?

Yes, Massachusetts residents should consider switching to solar energy. They should expect to recoup their investments within the first 11 years of installing a solar energy system. This means they will save on their electricity bills for at least 14 years, considering solar systems have an estimated lifespan of 25 years.

Does Massachusetts allow net metering?

Yes, most regulated electricity companies in Massachusetts allow net metering. However, each company has different terms and conditions. We recommend consulting your electricity company for more information.

How do I know my roof can support solar panels?

Hiring roof inspection services is the best way to guarantee your roof can support solar panels. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates the weight of a solar panel to be 33 to 50 pounds. A 6kW system comprises about 20 solar panels — you may need more or fewer panels depending on their efficiency. That means your roof should be firm enough to support around 600 pounds.

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